Top 10 Pokemon Films

  • Published on Jun 13, 2016
  • This time the pocket monsters are dominating the big screen! Join as we count down the Top 10 Pokemon Films! Suggestion Tool►► Subscribe►► Facebook►► Twitter►► Instagram►► Channel Page►►
    For this list we'll be ranking the cinematic releases of the hit anime series based on a mixture of fan-votes, popularity, and our own personal preferences.
    Special thanks to our users Jordan Cartwrightfor submitting the idea using our interactive suggestion tool at
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Comments • 4 521

  • VaXXer
    VaXXer 2 hours ago

    And nr one must be detective pikachu

  • Ian Paul Saligumba

    I agree with number 1 😍 It makes me cry even watching it for many times already 👍

  • Ian Paul Saligumba

    I agree with number 1 😍 It makes me cry even watching it for many times already 👍

  • Rushal Shrestha
    Rushal Shrestha Day ago +2

    Hoopa and clash of ages should've at least came in honorable mentions

  • Dark Ice
    Dark Ice 2 days ago

    The minute I saw Rise of Darkrai at 6 I disliked

  • Sxvannah I do bloxburg speed builds

    Arceus and the jewel of life is a must watch giratina and the sky warrior too

  • Gator The Hyena
    Gator The Hyena 2 days ago

    5:09 I will never unhear that lol. It was even better when Seto Kaiba joined in lol

  • IcyGaming GT
    IcyGaming GT 4 days ago +2

    To be honest,
    In the past I am pronouncing Entei’s name wrong cuz I was pronouncing it like Hentai

  • Sean Martinez
    Sean Martinez 4 days ago +2

    My favorite pokemon movies are
    10:diancie and the cocoon of destruction
    9:zoroark master of illusions
    8:arceus and the jewel of life
    6:lucario and the mystery of mew
    5:spell of unknown
    4:jirachi wish maker
    3:the rise of darkrai
    2:mewtwo strikes back/returns
    1:detective pikachu

  • Daan Peeters
    Daan Peeters 5 days ago

    what about xyz

  • Ramachandran Ramachandran

    My favourite is rise of darkrai

  • Hentai_boi
    Hentai_boi 5 days ago

    Unknown Pokemon movie and the first Mewtwo movies are the best

  • Tara Franklin
    Tara Franklin 6 days ago +3

    May's lullaby is scary?

    I always found it very soothing...

  • Sherise Elaine
    Sherise Elaine 7 days ago

    My favourite pokémon movie is Arceus and the Jewel of Life.

  • Christian Medlin
    Christian Medlin 8 days ago +1

    Lucario, Pikachu and Mewtwo are my most favorite Pokemon. I knew that Mewtwo was gonna get the top spot. He's too cool not to.

  • World Wide Music
    World Wide Music 9 days ago +14

    1. Mewtwo Strikes Back
    2. Mewtwo Returns
    3. The Rise of Darkrai
    4. Spell of The Unown
    5. Arceus and the Jewel of Life

  • triking aming
    triking aming 9 days ago

    Pokemon unkown movie

  • Toby Biscuit
    Toby Biscuit 10 days ago +1

    It's pronounced Un-Own NOT Unknown

  • Buddhism Hotline
    Buddhism Hotline 10 days ago

    pokemon 3 is my favorite movie

  • Pinkie Ladie2
    Pinkie Ladie2 10 days ago +1

    When you said honorable Mention and shows 2009 I was like WTF YOu TOLD ME now sly I was born at that year

  • BLA5T3R Productions
    BLA5T3R Productions 11 days ago

    Time for Detective Pikachu


    where i can those movies

  • William Eugene Tipton
    William Eugene Tipton 11 days ago

    Am I the only one that cried like a baby when Ash was turned to stone in the first movie?
    TBH that was the only time I've ever cried in a movie theater... well that and Le Mis...

  • Kefou Kefak
    Kefou Kefak 12 days ago

    Are you all crazy people? The best written movie will always be the first one, not because it’s the first, but because of Mewtwo’s struggle of being a clone and the events occurring from that.

  • Cute Owl
    Cute Owl 12 days ago

    but mewtwo has two mega evalotions mega mewtwo x and y

  • Aaron Mooneyham
    Aaron Mooneyham 12 days ago

    Pokemon 3 is 10 :( that movie was great. Such good memories as a kid seeing the movies with my dad. 13 years later, and I started collecting cards again. Getting a rare is just as exciting, and thanks to Leonhart for inspiring me to collect again. I wish they had the cards today when I was a kid. I wish I knew what happened to my old cards. Shining Tyranitar was my crown jewel. Sorry for the rant everyone lol

  • prankster 5
    prankster 5 13 days ago

    Genesect is terrible

  • Dean0 Rocks316
    Dean0 Rocks316 15 days ago

    You should re-do this now that I choose you is out

  • Shock Wave
    Shock Wave 15 days ago

    Oh yeah we all know that pokemon: the first movie is the best pokemon movie.

  • Pushpa n
    Pushpa n 17 days ago +1

    why does no one accept Arceus and the jewel of life as the #1 best movie?

    If you do, do this

  • rashune knight
    rashune knight 17 days ago

    I prefer mewtwo with its male voice than female voice

  • shaheer shaheer
    shaheer shaheer 19 days ago +1


  • Lego Deku
    Lego Deku 19 days ago +5

    Lucario is like the pokemon version of Batman.

    • Dean0 Rocks316
      Dean0 Rocks316 15 days ago

      I think he’s more like Pokémon Goku. Aura is his version of ki, bone rush is just the power pole, mega evolution is just him going super sayin. Come on, they’re practically the same thing.

  • DJ Snippy
    DJ Snippy 19 days ago

    ROD at 6? Get the fuck out Watch mojo!

  • UnownLeaf
    UnownLeaf 20 days ago

    It's funny because the Top 3 are almost identical to mine, except that number 10 (Lord of the Unknown Tower) is my number 1, pushing the other three down. And as others have said, number 9 doesn't even deserve a honorable mention.

    Top 6 for me: Unown > Mewtwo > Lugia > Lucario > The Power of Us > Jirachi

    It's hard to rank the rest because I'm fairly indifferent to them, but probably Latias, Celebi, Zoroark and "I Choose You" in that order. The latter is at least different and features some of my favorite legendaries, but the concept is such wasted potential.

  • J Devina Huang
    J Devina Huang 21 day ago

    From pokemon movie genexect mewtwo is female and the pokemon the first movie mewtwo is a male

  • NSYT Gaming
    NSYT Gaming 21 day ago +1

    Where is Kyurem vs Sword of Justice
    That movie was fantastic

  • Asphalt8 Tank KFC
    Asphalt8 Tank KFC 21 day ago

    Where is geritina and the sky warrior

  • Greger
    Greger 21 day ago

    I’m sorry but how the hell is spell of the unown nr 10? It’s without question top 4 . The only movies that can challenge it is pokemon 1, 2 and heroes

  • LalaGacha Land
    LalaGacha Land 23 days ago +3

    You miss my favorite one!!!
    *kyurem vs The sword of justice*

  • Froakie Tube
    Froakie Tube 23 days ago

    Mewtwo returns is such an underrated movie.

  • Marvelous Marvel
    Marvelous Marvel 24 days ago

    Hoopa and the clash of ages

  • Marvelous Marvel
    Marvelous Marvel 24 days ago

    arceaus and the jewel of life

  • Gamma-ray 999
    Gamma-ray 999 26 days ago

    Loved the movies, Rise of Darkrai was my favorite of them all, sadly I stopped following not long after Sinnoh. Can’t believe 4ever and Giratina didn’t make the cut

  • Aaron Frechen
    Aaron Frechen 27 days ago +2

    Those Pikachu tears though. That got me when I was a kid.

  • Mario Rosales
    Mario Rosales 27 days ago

    Why is he mis pronouncing the damn legendary names

  • Zinrux
    Zinrux 28 days ago

    "Determined to take control of *GRUDON*"

  • animelovers000
    animelovers000 28 days ago

    Lucario and the mystery of Mew is my all time favourite Pokemon movie. Lucario is my favourite Pokemon, i always cry at the end, nothing worse than seeing your favourite Pokemon actually die plus what made it more emotional was we saw Lucario reunited with sir aaron and they were both eating chocolate.

  • Janne Kristiansen
    Janne Kristiansen 28 days ago

    I dont understand why the movie with xernias, yveltal, zekrom, reshiram, victini and a kicks ass buff golurk was no on the list it was not even an honerable menchion! 😤

  • Esreal Delgado
    Esreal Delgado 28 days ago

    I forced my parents to buy Mewtwo Strikes Back from blockbuster. I still have the movie.

  • Kira
    Kira 29 days ago

    Well here is my list:
    10 I choose you
    09 Spell of the unknown
    08 Pokemon Ranger and the templel of the sea
    07 Destiny Deoxys
    06 Pokemon 4 Ever
    05 Pokemon Heroes
    04 Pokemon 2000
    03 The rise of Darkai
    02 Lucario and the mystery of Mew
    01 Pokemon the first Movie

  • Whopper Jr.
    Whopper Jr. 29 days ago

    Rise of Darkrei only on 6th place ???!

  • JCARTS ARTS /Layne , Austin and Jordan's channel

    I was certainly happy to suggest the list lol but i would have listed it a smidgen different !!.

  • McNaire
    McNaire 29 days ago

    Perfect list, annoying lullaby!

  • Shadow furry And the shadows

    When will shadow Lugai get a film

  • Buraka Ninja
    Buraka Ninja 29 days ago

    Onder water super Saiyan 😂

  • rubi akter
    rubi akter 29 days ago

    how can i get this video .any one can told me????

  • Master Kit
    Master Kit 29 days ago +1

    Hoopa and the Clash of the Ages was dope

    • Afraid ?
      Afraid ? 27 days ago

      1% good cause of good writing
      99% good cause legendary battle hype

  • slime cat king
    slime cat king 29 days ago

    the movie universe is non-canon to the TV anime and each other

  • Dana Carter
    Dana Carter Month ago

    The ONLY THING scarier is May's Lullaby! 😂😂😂. I died when Brock chimed in. Misty fans stand the fuck up! Ash cant be with her after hearing that lullaby talkin about Doo Doo

  • Alessandro Damiani
    Alessandro Damiani Month ago

    Pokémon 3 should have been higher!

  • koolkreent_19
    koolkreent_19 Month ago

    Obviously, The First Movie is Number 1 again. Pokémon 2000 is better, and it made me cry more when Ash turned into stone, that is. Also, Lugia is the better legendary here.

  • Kristin Opperman
    Kristin Opperman Month ago

    Pokémon 4 ever is my all time favorite. It made me cry so bad.

  • rogen playz
    rogen playz Month ago

    The reason i hated Destiny deoxys is beacuse my favorite pokemon rayquaza was the bad guy

  • XxReKt0HeKt0XX
    XxReKt0HeKt0XX Month ago

    The one with marshadow was hella painful to watch because it’s had been such a long since I saw Pikachu in grief like that.

  • saucelover
    saucelover Month ago +3

    Pokemon 2000 & Pokemon First fav. nuff said

  • Matt Claus
    Matt Claus Month ago

    What about Pokemon The Power of Us. That was a great movie.

  • Владимир Самотаев

    Well, Pokemon 2000 is not in Johto, it's in Orange Bay, which is located south from Kanto and not present in games

  • Princess Moonstar
    Princess Moonstar Month ago +3

    May's lullaby is not even close to scary. It's my most favorite song!😳😍

  • Parko Boy
    Parko Boy Month ago

    Why does Mew Too sound like he hadn’t gone through puberty in Genesect?

  • Minseo Roh
    Minseo Roh Month ago

    Rise of darkrai should be first

  • Mandi Silva
    Mandi Silva Month ago

    No doubt the first movie is the pokemon movie, the most nostalgic one even though i loved all the others in this ranking

  • Oliver Brooke
    Oliver Brooke Month ago +3

    Aight time to redo the list to include Detective Pikachu

  • TTV5
    TTV5 Month ago

    Wow, no way do a lot of these movies belong above 3. I guess it's way too dark, if anything. But you kind of appreciate it growing up.
    Anyway, goddamn right that 1 and 2 are 1 and 2. Metwo Strikes Back is in a class of its own.

  • Bob the God of Memes

    Detective Pikachu

  • BeagleFeatures
    BeagleFeatures Month ago

    Number 1: Detective Pikachu

  • T-Swiftie Muesco
    T-Swiftie Muesco Month ago

    My favorite is probably Hoopa and the clash of ages

  • Ikaros
    Ikaros Month ago

    1st place, 1st movie..... Pfft cop-outs.......

  • Bishesh Shrestha
    Bishesh Shrestha Month ago

    I like the movie of hoopa most

  • roblox20 0
    roblox20 0 Month ago +2

    Male mewtwo is better

  • Christiaan Bothma
    Christiaan Bothma Month ago

    Lucario is my all time favorite Pokémon

  • Crxmbles Studio
    Crxmbles Studio Month ago +2

    Pokemon the clash of hoopa (or whatever its called) isnt on here!?
    Also, unknown is 10th!?!?!?! Atleast 2002 is on here.

    • Crxmbles Studio
      Crxmbles Studio Month ago

      @Emma Ray lol thanks, i forgot ;-;

    • Emma Ray
      Emma Ray Month ago

      Crxmbles Studio, it’s “Hoopa and the Clash of Ages”

  • meena Raturi
    meena Raturi Month ago


  • Archie Gray
    Archie Gray Month ago

    Hoopa and Volcanions Movie

  • Miguel Castillo
    Miguel Castillo Month ago

    My favorite was Pokemon origins

  • Tabia Tabish
    Tabia Tabish Month ago

    Mewtwo ka badla is best

  • tyler treash
    tyler treash Month ago +6

    pokemon 2000 was during the orange islands not johto

  • Kasula Kishan
    Kasula Kishan Month ago

    I like darkrai

  • Mikhail McCarty
    Mikhail McCarty Month ago

    1:48 it sound like sailor Uranus

  • Ulaş Can Aslan
    Ulaş Can Aslan Month ago

    My favourite Pokémon: Destiny Deoxys

  • Game Adventurer Frost

    i have been collecting pokemon movie since i was small...i think i have all of it anyway my top pick.
    1: Pokemon the first movie
    2: Pokemon 4ever
    3: Pokemon Lucario and the mystery of Mew
    4: Pokemon Heroes
    5: Pokemon 3 The movie
    6: Pokemon Ranger and the temple of sea
    7 : Pokemon The return of mewtwo
    8: Pokemon Destiny Deoxy
    9: Pokemon The Rise of Darkrai /n/ Wish Maker
    10: Pokemon Kyurem vs the sword of justice

  • Ankit Verma
    Ankit Verma Month ago +1

    Bast Pokémon

  • Syrus789
    Syrus789 Month ago

    Hearing Mewtwo with a girl voice actually fits well. I understand if you don’t agree with me.

  • Andrija Zurni
    Andrija Zurni Month ago

    deoxys pokemon kind of creppy

  • All time best gamer

    Best movie to me was arceus and the jewel of life.Really ,middle of the movie I was crying

  • DarthUchiha17
    DarthUchiha17 Month ago

    The third one's the best imo.

  • Monkey Majic
    Monkey Majic Month ago

    Detective Pikachu will be simply amazing!

  • Benjamin Aarts
    Benjamin Aarts Month ago

    This might be a bit late but how the fucks is The Rise of Darkrai only 6th???

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf Month ago

    no giratina and the sky warrior? how sad

  • StevonnieFan2003
    StevonnieFan2003 Month ago

    I’m so happy that you put Mewtwo Strikes Back in the #1 spot!