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  • Published on Dec 22, 2015
  • Enjoy this exciting sci-fi short film: When four friends build a jet-powered craft to teleport across the universe. It"s when they succeed, their problems begin.TRAVELER written and directed by Simon Brown! www.simonbrowndirector.com/
    Best Short Film Finalist - Kinsale Shark Awards 2015
    Official Selection - LA Shorts Fest 2015
    Official Selection - Sci-Fi-London Film Festival 2015
    Best Cinematography Finalist - Action On Film Fest 2015
    Official Selection - Fargo Fantastic Festival 2015
    Best Short Film Finalist - Shriekfest 2015
    Official Selection - San Jose International Short Film Festival 2015
    Official Selection - Other Worlds Austin FF 2015
    - See more at: www.travelerfilm.com/about/#sthash.Ospwnj23.dpuf
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Comments • 1 366

  • spacecadet35
    spacecadet35 4 hours ago

    I am now waiting for the two hour sequel... Please?

    ROXANA G. PEREZ Day ago +1


  • kustom13rods
    kustom13rods 4 days ago


  • G Dog
    G Dog 4 days ago

    Well done. Too short!

  • Jay Martin
    Jay Martin 8 days ago

    Way too short. Where is he? Where'd did Rachel go? Who was the guy with the gun? Si many unanswered questions

  • Mace Windu
    Mace Windu 11 days ago


  • 정은화
    정은화 14 days ago

    Great usa

  • Scotty S
    Scotty S 20 days ago

    Very well done and left me wanting to see how it plays out. My one beef is that he should have headed straight for the wreckage to see if she might have lived rather than just forgetting her immediately.

  • middleclassic
    middleclassic 21 day ago

    If anyone complains about bad acting, F off.
    I absolutely LOVE stuff like this. Totally gives me hope about the future and makes me look forward to just about anything technology-wise.
    I just wanted more at the end. More more more .... Rachael ... is she still alive after what we just saw? I need to know and will more than likely play this through in my mind over and over. And that's a very good thing :-)

  • Larry Pierce
    Larry Pierce 21 day ago

    I agree, this was just to short but so good. I would hope that the maker of this will continue to make a movie from this short. Sounds and looks dramatic. No telling what is out there in our Universe. We need to know what happened to his girlfriend, too. Why is the ship incased? Why did the Alien destroy the ship that came back? Where did his friends go too? So many unfinished questions. He's got us dreaming you know....I realize this post is about four years old but it's still good stuff.

  • Bernardo Provenzanno
    Bernardo Provenzanno 22 days ago

    Whatever happened to J.J on Good Times????

  • Jhonny Walker
    Jhonny Walker 24 days ago

    Second part

  • Jean Robillard
    Jean Robillard 26 days ago

    good! wow for the possibilities,,,

  • Jim Vandemoter
    Jim Vandemoter 27 days ago

    OH, MAAANNN!!!! Don't leave us hanging like this.

  • Alan S.
    Alan S. Month ago +1

    Needed a bit more scripting at the end to fully understand.

  • Paweł Jatowtt
    Paweł Jatowtt Month ago

    Piękna kobieta nie do opisania.

  • Jagdish Jena
    Jagdish Jena Month ago


  • Reza Vai
    Reza Vai Month ago

    It's Continues story??

  • test alpha
    test alpha Month ago

    where can I get the music used in the credits { in the end }

  • Hasan Khan
    Hasan Khan Month ago

    The fuck is this shit?

  • Chris Banach
    Chris Banach Month ago

    Good FX and great story, poor acting

  • el xero
    el xero Month ago

    Pretty cool guys

  • moreno franco
    moreno franco Month ago +2

    Simon! Absolutely OUTSTANDING. Where is the rest of the Story?

  • Bryant Falk
    Bryant Falk Month ago +3

    OK this is awesome plain and simple. You try doing a tenth of what they did here and you'll get a sense of what's involved. I totally want a part II!

  • sevenny
    sevenny Month ago

    Rachel is the time machine, not the driver.

  • Distant Darkness
    Distant Darkness Month ago

    good one

  • Jonathan Singer
    Jonathan Singer Month ago

    A bit too short. Love to see a full length move.

  • Florian G
    Florian G Month ago +1

    My theory.
    1:30 it’s about time travel not teleporting in Space
    Rachel jumped into the future where time travel is strictly forbidden due to it’s dangerous consequences. Time police impounds her vehicle. They find out that this is the first time jumping vehicle ever build and make a small museum. Rachel is not allowed to go back into the past. But time police brings her friends into the future too. They give the guy a device he can use to visit the small museum about his achievement before reuniting with his friends. The gun was to tell him: don’t make something dumb. He misunderstands completely and steals his time machine only to be gunned down in the past.
    One thing is weird: 3:46 he is in the same desert in the end but earth suddenly has two moons. One of them is insanely large/close. Maybe he was inside of a simulation all along :P

  • R Cz
    R Cz Month ago


  • R Cz
    R Cz Month ago

    Make another one but make it long

  • Joe Scott
    Joe Scott Month ago

    " ... love you rachel ... " You CUCK Soy Boy - You Would - MAN Up HomeBOY

  • Jon Russell
    Jon Russell Month ago

    Very intriguing indeed, & somewhat unsettling too - but nevertheless a good watch, but need more please !

  • Chris Paul
    Chris Paul Month ago

    This was amazing, honestly, I can't believe just how much of a story you managed to weave in less than 4 minutes .... beautiful !!

  • Dyshof TV
    Dyshof TV Month ago


  • Red Fox
    Red Fox Month ago

    was that girl the Alien? ...im confuse

  • Turan Hasanli
    Turan Hasanli Month ago

    The Alien(or man from future) couldn't let people from past(present) use technology of time travel, because humans are not ready for that yet. So he destroyed time machine and killed witnesses, but cannot kill time travel machine's engineer, because non of these would ever happen, and humanity in future wouldn't have time travel possibility. I see it this way.

  • Jean Collins
    Jean Collins Month ago

    Sweet! Now that short has some legs, take it somewhere!!

  • Erik Eckhardt
    Erik Eckhardt Month ago

    Loved the story and effects, but first three seconds of the movie and I was cringing at the awful acting... ouch that was bad. Work on that part and you might have something!

  • Nelson Rauch
    Nelson Rauch Month ago

    What potential for a great SCI-Fi movie.

  • Freddy Perez Neris
    Freddy Perez Neris 2 months ago

    Interesting, but the lack of conclusion doesn´t help much.

  • Ian Grant
    Ian Grant 2 months ago

    Shit, this is awesome! ❤️ plus.google.com/+IanGrant/posts/PhtBdrcN37F

  • Charon Christ
    Charon Christ 2 months ago

    I'm pretty sure this was a Dodge Ram commercial, but I'm not sure what was up with all the sci-fi crap.

  • Samuel Meade
    Samuel Meade 2 months ago

    Dammit!!! This was TOO DAMN GOOD to SO DAMN SHORT!!!!

  • relaxation island
    relaxation island 2 months ago

    Congrats! Really God Job! I would add a dramatic structure for the next time. Good luck!

  • studio developers2
    studio developers2 2 months ago

    some red type siren vehicles are going into the 2 story building near by, was one of those stealth government hideouts in one of those units inside, that building...

  • TJPenitencia
    TJPenitencia 2 months ago

    Truck wheels at :27 are different from the shots immediately preceding. Continuity error.

  • John Rogers
    John Rogers 2 months ago

    I think... Its all been said. Its all been said. Its all been said... ...

  • Perry Wolf
    Perry Wolf 2 months ago

    Dammit! Don't leave us hanging like that!

  • Philip Ingram
    Philip Ingram 2 months ago

    sweet... short but sweet....

  • John Canfield
    John Canfield 2 months ago

    Holy Cow! Show me the sequel, babies!

  • hackLAB
    hackLAB 2 months ago

    Killer work! I’m hacking a sci-fi video myself. Check it out.

  • forestsoceansmusic
    forestsoceansmusic 2 months ago

    Great plot, great effects, but very poor acting by lead male.

  • Karen W
    Karen W 2 months ago


  • Art Morgan
    Art Morgan 2 months ago

    I think it is excellent work. Would like to see it carried further.

  • Randlee Dowse
    Randlee Dowse 2 months ago

    Way too short but really cool

  • Michael St-Archangel
    Michael St-Archangel 2 months ago

    SEQUEL!!!! WE NEED A SEQUEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • winch harry
    winch harry 2 months ago

    A jump propulsion, which attract a well weapond enemy - a crystal, which enable a timeless dimension jump.
    A good plot but a little bit to short.

  • Rodney Truitt
    Rodney Truitt 2 months ago

    Excellent work, Mr. Brown!! Your film deserves it's time to shine as it effortlessly eclipses the imaginative/imaginary scope of the Hollywood machine...I'm a lifetime fan, sir!!

  • Cousin It
    Cousin It 2 months ago

    worst acting if you want to call it that!!! bunch of idiots , watch close in beginning 2 different truck in the same scene that dusch is driving what idiots!!!

  • Nina Ireland
    Nina Ireland 2 months ago


  • j16out
    j16out 2 months ago

    Id like to know how that chevy turned into a dodge 0:26 to 0:28

  • boobbob 00
    boobbob 00 2 months ago

    This is AWESOME. I love every bit of it. Excellent FX , Keeps u questioning but not to much. Annnd still makes sense and makes u interested.
    I just Wish it was longer and explored more of its unique/intriguing story

  • Thomas Chappell
    Thomas Chappell 2 months ago +1

    Cool trailer! But where is the film?

  • Gene Lomas
    Gene Lomas 2 months ago

    ok, I wanna see more of this film.. And by that I mean the preceding hour, and the following hour..
    In short, this film is too short. :)

  • Sharon Minsuk
    Sharon Minsuk 2 months ago

    Wow! Don't stop there, give me more!

  • Michael Brown
    Michael Brown 2 months ago

    Very Good!

  • alamos8
    alamos8 2 months ago

    Nice FX for the ship. But... Doc's Delorean was better, as it only needed a much safer 88 mph to make a time jump, not 600 mph LOL :)

  • max leva
    max leva 2 months ago

    se casser le cul pour un si petit court métrage çà vaut pas le coups

  • Роман Павлов
    Роман Павлов 2 months ago +1

    It is removed beautifully. But what the author wanted to tell this short film? Where sense of the events and logical succession of events? They are absent just. The author did not manage to finish the movie at least something intelligent and distinct. Therefore the nonsense alas turned out.

  • Cheryl Trewin
    Cheryl Trewin 2 months ago

    Really good! Eerie!

  • Tom Dan
    Tom Dan 2 months ago

    Rachel is fucked up😂😂😂and the fuck is going on,but i have a stone

  • Eduard Hagiu
    Eduard Hagiu 2 months ago

    Dude short, short, but this,... is like pygmy short... TOO SHORT!

  • sylvain jerina
    sylvain jerina 2 months ago

    I meant and the rock is actually a coin

  • sylvain jerina
    sylvain jerina 2 months ago

    In the rock is actually a coin

  • sylvain jerina
    sylvain jerina 2 months ago

    This is actually a movie look it up

  • Colin Marble
    Colin Marble 2 months ago

    Nice effects, lousy acting.

  • SaltyBrains
    SaltyBrains 2 months ago

    They can't kill the inventor of time travel or the future would cease to exist - that's why the 'time cop' spares his life.

  • Laura Jane Texas Cigar Maven

    You only give us a taste!😒

  • CDH
    CDH 2 months ago

    I'm Not gonna' find out the rest of this Cool story am I.?!! ........2019>ANYONE ?

  • TenshihanQuinn
    TenshihanQuinn 2 months ago

    We don't know for sure that is WAS Rachel who was flying the craft BACK HOME, for all we know, she has been modified by tech and possibly dropped the stone in front of him. :O

  • Gordon Hotchkiss
    Gordon Hotchkiss 2 months ago

    I just went on his website. The link is above for it. This film actually did win awards and was optioned to production companies for development, but either no one took it or it is in Development hell.

  • LaughTooHard
    LaughTooHard 2 months ago

    Cool! The acting could use a little work, but the idea was solid. I'll stay home for the rest of my life and wait for Rachel's return. :)

  • oc2phish07
    oc2phish07 2 months ago

    This has ALL the makings of a great 'something more is coming' film. Well done.

  • Jack Allen
    Jack Allen 2 months ago

    Buckaroo Banzai! She obviously went to the 8th dimension! Now John Whorfin is coming!! If he gets the Overthruster we're done!! Rofl.

  • Iggy Moyano Jr
    Iggy Moyano Jr 2 months ago +1

    In my little mind , I truly beleave that if the U.S. would or is experimenting with a craft that Employs the Alcaberre-Fronin warp drive ; it could travel throw time .The math is sound .

  • Logical spartan
    Logical spartan 2 months ago

    Why do we always make aliens destructive?

  • Elix Tido
    Elix Tido 2 months ago

    The alien was the son of Him and Rachel. An escaped convict was blown up in the explosion.

  • avantmarine4011
    avantmarine4011 2 months ago +1

    More please!!!

  • dmed
    dmed 2 months ago

    Henry Ford helped out a lot.

  • Jounieaux Pierre
    Jounieaux Pierre 2 months ago

    it looks like a very exiting trailer

    JEAN-ERIC TATEÏA 2 months ago

    Great! Absolutely.It's just remind me "BUCKAROO BANZAÏ"'s Adventures,a good movie of the 80's.the plot of the story is the same except for a few details except that the film is much more crazy and gives access to another dimension where things, the technology is very different from ours but it does not detract from the quality of this short film, it is very good but a little short, it is true.On fact with the means that we have and it is already remarkable for a start, really amazing.High class.Bravo!

  • jbirdmax
    jbirdmax 2 months ago


  • Sneek Sheets
    Sneek Sheets 3 months ago

    Kind of sucky if you ask me.

  • Κωνσταντάς Χατζηκωσταράτσος

    How come so many sci-fi films think it is ok if they dont explain you what is going on?
    So many films seem to rely on the element of things turned around, turned unexpectedly, etc. But... If it was about suspence, it will not be called sci-fi, but detective or mystery films.
    I am all for a clever, interesting scenario. This kind of sci-fi films very rarely are my taste. I mean, it is rare that a film rises above the herd.
    Well...., they are saying it so clearly, aren't they? They think that the future is dangerous. They could have said interesting, fresh, full of love and youth, knowledge, new knowledge of ancient history.... They seem to confuse sci-fi with the future, and the future with adventure films.
    As always, literature is a product of its society and times. I'm obviously not a New-Yorker.

  • Alwyn Dellow
    Alwyn Dellow 3 months ago

    If you had a machine like that... travel somewhere in time. But when you try to come back ... what makes you think that you come back to the exact same time?

  • ghjhgjdfh hjfghefhjfg
    ghjhgjdfh hjfghefhjfg 3 months ago

    More film, less soy for the men

  • umacks
    umacks 3 months ago

    The special effects are spot on!! VERY realistic and believable!!. Lots of unanswered questions, but fun to watch. Well done.

  • Trebor Magmathon
    Trebor Magmathon 3 months ago

    Wasn't sure what to expect, but after a few minutes I was hooked. Great start to the story so far, but needs a little something to fuse everything together. Nice opening to the film almost like a trailer of sorts.

  • JustinC87
    JustinC87 3 months ago

    I'm guessing she was going at least 88 mph...

  • Rev. Johnny David
    Rev. Johnny David 3 months ago

    The guy from the other dimension (future) is the same guy who created the jump-velocity-vehicle. Following on from the "short" him and Rachel decide to terminate the new creation due to mankind not being ready. Rachel is obviously not in the proto-type vehicle when it's destroyed and more than likely in the "craft that comes through to destroy the prototype". The future technology that allows "jumping" is carefully controlled on the "other side" and so is sealed away (in box) until it can be put back onto its original track 'so to speak'. They live happily in the other more advanced dimension (future) and never go back. Just a thought, lot's of holes, I know, but it's where my thought processes were going when it ended. I love these shorts! Very thought provoking and it's interesting how people interpret the same imagery completely different! Very interesting! Have a great day! :-) X