Evil Things I Did as a Kid (ft. SomeThingElseYT)

  • Опубликовано: 7 фев 2019
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  • TheAMaazing
    TheAMaazing 8 дней назад +3370

    I want Adam to puke on me 😩😩😩👏💦👏

    • Awkward Occurrences. John 3:16
      Awkward Occurrences. John 3:16 День назад

      To all her haters. So what if she demonitized. Just do a live stream and ask for donations. No one cares about ad revenue or view counts, the freaking world is burning and youtube wants me to watch freaking oreo videos. It has nothing to do with her and her channel . Stop hating on her being placed in trending guy who said demonitized . I'm not here hating I'm ranting why kids are being blown a port in Yemen but youtube puts low i.q. non important content in the trending section. Nice video lady. It was funny . I got a chuckle . Is everyone happy now. I said something nice.

    • Awkward Occurrences. John 3:16
      Awkward Occurrences. John 3:16 День назад

      Fine I'll say something nice to the crazy American white girl. Your video was cute. How many belt whooping did you get as a child for disrespecting your mother and being alittle brat . Cute video. It will teach kids how to .....how to.......how to....their i.q. went wayyyyyyyyy..........cute video. Thank you for spending two mintues making a two mintue about nothing . RU-clip should've left it on your page and not In trending. I guess your video is cool for the youtube kids app. Again videos only get In trending by youtube picking them and not by likes or view count.

    • Awkward Occurrences. John 3:16
      Awkward Occurrences. John 3:16 День назад

      Kinda hard to hate on nothing. There's nothing to hate on. There's probably app you can make silly cartoons with and upload to your channel . I mean what am I hating on. RU-clip pays penny on the dollars. I mean what am I hating on. I'm a freaking journalist not a cartoon oreo creator . If the content in this day of age is trash it's trash, shouldn't be on trending like everything else. Like who gives a crap about oreos when your rights and freedoms are being taken away. Really. Oreos . Oreos. Fake school shootings or a video about freaking oreos. Oreosssssss. Get real. Oreos. A girl says she was shot 6 times but shows no signs of ever being shot and then their taking guns and rights away and you want me to watch a freaking video about oreos In the trending section. Get out of here youtube . Your trending section is trash like your parent company. Trash . Jake Paul diss song trash . Come and get your kong.

    • Lil_Mis_Cringey
      Lil_Mis_Cringey День назад

      TheAMaazing yea it would be rainbows and sprinkles because Adam is a god

    • trash bin
      trash bin День назад

      +Awkward Occurrences. John 3:16 how old are you

  • reece morales
    reece morales День назад

    Why does no one like the cookie part??

  • Peter Nguyen
    Peter Nguyen День назад

    I ate it

    Me:dear god

  • Skull Kid
    Skull Kid День назад

    Lucky goose. My mom just loves to whip out things like her forbidden Chancla, her belt, the ironing cord, and uh... anything she can use as a weapon.

  • Bette Lou Files
    Bette Lou Files День назад

    The dad: UhHh....Alissa?
    Alissa: * smirk * Yees?
    The dad : There’s no cream in here.....w-were is it?....
    Alissa: * smirks a bit louder* *I ate it*
    Me: *tHe DeMoN hAs RiSsEn FrOm hElL!!!!!*

  • PartyList
    PartyList День назад

    For some reason I really wanted to dislike this video.

    (The video was liked by me)

  • Cynthya Lucía
    Cynthya Lucía День назад

    This is the best video ever

  • Bilal gaming Banana
    Bilal gaming Banana День назад

    1:27 i Saw tabbes in the back Ground

  • RayAnimates
    RayAnimates День назад


  • Lil Tem
    Lil Tem День назад

    gimmi da Oreo

  • crazypeach
    crazypeach День назад

    im so evil rn 😂😈😈😈😈😈

  • Jeffrey Morgan govender
    Jeffrey Morgan govender День назад

    Is her name allysa

  • XDbl4z3 lollipod #
    XDbl4z3 lollipod # День назад

    thanks for the oreos

  • Jacklyn Hardin
    Jacklyn Hardin День назад


  • Baconflower28 Art
    Baconflower28 Art День назад

    Once when I was like five I said the F word, because I thought it meant “funky “ I got soap in my mouth and it tasted kinda good

  • Sarah Williams
    Sarah Williams День назад

    I love this video so much

  • MimiSter
    MimiSter День назад

    When I was a kid
    I never drew on the walls

    I just blew raspberries and stuck my tongue out when my sis says stop and I never stopped.

  • sWooZie
    sWooZie День назад

    u do understand how many ppl are gonna bring u Oreos at ur meet n greets from now until forever

  • Ønly Gräcē
    Ønly Gräcē День назад

    my 1 year old nephew slaps, kicks, punches, pulls my hair whenever i go near my mum.

  • Kiki & Mickey Studios
    Kiki & Mickey Studios День назад +1

    *You’re so pretty oh mah GAAAAAAA*

  • Mystic Føxx
    Mystic Føxx День назад

    That evil stare.... That deep voice... We're U Satan?!?!?!!!

  • Luongthao Vu
    Luongthao Vu День назад

    my Asian mom use *CHOPSTICK* to buttwhooping me back in elementary school

  • Carmen Marie
    Carmen Marie День назад

    The voice over had me dead 😂

  • Victoria P
    Victoria P День назад

    Tbh why should the friendship between your mom and the doctor change anything? Many parents who abuse their kids have friends who have no idea. Were any other precautions at all taken?

  • Dennise Hernandez
    Dennise Hernandez День назад

    When I was little I hated to share my food or snacks with anyone and like one time I had a bag of hot Cheetos and my sister wanted some and wat did I do

    I coughed on the bag😂

  • Kaiden Bradshaw
    Kaiden Bradshaw День назад

    Ur so pretty


    Lol when I was 6 when I got mad at someone, I said: "YOUR FIRED!!!!"

  • Tessa Holman
    Tessa Holman День назад

    Did I see baby Maaz?

  • roboticmoshii !
    roboticmoshii ! День назад

    *I don’t f**king care KHAYLIE*

  • Cody Davis
    Cody Davis День назад

    What’s this? You’re not as innocent as you seem? I’m shook.

  • Flowerfairy9116
    Flowerfairy9116 День назад

    Did anyone realize that the puke at 0:23 is just made up of demonetization symbols?

  • Regnirps
    Regnirps День назад

    The best way to audible

  • ᴍɪʀᴀᴄᴜʟᴏᴜs ʟᴀᴅʏʙᴜɢ

    you’re cute irl 😩

  • ᴍɪʀᴀᴄᴜʟᴏᴜs ʟᴀᴅʏʙᴜɢ

    1:08 i fell for that 😩

  • Holtsass_ 19
    Holtsass_ 19 День назад

    Lmaooo I love the guy voice for younger you

  • FpP_Zilch Dagod
    FpP_Zilch Dagod День назад

    Someone I know gets baloney and pickle sandwiches everyday

  • Emerald 44
    Emerald 44 День назад

    3:15 yes plz

  • Mackenzie Sweetwaters
    Mackenzie Sweetwaters День назад

    why is this video so funny to me I've watched it like 5 times since it came out lolll

  • Megan M
    Megan M День назад

    I love your animations!

  • Amanda Mockerman
    Amanda Mockerman День назад


  • randobotplayer
    randobotplayer День назад

    Thank for oreo🍪

  • Princess purple
    Princess purple День назад

    I freaking love these videos 😹

    SATAN День назад

    Heard all of the days and I lost it.

  • Gravitykat1999 cortez
    Gravitykat1999 cortez День назад


  • Elizabeth Moore
    Elizabeth Moore День назад

    I already have audible account but I just want to make another one just for you because get that coin 😂💛

  • Dann Ja
    Dann Ja День назад

    I was here from 2000K

  • Agent-05
    Agent-05 День назад

    Instead of eating the cream and giving bit to someone, she eats the cookie and then gives it to someone.

  • Bring on the Fall
    Bring on the Fall День назад

    The evil illy voice had me doubled over crying with laughter.

  • 《bubble grim gacha 》
    《bubble grim gacha 》 День назад

    My friend literally has that every day and I stinks.....

  • Milena Barnett
    Milena Barnett День назад


  • indy rabbit
    indy rabbit День назад


  • dope
    dope День назад

    Hehehe I ate it.

  • Mira Krstulovich
    Mira Krstulovich День назад

    Hey, I eat sandwiches like that, but not really!

    i eat turkey and mustard sandwiches

  • TheArtistsWings 9
    TheArtistsWings 9 День назад

    You. You are the reason i don't want kids
    (Five year old you I mean)

  • Catie and Tandra Kidman
    Catie and Tandra Kidman День назад


  • XX Galaxy XX Wolf XX Girl XX
    XX Galaxy XX Wolf XX Girl XX День назад

    Lol Tabbes in the background

  • The baby Shark
    The baby Shark День назад +1

    2:18 you’re not my friend anymore

  • Dark Cookie
    Dark Cookie День назад

    Mature????wats that

  • Owneador1337
    Owneador1337 День назад

    Why not wash your hair for the ad? Jesus Christ.

  • A Mine field of Mental health
    A Mine field of Mental health День назад +1

    My mom spanked me when I was a kid

  • ghost raul ramos channels
    ghost raul ramos channels День назад

    When i was about 5 or 6 i was a little mean and i was the angry and upset kid. I set to detention all the time

  • Carly Correa
    Carly Correa День назад

    spanking is nessassary sometimes so it is not abuse.That is why i'm nice. If my mom didn't, i would act rude and stuff like that.

  • Resident evil x American horror story Fangirl

    There’s nothing bad with dry Oreos but it’s much preferred with the cream

  • Stephen Scribbles
    Stephen Scribbles День назад


  • A.M Griffin
    A.M Griffin День назад

    I died to like the doretos and put them back in the bag

  • bts babi
    bts babi День назад

    "how do they hurt you?"
    "my mom mom," *smack* "beAts mE."

  • Ella Stew
    Ella Stew День назад +1

    My mom, BEATS ME

  • Bendy
    Bendy День назад

    When will shaggy use 100% of his power...

  • YourThoughtCriminal
    YourThoughtCriminal День назад

    I bet this is only the surface of Ily's hidden evil side.

  • Amber Cowman
    Amber Cowman День назад

    Spanking is child abuse. Great video *you evil son of gun.*

  • Just an average egirl
    Just an average egirl День назад

    U remember to myself by a lot

  • Abigail Gregory
    Abigail Gregory День назад

    one time a kid stuck a stick up my ear. then my ear started to bleed. then i had to go to the hospital

  • Awkward ユニコーン
    Awkward ユニコーン День назад

    0:01 - 0:06
    M e e e

  • sarah_ firework
    sarah_ firework 2 дня назад

    Lisa are u going to keep doing the story of your ex boyfriend and I love you vids u are so funny I wish u the best

  • Skeleton3713
    Skeleton3713 2 дня назад

    Love your glasses

  • Celestina Rosario
    Celestina Rosario 2 дня назад

    Woah your so pretty 😋💖

  • Mol Ye
    Mol Ye 2 дня назад

    It’s because she is a red head 😂😂😂

  • It's Maria y'all
    It's Maria y'all 2 дня назад

    0:04 hahaha

  • Old Sport
    Old Sport 2 дня назад +1


  • The Optimistic Nihilists
    The Optimistic Nihilists 2 дня назад +1

    Why is every animator cute. You, Jayden, Domics, somethingelseYT, tabbs, etc.

  • Mint Rush the Dutchie
    Mint Rush the Dutchie 2 дня назад

    I still do that to Oreos. I have a problem 😂

  • JM CT
    JM CT 2 дня назад

    Does nobody just eat the whole oreo at once?

  • Girl with PWR
    Girl with PWR 2 дня назад

    Now I know who licked the cream off my Oreo 😾😾😾

  • Jose Buenrostro
    Jose Buenrostro 2 дня назад

    1:17 Erick Erickson? Ok, you take my attention :v

  • Kill Dozer
    Kill Dozer 2 дня назад

    OK, here's something. I'm an admin on a wiki, and I was being pestered by a user who was getting most vocally upset about the fact that nobody else agreed that his edits were worth including. After he insulted me a few times, I had no choice but to ban him, but he instead continued harassing me on the Community Central wiki instead, acting like I was the one to blame for his bad behaviour. In the end, I ended up perma-banning him on the wiki I admined. He then spent the next two days trying to report me on C.C. wiki, insisting I should be banned and that I need to apologise to him, until he was banned there as well.
    That was literally just a few days ago....and it's alarmingly similar to your story. ^^; Except clearly this kid, unlike you, never grew up.

  • NG GN
    NG GN 2 дня назад

    The intro

  • adam james
    adam james 2 дня назад

    a im

  • Goldeneyescat
    Goldeneyescat 2 дня назад

    Look out! Mini illy is coming for us!!! 😱😱😱

  • Ember :3
    Ember :3 2 дня назад

    While she mentioned mini-oreos i was eating oreos 😂😂

  • panda mania
    panda mania 2 дня назад

    Something else yt is amazing!!!

  • panda mania
    panda mania 2 дня назад

    Lol i love your channel!!!💜

  • Adrianna Vargas :3
    Adrianna Vargas :3 2 дня назад


  • Kyrsten Kline
    Kyrsten Kline 2 дня назад

    I was not prepared for that voice! XD

  • Sidde
    Sidde 2 дня назад

    My brother showed me you like, half a year ago, saying how much you were like me. I watch your stuff, I'm like "okay yeah a lil bit probs" aND THEN YOU PULL THIS, THIS LITTLY EVIL 5 YEAR OLD AND SUDDENLY I GET NOSTALGIC GODDAMMIT AND IT'S JUST LIKE YOU'RE MY TWIN FROM AMERICA WTF

  • kevinisgaming
    kevinisgaming 2 дня назад


  • svenska ekorren
    svenska ekorren 2 дня назад

    Bologna and mustard, eh? *starts to sing Weird Al's "My bologna" *repeats second verse over and over again

  • Felipe Cabrera Schäffer
    Felipe Cabrera Schäffer 2 дня назад

    I have watched this video nearly a thousand times

  • neko roses girl
    neko roses girl 2 дня назад

    This was hilarious! Loved this video!

  • Rabia N
    Rabia N 2 дня назад

    Edited comments are not true.

  • BANANA 7682
    BANANA 7682 2 дня назад

    So many animators in the comments