Brie Larson Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

  • Опубликовано: 6 мар 2019
  • Captain Marvel star Brie Larson takes the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answers the internet's most searched questions about herself. Is Brie Larson a gamer? Where did she grow up? Did Brie go to college? Does Captain Marvel have a cat? Does she time travel?? Brie answers all these questions, and more!

    CAPTAIN MARVEL is in theaters March 8!
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    Brie Larson Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED
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  • Isabelle Richardson
    Isabelle Richardson 5 часов назад

    Dog: *wags tail*
    Brie Larson: Is that some type of threat or something

  • ren7a8ero
    ren7a8ero 5 часов назад +1

    I thought all that personal attack thing was just a meme. Until I saw this.

  • gianni Antonelli
    gianni Antonelli 6 часов назад

    just came to dislike the video lol

  • Allyson Moretz
    Allyson Moretz 6 часов назад

    B̶r̶i̶e̶ ̶L̶a̶r̶s̶o̶n̶ ̶n̶u̶d̶e̶s̶

  • Super MayoMoanas
    Super MayoMoanas 6 часов назад +1

    She seems like the person that would call the cops on a party.

  • I am anonymous
    I am anonymous 6 часов назад

    I’m really sad that she has her own marvel movie. Kinda ruined everything..

  • langbo9999
    langbo9999 6 часов назад

    Dis women is like white paper 100% blank ; )

  • Joel Morningstar
    Joel Morningstar 6 часов назад

    What size is Bree Larson cup size?

  • Ian Fredericks
    Ian Fredericks 6 часов назад

    Reading this comment section just thinking like...... everybody needs to chill out

  • Yo mom Is gay
    Yo mom Is gay 7 часов назад


  • Sameer Ahmed
    Sameer Ahmed 7 часов назад

    *In avengers endgame*
    Thanos :- im thanos
    Brie Larson :- why would u say it? Is that a personal attack or something?

  • Widowfaker
    Widowfaker 7 часов назад +1

    Me: Rock and boulder are sort of the same thing so I don’t see y u had to correc-

    Brie: why would you ask me that? Is that a personal attack?

  • HeavyChungus217
    HeavyChungus217 7 часов назад

    *Okay what da frick*

  • John Soto
    John Soto 7 часов назад


  • Frosty 1nipps
    Frosty 1nipps 7 часов назад +1

    Is it bad I could only get through the first 5 questions before shutting it off? Cuz so far she hasn't answered any questions

  • Faison Del
    Faison Del 8 часов назад

    I don’t care about her personal attack comment, I still like her

  • Jenny Mi
    Jenny Mi 8 часов назад +2

    She’s so cute I love her!

  • GunsAndClips
    GunsAndClips 8 часов назад

    Me: Brie Larson, use photon blast!
    Brie Larson: *Is that a personal attack?*

  • transformers Mera
    transformers Mera 8 часов назад

    Like you👉 caption Mervl

  • Hailey Fine
    Hailey Fine 8 часов назад

    I thought the thumbnail was Jeffree Star 😂

  • Hotpink51
    Hotpink51 8 часов назад +1

    Why are people so offended by everything about her? She's clearly got a sarcastic sense of humor. Definitely not the best wired interview. But it's not that serious, relax.

    • Victor Arcos
      Victor Arcos 8 часов назад +1

      This interview made me kill myself. Goodbye world.

  • Ashley Granger
    Ashley Granger 8 часов назад

    I didnt think i could like someone less

  • Lost Footage
    Lost Footage 8 часов назад

    Needs more dislikes

    • Victor Arcos
      Victor Arcos 8 часов назад

      We can do it guys! I believe that together, with enough worthless dislikes we can end this woman's career!!!

  • Kevin Jackson
    Kevin Jackson 8 часов назад

    Do blackbear

  • Sal.
    Sal. 9 часов назад

    Kinda sad that she got popular over Captain Marvel and not over her role as Envy in Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

  • SkreamerOfficial
    SkreamerOfficial 9 часов назад

    Sooooo..... is she a gamer? Lol

  • Smithers Gaston
    Smithers Gaston 9 часов назад

    Brie Larson seems like she would be offended seeing herself in a mirror & wondering why she was looking at her like that.

  • NewSensei's Schoolhouse
    NewSensei's Schoolhouse 9 часов назад

    Why does it seem like "Brie Larson" is offended by everything shown here? You're a movie star, super hero character but seem to get butt hurt about everything that is actually considered "normal" seems like you just don't care about the character you're playing and gate keeping every little thing...yikes, double yikes and wtf? Also, why'd it seem like she was angry about college too? As if she's bitter about it? Anyhow, never seen anyone take these so seriously, everyone else I've seen do this were at least somewhat humble and not treating fans like their weirdos for wanting to know about someone they enjoy...or so I'd assume...

  • Anime King
    Anime King 9 часов назад

    Her personality is different, not everyone is up to your personal standards... I have no issues with her, and honestly you all shouldn't either. (Won't be replying to people, so just ignore or like)

  • Seth Theriot
    Seth Theriot 9 часов назад

    Person:(insert question) brie: is that a personal attack

  • Kyle Simpson
    Kyle Simpson 9 часов назад +1

    Wow, a lot of hate here lol guess people didn't get it :p sometimes personal humour doesn't fly to the masses, this is a good example.

  • Itz Jacob
    Itz Jacob 9 часов назад

    She may act different but the movie was just 👌🏾🔥.

  • Little Talks
    Little Talks 9 часов назад

    Y'all are so quick to dislike her. She is not being stuck up or snobby, or whatever other adj you try to stick her with. She just has a dry sense of humor

    • Little Talks
      Little Talks 9 часов назад

      Personally I enjoyed it

  • City Hunter
    City Hunter 9 часов назад

    The REEEckoning

  • Sir Jon Smith III
    Sir Jon Smith III 10 часов назад

    No. Just no.

  • Gemini99
    Gemini99 10 часов назад +1

    She comes off as so entitled, sarcastic, & arrogant. No wonder everyone’s been hating on her.

  • O GS
    O GS 10 часов назад

    Shes definitely weird but people out here hatin with a passion lmaoo

  • BolD SamA
    BolD SamA 10 часов назад

    That’s something Captain Marvel would say In comics

  • Alex Baker
    Alex Baker 10 часов назад

    THIS is why you should go to college

  • B G
    B G 10 часов назад

    Wait I am a white male 😱

    • Victor Arcos
      Victor Arcos 8 часов назад

      I knew being white was a bad idea

    • Victor Arcos
      Victor Arcos 8 часов назад

      Bro same lets like... Hide somewhere bro

  • oh yeah yeah
    oh yeah yeah 10 часов назад

    If captain marvel was a man the movie would have been better

  • Centennial Maniac
    Centennial Maniac 10 часов назад

    5:53 28!

  • C Adams
    C Adams 10 часов назад

    Wow she is so unlikable... she is the type of celebrity who is going to have youtube videos of her attacking her own fans... you can just tell she is a hateful person.

  • TheXGhost5
    TheXGhost5 10 часов назад

    5:09 hehe :P

  • rj
    rj 10 часов назад

    Got so much irritated, now I need captain marvel to answer the most searched questions to make me love mcu again

  • Dannysos21
    Dannysos21 10 часов назад

    Why would anyone cast such an unlikeable person

  • TheXGhost5
    TheXGhost5 10 часов назад

    3:26 LOve the explanation,,, but more love later, think

  • Lars Svenssen
    Lars Svenssen 10 часов назад

    Really hateful person, very arrogant.

  • James Welch
    James Welch 10 часов назад

    she is gorgeous, love her sense of humor

  • Sofía Olivera
    Sofía Olivera 11 часов назад

    I love her, she is funny, amazing, hero, icon, badass.

  • Akriti Bajpai
    Akriti Bajpai 11 часов назад

    I just stopped watching this interview after that "personal attack" on her.

  • Chern69
    Chern69 11 часов назад

    Where is Brie Larson is a crazy libtard?

    • Victor Arcos
      Victor Arcos 8 часов назад

      Is the 69 in your name what google recommended after it found that the username was taken or did you put it there yourself, because if you did... Thats pretty savage bro up top 🙋

  • Stephanie Lea
    Stephanie Lea 11 часов назад

    oh yikes, i didn't understand all the hate against her and was willing to defend her, but she's super unlikeable and defensive for no reason. this is hard to watch.

  • James Bryan
    James Bryan 11 часов назад +1

    " Is that a personal attack or something? " was a joke and EVERYONE MISSED THAT
    This is my first impression of her so I find her to be quite awesome.

  • Darsh Hitesh Desai
    Darsh Hitesh Desai 11 часов назад

    Upcoming on DEATH BATTLE...

    Captain Marvel vs. Superman

  • J-HopeIsMyHope
    J-HopeIsMyHope 11 часов назад

    1:38 yeah that makes sense

  • Mochi Tea
    Mochi Tea 11 часов назад

    People really have to fix their spelling and grammar they're asking something.

  • Insub
    Insub 11 часов назад

    One word


  • Supino Please
    Supino Please 11 часов назад

    99% of the comments:
    Is that a personal attack or something?

  • ImmortalRecon
    ImmortalRecon 11 часов назад

    I haven't seen the movie. Most likely never will.

    • Victor Arcos
      Victor Arcos 8 часов назад

      Please keep us updated

  • Beatz Bunny
    Beatz Bunny 12 часов назад

    She plays Captain Marvel fantastically. She’s such a badass. 😂 Honestly, I didn’t know if I liked the actress when I saw she didn’t like cats, because there is no reason to just hate something. ( unless it’s food ) Then, I saw she was allergic and I was like OHHHHHHH!!! SHE HAS REASONS!!! So, now I have another role model. She’s my new favorite superhero. ♥️ I love every female superhero because it always shows that they are more powerful than any of the guys! 😂

  • Katzenwolf
    Katzenwolf 12 часов назад

    I can't even finish this. Her personality has the depth equivalent to that of the condensation on my dinner glass. I made it to 5:17, though. I feel that's a record.

    • Victor Arcos
      Victor Arcos 8 часов назад

      Keep us updated on your score. I personally made it to 4:20 😂😂😂

  • GuruR97
    GuruR97 12 часов назад

    Wow, she is really pretentious

  • J MakesUPay
    J MakesUPay 12 часов назад

    I basically just read the comments while toning out this video. I just read 7 mins of the same joke over and over again and laughed more than any joke she attempted.

  • Angélica B
    Angélica B 12 часов назад

    Love her!!!!!!! I feel that she’s really nice and kind

  • Douglas Lorenzi
    Douglas Lorenzi 12 часов назад

    Wow. She really an ahole.

  • c b
    c b 12 часов назад


  • dana
    dana 12 часов назад +3

    literally not a soul:

    incels who only clicked to hate on brie: Is ThIs A pErSonAl AtTAck??

    • Ya boy Genghis
      Ya boy Genghis 9 часов назад

      dana Got a problem with me hating her? Is that a personal attack?

  • maybe its anna
    maybe its anna 12 часов назад

    Sorry it may just be me and I bet shes not like this if you get to know her but why is she so unlikable?

  • gaydrienagreste
    gaydrienagreste 12 часов назад

    i wonder how many of the special little snowflakes in these comments were triggered by how successful captain marvel ended up being and cried over women being in positions of power

  • ImaFish 13
    ImaFish 13 12 часов назад +1

    What you all came for

  • Àlex Beltran Bellés
    Àlex Beltran Bellés 13 часов назад

    Brie Larson: **says "Is that like a personal attack or something?" once, it's pretty obvious she's just joking and that's just how she is**

  • Gemma Giller
    Gemma Giller 13 часов назад

    if a man answered his questions like she did none of you would have a problem...y’all are just sexist and trying to point out a problem with her

  • Raiders_the_gamer
    Raiders_the_gamer 13 часов назад +1

    Is Brie Larson a sexist, unfunny, and egotistical actress? Yes,yes she is.

  • Toni Watson
    Toni Watson 13 часов назад

    Honestly a lot of these questions are stupid so I get why she was being sarcastic. I’ve always liked Brie since Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World.

  • Nocturnal Lycan
    Nocturnal Lycan 13 часов назад

    Awwww ... finally, the snowflake cucks arrived to defend their Goddess of inequalebrium. The laughable comments don't disappoint.

  • Hayami4
    Hayami4 13 часов назад

    why are there so many dislikes!? Did I miss something in the video??

    • Victor Arcos
      Victor Arcos 7 часов назад


  • Jordan Ortega
    Jordan Ortega 13 часов назад


  • Rainbow Squash
    Rainbow Squash 13 часов назад

    Criticize her all you want but i would definitely breed her.

  • Michelle F
    Michelle F 13 часов назад

    This seems like it was done during a very long press junket

  • Iron Marvel Strange
    Iron Marvel Strange 13 часов назад

    Wait... Then how'd brie larson thouch goose if your allergic to cats

  • Cristina Pih
    Cristina Pih 13 часов назад

    She had a lot of interviews that day, that's why she's acting like that, she's human and can get tired. I know this because I've watched another video (another interview) and she had the same outfit.

  • Desim8tor
    Desim8tor 13 часов назад

    I made it all the way to could Cpt.Marvel Beat Superman and tapped out at the 20th "Duh". Um what?

  • I am pi
    I am pi 14 часов назад

    These comments are pathetic

  • Maryninka
    Maryninka 14 часов назад

    Why are you guys hating on her sm? She's so sweet and funny, just because she was wondering why would someone google "brie larson dog" or "would brie larson workout" doesn't mean she's "rude and unlikeable" as some ppl claim, don't take it so seriously xd

  • Sporkaganza
    Sporkaganza 14 часов назад +1

    DO NOT READ THESE COMMENTS. Just scroll back up. Don't make the same mistake I did.

    • Victor Arcos
      Victor Arcos 7 часов назад

      Bro I made the mistake 🙈🤒 any advice bro?

  • Marco Menichini
    Marco Menichini 14 часов назад

    This is exactly the best example of an entitled person. Pathetic. I asked a few of my girlfriends about your movie and their faces were self-explanatory. Luckily most women are not like you. Boring.

  • Steve
    Steve 14 часов назад

    2:06 ,, thank me later

  • SemperVideos
    SemperVideos 14 часов назад

    Existence begins
    Brie Larson: Is that a personal attack or something?

  • Stay Fractalesque
    Stay Fractalesque 14 часов назад

    wait, who put make up on brie larson.. the sexist pigs at wired no doubt? unbelieveable

    • Victor Arcos
      Victor Arcos 7 часов назад

      Yeah people should talk more about donald trump imo 😕

  • dominionofme
    dominionofme 14 часов назад +1

    Did this chick just seriously ask if its a personal attack over someone asking if she works out? No wonder people dont like this corncob. Emily Blunt should of been Captain Marvel.

    DIAMONDWINGD_ ARM 14 часов назад

    Guys, y'all don't get it, the F in her name stands for funny

      DIAMONDWINGD_ ARM 7 часов назад

      +Victor Arcos you didn't even do it right, you should've said "the numbers in your name are how many people love you"

    • Victor Arcos
      Victor Arcos 7 часов назад

      Get rekt son 😎

    • Victor Arcos
      Victor Arcos 7 часов назад

      The numbers in your username stand for original

  • Cara Elizabeth
    Cara Elizabeth 14 часов назад

    I think that generally when I watch these interviews, I find myself enjoying it more when two or more people are answering these questions. I think that if Sam did these questions with her or if Lashana Lynch joined her, then I feel like Brie would've probably answered the questions differently because it would be more conversational, which I think would've been more enjoyable for everyone else. That's just my opinion, though, and I personally love Brie, but everyone has their off days.

  • Premium Pajeet
    Premium Pajeet 14 часов назад

    It's a trap

  • Crusherix
    Crusherix 14 часов назад

    Wow what a condescending woman. And media wonders why we don't have much love for BRIE LARSON as captain marvel. There's hundreds better female role models in film... Brie shouldn't be one unless we want more bitches on this earth.

  • Kuroyukikaze Kanade
    Kuroyukikaze Kanade 14 часов назад +2

    "is brie larson a gamer"
    Actress: Duuh
    Me: well, we found a comrade in arms

  • Maxord
    Maxord 15 часов назад

    Superman, who has the ability to punch through reality and hold a black hole, can beaten by what is essentially a flying, female Atomic Skull?
    ...yea ok.

  • aye hoe
    aye hoe 15 часов назад +1

    I’ll pipe

  • Raptor Kid
    Raptor Kid 15 часов назад

    Brie Larson is a very horrible, unlikeable woman. She’s sarcastic and things she thinks she higher than everyone

  • Standard monster
    Standard monster 15 часов назад

    how would someone even approach her?