Adults Try To Guess 5 Foreign Foods | People Vs. Food

  • Published on Apr 18, 2019
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    Adults Try To Guess 5 Foreign Foods | People Vs. Food
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Comments • 4 815

    REACT  2 months ago +466

    Thank you to members of our SuperFam for selecting some of the countries we covered in this episode! Specifically, Sam Adrian for France, Ainura Mukhamejanova for Russia and Cristian Hernandez for Thailand. Join the FBE SuperFam and make more of your picks hit your screen:

    • rita colin
      rita colin 2 months ago

      When you are from Mexico but you have never hear about the huitlacoche soup 😮

    • Keith Jimenez
      Keith Jimenez 2 months ago

      Bro that Arepas was terrible.. You seriously need to check out the real ones! That was kind of "gourmet" type of food..

    • Sarah Fajardo
      Sarah Fajardo 2 months ago

      Sisig please

    • BeeBee Tee
      BeeBee Tee 2 months ago

      Make this into a series please. So informative, so cool. A great way to learn about different cultures through food. BTW, I only got Thailand right.

    • ItsAdnan YT
      ItsAdnan YT 2 months ago

      Eat Bangladeshi food

  • Elias Cardoso
    Elias Cardoso Month ago +1

    Yeah!, but theres no pork arepas in venezuela anymore, sad, looks really delicious!

  • evru 10
    evru 10 Month ago

    She was in Latvia???!!! I live ther

  • S.P. Jeans
    S.P. Jeans Month ago

    Good to see thai food

  • Emily McCord
    Emily McCord Month ago

    You could try Unagi Don or Tsukemono as a Japanese dish

  • mkebza83
    mkebza83 Month ago +227

    Ah, yes, the famous countries of Paris and Amsterdam *sighs*

  • Casandra van Loggenberg

    South African food😱😱

  • Dilan
    Dilan Month ago +7

    Alberto Amsterdam is not a Country😂😂😂

  • Ludmila
    Ludmila Month ago +1

    Alberto not everything its mexican

  • Maluco Pacheco
    Maluco Pacheco Month ago +2

    Next time "cozido à portuguesa" from portugal ou "feijoada"

  • Kostas Seremetis
    Kostas Seremetis Month ago +2

    I like how the guy in the white hoody that say san Francisco the strings are hiding the letters and it makes it says san rancisco😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • špela štelcer
    špela štelcer Month ago +1

    Try Slovenian food.

  • Fabiana Russo
    Fabiana Russo Month ago +11

    That's definitely not an arepa, but nice try. If they thought that was delicious imagine to try the real one hahaha. I'm glad a Venezuelan dish was taking into consideration for this episode, tho. And the pork looks fire.

  • Maximilian Kamenik
    Maximilian Kamenik Month ago +5

    Amsterdam as a country?!😂

  • Allualtsu
    Allualtsu Month ago +2

    Torille! 🇫🇮

  • Asteria
    Asteria Month ago +8

    Since when is Amsterdam a country? Lol

    • Alice
      Alice Month ago

      Brenda Verschoor the girl said Paris wtf😂

  • Stefan z Osiedla
    Stefan z Osiedla Month ago +8

    Are we seriously not gonna talk about the guy who put dough as an ingredient???

  • Biru Merah
    Biru Merah Month ago +10

    8:12 that pen flip thou.....

  • Andreas Love
    Andreas Love Month ago +6

    1:04 that's sad :..

  • Julie Hansen
    Julie Hansen Month ago

    Try Danish food

  • Hello hello Hello
    Hello hello Hello Month ago +3

    The way the pink guy talks makes me ehhh

  • Amy K
    Amy K Month ago +5

    Couldn’t watch this video that flashing edit is absolutely horrendous. It is like a strobe light and warrants an epilepsy warning. Please do not ever do that again.

  • Steward Baba
    Steward Baba Month ago +1

    Thanks Christoper for mentioning Malaysia!

  • Daniel I. Brizuela
    Daniel I. Brizuela Month ago +4

    As a Venezuelan who loves arepas, I'm very happy.

  • Christian De Zabala
    Christian De Zabala Month ago +7

    do venezuelan food, like arepas, tequenos, cachapas y mas

    • Christian De Zabala
      Christian De Zabala Month ago

      @catto Me too!

    • catto
      catto Month ago

      yess, I've tried them all (bc im from Venezuela) and they are 🔥

  • Mijke Pennock
    Mijke Pennock Month ago +1

    You have to make them “stamppot” its a dish from the Netherlands

  • Jacob JaFlor
    Jacob JaFlor Month ago +1

    I prefer my huitlacoche in a quesadilla, thank you.

  • Fancy S
    Fancy S Month ago +4

    Make them try baklava from the Middle East don’t really know which country it came from but make sure it’s the long stick ones

    • sabah igoui
      sabah igoui Month ago

      I'm Moroccan and they are very popular there too

    • Fancy S
      Fancy S Month ago

      Ryuk actually I’m from Yemen and they are very popular and everybody eats them but turkey is in the Middle East too so yeh

    • blink
      blink Month ago +2

      Baklava is from Turkey but is very popular in Montenegro,Serbia,Bosnia,Croatia

  • JesseRedbull
    JesseRedbull Month ago +11

    nederland bestaat: amerikanen: ah je bedoelt amsterdam?

  • isaura guardo ortiz
    isaura guardo ortiz Month ago +6

    THOSE ARE NOT AREPAS 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Typical Penguin
    Typical Penguin Month ago +21


    • Seke Seke
      Seke Seke Month ago


    • Typical Penguin
      Typical Penguin Month ago +1

      @Irvin Carrillo Well, that's true, but it's common sense to name the 'country' and not a specific city from said country. Besides, they were naming countries in the previous foods, so why would they suddenly name a city unless they thought the city WAS the country. The lady behind the camera also said in the beginning something about 'a chef has prepared food from different COUNTRIES'.
      So no, no joke here.

    • Irvin Carrillo
      Irvin Carrillo Month ago

      Typical Penguin is this a joke if not it says FOREIGN not FOREIGN COUNTRIES

  • elyned.
    elyned. Month ago +4

    Try to bring food from Middle East next time! 😄

  • Johan Bengtsson
    Johan Bengtsson Month ago +1

    "Are you still laughing at corn smut?" Hahaha

  • Kylie Espina
    Kylie Espina Month ago +4

    Christopher probably thought the last dish was dinuguan from the Philippines hence why he said pig’s blood

  • djanime317
    djanime317 Month ago +37

    Paris and Amsterdam are cities, not countries...

  • sweetlikehoney31
    sweetlikehoney31 Month ago +3

    hmmm... why do they always think of Philippines when it taste weird hahaha!

  • Greta Baleikaite
    Greta Baleikaite Month ago +3

    Sorry to tell, but Latvia is not part of Russia , to accosiate it with

  • Shaina Schuster
    Shaina Schuster Month ago +1

    I’m glad you guys added a Russian food - that dish is so good 😍

  • chocolate chips
    chocolate chips Month ago +2

    Y'all should make them try 'balut'

  • Iyerikhon Lauron
    Iyerikhon Lauron Month ago

    Give them black pepper soup

  • Bea Kim
    Bea Kim Month ago +1

    When the black thing food came out I thought it was a Champorado. Oh btw Champorado is a Filipino Food.

    • star wolf
      star wolf Month ago

      Bea Kim and a Mexican ish also a Spanish foods

  • Cristina Sanchez
    Cristina Sanchez Month ago

    Huitlacoche not a super fan of it, well my grandmother just fried it, and make tacos so it's not super bad...

  • Ree_michele
    Ree_michele Month ago

    I instantly knew Syrniki... now I’m craving it so bad.

  • Lulo s
    Lulo s Month ago +8

    Nice, but that s not an arepa lol

  • Edgar Delgado
    Edgar Delgado Month ago +9

    Ary, Alberto cant blame you that doesnt look like huitlacoche at all!

  • Silvia Pisano
    Silvia Pisano Month ago +2

    You should try seadas. Seadas are a desert made in Sardinia, one of the biggest isle in Italy.

  • T. Mendes
    T. Mendes Month ago +46

    amsterdam is not a country.....

  • reneeshaann
    reneeshaann Month ago

    I really thought that last one was poi but obviously Hawaii isn’t a country

  • Abataly Valadez
    Abataly Valadez Month ago +9

    Huitlacoche is not eaten like that lol

  • kay vgeee
    kay vgeee Month ago +5

    Wow! Papaya Salad was featured on a popular channel??? Love it! Yaus representation!

  • nicole perozo
    nicole perozo Month ago +8

    What kind of arepa is that?

  • Mr. One
    Mr. One Month ago

    Hahahahaha Ary expresión is just priceless 😂😂😂😂 I like her look btw too very cute

  • Liz
    Liz Month ago +25

    As a Venezuelan, those are NOT arepas. Y’all did them dirty with that “arepa”. You literally gave them the inside, or masa, instead of the traditional arepa that has the crunchy shell that holds the masa and the filling all together. The pork inside looked very on point tho. However, the presentation itself is not the traditional Venezuelan arepa.

  • Antonella
    Antonella Month ago +11

    Those aren’t arepas 🥴

  • Muffins33
    Muffins33 Month ago +28

    4:27 this dude put Amsterdam as a country omdss

    • ICK
      ICK Month ago +3

      Muffins33 10 seconds later a girl put Paris as a country

    • Virginia Gordon
      Virginia Gordon Month ago +3

      I thought I was dumb for a sec

  • Etienne Matias
    Etienne Matias Month ago +1

    Try angolan food

  • Joshua Aquino
    Joshua Aquino Month ago +8

    8:10 he has super powers

  • Justus Romena
    Justus Romena Month ago +46

    Can we meet the Chef(s) who make these dishes and have them react to badly cooked food

  • Carina Müller
    Carina Müller Month ago +45

    Paris and Amsterdam are not Countries .... 🙈

    • AlissaViator
      AlissaViator Month ago

      Carina Müller sure it is. We have so many countries in Europe now. 😄

    • Immelm an
      Immelm an Month ago +2

      i laughed so hard

  • Lucia solano
    Lucia solano Month ago

    Give them some chifrijo pleaseeee

  • Skendjy Joseph
    Skendjy Joseph Month ago

    Shoulda give em some griot😭😭

  • vale amaya
    vale amaya Month ago +8

    Hahaha those DO NOT look like arepas

  • Ava Regan
    Ava Regan Month ago

    Where are the meat pies?!?🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • GabbyQuill
    GabbyQuill Month ago +2

    Are u sure that last one isn’t mole? It’s looks like mole XD

  • a t y p i c a l p i n k

    Im complaining about how the arepas look I mean I was in doubt watching those xd

  • Stephany Martínez
    Stephany Martínez Month ago +7

    It hurts my heart to see you made the arepa like a sandwich. At least you didn't say it's from colombia hahaha

  • camila diaz
    camila diaz Month ago +9


  • Nvinda Sil
    Nvinda Sil Month ago +2

    That som tam looks so tasteless

  • Yesi Orozco
    Yesi Orozco Month ago +1

    my sister who is mexican has never seen or eaten the last dish

  • Samuel M.
    Samuel M. Month ago +8

    Ummm, that’s not a real arepa..and also...pork? Idk but it’s usually steak... just saying. At least y’all didn’t say Colombia so lmao

  • Derojoform
    Derojoform Month ago +110

    Mano esa arepa es más falsa que los votos de maduro

  • MikkiLove21
    MikkiLove21 Month ago

    Brittany always has the prettiest nails OMG!

    • RiceDIY
      RiceDIY Month ago

      More like daggers

  • meep
    meep Month ago +2

    Why are all the comments on these videos from like 2 minutes ago even tho the video was made 2 minutes ago

  • neolithiumproduction
    neolithiumproduction Month ago +2

    I seriously thought the last dish was some kind of blood pudding. ^^'

  • Anna Ovchinnikova
    Anna Ovchinnikova Month ago +2

    i didn’t guess my own country

  • Top TVGames Stuff
    Top TVGames Stuff Month ago +3

    Ok the last one I did not expect that and I'm Mexican

    • Yesi Orozco
      Yesi Orozco Month ago +2

      yea i have never seen it and im part mexican and my sisterhas never seen it either

  • Sidney Lira
    Sidney Lira Month ago +4

    I honestly thought it was bean soup with cream. That exactly as my abuelita makes it.
    You should give them pozole de puerco.

    • GabbyQuill
      GabbyQuill Month ago

      Sidney Lira yo creo que era mole >:/

  • Sidney Lira
    Sidney Lira Month ago +7

    When Alberto said that Mexico only uses one type of seasoning on the food i felt like... That is not correct.

  • Holomos
    Holomos Month ago +8

    Que verga con esa arepa mco, parece un sandwich

  • Jakelin Gonzalez
    Jakelin Gonzalez Month ago

    11:18 that’s me too I feel like I’d be grossed out and be like oh snap that’s from my country 🤦‍♀️😭😭

  • John Mitchell
    John Mitchell Month ago +7

    " I dont even know if I know five countries"
    Typical Yank lol

  • Yaneth Evelyn Villar de Cariello

    I am sorry but I am Venezuelan and that is not how arepa look but still ily fbe

  • Olya lya
    Olya lya Month ago +10

    Syrniki are supposed to be creamy-white and soft and melt in your mouth with some sour cream and jam, like a kind of cheese-cake, what was that brown deep-fried thing?

  • Theodore L. Rackauskas
    Theodore L. Rackauskas Month ago +16

    Oof, this girl just said Latvia was Russia and I’m.......

  • Haechan Land
    Haechan Land Month ago +2

    Yooouuu should try Kabsa from Saudi Arabia...Sometimes it’s made out of orange color rice and lamb or meat, and orange rice and chicken “full chicken”

  • Sylviia 4591
    Sylviia 4591 Month ago +2

    European foods

  • a person
    a person Month ago

    arepa is from colombia y’all lying

  • Juan N
    Juan N Month ago +1

    La arepa es colombiana >:v

    • HR - G
      HR - G Month ago

      El pisco es chileno >:V

    • Almarys Cambar
      Almarys Cambar Month ago

      Wtf. La arepa es de los dos paises. Son arepas diferentes

  • lalisa manoban
    lalisa manoban Month ago +8

    2:01 " IT might be asian or thai*

  • Ben Milam
    Ben Milam Month ago +18

    Amsterdam isn't a country...

  • Serina1976326 Low
    Serina1976326 Low Month ago +1

    number four is tom yam

  • Ana Gonzalez
    Ana Gonzalez Month ago +7


  • Shiddy Tiddies
    Shiddy Tiddies Month ago +1

    Ary is so cute

  • Gabriella Heringer
    Gabriella Heringer Month ago +3

    That man thought the first food was Brazilian???? Wtf??? Well, he actually doesn't know anything about other countries

  • StayFunny Anggita
    StayFunny Anggita Month ago

    a food that has durian in it

  • Ruben stryk
    Ruben stryk Month ago +2

    Portugal has the best food

    • HR - G
      HR - G Month ago

      I haven't been to that part of Brazil yet

  • Alessandra
    Alessandra Month ago +10


  • Isabel Herrera
    Isabel Herrera Month ago +7

    Esa arepa me dio ganas de llorar, give them some real arepaaaaas

  • Jedidiah Natanielu
    Jedidiah Natanielu Month ago

    Daniel looks like Fix It Felix Jr

  • Amanda Ramos
    Amanda Ramos Month ago +5

    It's nice to see you introducing food from my country, thank you! 😊 But arepas don't look like that. Maybe the chef was trying harder than he/she actually had? It's not so complex and you don't make a cup out of the corn flour dough. And a more iconic filling would have been carne mechada, or the reina pepiada one. You should try and look for the recipes on the internet! They are delicious and easy to make.