Wingsuit Pilot & Videoman Extraordinaire Ludovic Woerth - Part 1

  • Published on Apr 6, 2013
    Wingsuit Pilot & Videoman Extraordinaire Ludovic Woerth - Part 1
    There are not many people in this world who can do what Ludo Woerth does - fly a wingsuit whilst filming others fly a wingsuit. We caught up with the man who usually stays behind the camera to find out more about his job, his life, his flights and his equipment. You won't really see this anywhere else as Ludo's not one to brag in front of the camera, so enjoy...

    Produced, Directed & Edited by Jools Benker
    Filmed by Mateffy Istvan
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  • MrHousetronic
    MrHousetronic Year ago

    Last time shit hit the fan it was for good...

  • Hergy Lille
    Hergy Lille 4 years ago +2

    Un accent français mémorable :)

  • Enoc Rivera
    Enoc Rivera 4 years ago +1


  • Lance Rosko
    Lance Rosko 5 years ago +2

    R.I.P Ludo Woerth 

  • Flight Object
    Flight Object 5 years ago

    RIP Ludovic...

  • i Go Big
    i Go Big 5 years ago +2

    Thanks so much

  • stebonius
    stebonius 5 years ago +2

    OMG Ludovic. What can I say, you are/were an amazing person. Thank you.

  • Jacob K
    Jacob K 5 years ago


  • superdidom84
    superdidom84 5 years ago +4

    Rest in peace.
    You brought dreams to millions of us.
    What you and the other wingsuiters did will be remembered for long

  • superdidom84
    superdidom84 5 years ago

    Rest in peace.
    You brought dreams to millions of us.
    What you and the other wingsuiters did will be remembered for long

  • Leon Vizor
    Leon Vizor 5 years ago

    Fly with the angels now bro,weird too feeling too buzz off ur footage,werider not too buzz again...i know for a fact,u were the best wingsuit camera man in my life time,not hard too work out my heart will stop beating before there is another wingsuit camera man like u...dont give up jokke sommer,ludow would be pissed...carve new lines with angels ludow

  • Justin MacLeod
    Justin MacLeod 5 years ago +2

    For me you'll always be flying in the sky, rest in peace high in the sky.

  • Zbigniew M
    Zbigniew M 5 years ago


  • brinkbro12
    brinkbro12 5 years ago

    This sucks. RIP Ludo...

  • USF
    USF 5 years ago +1

    Fly free, and may you always have blue skies wherever you are right now. :(

  • Dimitris Kafasis
    Dimitris Kafasis 5 years ago +1

    Fly free and fast!!

  • Evan King
    Evan King 5 years ago


  • batman59
    batman59 5 years ago +4

    RIP Ludovic. You were one of the best ws

  • arkanizcr
    arkanizcr 5 years ago

    Blue Skies!

  • Werner Langer
    Werner Langer 5 years ago high..RIP :-(

  • Daniel Scheuch
    Daniel Scheuch 6 years ago

    great to meet the guy behind all that awesome camera footage!

  • zzz333ification
    zzz333ification 6 years ago

    Right on so many levels!

  • zzz333ification
    zzz333ification 6 years ago

    You just revealed your own very limited perspective of life in an attempt to be funny. What really goes through the mind of a person brave enough to try this and having a major fuck up you´ll never know, I´m quite sure...
    Good for you.

  • shortfilms
    shortfilms 6 years ago

    Great video!!! Its cool to hear the prospective of the filmer

  • EpicTV
    EpicTV  6 years ago

    Song by Jon Kennedy, check him out on facebook: jonkennedymusicfederation

  • NepO
    NepO 6 years ago

    very nice, song name?

  • Andy Rew
    Andy Rew 6 years ago

    Love love love

  • whyamimadbro
    whyamimadbro 6 years ago


  • ag2smal
    ag2smal 6 years ago

    Cameraflyer is obviously one level up :-D

  • Hey hey
    Hey hey 6 years ago

    I thought this guy was also a skilled wingsuit flyer (not only a cameraflyer) ?!

  • Rcbif
    Rcbif 6 years ago

    lol it said kilometers = him his cars

    TOAFN 6 years ago

    Get those latest generation go pros in a 3D rig. There are 3D rigs for go pros. That would be awesome.

  • G MP
    G MP 6 years ago

    thanks for your great camera work ludo! awesome footage, keep safe!

  • Enian Miller
    Enian Miller 6 years ago

    hahahahahah i can't stop laughing at the subtitles of youtube for this video ^^

  • Spencer Ball
    Spencer Ball 6 years ago

    Ludo You Rock Bud. Without you the Industry wouldn't be so well Introduced & Presented. Play Safe and Keep Shooting. ツツツ Canadian Fan and Aspiring Pilot