Preparing for 10 GIGABIT Internet! What Could Go Wrong?

  • Published on Jan 1, 2019
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    We're getting 10 gigabit INTERNET installed at the office! But we need to do some housekeeping first in order to use it, and it turns out we suck at networking...
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Comments • 7 492

  • Sirmellowman
    Sirmellowman 33 minutes ago

    oh my god, is he wearing socks with sandals??.... what. the. fuck. LOL

  • S C
    S C Hour ago

    love the cable management

  • miss misanthropist
    miss misanthropist 8 hours ago

    3 idiots clean and upgrade their server

  • Lloyd Kelly
    Lloyd Kelly Day ago

    This place is such a mess. I dread to think of how your productivity is affected by this! So many simple things that could make your life easier and more profitable! See video about why they have so much staff.

  • Maskaraid Gaming
    Maskaraid Gaming 2 days ago

    5:55 *Linus Insanity Tips*

  • Klaus Larsen
    Klaus Larsen 5 days ago

    pfSense are you kidding? We dont go below Palo Alto firewalls. 10 Gigs? have you ever heard about 100 Gigs? Just kidding. I am from a University . I love your shows and I learn a great deal from them

  • goldark3
    goldark3 7 days ago

    21:48 @Anthony
    or use a crossover xD

  • Zishan Ali
    Zishan Ali 8 days ago

    How can I work for LMG?

  • Zach Berg
    Zach Berg 8 days ago

    I ACTUALLY want to work for linus

  • zeusrealm r
    zeusrealm r 9 days ago

    5:54 that laugh is one of the cringiest things ive heard on youtube

  • Trần Huy Tường
    Trần Huy Tường 9 days ago

    Anthony is a good engineer.

  • TheBranchez
    TheBranchez 10 days ago

    Good god the chaos in there. It would drive me mad after 5 mins in there.

  • ThatOneMark
    ThatOneMark 10 days ago

    Jake is such a kid, I love him.

  • Grant Siders
    Grant Siders 10 days ago

    this is so hard to watch..

  • Asher Pfanku
    Asher Pfanku 14 days ago

    I actually really want to be able to do what you do. I'm in IT Systems Security, but my program covers a broader scope of topics as well.

  • Troy Irvine
    Troy Irvine 14 days ago

    What type of rolling cart is that? Where do I find one?

  • Jake Bane
    Jake Bane 14 days ago

    Googled it. There are 16,777,215 possible combinations of 24 items.

  • Simon Foreman
    Simon Foreman 16 days ago

    8:49 you can see the ssd

  • Un-Professional Duck
    Un-Professional Duck 17 days ago

    *G A R B A G I O*

  • rooster sideburbs
    rooster sideburbs 17 days ago

    gofundme to help that guy lose weight or hes kinda like the guy who stole the dna samples in jurassic park

  • Maxwell Long
    Maxwell Long 22 days ago +1

    This channel makes me wish I had money more than any other

  • Siemen360
    Siemen360 22 days ago

    Meanwhile I have 50 Mbps download speed

  • geky panathinaikos
    geky panathinaikos 22 days ago +1

    24! = 6.2 x 10^23, these are the combinations in case you need to keep the previous order of the hardrives rather than plug them on any ramdom slot.... You are one lucky man :-)

  • Eli George
    Eli George 22 days ago

    I laughed so hard at the eat a dic part

  • dave lamont
    dave lamont 22 days ago

    Watching you guys blow everything down with a regular air compressor made me cringe. Regular air compressors have water in them just due to the nature of how they work. What you need to be doing is using nitrogen, specifically medical grade nitrogen. It is dry and contaminate free. You can get cylinders that have two thousand pounds per square inch and stand 5 ft tall. You'll have enough nitrogen in those cylinders to blow each other for years. Lol. Seriously though, use compressed nitrogen.

  • D0nATr0n
    D0nATr0n 23 days ago

    [Does his best John C. McGinley as Dr. Cox from Scrubs impression]:

    Guys, see next time before you crack out an air hose, can ya do me a small favour and look up what can happen by firing compressed air at people? Can ya do that? Can ya? Huh? Please?

  • Nate Smith
    Nate Smith 23 days ago

    The edgerouter supports VRRP? It's VyOS!

  • Jonas stuke
    Jonas stuke 23 days ago +1

    The connection at my house is 40Mbit :(

  • Fermion
    Fermion 23 days ago +1

    To all the IT guys out there criticizing Linus, don't forget, this is entertainment, not a tutorial. It's like 95% show, and 5% IT.
    He wouldn't have 8.5M subs if this were strictly a no-nonsense tech channel. Remember, he's playing the part of an entertainer, not a technician or engineer. It's just show-biz folks. Everyone relax.

  • Tali Tali
    Tali Tali 24 days ago

    "it's the comb-over" *cue comb-over hand motion*

  • Tastefully Offensive
    Tastefully Offensive 24 days ago +1

    Not being a tech guy, I can only understand every other word. Which begs the question: Why am I watching this at 4 AM?
    Worlds greatest mystery...

  • Nobody expected the spanish inquisition


  • wwemario12345
    wwemario12345 25 days ago +1

    0:31 Mozart Requiem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SansyMusic
    SansyMusic 26 days ago

    "Eat a Dic" is My line I've ever heard

  • Thomas Hoffman
    Thomas Hoffman 26 days ago

    As funny as it was, it was painful to watch. What I would give to redo ALL the cabling in the rack for you guys.

  • WizardNumberNext
    WizardNumberNext 27 days ago

    I sell this stuff and I am lost too
    3Ware, AMCC, LSI, Avago, Broadcom
    is it nVidia yet?

  • globetrotter
    globetrotter 27 days ago +1

    10Gig Internet...
    It's ~6000 times as fast as my connection😞

  • Wu Hong
    Wu Hong 27 days ago

    you have to set up new vlan for your new switch, you could read some ccna and ccnp chapter to get some knowledge of it.

  • Bot Timmy
    Bot Timmy 27 days ago +2

    Jake fired January 1st, 2019

  • Corey Wray
    Corey Wray 27 days ago

    Now this is IT lol

  • ToeNailBreaker
    ToeNailBreaker 27 days ago

    I hope your guys had a filter to capture water from your compressor tank? If not ouch !.

  • Bryan Donnelly
    Bryan Donnelly 27 days ago

    one of the funniest linus videos

  • John Kristian Aasen
    John Kristian Aasen 28 days ago

    why do u have the patch panels facing front. That's utterly stupid

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith 28 days ago

    0:31 at 0.25 speed

  • drew
    drew 28 days ago

    anthony seems like a cool guy

  • Isaac Cruz
    Isaac Cruz 29 days ago

    Bro jakes voice is really nice

  • DarkWiN14 & STRADEAUX
    DarkWiN14 & STRADEAUX 29 days ago

    Jake look like a titan when he's at your side (saying that to Linus)

  • Luke Davies
    Luke Davies 29 days ago

    Ya’ll need I N V E N T O R Y M A N A G E M E N T

  • Steven Human
    Steven Human 29 days ago

    This is absolutely hilarious. So relatable.

  • Pokeyman Pikachu
    Pokeyman Pikachu Month ago

    Now time for petabit internet.

  • Twinrehz
    Twinrehz Month ago

    Who is the biggest nerd? These 4 working to switch out their network systems, or me watching it on youtube?

  • Michael Scrip
    Michael Scrip Month ago

    I love how Linus Media Group now occupies over 20,000 square feet across four units at the industrial park... but still has the smallest server closet ever! :)

  • Alex Dolter
    Alex Dolter Month ago

    Newfoundland LTT squad represent!

  • William Hughes
    William Hughes Month ago

    jake plays to much

  • lickthebubble
    lickthebubble Month ago

    Damn Jake is a tool constantly laughing and screwing around Linus you have to much patience for a boss.

  • Jasson Quill
    Jasson Quill Month ago

    I was shock that there was lot of dust? the server room

  • TGoKovenant
    TGoKovenant Month ago

    Anthony is the best employee you guys have. hands down. Every time I hear him talk, he obviously knows his shit.

  • mikimomo97
    mikimomo97 Month ago +1

    Working in a data center
    This was painful to watch
    But I love it all the same

  • Alex AWESOME!
    Alex AWESOME! Month ago +1

    Normal things at Linus tech tips “can I barrow your VGA cable?”

  • Martin Alebachew
    Martin Alebachew Month ago

    19:08 lolllll

  • macstmanj3
    macstmanj3 Month ago

    Anyone notice how much of a bad bitch Anthony is? Cuz it's a lot

  • William Chambers
    William Chambers Month ago

    whats the software you used to inventory

  • MD Hossain
    MD Hossain Month ago

    Linus's excuse for broken stuff, "It happened in shipping"

  • Shades Paintball
    Shades Paintball Month ago

    This is me when I did my last lab overhaul to pure actual gigabit and modern servers with ssd off from SAS.

  • xxryuhikarixx
    xxryuhikarixx Month ago

    After hearing Linus Laugh, I only see him as Rickety Cricket...

  • wirlpool gaming
    wirlpool gaming Month ago +3

    5:48 so u can drop it and it doesn’t break (Fake laughing) eat a dic

  • slik T.
    slik T. Month ago

    whams??? for the minecwaft sewvew ?? lol im sorry

  • TheQuark6789
    TheQuark6789 Month ago +1

    The number of different orderings of 24 items is 24!, which equals 6.2 * 10^23, or 620 thousand billion billion.

  • Daily Tech
    Daily Tech Month ago

    Wich router is that on 17:28

  • Aidan Chaz
    Aidan Chaz Month ago

    i have no idea what is happening but jake is a cool dude so imma watch

  • Kajus Slekys
    Kajus Slekys Month ago +1

    9:47 AHH!

  • Kajus Slekys
    Kajus Slekys Month ago

    5:59 DIC

  • Kajus Slekys
    Kajus Slekys Month ago

    1:07 'the baddest idea.. ' or best..

  • NoMan'sLand
    NoMan'sLand Month ago

    Name of song? 0:31 thanks in advance!

  • Geralb Aliu
    Geralb Aliu Month ago

    Damn that fat guy seems confident and has his shit together

  • dork rider56
    dork rider56 Month ago

    Yay server room upgrade vlog part 4

  • Oto Ate
    Oto Ate Month ago

    This video is so funny lol

  • Miguel Hernandez
    Miguel Hernandez Month ago

    guys quick question if i change my board ethernet adapter to a pci express ethernet adapter that would be a diference from 100 mpbs to 1000 mpbs (1 gigabit ethernet), would that change make a diference in my latency/ping while gaming?

  • Boe Dillard
    Boe Dillard Month ago

    Thanks for the mozart. I f'n hate small wiring/server closets!! Are there any quad port 40g nics or small 40g switches that are under $1000?

  • Matthew S
    Matthew S Month ago

    Love how Shroud has a "commentary video" for this long video that linus tech tips spent time creating. Shroud stays silent and statue still for most of the "commentary" and throughout the video only comments a few sentences and gets 300,000 view for the video. How is that even fair?

  • Max Dutiel
    Max Dutiel Month ago +1

    17:19 linus is getting mad

  • Walter Magnum
    Walter Magnum Month ago

    "Who screws in VGA?"
    People who get paid by the hour.

  • Wyo307cowboy
    Wyo307cowboy Month ago

    I hope someone before me noticed the ultimate crime here. Linus is wearing socks with his sandals

  • ZG Media
    ZG Media Month ago

    You need a video about your router unless there is one

  • Marcel89
    Marcel89 Month ago

    i love linus tech tips, it's a bit like ace ventura trying to make a living with computers

  • Martin Wierenga
    Martin Wierenga Month ago

    Linus, why not Windows Server instead of Win10, why not VSS and File History, why not Storage Spaces ? With the money spend you could have a very good and nice virtual environment with redundant and high-available servers. I do like the idea of unRAID, want to work with that some time soon to test it.
    And no, your not allowed in my dataroom. Like the fact you can make consumer grade hardware work even though not super reliable every time you guys seem to do pretty good.

  • incubus furry
    incubus furry Month ago

    linus? Your there boss right? I'm confused, your self employed right? Its your youtube channel right? It gots your name on it, do they have youtubes too?

  • Steve Brown
    Steve Brown Month ago

    Thank you - I had a lot of fun watching this and feeling better about my myself.

  • jed jann
    jed jann Month ago

    when you do your rack the fun way. :)

  • Ed Kasparov
    Ed Kasparov Month ago

    I always wanted Buster Baxter to be my best friend. I was always jealous of Arthur for having him for a best friend. See what he turned into? Baster Baxter na na na na na naaaa

  • Джонатан
    Джонатан Month ago

    Linus your employees are boring and lame.

  • Bin Steller
    Bin Steller Month ago

    i love anthony, hes just a genuine bloke

  • TheClassiestFox
    TheClassiestFox Month ago

    "Professional" Company LUL

  • Robert Rosenberger
    Robert Rosenberger Month ago

    The hell do you need gigabit internet

  • 999code
    999code Month ago

    why do you hold the fan when blowing it out?

  • TheFeebleSheep
    TheFeebleSheep Month ago

    People complaining about the disorder and inexperience when that makes it great.

  • Ryuu Megumin
    Ryuu Megumin Month ago

    It didn't hit the corner...

  • Nick Coultish
    Nick Coultish Month ago

    There are 576 different combinations of 24.

  • Angelo santi
    Angelo santi 2 months ago

    I got a trump ad at the beginning, but as soon as I saw Linus looking big sad, I smiled

  • isdinkale322 games
    isdinkale322 games 2 months ago

    dont air compressers let out a bit of moisture ?