Greta Van Fleet - Highway Tune

  • Published on Apr 18, 2017
  • Highway Tune (Official Video)
    Song available here:
    Connect with Greta Van Fleet:
    Directed by Ford Fairchild
    Produced by Christina Cooper
    For FOCO Creative
    Music video by Greta Van Fleet performing Highway Tune. © 2017 Republic Records a division of UMG Recordings Inc & Lava Music LLC

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  • Clint Francis Barton

    Ford V Ferarri

  • Cesar Bustillos
    Cesar Bustillos 3 hours ago +1

    led zeppelin

  • drServitis
    drServitis 3 hours ago


  • mauricio barrionuevo
    mauricio barrionuevo 3 hours ago

    Did anyone notice that they are all identical?

  • Pedro Henrique Oliveira

    Porra, vsf. por quê descobri só agora?

  • Mitch Gawlik
    Mitch Gawlik 19 hours ago

    I close my eyes and I'm hearing "Headbager's Ball" circa 1989.

  • Shannon Burn in hell
    Shannon Burn in hell 21 hour ago +1

    Boo. Gvf. Booo. 🤡🙉🤢💩🙈🙉🙊😆😆😆😆😆🤡🤡🤡😝😆😆😅👿🤢🏴

  • Shannon Burn in hell
    Shannon Burn in hell 21 hour ago +1

    Hay. Ho ho. Gvf. Has. Gotta. Go.

  • CaptnnRobynn
    CaptnnRobynn Day ago

    Oh shit.

  • Nicolas Blanckaert

    I swear it's Plant's voice at the beginning

  • André Machado
    André Machado Day ago

    Led zeppelin???? 😧😧😧

  • blasterskv1
    blasterskv1 Day ago +2

    Imagine the Zepps doin a cover of this tune 🤔🤤

  • What the fuck is a lommy

    This song was on the radio and I was like 'I don't know this Led Zeppelin song' and then I googled the lyrics to know the title and WTF IT WASN'T LED ZEPPELIN 💩

  • Chris Lehan
    Chris Lehan Day ago

    Was not expecting this impressed..hats off jew dave

  • Babs X
    Babs X Day ago

    Love them! Thank you for making such Amazing music

  • blasterskv1
    blasterskv1 Day ago +1

    You sure y'all ain't the Zepps? Cause y'all sure do sound like them. 🤘🇷🇸

  • Willie Brown
    Willie Brown Day ago

    Me typing: Greta..
    RU-clip: Thunberg?

  • Picropideng
    Picropideng Day ago

    Are we all in a PB&J sandwich or something, cuz there's a lot of jelly nuts in the comment section.

  • jonathan palmos
    jonathan palmos Day ago

    Who's here because of Ford vs Ferrari?

  • A random Hawk supporter

    Were in a time warp folks led zeppelin has totally ripped off Greta van fleet for me this is good

  • solarhog
    solarhog Day ago

    Love these guys!! But you show up at my house to date my daughter you will be singing into a Benelli M4 lol damn kids

  • Tiara Whitney
    Tiara Whitney Day ago

    i am in love. as a girl who LOVES and grew up with rock, it feels like it has died which hurts my heart. reminds me of led zeppelin which is a COMPLIMENT because they are my idols, and i'd take a band being inspired by a classic band over another mumble rapper ANYDAY. don't ever stop, i'm so happy to have found this band

  • Albert Vasu
    Albert Vasu Day ago

    What if Led Zepplin from the 70's took their souls to our present time , took over these guys bodies just to re-create their band

  • Charles :
    Charles : Day ago

    I know how many of my folks felt back. Damn what a feeling 🤘🤘

  • John Ramone
    John Ramone Day ago

    Tava vendo uns rockeiro conservador que só ouve banda clássica falando que Greta Van Fleet é a única banda atual decente, agora entendi o por quê '-'

  • Wiet Eerdekens
    Wiet Eerdekens 2 days ago

    I don't understand why anyone would want to listen to this when you can just listen to Led Zeppelin

    • Wiet Eerdekens
      Wiet Eerdekens 9 hours ago

      @Carbona Not glue What are you talking about? They sound exactly like Led Zeppelin.
      It's obvious they're great musicians but they should use their talent to create their own sound.

    • Carbona Not glue
      Carbona Not glue 11 hours ago

      @Wiet Eerdekens who cares and live, they don't even sound Like led zeppelin and they all are class musicians

    • Wiet Eerdekens
      Wiet Eerdekens 11 hours ago

      @Carbona Not glue But it sounds like a second rate Led Zeppelin

    • Carbona Not glue
      Carbona Not glue 11 hours ago

      Because people like this song which isn't done by zeppelin

  • Vehement Official
    Vehement Official 2 days ago

    They good tho

  • Vehement Official
    Vehement Official 2 days ago +1

    They totally ripped off the Rover by Led Zeppelin 😂

  • Ginson Samuel
    Ginson Samuel 2 days ago

    Lit AF 😱💥

  • Bishwash Bhatta
    Bishwash Bhatta 2 days ago

    21st century doors

  • jon O
    jon O 2 days ago

    Can you say Robert Plant 2.0

  • Sudsy
    Sudsy 2 days ago +1

    Greta Van Fleet: *Gets mad when everyone says they sound like Zeppelin*
    Also Greta Van Fleet: *Continues singing and playing exactly like Zeppelin*
    World: 🤷 well ya do ya scab artists

  • fool tool
    fool tool 2 days ago +1

    This is plagiarism and nothing more.

  • 1 Hitter
    1 Hitter 2 days ago


  • Jakub Zawiślak
    Jakub Zawiślak 3 days ago

    A song for mom

  • Gabrielle  Lew
    Gabrielle Lew 3 days ago

    Even my father agrees.. a young Robert Plant!

  • Felix Frost
    Felix Frost 3 days ago

    I hear Led energy in this

  • bhunt0827
    bhunt0827 3 days ago

    I just wish all of their songs were like this one

  • carlosborromeo56
    carlosborromeo56 3 days ago

    Seamos serios, si te gusta Greta Van Fleet es casi un hecho que te gusta Led Zeppelin, ¿a quién engañamos?

  • Alec Calzada
    Alec Calzada 3 days ago

    Ford vs. Ferrari trailer... genius using this song.

  • Max 227
    Max 227 3 days ago +2

    Do you guys remember the time when greta Van fleet didn’t dress like Disney characters?

  • Recon Redneck
    Recon Redneck 3 days ago

    I saw some one say the most profound statement i have heard. "Zeppelin will not ever put out another song or album". So what if the guys sound like them at least they are not doing covers, they are doing original song by themselves.I for one love that they are making original song and not sampling or over dubbing some one else's Songs and calling their noise original like Rap.I usually add a C in front for that genre.

  • João Paulo
    João Paulo 3 days ago

    OH this is a great Led Zeppelin cover band!

  • Adam Martin
    Adam Martin 3 days ago

    It’s not that he sounds like Robert plant, but the fact that he’s purposely using all of plants mannerisms and the effect they use during the song. It’s a blatant ripoff. They for sure know it. It’s intellectual theft.

  • Markus Rennelius
    Markus Rennelius 3 days ago

    from Michigan, cool bit north,,but can they play in lake effect weather? mores blues with bacon n syrup.

  • Josefernando Alvarez

    ford vs ferrari

  • linda edmondson
    linda edmondson 3 days ago

    I heard this song at the dolla gentral n hurley ms. the other day, this is special;)

  • lowery George
    lowery George 3 days ago


  • hufurte
    hufurte 4 days ago +5

    I was listening this when my brain said to me: "dude , let's better listen to led zeppelin"

  • Erick Arias
    Erick Arias 4 days ago

    This shit is even worse than what I thought.

  • Bob MacGoun
    Bob MacGoun 4 days ago

    There are others in US you may want to see also. More cover the merrier I say.

  • Bob MacGoun
    Bob MacGoun 4 days ago

    What a great cover band!

  • John Curtis
    John Curtis 4 days ago

    I knew I should’ve ripped off a famous band

  • BailioCereal
    BailioCereal 4 days ago

    Mom can we get Led Zeppelin?
    No, we have Led Zeppelin at home
    Led Zeppelin at home:

    • BailioCereal
      BailioCereal Day ago

      Brent Clarke didn’t realise that it was commented already so I’m just gonna leave it here lol

    • Brent Clarke
      Brent Clarke Day ago

      Cool copy and paste bud

  • Lt. Elf
    Lt. Elf 4 days ago +2


  • Hardwood 69
    Hardwood 69 4 days ago

    Great band! Best to come out in years! Listen to them all the time!

  • André Becker
    André Becker 4 days ago

    Led geração Z

  • john doe
    john doe 4 days ago

    0:15 when you nut but she still succ

  • Oliver Mateo
    Oliver Mateo 4 days ago

    Wow!!! is this the new Led Zepplin????

  • Eddy Priest
    Eddy Priest 4 days ago +6

    Yeah these guys got the “X” factor rock on and on and on etc