DIY Epoxy Dining Table-How to Woodworking-Part One of Two

  • Published on Oct 18, 2018
  • How to video showing how I made an epoxy and black walnut dining table in my garage. Every step from picking out the slab, all the way to how I take professional photos in my garage.
    Links to items used in this build:
    Festool sander:
    Festool Vac:
    Ecopoxy Epoxy:
    Steel legs for this table :
    Wood for this table:
    Epoxy dye:
    Track Saw:

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  • AmeisenExperte
    AmeisenExperte 12 hours ago

    @6:08....let the plate fall down on ur feets...bazinga

  • Trace McGee
    Trace McGee Day ago +2

    Awesome work.

  • oswald rendon-herrero

    Awesome video. Thank you very much. LORD bless you. Isaiah 55:6

  • Remik z
    Remik z Day ago

    the fact he had to add not light triggered me like no shit jackass

  • Marilyn Clark
    Marilyn Clark 2 days ago

    Need to slow it down.Nothing more irritating than trying to enjoy nice woodworking project of an artist in a hurry.

    • Blacktail Studio
      Blacktail Studio  2 days ago

      It’s a 30 minute video... I admire your attention span though.

  • fuck google
    fuck google 4 days ago

    Whats that like $400 a bottle for the ecopoxy?

  • Max Contreras
    Max Contreras 6 days ago +3

    Safety check: Do not wear sandals when working in your shop just don't. Your toes are just as expensive as your fingers. 😎
    Now thats dealt with, damn I need to study. I a long grasshopper am egar to scribble away on paper with pen.

  • Stephen Burchell
    Stephen Burchell 6 days ago

    It’s called hentai and it’s art

  • Andhera Hollowed
    Andhera Hollowed 7 days ago

    How much on average is one of your tables?

  • Ryan Owens
    Ryan Owens 7 days ago

    How much did that slab cost?

  • mackstertube
    mackstertube 7 days ago

    I love raw edges.
    I made a 8 foot bar out of river red gum for my pool room. It has some amazing fiddleback in it which catches the afternoon light. I supported it with an old rail way sign holder made from iron and cut in half to act as brackets.
    The raw edge is like on a 45 degree angle so its perfect for leaning against with a beer.

  • BuckySwang
    BuckySwang 7 days ago +2

    Adding a diagonal will keep your template square

  • Callsign Bullfrog
    Callsign Bullfrog 10 days ago

    Go beavers lol

  • Mark A
    Mark A 12 days ago

    Fantastic,but my recommendation is that you wear a pair of boots m8.

  • Moises Castillo
    Moises Castillo 13 days ago

    If he can do this in shorts and flip flops, anyone can do it!

  • TKPsycho
    TKPsycho 16 days ago

    Too much clutch.

  • Hank Grant
    Hank Grant 18 days ago

    Could this table be used in an outdoor covered porch ?

  • keyser Soza
    keyser Soza 19 days ago

    The price Bitch.....

  • The Old School Carpenter
    The Old School Carpenter 19 days ago +1

    REALLY NICE SLAB MY FRIEND! love the tip on the wedges really simple and one i will be using , thanks

  • shawn tyrrell
    shawn tyrrell 19 days ago +2

    Great video, nice table and love the hairstyle. If out here,I would love to help you

  • Gilles Hebert
    Gilles Hebert 20 days ago +1

    Would like to know the price of it ,looks so darn great.

  • Leslie Soto
    Leslie Soto 20 days ago +1

    Hi I was just wondering how much does the table way when it's all done? It's so amazing.

  • william carr
    william carr 23 days ago


    • Blacktail Studio
      Blacktail Studio  21 day ago

      Thanks Bill. Feel free to message me through my website (link in video description).

  • Darren Wellhoefer
    Darren Wellhoefer 25 days ago

    Hey bud. Great videos. One question- in the beginning, you chip off all the dark edges. Are you ever able to leave those on? I think its a nice look, but wondering does it rot or something? Thanks in advance.

  • Greg Chiarello
    Greg Chiarello 26 days ago

    I saw briefly the legs that you used on this table. How did you prevent longitudinal stability ? I made a similar dining room table, without epoxy, finish, with similar steel legs, but had some problems with stability. Eventually we used steel cable crisscrossed and welded to the bottom portion of the two leg supports.

  • D.R. Townley
    D.R. Townley 28 days ago +1

    Mean as safety boots cuz.

  • rc-wingman
    rc-wingman 29 days ago

    how expensive was that piece of wood?

  • Br M
    Br M Month ago +1

    Dont talk in the videos, good work.

  • mdendariarena7
    mdendariarena7 Month ago


  • Andrew Webber
    Andrew Webber Month ago

    can I have your off cuts LOL

  • Stargazing Sprite
    Stargazing Sprite Month ago

    This might be obvious to people who woodwork but I don't fall in that category. What is the mold made out of? The one you lay the slabs on to pour the epoxy.

  • Jarome Jacksan
    Jarome Jacksan Month ago

    All of my woodworks I made with woodprix. Google woodprix and start your project.

  • Dekay's Crafts김팀장' 크래프트

    The ability to run such a huge project is great.

  • Dekay's Crafts김팀장' 크래프트

    Amazing 👍🏻👍🏻

  • alex brant
    alex brant Month ago

    if you dont have another employee then just feed your buds a few beers always works everytime

  • Mike Grant
    Mike Grant Month ago

    How much was the slab?

  • cpad007
    cpad007 Month ago

    I see you checking the depth with a dowel rod. What is the reason to check the depth?

    • Blacktail Studio
      Blacktail Studio  Month ago

      Not to get the pour too thick. It can overheat and ruin the pour

  • Tyler Massey
    Tyler Massey Month ago

    1:47 you need a son

  • Mike Steel
    Mike Steel Month ago

    Good video, can i ask how much you payed for the timber. Im in the UK and a piece like that wood cost £££££££££££££

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  • Purging System
    Purging System Month ago

    My brain misread the thumbnail as "DIY Spooky Dining Table". And it is pretty spooky let's be honest.

  • JulianFernandez
    JulianFernandez Month ago


  • Connor Leferink
    Connor Leferink Month ago

    Could maybe install a boat wench to your cart to help move the wood from the bed of your truck to the cart?

  • MrPanzerblitz
    MrPanzerblitz Month ago

    First, how many hours do you have into this project and secondly to be compensated for your time and the value of this incredible piece of wood what would you have to charge to be made whole?

  • twoweary
    twoweary Month ago

    Really like these videos. I'm curious (as I'm sure many others are ) as to how much your slab cost . TU

  • Rahmat Patel
    Rahmat Patel Month ago

    Amazing job. I enjoyed watching the whole process, very informative 👏🏽

  • Astur Manuel
    Astur Manuel Month ago

    absolutely extraordinary

  • Kopytko
    Kopytko Month ago

    Hey guys! I was inspired by Blacktail and decided to start my own workshop, so if you want to support me you can buy my first project, which I did with help of these movies. Check out my coffee table on www.etsy com/pl/shop/WoodbrosStudio


    Have you thought about putting some retractable casters in the cart to make it easier to move the planks around as needed?

  • Harry Bond
    Harry Bond Month ago

    Great video - you are very generous with your advice and tips

  • Jason Olesek
    Jason Olesek Month ago


  • The Big Banana
    The Big Banana Month ago +1

    Oh you live in Oregon too

  • Tom Lievens
    Tom Lievens Month ago

    Beautiful! I'm going to try and make this for my new house in Europe. Can i just have an estimation of how many liters of epoxy you used? Thank you very much and really nice work!

  • ken beattie
    ken beattie Month ago +1


  • Kevin Castro
    Kevin Castro Month ago

    How much would a piece of wood like that cost?

  • Luis Rivera
    Luis Rivera Month ago

    Excellent work of craftsmanship! Also excellent video editing and tutorial. This shows why sometimes is better buy these work of arts instead of building them: the time involved, the expertise, the cost of materials and the tools needed is not something that is accessible to everybody.

  • joe none
    joe none Month ago

    nice n toxic and why do u need a 555 pound table

    • Blacktail Studio
      Blacktail Studio  Month ago

      Do you have a blog I can subscribe to? I need more of you in my life.

  • orion khan
    orion khan Month ago

    My back hurts watching the way you move things... use your legs man, legs !!

  • Aaron Prudhomme
    Aaron Prudhomme Month ago

    How much did that entire cost the customer?? I love it and would love to have one similar to it

  • Ben Fredrickson
    Ben Fredrickson Month ago

    Nice hard wood...

  • Michael Rourke
    Michael Rourke Month ago

    I'd like to be able to give myself a couple of extra inches :-(

  • Terry
    Terry Month ago

    13:43 matthew mcconaughey bald!

  • Andy Sobelson
    Andy Sobelson Month ago

    would you have done multiple pours of resin if the resin were clear?

  • Claus Nielsen
    Claus Nielsen Month ago

    Hello.. is the shellac water based?

  • Metallic Epoxy Singapore

    That's nice!

  • René Jurack
    René Jurack 2 months ago

    What is the cost of such a slab? I really wonder...

  • Ben Gunderson
    Ben Gunderson 2 months ago

    You just need a couple fans. Luckily you have 42K.

  • nizam sheik
    nizam sheik 2 months ago

    What do you charge to make one of these ?

  • Narita Nippon
    Narita Nippon 2 months ago

    Sealing the edges is a great way to ensure a better outcome.


    That is clutch? Nice table

  • Mean Green
    Mean Green 2 months ago

    Ya gotta have ecopoxy balls to tackle this project.

  • Miki Dosen
    Miki Dosen 2 months ago

    Where abouts are you guys base
    Am in new Zealand doing same work need some slabs

  • Gary Diamond
    Gary Diamond 2 months ago

    Free 2,000 pounds of black walnut wood look on facebook market in CT I change the ad so a link would not work

  • jacesaces15
    jacesaces15 2 months ago

    my pops has a Festool, i moved away from him, and boy let me tell ya, i really miss having that thing around.

  • Pablo Ucan
    Pablo Ucan 2 months ago

    Would be cool if you included the cost of the pieces, such as the wood slab.

  • wuillians
    wuillians 2 months ago

    Any adhesion concerns when pouring epoxy on top of the shellac?

    • Blacktail Studio
      Blacktail Studio  2 months ago

      Yup! I try not to pour epoxy anywhere I have shellac.

  • Anders Madsen
    Anders Madsen 2 months ago

    how much did you pay for tha slab? they seems to be damn pricy...

  • Aloha Factory
    Aloha Factory 2 months ago

    Killer the way you know what looks clutch buwHahaha

  • Blood Sport
    Blood Sport 2 months ago

    Hi Cam, do you have particular brand of mold release you prefer? Just thinking you might have gone thru a few different brands. Setting up to make tables and just curious. Thanks! Hopefully flying down to Goby soon...

    • Blood Sport
      Blood Sport 2 months ago

      Ha ha! Lol. When people try to find my channel I tell them to put in Blood Sport (note: two words) 117 or they will 10k pages of the Van Dam movie. Thanks for the reply, love your work. Wish I had access to the big planers/sanders you have...

    • Blacktail Studio
      Blacktail Studio  2 months ago

      Hey Jean Claud, I like the techno release by Polymer technologies

  • Kameron Banman
    Kameron Banman 2 months ago +1

    Heavy object that could possibly fall....flip flops🤣👍

  • Nick Hitchman
    Nick Hitchman 2 months ago +1

    I live in california where theres tons of coastal redwoods, and on one of my father's old properties, it came with a massive cut of wood out of a 500+ year old redwood. The cut is about 3 inches thick and it spans roughly 7 feet at the smallest point, not including holes in the wood from rot. Hopefully i can use it to make a killer coffee table using the epoxy method

  • Michael Scatt
    Michael Scatt 2 months ago +2

    This guy sounds exactly like young jamie from JRE

  • Jerm
    Jerm 2 months ago

    How much was the slab of wood?

  • jaelani elani
    jaelani elani 2 months ago

    amazing vidio guys

  • David Todd
    David Todd 2 months ago

    Shop sandals are all the rage!

  • Ashish Chaudhary
    Ashish Chaudhary 2 months ago

    Can you supply eproxy

  • Lion ـ
    Lion ـ 2 months ago

    رائع .. انت مبدع

  • DāboSue
    DāboSue 2 months ago

    Dude, you are so thorough. Thank you!

  • Scott McFarlane
    Scott McFarlane 2 months ago

    wouldn't blowing a fan on it push micro bits into the epoxy. As well not a fan of the black but that is your clients choice

  • Sir_Ellias
    Sir_Ellias 2 months ago +1

    Rope solves every problem man has. Oh and ducktape

  • Don Dehne
    Don Dehne 2 months ago

    Another epoxy table... just what RU-clip needs. creative tank a little empty?

    • Blacktail Studio
      Blacktail Studio  2 months ago

      Still some fumes. But will be lucky to coast into the driveway.

  • Don Dehne
    Don Dehne 2 months ago

    Another epoxy table... just what RU-clip needs. creative tank a little empty?

  • Alex barber
    Alex barber 2 months ago

    How much do you sell it for

  • Romulus Clay
    Romulus Clay 2 months ago

    I'm just hoping the cameras running when you destroy one of your feet cuz you're wearing sandals in a shop, OMG what the hell are you thinking. It's just a matter of time!!!!

  • Seb Bianchi
    Seb Bianchi 2 months ago

    you safety shoes man damn i was scared for you there

  • Billy White
    Billy White 3 months ago

    How much does some6 like this go for?

  • cd rom
    cd rom 3 months ago +1

    you should fill it with dowels or something to save on materials cost

    • cd rom
      cd rom Month ago

      @ianjsutt I did not think of the air bubbles being trapped by the dowels , thats a good thought

    • ianjsutt
      ianjsutt Month ago

      Possibly, although epoxy isn’t liquid gold or something incredibly costly. Plus I think the time cutting and placing the dowels In some kind of pattern then pouring epoxy around them prep beforehand, the risk of bubbles coming out of the voids in between etc would probably cost more in the long run. Detail work like that devours your time.

    • cd rom
      cd rom Month ago

      @ianjsutt like fill it up with a filler so you don't need as much epoxy. I imagined a buncha trimmed dowels standing up like a forest with glue being poured around them. Might make it stronger too?

    • ianjsutt
      ianjsutt Month ago

      cd rom fill what with dowels?

  • Andy Lei
    Andy Lei 3 months ago

    I want to know how many way cat remove that bubbles

  • Dog Meat
    Dog Meat 3 months ago

    you said "don't let it get over 120". What if it does? is there anything you can do about it?

    • Blacktail Studio
      Blacktail Studio  3 months ago +1

      It will crack and ruin the epoxy. Get fans on it 👍🏼

  • John papichulo
    John papichulo 3 months ago

    DIY - how to build a world trade center