• Published on Oct 18, 2019
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  • go commit die
    go commit die 15 hours ago

    Anybody from 2027?

  • Matthew [GI]
    Matthew [GI] 16 hours ago

    *_it makes my breath away_*

  • CallMeLarson
    CallMeLarson Day ago


  • dronk
    dronk Day ago +1

    😔 Damn... This is deep... 😔
    😔 Like for a free iPhone 5s... 😔

  • CodyCorg
    CodyCorg Day ago

    What animation software is this?

  • Dragonking
    Dragonking Day ago

    Think again dude

  • DogeGamer 2
    DogeGamer 2 Day ago

    this was trending

  • Who Am i ?
    Who Am i ? Day ago

    Jack: *posts another video*
    Me: _i am reminded of the goodness of man_

  • Robert Nicho
    Robert Nicho Day ago

    I love the irony of him repeating the beauty of nature, when the video goes out of its way to be as virtual as possible

  • Alexandria m
    Alexandria m Day ago

    Hello people scrolling with anxiety

  • Amaddeo Gaetano
    Amaddeo Gaetano 2 days ago +1

    When I here is voice
    Me: M O R T I S

  • BluuSter
    BluuSter 2 days ago +1

    In the next 30 years, this masterpiece is gonna be recommended

  • Kazoo Kid
    Kazoo Kid 2 days ago

    this: *exists*
    some isolated part of my mind, softly: *ok boomer*

  • Melia Petrello
    Melia Petrello 2 days ago


  • mason :3
    mason :3 2 days ago +1

    This is most likely the most un- scary thing made by him, but the thing is

    Its still really scary...

  • kerspla7
    kerspla7 2 days ago +1

    Jack Stauber: “I am reminded of being young. I am reminded of the fleeting beauty of life. Nothing can recreate this moment, it must be lived.”
    Also Jack Stauber: *Its benny worm*

  • Sydney W
    Sydney W 2 days ago

    That's SAM's voice!

  • Maxwell Liegl
    Maxwell Liegl 2 days ago


  • Dean BOT
    Dean BOT 3 days ago

    When jack stauber speaks in MORTIS

  • Triply Gaming
    Triply Gaming 3 days ago

    Ok boomer

  • میررسول شمس کمار

    چرت بود

  • cheyenne
    cheyenne 3 days ago

    you know. most of jack's videos make me anxious. but this one? it makes me feel weirdly calm

  • Suni xoxo
    Suni xoxo 3 days ago

    *Guy looking up* His face: :

  • Moises Mejia
    Moises Mejia 3 days ago


  • Is Egg
    Is Egg 3 days ago


  • dotut 98
    dotut 98 4 days ago

    M O R T I S

  • bigfax8500
    bigfax8500 4 days ago

    so zen

  • Not Your Daughter
    Not Your Daughter 4 days ago +2

    This made me have a very interesting feeling that I didn’t know was real lol. It reminds me a lot of something I’m working on and it made me tear up a bit lol. This is actually beautiful.

  • HeyImVenom
    HeyImVenom 4 days ago

    Someone needs to sample this for a song

  • [Insert creative name here] -

    His voice reminds me of something but I just can't put my finger on it. Anyone got any ideas?

  • Sun Shine
    Sun Shine 4 days ago

    man, this is amazing.

  • Maria Fernanda Gaitan Hernandez

    q pedoo!!

  • rxsegxld
    rxsegxld 5 days ago


    *uses angry vhs noises*

  • Oofluvsme
    Oofluvsme 5 days ago

    Gonna leave a comment if this gets recommended :)

  • actual trash
    actual trash 5 days ago

    does anyone know what kind of background music this is?

  • Lil Muchacho
    Lil Muchacho 5 days ago

    I dare you to look outside your window. What do you see.

  • Hal 9000
    Hal 9000 5 days ago

    Bro . . .

  • Anneliese ;w;
    Anneliese ;w; 5 days ago

    this somehow just hits me so hard despite being a simple animation

  • • ZoRHa •
    • ZoRHa • 5 days ago

    I am filled with the incredible urge to emerge from my house and dick around outside for the hell of it

  • MuddyzHere
    MuddyzHere 5 days ago


  • Kevin Kot
    Kevin Kot 5 days ago

    History of the video:

    Jack was high and in a park.

  • Thomas Edison
    Thomas Edison 5 days ago

    Best nature documentary I've ever watched!

  • slumber pupper
    slumber pupper 5 days ago

    why did this hit me hard in the face

  • Frog
    Frog 5 days ago


  • Ash S
    Ash S 6 days ago +8

    Our future kids looking at the trees MrBeast planted:

  • vaei
    vaei 6 days ago


  • 최승현
    최승현 6 days ago


  • Ranedrops143 Smith
    Ranedrops143 Smith 6 days ago +2

    These videos literally give me anxiety.

    I’m gonna keep watching them anyways.

  • I'm Owen Wilson wow
    I'm Owen Wilson wow 6 days ago +1

    M O R T I S

  • Briza
    Briza 6 days ago


    This is sponsored by #teamtrees

  • You're Special
    You're Special 6 days ago

    why is this kinda creepy doe

  • My Tea
    My Tea 6 days ago

    WOW. what a view.NOTHING BUT NAATURRE!
    that's moving...

  • Frikfrakapplesnac
    Frikfrakapplesnac 6 days ago

    the voices reminds me of the horror game faith

  • Shay Miles
    Shay Miles 6 days ago

    *It must be livvved*

  • pop♡soda♡plauge
    pop♡soda♡plauge 6 days ago

    It takes my breath awæ

  • Bella la vela
    Bella la vela 6 days ago

    I feel like this is a type of reminder because of all the ambience damage humans are doing.(?

  • liana p
    liana p 6 days ago

    *change da world. my final message. goodbye*

  • Tekko Kagi
    Tekko Kagi 6 days ago

    m o r t i s

  • aesthetic chicken nugget

    this is both heartwarming and terrifying at the same time

  • Ranural
    Ranural 6 days ago +1

    _when an AI is programmed to know life._