The Rapid Rise of Manchester City | The Curse of Success Part 1

  • Published on Jul 30, 2018
  • Man City went from mediocrity to glory in the space of just a few years. Star players and star coach Pep Guardiola brought success - and millions of new supporters - to the club. But what about the old fans? Kick off! reporter Tom Gennoy went to ask the Man City fans all about glory hunters, big money owners, and the wild experience of footballing success.
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Comments • 387

  • Ken Gill
    Ken Gill 2 days ago

    What's it got to do with man city what player comes from Manchester

  • Richard Carpenter
    Richard Carpenter 10 days ago


  • M Yazdani
    M Yazdani 11 days ago

    Man City were league one or two Club, Sheikh Mansour £€$$ Billion pounds. Ofcourse they Do Triple but Not UCL yet . Lmao Oil Money Club

  • Renzo Cotta
    Renzo Cotta 12 days ago

    what about Chelsea?? they were the first so called "plastic club" ... the pionners of oil clubs

  • Mohammed Hussain
    Mohammed Hussain 13 days ago +1

    Moan City fans. Moaning about paying for shit, and some of them would rather be shit. Fucking cuck mentality if I've saw it.

  • Mario McDonald
    Mario McDonald 14 days ago +1

    Alot of crap this to be honest. The atmosphere is no different to any other stadium. If their winning comfortably it's quieter, if it's a close game, or against a rival it's far better. We did also win trophies pre 2008 as well which it conveniently ignores.

  • Lee Davies
    Lee Davies 15 days ago +3

    you hit a nerve with suddenly succesful to remeber the great Bert (who i shock hands with ) trautman best player city had in the 50's ..he did more than football he made countries love each other

  • Daniel Flannelly
    Daniel Flannelly 19 days ago

    yeah boy.

  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith 19 days ago

    Get a grip you moaning pricks you want to try and being a arsenal fan you shouldn't be moaning about shit

  • Abi Ogunleye
    Abi Ogunleye 20 days ago

    You bought the lot

  • trudon
    trudon 21 day ago

    hope they go bust

  • Chris Tan
    Chris Tan 22 days ago +1

    In today's context of football, it's all BUSINESS! Why do you think the EPL is the most watched in the world of sports? Being own by a billionaire and a businessman is the best thing to happen at City.

    • trudon
      trudon 21 day ago

      football died as a sports years ago

  • mcfcmaineroad1981
    mcfcmaineroad1981 23 days ago

    When we were in the third tier I was. I understand the hatred. Everyone liked us when we were shite. Don't hate it's only a game.

  • MrBounce66
    MrBounce66 23 days ago +1

    No need to do a video on the rise of City, it's easy to describe. Money in 2008. Saves 12mins...

  • Wangyuh Ayuh
    Wangyuh Ayuh 23 days ago


  • Paul Loach
    Paul Loach 24 days ago

    Doesn't he mean Salford? Posh boy commentator needs educating.

  • Geo Emmanuel
    Geo Emmanuel 24 days ago

    Do the UK govt have some sort of policy to protect the extinct species called the real city fans?

  • Anthony Helm
    Anthony Helm 24 days ago

    Abu Dhabi charity club .

  • tim jones
    tim jones 24 days ago

    i'm man utd, just to bring up the old days for a minute, city used to give utd shit for having half of their fans being travelling supporters, it's come city's way now, fair weather fans appearing, city have a loyal base of about 40.000 the rest are tourists, proper fans are the away fans for any club.
    city and liverpool have raised the bar in the premier league and now the rest are playing catch up, it's business nowadays but all these owners need to remember, without the fans the game is nothing.

  • Ben Mackinnon
    Ben Mackinnon 24 days ago +1

    city have always had loyal fans, we hold the record league attendance... 84,000 at maine road

  • Isleofskye
    Isleofskye 24 days ago

    Having supported Arsenal and more recently Chelsea for a few seasons I am going to start to support Manchuster City in future. Do they play in light blue or red and black as I want to by my new scarf for next season. Can't wait...

    • Isleofskye
      Isleofskye 23 days ago

      I bought half and half scarf with Liverpool on one side and Manchuster City on other side so I wanted to see who win. It will be Manchuster but I might change if Liverpool win big Europe game.
      Also what if Tottinham win big game.It difficult as many years ago I like Arsenal when they were The Invisibles..@ @Papi Chulo

    • Papi Chulo
      Papi Chulo 24 days ago

      Isleofskye just stop watching football... your sad.

  • studio7
    studio7 25 days ago

    The rapid rise of man city???? MONEY from the owner who is deputy prime minister of U.A.E. royal family..haaa what a joke a team owned by a Country...surely thats open to corruption..a fallacious religious fascist organisation.. still city are champions league...n what 5 titles...keep trying...

  • Amos Momekam
    Amos Momekam 25 days ago

    This is propaganda to downgrade Man City... You cannot succeed... Biased reporting

  • Ong Siew geok
    Ong Siew geok 25 days ago

    Indeed city are a better team in terms of competing than money pouring in its just like city fans know they will wins titles after titles that money pep in up the EPL standards so it not 💰

  • Ong Siew geok
    Ong Siew geok 25 days ago

    Well liverpool dwarf city fans money can't buy fans .pep knows that city is money if they won fair play kudus to them but 1.5billions in 10yrs for the best player n pep 15million contract no money no pep facts

  • Kidzo900
    Kidzo900 25 days ago

    HAHAHA, the old man said he actually enjoyed the good old days when he used to moan over how bad they were. He's moan in the morning, moan in the afternoon and moan at Night.

  • Christian Martinez
    Christian Martinez 25 days ago

    Who cares about the bias....just stop with the annoying jump cuts, it's not clever.

  • Little Dan McNamara
    Little Dan McNamara 25 days ago

    Firstly can you not use any stone roses songs on this please, secondly All I'm saying is.... You didn't see any man city shirts about when mark Hughes, Keegan, Sven or Stuart Pearce were managing. You didn't see man city shirts about when Darius vassell was scoring 10 goals a season at Maine road. Glory hunters, I respect the fans that were with city when they were losers. But the fact that success has to be bought by teams like city is a shame.
    My dad always thought me to stay off the Maine road

    • Isleofskye
      Isleofskye 24 days ago

      They have now stated they are following City for the immediate future in a recent press release in THe Manchester Mercury and Manchester Gazette....

  • Mark E
    Mark E 26 days ago +32

    "The fact that Man City have been so suddenly successful"....Founded in 1880, first team in Manchester to win the FA Cup in 1904 - the time has flown by!

    • mcfcmaineroad1981
      mcfcmaineroad1981 Day ago

      @alex bale who said it was amazing. I'm not stupid enough to think we would be what we are without the takeover. Most of you haters are just fuckin jealous. You all fuckin hate it. Well you'll have to just swallow it wont yous.

    • alex bale
      alex bale Day ago

      @mcfcmaineroad1981 omg 2 league titles that's so amazing, what league position were u averaging before the takeover, also you were relegated the next season after you won the title anyway

    • mcfcmaineroad1981
      mcfcmaineroad1981 3 days ago

      @alex bale 2 league titles before the takeover. Just so you know.

    • alex bale
      alex bale 3 days ago

      u know before the takeover they had 1 prem title then got relegated the next season so you know

    • mcfcmaineroad1981
      mcfcmaineroad1981 23 days ago +5

      Highest attendence at an English ground other than Wembley. 1934 glory hunters watching Sir Matt Busby. Not seen anyone else invade the pitch when they've won the premier league. Not allowed or they'll ban them and sell their season ticket to someone from Ireland. Makes me laugh when people go on about the 70s and the atmosphere. They forget the violence was what ended up with the fences caging us in. Causing tradgedy in later years. Short memories or lack of knowledge. I love football. Sometimes I hate it. We are all the same.

  • John Jepson
    John Jepson 26 days ago

    Proud to be blue since 61. Div 1,2 and 3 the fan base remained. This is dream like for old timers and new alike. Load of ridicule throughout the years apart from the late 60's and early 70's but this is a time to enjoy. Some owners are there just to drain the clubs they own...we are blessed. Best footie we have ever seen. I get that others are whining now but that comes with being winners.

    • Isleofskye
      Isleofskye 24 days ago

      Still wish City played at Maine Road though.....

  • greeklishmanc
    greeklishmanc 26 days ago

    Great video.....but turned it off at 7 minutes when Stone Roses and Happy Mondays finished. Stopped being interesting then.

  • Gaetan Paul
    Gaetan Paul 26 days ago

    Any most little tesm can rise rapidly if they got petro dollars coming the arabie

  • tik lester
    tik lester 26 days ago

    What the fuck is oil money ? Every major clubs in premier league has a billionaire owner from other countries . It's not just about man city , i see it very clearly now all the ignorance and jealousy just because city's doing an excellent job and other clubs couldn't . Same thing would had happened to Leicester if they had won back to back premier league title or had something spectacular after the title .Then all the other clubs motherfucker fans would do the same thing to Leicester like they do now to city "ALL BECAUSE OF THAI BILLIONAIRES MONEY !" Jealous united, Liverpool fans

  • free lunch
    free lunch 27 days ago

    4:39 KW Dick off!! Thats not even the owner of the Club. Dipper boi.

  • Neu Naame
    Neu Naame 27 days ago +11

    This 'mockumentary' is balderdash, gibberish and claptrap. Football didn't start in the 90s, the management running the club now are amazing (we remember Peter Swales) and the fans are like family and are fantastic.
    We've just won the domestic treble, travelling down to Wembley on 50 coaches paid for by the players and club.

  • bluemoondisciple
    bluemoondisciple 27 days ago

    Emptyhad is just haters propaganda. Okay some seats aren't filled but they have the 11th highest average attendance in the WORLD and the 3rd highest in England. Haters always clutch a straw but if Mansour chose their club would they moan ? Hypocrites. Loyal CTID.

  • Skhanyiso Mthethwa
    Skhanyiso Mthethwa 27 days ago

    its actually boring how people hate on man city now

  • Matt In Full Vision
    Matt In Full Vision 27 days ago

    Why are the Stone Roses (a huge Manchester United supporting band) in the background of a video about Manchester City?

    • Matt In Full Vision
      Matt In Full Vision 24 days ago

      @Isleofskye so basically they're glory hunters

    • Isleofskye
      Isleofskye 24 days ago

      They have now stated they are following City for the immediate future in a recent press release in THe Manchester Mercury and Manchester Gazette....

  • easyglide
    easyglide 27 days ago

    This is not representative of the Man City supporters. to negative

  • Dean M
    Dean M 27 days ago +1

    Now Man City Will rule over Man Utd, All Man City Fans can hold their heads High

    • Adam Mir
      Adam Mir 25 days ago +1

      We can't rule utd, they have a long history of success. Now we are champions and we will need to win a champions league.

  • Cynathan Fortuin
    Cynathan Fortuin 27 days ago

    Everyone just seems to talk about City and their money. how they bought championships... Rich owners invest in clubs they own, Fact!!!. Abramovich for Chelsea. The Glazer family for Man Utd. The Agnelli family for Juventus. Nasser Al Khelaïfi for PSG. Fenway Sports Group for Liverpool. and I bet if a billionaire buys a lower league club and they start investing in players which in turn wins them championships. the very people throwing shade at Man City would be defending their clubs and forgetting the hate they have or had then (now). People are just sour and jealous of this brilliant teams success. Money does not guarantee success, just look at Man United, how much have they blown in these last years with nothing to show for it? Man City is just an easy target to hate plain and simple. And don't tell me about the history and blah blah blah especially from United fans and Liverpool fans. it takes good management and resources to run a football club. City has perfected that formula! Man United had it and lost it. liverpool had it and most probably will never find it again lol. (joking). people just give credit where it is due.

  • Tommy Lundvall
    Tommy Lundvall 27 days ago +1

    I think its funny because im from Sweden and my team has alvays been City and im the onjy gye here hos hping for them for viktory im 53 years old now but city has been my team sims i vas seven

  • Brian Kin
    Brian Kin 27 days ago +13

    I bet United would have preferred to sell their club to a sheik as opposed to The Glazers.

  • Zack Haan
    Zack Haan 27 days ago

    Looks like Bayern Munich hired this media channel to do some good old german propaganda.

  • Shashank Shetty
    Shashank Shetty 28 days ago

    He is trying too hard to sound good. Think u should speak normally man. Finding it awkward.

  • tony einstein
    tony einstein 28 days ago +2

    When other clubs spend it's not a big deal.if mancity does oil money😂😂😂

    • Ong Siew geok
      Ong Siew geok 25 days ago

      When u compare over 10yrs city indeed spent the most pep 15million or more

  • paul brindley
    paul brindley 28 days ago

    Don’t even make headlines when they do win as nobody gives a fuck about a oil drum club with no fans . Pathetic club making pep look like a god . 👳🏿‍♂️👳🏿‍♂️👳🏿‍♂️👳🏿‍♂️👳🏿‍♂️👳🏿‍♂️😂😂😂

  • Mark Gable
    Mark Gable 28 days ago +5

    I think the shiek bloke thought he was buying Man Utd.

      OBLONGATA61 10 days ago

      @Richard Carpenter Must be Glad he made the Right choice then. 😂😎

    • Richard Carpenter
      Richard Carpenter 10 days ago


      OBLONGATA61 13 days ago

      Why's That ??

  • tarek awd
    tarek awd 28 days ago

    "No One could touch them " Except Liverpool it beats the hell out of them 😂😂😂😂

  • ANDY McPandy
    ANDY McPandy 28 days ago

    Manchester City = World Champions of Farce!
    Thank you please :-)

  • Raymond Wangsaly
    Raymond Wangsaly 29 days ago +1

    I feel proud with this team whatever it's

  • K T
    K T 29 days ago +2

    100 pts is a product of corruption, lets be honest...

    • Richard Carpenter
      Richard Carpenter 10 days ago


  • James Hughes
    James Hughes 29 days ago

    Been a city fan all my life 21 now and work but still on my arse financially can’t afford to see city but I can watch Salford seems like I’m converting onwards an upwards tho guess I’ve found a new love.

    • Isleofskye
      Isleofskye 24 days ago

      All your life and you are just 21 ? lol Try being 65 this week.It's great :)

  • Master Bates
    Master Bates 29 days ago

    why put United's song on this?

  • john barker
    john barker 29 days ago

    As a Leeds United Fan I understand how some fans would miss the struggling years. Elland Rd has a great atmosphere and if we achieved success the atmosphere would change. It's the price of success I suppose. Success, I would like some of that.

  • Daniel Stuart
    Daniel Stuart 29 days ago +3

    As much as all the success is amazing, I would kill for one more season back at Maine road again.

    • Isleofskye
      Isleofskye 24 days ago +1

      EXACTLY m8 ! I was looking at some of the bored faces celebrating their later goals at Wembley. After 26 years away I would kill to return to The OLD Den at Millwall where you could stand right by the pitch which helped us tremendously and we broke the ( then ) league home record going 59 games unbeaten over nearly 3 seasons there and I am 65

  • FB Short Films
    FB Short Films 29 days ago

    Really good video... hate city but of course they do have proper fans. Their ownership is just a problem with modern football. I’ll always respect their proper fans and the ones that can’t afford to go, but the people who don’t know anything about the club and do it because it’s ‘popular’, well I’ll never respect that and it’s a sad truth about the time we’re living in.

  • Ebrahim Adams
    Ebrahim Adams 29 days ago

    At 93 20 i was like typical city luckily Aguero the beast saved our asses

  • Sourabh p.s.
    Sourabh p.s. 29 days ago +5

    10:45 being a Liverpool fan i'm one of those few, i would never want Liverpool to be taken over like this, i would never enjoy "THAT" kind of success

    • Paul Cavanagh
      Paul Cavanagh 22 days ago

      @Mícheál Flaithbheartaigh talking shite there aren't you, whoever you are!!??

    • Mícheál Flaithbheartaigh
      Mícheál Flaithbheartaigh 22 days ago

      @Paul Cavanagh I'm happy for City fans. If anything it just shows how similar United fans and Kopites are in their arrogance

    • Mícheál Flaithbheartaigh
      Mícheál Flaithbheartaigh 22 days ago

      @Sourabh p.s. Liverpool and Manchester United are the two biggest corporate commercial clubs in England

    • Sourabh p.s.
      Sourabh p.s. 22 days ago

      @NASEER KHAN its better if we don't win rather than buy it of the shelf like how your shitty club have really is that.. Manchester Shitty

  • Srijan Bansal
    Srijan Bansal 29 days ago

    Lets be honest I am tourist. I live in India and have been supporting city since the Augero goal. All my friends around me were man united fans, they were sort of dick to other supporters in their glory days. (I was just getting into football) So just to piss them off I started supporting city. It is been 7 years supporting them and until recently it hasn't been all good. We had ups and downs. But I think tourist like us, will develop into hardcore fans and then our future generations will be hardcore fans. So give it time.

  • po lo
    po lo 29 days ago

    Researcher is having a bad day...this song is used at old Trafford. need oasis for citeh.

    • Isleofskye
      Isleofskye 24 days ago

      They have now stated they are following City for the immediate future in a recent press release in THe Manchester Mercury and Manchester Gazette....

  • Scott Game
    Scott Game 29 days ago +1

    Is there a part 2?

    • DW Kick off!
      DW Kick off!  29 days ago

      Yes, Scott, check out "The Boring World of Bayern Munich / The Curse of Success Part 2"

  • F1GPP
    F1GPP Month ago

    And being labelled cheats who have flouted the rules of the sport would not go down well with the Abu Dhabi royal family, who many believe have invested vast amounts in the club to improve the UAE's image abroad and to help deflect attention away from the country's human rights record.
    While none of this is the responsibility of City's squad or playing staff, it may be slightly unsettling for a club that is trying to prepare for the FA Cup final and secure an unprecedented domestic treble....indeed.

  • Football Stat’66
    Football Stat’66 Month ago +6

    This guy cutting into different scenes while talking is seriously putting me off. It’s like he’s just doing it to annoy us

  • Niall McNulty
    Niall McNulty Month ago +3

    City have glory hunters, but so do other teams with glory. You don’t see Accrington Stanley having the same amount of fans, because City, United and Chelsea win trophies, so ALL of them attract fans. I don’t get the logic

  • krs 7
    krs 7 Month ago

    Plastic club now..cheat n still flop out of champions league👍

    • Breadsticks Breadsticks
      Breadsticks Breadsticks Month ago +1

      Anton Jankovic it’s the champions league it’s a massive trophy and you said they aren’t champions clearly are if you win it 🤦‍♂️

    • Anton Jankovic
      Anton Jankovic Month ago

      Piss off, we won our first major trophy in 1904, how is that for fucking history, and Liverpool & Tottenham in the final, are not champions, might as well call it , the runners up, and top four cup.

  • SKYWalkers SG
    SKYWalkers SG Month ago +1

    RIP Man City 1880 - 2008.
    All hail the greatest cheating team in football history #corruptionFC. #karmaComing just #watchCheatehCrumble.

  • Blood Dragon
    Blood Dragon Month ago

    citys time will come to an end just like man united

  • Wayne Baker
    Wayne Baker Month ago

    Get cooking the books yea fuckin cheats .

  • Iain Hannify
    Iain Hannify Month ago +9

    "Aguero goal winning us the league for the first time " says it all.

    • Riduch
      Riduch 28 days ago

      First premier league

    • Dan Robinson
      Dan Robinson Month ago

      Iain Hannify he will have meant the first time for a long time. And it was the first time we’d won the prem

  • brink
    brink Month ago +6

    u have to admit thou that manchester city r the shadiest club in the world they breaks all the rules and get away with it cause they always win, its like at school how the best football player chooses all the players on his team and is also the referee

  • riddley39
    riddley39 Month ago

    If you don’t remember when the goat was getting goals and all the rest I don’t even wanna speak to you! Fucking millennials!lol

  • Saransh Sharma
    Saransh Sharma Month ago +1

    Can we just forget all of this and enjoy the game that city plays now a days? i mean, arent they just beautiful to watch?
    i know, the fans of the successful clubs will mock city for the money they spent on the players and the club, but lets just forget all that and enjoy this beautiful game.

    • ANDY McPandy
      ANDY McPandy 28 days ago

      Yeah they are some of the most single minded, super motivated mercenaries you'll ever see! Brilliant!

  • Zino Zei-Nero
    Zino Zei-Nero Month ago +1

    This is exactly the same when the short, fat and ugly knob is dating a hot model because he's driving Ferrari.....all you can do is just put your head in the sand, hoping no one sees it.....CONGRATULATIONS man city lol

    • Isleofskye
      Isleofskye 24 days ago

      Head in the sand being entirely

  • the saint
    the saint Month ago

    Salty ppl everywhere.

  • Kyle Ratchford
    Kyle Ratchford Month ago

    Was this made by bitter United fans

  • Qb Sting
    Qb Sting Month ago +1


  • ماجد بن عمير

    the guy in the banknote is not shaikh mansour. that is the guy who bought bortsmouth.

    • Manc 13
      Manc 13 Month ago

      He got involved in the takeover, for about two days and then Shaikh Mansour fired him and brought Khaldoon

  • Fredrik Ljung
    Fredrik Ljung Month ago


  • Jacob Finlay
    Jacob Finlay Month ago

    City’s fans problems is they aren’t good at the United/Arsenal etc going off about their history, where you hate their arrogance and belief they’re entitled to titles, or Chelsea fans who will have no loyalty to managers or players if they aren’t winning. But they are too rich to be likeable underdogs like spurs or Newcastle or West Ham watch their documentary and all the stuff they put out and it just seems so bland a millionaires vanity project with both pep and the players (with the exception of Kompany) attracted to the money rather than the identity of the club. The fans talk about the cityitis lovingly but it just feels desperate like they want to be loved.

  • Mer Zer
    Mer Zer Month ago

    تشراك الفم، كثر خير صوارد المسلمين اللي حسبهم المدعو الشيخ منصور تاوعو و قاعد يطرطق فيهم على القور و ليزونقلي

  • David P
    David P Month ago +12

    It crazy to think as a southampton fan city used to be the sort of team I’d think “hey we can get 3 points today” now it’s the polar opposite

  • Sandipan Nath
    Sandipan Nath Month ago +11

    Just forget about club allegiances for a moment. According to DW's insane logic about the toll of success, we should all be Sunderland fans. 🤮, think I will pass on that!

  • Saif Chowdhury
    Saif Chowdhury Month ago +1

    DW documentaries are lit! Always unbiased. Amazing.

  • Mike D
    Mike D Month ago +1

    Clubs like City are ruining the sport.

  • Olly Daniels
    Olly Daniels Month ago +18

    Does a video about city and puts “this is the one” (a song untied walks out to) in the video🤦🏻‍♂️.
    That’s like Everton putting you’ll never walk alone in a video

    • Guinness
      Guinness 10 days ago

      Blatantly a rag, you can tell from the accent

  • Brian Doherty
    Brian Doherty Month ago

    2018 only 2 games left. City vs Utd at Etihad. Half time city 2 Utd 0. Another 45mins and city win the league by beating Utd. Full time score. City 2 Utd 3

    • Anton Jankovic
      Anton Jankovic Month ago

      Yes but we sent you down in 74, Dennis Law the best goal ever.

    • Electric Soldier
      Electric Soldier Month ago

      That is sadly utds only recent success... lol y'all trashcans. Salty much.

    • max Maxie
      max Maxie Month ago

      Brian Doherty Dont forget to mention 100 points twat.

  • Brian Doherty
    Brian Doherty Month ago +1

    My mate used to say ' we've got a social club at Maine rd ' it was like the worst British legion you've ever seen. Leaking roof into your beer. Lol

    • Anton Jankovic
      Anton Jankovic Month ago

      You claim to be the biggest club in the blah blah blah, but the highest ever crowd at Old Trafford for a football match, Was Wolves v Grimsby, you was not even playing lol

  • Gaz Cos
    Gaz Cos Month ago

    smug prick....

  • Brian Doherty
    Brian Doherty Month ago +2

    City are the luckiest club in football. They've been a very badly run club throughout the sales period, over 50yrs. But being from Manchester they had a large following then as Manchester got the commonwealth games in 2002 a stadium was built and logically city moved in from the dump Maine rd. Then just as the premier league took of Swales died city got bought firstly by a Thai dictator then he could t refuse the money from Arab multi billionaires. It all took off from there. They renamed the stadium Etihad translates as United in Arabic then success came. Without that fortune they would be like Villa or Forest. Lucky Shity.

    • terry phidaheights
      terry phidaheights Day ago

      you being a man yonited fan got caught matchfixing with liverpool,1930,s begging bowl out again nearly went bump your own fans nicknamed the team THE RAGS because of the scruffy kits,1958 milked the munich crash for money clubs all over the country were complaining to the league that man united sent canvassers out with begging bowls to the length and breadth of the country taking local money that clubs relied on well before sponsorship deals..all your ground improvements paid for by british government,uefa,fifa utds chairman louie edwards company investigated for selling unfit meat to manchester schools......scum just face it rag your the past we are the future

    • happyngroovynallthat
      happyngroovynallthat 25 days ago

      Brian Doherty you can look forward to big spending rags spunking more money on a load of shite like you have done for the last few seasons...Ole's at the wheel!. Stretford fucking laughing stock, long may it continue. You get rid of Pogshite for £3M then buy him back for £94M, the twat can't pass water never mind a football. Must kill your lot at the sty to watch Citeh and the dippers dominate, we're all pissing up your back CTID, YNWA 😂😂😂😂

    • terry phidaheights
      terry phidaheights Month ago

      yonited fan right man u v liverpool both caught matchfixing in early days

    • Gaz Cos
      Gaz Cos Month ago

      Brian Doherty....They say time is a wonderful day the bitterness will fade...or it will kill you..

  • amanda lotfi
    amanda lotfi Month ago +12

    Why are German media all over Man City?

    • Cobbster
      Cobbster Month ago +5

      They see City as a threat to established European cartel clubs

    • Maxamuud
      Maxamuud Month ago +4

      Because of guardiola tgere is a problem between german supporters and pep.

  • Will Ramsden
    Will Ramsden Month ago +9

    Best thing about this video is the tunes 🇾🇪 MUFC

  • Michael Mawhinney
    Michael Mawhinney Month ago +3

    Banned from Europe next season maybe for not abiding by financial fair play rules

    • spencersandmark
      spencersandmark Month ago

      Rick parry the source ....

    • loose
      loose Month ago +2

      Michael Mawhinney All pretty pathetic sources

    • Michael Mawhinney
      Michael Mawhinney Month ago

      New York times, BBC, sky sports, CBS, the gaurdian, shall I go on??

    • spencersandmark
      spencersandmark Month ago +2

      Lol because the daily star told u and talkshite told u so ......pathetic

  • federico fox
    federico fox Month ago +41

    when u didnt score a goal for five months u were still man city

    • mcfcmaineroad1981
      mcfcmaineroad1981 23 days ago +1

      Ye when we were playing Scunthorpe while we share a city with one of the biggest clubs in the world. Not easy to keep the faith. My father was a red I know the size of that club. Not our fault that footballs all about money. Do I wish everyone liked us and we hadn't spent a billion? No I'm afraid not.

  • Dont ask
    Dont ask Month ago +11

    Some people call me a glory hunter but I’ve been a city fan since I was seven cause I just liked the eagle on the shirt. At the time we were just a average team. Now I’m 14 and wow!

    • Benedict Case
      Benedict Case 29 days ago

      kane trust me you weren't average in 2010

    • It’s John C
      It’s John C Month ago +1

      Dont ask When I was little I chose United beacause they were red, nothing else

    • Hitler Adolf
      Hitler Adolf Month ago +3

      @Harry kane average in 2010..??? Are you okay?

  • siddharthan arivalagan

    Many indian fans like me and others loves man city and sergio aguero.

  • Eddie Hearns Abitch

    Here’s a point I’d like to make, I went to a school around 5 miles away from the etihad stadium and in my final year of high school 2008-09 literally 60% of the so called reds changed to support city!
    Fucking glory supporting future nonces- winds me right up!

  • Tony BMW
    Tony BMW Month ago +5

    As a City fan about the only good thing about approaching my sixtieth birthday is when you get to my age you don't tend to get any of the where were you, and glory hunter nonsense thrown at you. Like all fans who go back before the new era I'm relishing the clubs success but I do miss something from old City like the Maine Road home fan atmosphere, it's still there when you go away matches but its the same for all clubs who have good travelling support.

    • Luke Kage
      Luke Kage 27 days ago +1

      @Tony BMW It was great to be there. I was two row behind my mates from the bar we are in at the Etihad. When the 5th goal went in and the Watford fans started to wave their flags I really felt it for them but I also thought that they should be proud of themselves as fans as they stay until the end unlike the Arsenal fans when we were 3 up against them in the League Cup final. That is true support through thick and thin. I understand that and it reminded me of days gone by when we were like that and even though we are now serial winners our core fans are still like that. Win lose or draw we are there with the team to the end.
      In a sad mood right now as I've heard this morning that Vinnie is leaving. All the best to him and I hope to see him back at City when his playing career is over

    • Tony BMW
      Tony BMW 27 days ago +1

      @Luke KageIt might not have been a derby but yesterday's cup final will go down as being one of my all time City performances, six nil who could have expected that in a final! I've had massive grin on my face since last weekend and yesterday just made it wider. My only regret is that my dad and granddad who first took me to Maine Road as a five year old in 1968 could have seen this amazing team!

    • Luke Kage
      Luke Kage Month ago +1

      @Tony BMW I was Ian McFarlane's guest at Maine Road when we beat Everton 3-0 back in 1976. First game I ever went to. Been a blue ever since. My bragging rights at primary school the day after went through the roof. My mother was a nurse at the hospital looking after a friend or a player, that's how we got the guest tickets from the assistant manager. After the game we went to the managers office and celebrated in the office with Ian and Tony Book. I had a chat with Tony Book and Mike Summerbee and they told me that Ian is still alive and living in Leicester. I hope I can get to see him again to say thank you.

    • Tony BMW
      Tony BMW Month ago

      @Luke Kage Mine is probably the first one I went to at Old Trafford as an 11 year old in 1974 when Denis Law relegated them with a cheeky back heel, after that it's the six - one, which was the last one I went to with my dad before he passed.

    • Luke Kage
      Luke Kage Month ago

      @Tony BMW 50 years after the Munich air disaster we respected the minutes silence at OT, then went on to win the game. "Benjani!!!"
      Next to the 6-1 that was probably the sweetest one at OT and I've been there for the last few

  • ThomDull
    ThomDull Month ago +75

    This guy is worst biased MUFCunt ever.

    • Noah Lie
      Noah Lie 24 days ago

      ThomDull I’m sorry but how??

  • Dodge 76
    Dodge 76 Month ago +7

    As a Liverpool fan "I WISH WE COULD WIN THE LEAGUE" but I wouldn't begrudge City because they play football like it should be...great team...and LOADS OF I like CITY but COYR

    • bluemoondisciple
      bluemoondisciple 27 days ago +1

      @Mohammed Daher Didn't see Liverpool fans smashing your team bus recently, do they only do that to non rivals ? and Thaksin Shinawatra started the renaissance in 2007 just to be factual. I'm not sure smashing all the domestic records would constitute as "blowing it". We spent less than everyone else in the PL bar two clubs. We didn't buy total domestic dominance this season we earnt it. those that did try to buy it, failed amusingly. And all with only one first team goalkeeper, No left back and De Bruyne injured most of the year, Sane not firing and even Fernandinho could put his feet up, Mahrez (our only first team signing) not getting a look in. Go figure.

    • Luke Kage
      Luke Kage 28 days ago +1

      @Mohammed Daher A century? Hahahahaha!! Liverpool wasn't even the biggest team in their city until the Shankly came in. You do know that Everton have been the second longest residents of the top flight don't you? Liverpool came up from the 2nd division in the mid 60's. There was no Liverpool Man Utd rivalry in the 70's or the 80's. It started in the 90's because Liverpool were on the demise and United were on the ascent. Liverpool fans taunted the United fans about how many league titles they won and United started to taunt Liverpool fans about how they couldn't win the Premier League. A century, hahahaha. Why would there have been a rivalry between United and Liverpool in the 70's? United only won one FA Cup in that decade. Liverpool were winning European Cups, UEFA Cups, FA Cups, the League. There was no reason to be rivals

    • Mohammed Daher
      Mohammed Daher 29 days ago

      Luke Kage also even in the 90s and early 2000s our rivals were still Liverpool even though they were playing awful in the 90s especially otherwise are u suggesting that during those times our main rivals were suddenly arsenal? Your crazy if u think a nearly century long rivalry gets washed away by 6 years.

    • Mohammed Daher
      Mohammed Daher 29 days ago

      Luke Kage 😂the main rivalry will never be liverpool and man city nice try though. Also the difference between us spending and you spending is that its our damn money made by us commercially and from us as a brand whilst your money was given to you by an arab billionaire and you started blowing it. Thats the fucking difference(man utd fan btw)

    • Luke Kage
      Luke Kage Month ago

      @philip jnr then again you are right. Some older generations still have the Leeds vs Man United rivalry going on as it was fierce back then but come on hardly anyone takes that serious now. That was decades ago. As for Forest and Liverpool...