The Rapid Rise of Manchester City | The Curse of Success Part 1

  • Man City went from mediocrity to glory in the space of just a few years. Star players and star coach Pep Guardiola brought success - and millions of new supporters - to the club. But what about the old fans? Kick off! reporter Tom Gennoy went to ask the Man City fans all about glory hunters, big money owners, and the wild experience of footballing success.
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Comments • 80

  • Rachel Boswell
    Rachel Boswell 4 days ago

    Oil money!

  • Dhruv Tomar
    Dhruv Tomar Month ago +2

    Who here after City got banned??

    • Anew-Wiseman
      Anew-Wiseman Month ago


    • DW Kick off!
      DW Kick off!  Month ago

      Do you think many stars want to leave now after the decision, Dhruv?

  • antonio pv
    antonio pv Month ago +1

    What a great editing job, those cuts from 2:03

    • DW Kick off!
      DW Kick off!  Month ago +1

      Thank you! glad our editors are getting some love!

  • 1 2
    1 2 Month ago

    Well this aged poorly... busted for cheating... busted for dodging FFP... about to get removed from CL for 2 seasons... maybe gonna lose all titles from 2012 to now by the FA... there's no curse of success, it was just oil money elevation

    • 1 2
      1 2 Month ago

      @DW Kick off! depends on if they broke the rules... Chelsea took a transfer ban a season ago so 🤷‍♂️

    • DW Kick off!
      DW Kick off!  Month ago

      Doubt any of the City fans we talked to saw this coming either! Can other big clubs expect similar punishments?

  • #1
    #1 Month ago +1

    Might win trophies but will NEVER EVER earn respect!

  • abhishek godse
    abhishek godse 2 months ago

    If city fans who started watching football after 2010 are glory hunters then every united, arsenal, Liverpool, bayern, barca even Chelsea fan ever was a glory hunter.

  • Michael
    Michael 2 months ago


  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader 2 months ago

    6-5 rule with 50+1 and fifa/uefa financial regulation will make football great again !!!

  • 日本太郎
    日本太郎 3 months ago

    The United Arab Emirates destroyed Yemen and Syria and Egypt and Libya at the same time they pump hundreds of millions of investments in Manchester.

  • marc 647
    marc 647 3 months ago +1


  • George 12
    George 12 3 months ago

    Why does it start with a united song

  • MightyRoos
    MightyRoos 4 months ago

    I bet my life not all local fans sing at a football match. You get more joy when your club had to put in the hard yards to win trophies not when they are back by an unlimited oil well.

  • Pat McTallica
    Pat McTallica 4 months ago +1

    Pure and lived double moral.
    Oh, the world is so cruel, but we watch the world cup finals in Quatar in 2022.
    Swell, enjoy!

  • Stephen Gale
    Stephen Gale 4 months ago

    We have a similar but smaller version by being AFC Bournemouth supporters since the 70s....A draw against Bristol City or Swindon was fantastic. Not being beat by more than 2 by Pompey or Reading was good. Last month we beat Man Utd and thrashed sfc at still hasn’t sunk in. Don’t have the massive ground issues though 🇨🇳😎😇

  • Chris Tian
    Chris Tian 4 months ago

    Better hope your founder never loses interest in his toy. If so, you're f***ed.

  • Jackaljkljkl
    Jackaljkljkl 4 months ago

    I would hate for my club, QPR, to be bought by a multi-billionaire (of dubious wealth) and win everything. Winning becomes meaningless.
    Furthermore, you become a "global brand" rather than a football club, with tourists and corporates driving up prices and reducing the atmosphere to that of a mere fun day out.
    And everyone will assume that you are yet another bandwagon jumper, despite the fact you lived through the League 1 days (I believe York City away is famous with old-time Man City fans, lol) and feel obliged to prove it.
    No thanks.

  • Marshall Brennan
    Marshall Brennan 4 months ago

    Had a season ticket aged 9 in 04-05 season up until the 11-12 season when I was 16. Was the most obsessed City fan as a kid! It was absolutely amazing to see the transformation, now I'm a bit older and its settled down I'm really split on how I feel about us in our new form! I miss being a gritty underdog and having real love for a real down to earth club... True spirit in that! We're quality now... Split, but ultimately, I miss the old days :'(

  • kurtis howard
    kurtis howard 4 months ago

    I know City fans who's sat through the shit Franny Lee ownership years and they deserve some success.Withought the Pep years we would never of realised how great LFC are maybe withought the competition Klopp wouldn't have been seen for the genius he is. Thanks city for being second best

  • Alex Rants
    Alex Rants 4 months ago

    The jump cuts are beyond annoying. I know Final Cut is fun to play with but calm the fuck down like.

  • Roman Baranovichi
    Roman Baranovichi 4 months ago

    Stone Roses- This is the one
    Happy Mondays- Step On
    Stone Roses- Sally Cinnamon
    Oasis- Slide Away
    Oasis- The Hindu Times

    What a playlist

  • A L
    A L 4 months ago

    If those tourists donw show up, the stadium would only be a quarter full

    • Jay fritz
      Jay fritz 24 days ago

      Haha, it's embarrassing that, the first mention of City and some witless idiot thinks they are hilarious with comments about City having no fans, or the Emptihad etc. It's boring, unoriginal and wrong. Google 'Premier League highest attendances' and then come back with a joke that hasn't been repeated a million times ffs.

  • Vatsal Singh
    Vatsal Singh 4 months ago +1

    What kind of monster chose that opening song?! Come on man.. We United fans are already suffering.. You guys don't need to go to Such extents xD

  • TrooperLFC
    TrooperLFC 4 months ago

    3-1 knobheads

  • YourDailySkooma !
    YourDailySkooma ! 4 months ago +2

    As a Liverpool supporter, I wish fellow supporters would watch this and realize that there ARE legit supporters amongst the City support. Great video

  • Shreeraj Salunke
    Shreeraj Salunke 4 months ago

    I'm here after Liverpool 3-1 City. "Few other fans would turn down the chance to experience what city fans are experiencing at the moment". Not me and not most LFC fans for sure. We wouldn't trade all the iconic European nights and the feeling of belonging and togetherness we fans have for anything. That's the part money can't buy.

    • Shreeraj Salunke
      Shreeraj Salunke 4 months ago

      @Thomas Yanks I hate cricket too. And I know much more about football than dimwit pricks like you. You can't even grasp the fact that someone's country of origin doesn't reflect their knowledge level about any topic.

    • Thomas Yanks
      Thomas Yanks 4 months ago

      I don't like cricket, I hate it. Just stick to cricket pal Indians know nothing about football the fa and South Yorkshire police killed Liverpool fan's by perverting the course of justice and uefa killed juve fans by putting a final in that death trap of a stadium

    • Shreeraj Salunke
      Shreeraj Salunke 4 months ago

      @Thomas Yanks if I lived in England, I probably wouldn't have supported Liverpool but a local team. My local team? It doesn't exist. 2 professional clubs have died in my city in the last 8 years. Our local football is much more shambolic than you can ever imagine. The premier league, champions league, and international football was almost always the first taste of football many of us Asians got. You can't blame me, a then 7 year old, for watching what was available on TV ('05 ucl final) and developing a liking to the team that won that particular match.
      As I said, it's not important how you start supporting a club but how much passion you show for it and stick with it through thick and thin. If we ever get down to League 1 or something, it won't matter to me as its still my club.
      Ticket prices isn't really something I can affect. You should be blaming the FA and your country's culture. The ticket prices in Germany and Spain are fine but Bayern, Dortmund, Barça, RM, Atletico have millions of fans just like me.

    • Thomas Yanks
      Thomas Yanks 4 months ago

      Sorry I knew it must have been tough watching Liverpool win the cl and fa cup and nearly the league but I support a team who got relegated from the EFL championship then won the Johnston Paint trophy then went on and won the playoff final in league one , got relegated again out of the EFL championship and then got promoted out of league 1 again and have not won since Fulham on the opening day.
      What I don't get is why people from outside Liverpool don't support their local team or Everton instead of Liverpool. People like you are pushing ticket prices up and taking tickets off of true supporter's and making the game more corporative and less atmospheric

    • Shreeraj Salunke
      Shreeraj Salunke 4 months ago

      @Akash Dilip here's a few arguments about why you're entirely and absolutely incorrect:
      When I started supporting Liverpool, we played horrible long ball football. We won 1 Champions league and 1 FA cup, that's it. We weren't even regularly challenging in the prem. Gerrard and Alonso at first, and later, Torres were the players I considered heroes when growing up.
      Football is a global sport. It's not necessary to live in England to support a team from England. If you don't understand the magic of supporting a football team, you're not really a proper fan. Also, it doesn't matter why someone starts supporting a club. It's all about how you stick to your club through thick and thin.
      Lastly, how could you claim I don't watch games regularly without even knowing me? I watch each and every game, right from u18 fa cup finals to friendlies against tranmere. So grow up and understand fan culture.

  • Kingter Gaming
    Kingter Gaming 4 months ago +3

    Most Man City fans I know are plastic fans who started supporting when they won the league

    • Kidrobot Phatfreakz
      Kidrobot Phatfreakz 4 months ago

      Kingter Gaming and probably never knew who nicky summerbee was lol. Worst of the lot were the united fans i knew who suddenly turned up wearing city jerseys. The ultimate insult, its a crying shame

  • Taitea Kopyte
    Taitea Kopyte 4 months ago +34

    Who's here after Liverpool beat Man City 3-1 just hours ago???

    • Taitea Kopyte
      Taitea Kopyte 2 months ago

      Now there's no way even for city to climb back to the title race. Only God can stop them!

    • nona evil
      nona evil 2 months ago

      One word


    • Football Madrid
      Football Madrid 4 months ago

      Taitea Kopyte money city

    • Taitea Kopyte
      Taitea Kopyte 4 months ago

      Indeed! Even for Liverpool, title race ain't over... it's just the calming before the storm...May the best team win the league!

    • Aiden MacDougall
      Aiden MacDougall 4 months ago +1

      @Taitea Kopyte There is no denying that Man City will come back strong, Liverpool must keep a look out. Manchester City wont give up, they are a strong team.

  • Lam Sodge
    Lam Sodge 4 months ago +1

    Make a city documentary and play the stone roses in the background. 🤔

  • Rehan Rajabali
    Rehan Rajabali 4 months ago +11

    I supported City since 1981 and was ridiculed for it when I was at a rough South London School where many of the guys supported Liverpool, UTD and Arsenal . Back in those days I got criticism and today I still face it now just because we are a great Club and Team now. Comonnnn Citayyyyyyyyyy

    • Manchesterz Finest
      Manchesterz Finest 5 hours ago

      @Ace Dragon yano what I appreciate your apology pal cheers

    • Ace Dragon
      Ace Dragon 5 hours ago

      @Manchesterz Finest sorry mate

    • Manchesterz Finest
      Manchesterz Finest 5 hours ago

      good lad, CITY CITY CTID

    • Manchesterz Finest
      Manchesterz Finest 5 hours ago

      @Ace Dragon you have no right to try and tell us what are success means...... who do you think your are..... money has been the name of the game for decades, ofcourse everyone loves to see a team like Bournemouth or burnly succeed, but if they ever reech the very top consistently watch the other team spit there dummys out

    • Ace Dragon
      Ace Dragon 3 months ago

      No, it's good you're sticking with your club but your club has no glory, it's an oil money club, and it's all it will ever be. Bournemouth on the other hand, that's a success you like to see, not a success bought by Arab money

  • Undergroundkid
    Undergroundkid 4 months ago

    People like complaining the world evolves

  • Zeb Mars
    Zeb Mars 4 months ago

    Nobody respect Manchester City because they have no fans and survive due to oil money..

    • Creber
      Creber 4 months ago

      Zeb Mars very dumb comment

  • Amok Return
    Amok Return 4 months ago

    These guys are the real Man City Fans. From not scoring for 4-5 months to Aguero & Sterling banging the goals every week. 👌🏻

  • Kent Grady
    Kent Grady 4 months ago +1

    Being an American, I notice that fans here tend to gravitate to the large, big-name English clubs... Arsenal, Chelsea, Man U, and now, Man City. Regrettably, they are exactly the tourists these long time fans dislike. I understand their complaint. After all, new foreign fans to the NFL tend to gravitate to the New England Patriots.... (gag, gag, vomit - insert Darth Vader music here).
    I elected to support clubs that reflect my personal convictions, and likely won't lift any European trophies in the near future.

  • The LKB
    The LKB 4 months ago

    Why u complaining that ur good

  • Miguel Espírito Santo
    Miguel Espírito Santo 4 months ago +1

    Great soundtrack

  • Shubham Mishra
    Shubham Mishra 4 months ago

    The point of each dw video is to bring socialism into football.

  • rob kirchhof
    rob kirchhof 4 months ago +1

    Thanks for this - it's has changed how I think about this club and it's true fans. That ad was pure shite, though...

  • 83 Smith
    83 Smith 4 months ago +2

    Man City - 'Curse of the Scousers'.

    • 83 Smith
      83 Smith 4 months ago

      Class like Heysel ? A stain on Liverpool that will never be removed.

    • Tim Guttesen
      Tim Guttesen 4 months ago

      No, City are just like an annoying wasp that will eventually get squashed. As Bill Shankly said "Form is temporary, class is permanent". City can buy the league, but they have no class

    • Lord dex 24 GAM31NG
      Lord dex 24 GAM31NG 4 months ago +2

      remind me how many champions leagues city have won?

  • Geralt von Riva
    Geralt von Riva 4 months ago

    Sorry but a “best team in the world” wins at least a champions league. Otherwise they are nowhere near best in the world...

  • roadend78
    roadend78 4 months ago

    Arab money

  • david james
    david james 4 months ago +3

    I’m not united, but city really haven’t had success, free cash that buys you the best manager and best players, just means you are expected to win but look ridiculous if you lose

  • Raza Khan
    Raza Khan 4 months ago +1

    Meanwhile, billionaire Americans buy Manchester United and it has gone to shit. 😂

  • Steve Hatton
    Steve Hatton 4 months ago

    Nice video great tunes

  • jm 91
    jm 91 4 months ago

    Oh please! The Invincibles are still the standard and are better.

    • Russell ward
      Russell ward 4 months ago +1

      They aren’t. Teams are judged on not loosing but winning. Nobody cares about being undefeated Doherty than gooners. It’s why Barca, going into the final game of the season 2 years ago undefeated and benched Messi so he could play in a meaningless friendly instead.

  • Nic 64
    Nic 64 4 months ago

    In the disguise of sponsorship. COME ON!!!

  • Nic 64
    Nic 64 4 months ago

    Premiership allowing a team to be owned by an entire country. There is something very wrong in this. No team should be owned by a country. That should not be allowed. PERIOD

  • TG Media
    TG Media 4 months ago +21

    Questionable opening song choice - United’s walkout song😂

  • Nayan Sharma
    Nayan Sharma 4 months ago +4

    It was aguero 23 goals in season 2011-12 which changed everything and last goal was nuclear disaster for Man United after which they are still suffering.

    • Mad_Intalect
      Mad_Intalect 4 months ago

      Didn't United win the league the next season though??

  • Anthony Villanueva
    Anthony Villanueva 4 months ago +3

    This reminds me of me and the New York Red Bulls. Where we always lose a 2-0, or 3-0 lead, Or lose in the play offs. We have a saying "That's so metro" which is kinda of funny lmao.

  • Arya Mohammed
    Arya Mohammed 4 months ago

    Im a fan, but I wish I lived in parallel universe where sheikh Mansoor never bought man city

    • david james
      david james 4 months ago

      Arya Mohammed fair play, I would feel the same if I was a city fan

  • Cal
    Cal 5 months ago

    Was decent up untill the Emptyhad bit, do abit of research on the attendances in the League first 👍

    • Cal
      Cal 5 months ago

      Highest attendance at home ground and highest womens attendance, awful research there

  • Nick the chopper
    Nick the chopper 5 months ago

    City's biggest legend is sheikh mansoor

  • LeikFroakies
    LeikFroakies 5 months ago +76

    Back then we could laugh about being shit. Now we can laugh about being hated

    • Graffiti God
      Graffiti God 2 months ago

      Dara Sinnett how are Man city fans plastic then EXPLAIN if you think your Einstein

    • Dara Sinnett
      Dara Sinnett 2 months ago

      Marcus Jansson AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA So all along you are a plastic

    • Marcus Jansson
      Marcus Jansson 2 months ago

      @Dara Sinnett i support man city. I dont like when people call city fans plastic. Many people in the crowd is tourist and that make city fans look like plastics

    • Dara Sinnett
      Dara Sinnett 3 months ago +1

      Marcus Jansson they are now. Btw who do you support? And ps city have much less plastics than all of the top 6 bar them

    • Marcus Jansson
      Marcus Jansson 3 months ago

      @Dara Sinnett ok but stop calling man city fans plastic fans, it isnt right. Liverpool and man utd probably has the same amount or even more plastic fans. If you ever was at maine road you would know that city fans isnt just plastic

    SEA DOGS 5 months ago

    All seater stadiums are shite

  • Rais Alam
    Rais Alam 5 months ago +1

    Rate how there playing roses and not oasis when roses were united and oasis was city pahahah

  • Grandson of Sam NiFDy
    Grandson of Sam NiFDy 5 months ago

    I used to like City , not now . Chelsea2 . AMF

  • Prabir Barooah
    Prabir Barooah 5 months ago

    What's the first song that plays in the background?

  • Tim Coates
    Tim Coates 5 months ago +2

    And then there's Rochdale, Bury Oldham, Stockportand Bolton Real Clubs with real fans👍

    • Planet of the grapes
      Planet of the grapes 5 months ago

      So did Stockport have gates of over 30,000 in 1999 then?...No they didn't, so stop talking through your arse.

    • WILLROB 01
      WILLROB 01 5 months ago +1

      Tim Coates all city fans are Stockport fans that stop coming when things started to go wrong at county and right at city

  • Drift
    Drift 5 months ago +1

    City tickets are very cheap compared to everyone else in the top 6

  • Drift
    Drift 5 months ago

    All big teams have bad times , there all acting like they’re so special 😂😂

  • Drift
    Drift 5 months ago +2

    No one is even jealous because we all know they bought the league

  • Reid
    Reid 5 months ago +1

    Still waiting for Arsenal to win the league, kind of used to 4th place now

  • Arthur C
    Arthur C 5 months ago +35

    The Arabian club in Manchester

    • Jay fritz
      Jay fritz 24 days ago

      @Gill Kilner Old Trafford is not in Salford, it's in the Borough of Trafford

    • Geralt von Riva
      Geralt von Riva 4 months ago

      Emptyhad touristattraction...

    • Gill Kilner
      Gill Kilner 4 months ago +1

      Rob Faz in Salford city

    • Planet of the grapes
      Planet of the grapes 5 months ago +12

      And United are a Yank club in Trafford.

  • Mogs NCFC
    Mogs NCFC 5 months ago

    I got called a glory supporter for bloodly ages we cant by tickets and I supported city since I was born up the blues

  • Kerris Waller
    Kerris Waller 5 months ago +1

    Liking that gimic you do when you talk but appear in different places 😂 it tickled me sorry

  • hamad5885
    hamad5885 5 months ago

    9:35 Im sorry, theyre f***ing hated here too.

  • Morbid Angel is better than Death

    They sold their soul to human rights abusing arabs.

    • Toori Baba
      Toori Baba 4 months ago

      Its bought by UAE, its man u who sold their soul to MBS. Besides the entire world bleeds for saudi oil money

    • IE
      IE 5 months ago

      What about Man Utd owned by Glazers who support Trump and are supported by the international banksters, and about Liverpool, who are owned by an American conglomerate, and Arsenal who is also owned by an American ... And Abramovich who owns Chelsea and is one of the oligarchs who tore up Russia during glasnost?
      They support Israel who kill Palestinians every day and wage war on Syria and other neighbors.

    • Kevin Afriza
      Kevin Afriza 5 months ago

      That's a bit racists mate

    • IE
      IE 5 months ago +2

      USA and Israel are worse than the UAE.

  • Anew-Wiseman
    Anew-Wiseman 5 months ago +3

    From the Rags to Riches!

    • Kev Parkin
      Kev Parkin 4 months ago

      short story about a club that had nothing on monday, and everything on tuesday. dont think it'll make it to the silver screen.

  • Brad Marsden
    Brad Marsden 5 months ago +8

    Video about city starts with a untied song 👍

  • renzoc
    renzoc 5 months ago +1

    I guess if you're going to do a segment on Man City you might as well open it with a song by Manchester's greatest export! :)

  • MrAlwaysBlue
    MrAlwaysBlue 5 months ago +13

    "Manchester City - Ruining football since 2008" !

  • Hrvoje Cosic
    Hrvoje Cosic 5 months ago +2


  • ভাইসাব Bros

    Cover Man United’s American Billion next. They are the number one glory hunter 🤣🤣

  • LFC
    LFC 5 months ago +30

    Like the great Frieza once said
    "He who acquires his skills quickly, is he who is first to perish,"

    • Jay fritz
      Jay fritz 24 days ago

      Like Roger Mellie used to say "bollocks"

  • JDMH
    JDMH 5 months ago +4

    Oasis 💙
    Aguero 🤟

  • Sourish Hazra
    Sourish Hazra 5 months ago

    Le MUFC fans: iT's aLl aRaB MoNeY bRo, tHesE aRe aLL pLasTiC fAnS bRo.

  • Niels Meijer
    Niels Meijer 5 months ago

    It's sad to see it hurts these true fans who have seen their club change into plastic.

  • Qta
    Qta 5 months ago +2

    its sad that the only thing that makes the arabian world rich is oil, they have no skills or anything at all to bring to the world, yet have all the money to spend

  • Aleksa Boljević
    Aleksa Boljević 5 months ago

    Look at all these Man U fans uf the money hadn't came

    • Ahmed Rahim
      Ahmed Rahim 5 months ago

      When did the money came?.Glazers haven't invested shit.we were winning before them and won during them.Look at yourselves How many trophies before 2008 again??????

  • paco ramon
    paco ramon 5 months ago +17

    But they will never win an UCL with Pep.