Ghanaians is ha* -kennedy Agyapong

  • Published on Mar 20, 2019

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  • aboaboyah ciciniko
    aboaboyah ciciniko 8 months ago

    Great and brave man, honorable ken

  • frank jason associates inc

    Ken there was equity eg hipic, petroleum etc

  • Radient Way
    Radient Way 8 months ago

    Ken is a saint to Ghana but ghanaians have problem with what is good and bad ! Ken and Avram Bin Moshe are my mentor!

  • agya Owusu
    agya Owusu 8 months ago

    Infact Kennedy agyapong is over reacting too much and his behavior will drug we npp back to opposition and they need to sit him down and make him aware that he is not the only person in npp.whats that supposed to mean?we suffered to come back in power and this man is gradually sinking the party. I will tell my family back home in Ghana not to even vote on that very day because of him.

    • Eric Arthur
      Eric Arthur 8 months ago

      Ken is saying the truth, NPP should thank God for giving them (NPP) somebody like him, look he is the only politician who comes out to tell his own party or government the truth in the open and the flowing voter likes that, NDC don't have somebody like that, and this is what NPP have over NDC.

  • Maame Alima
    Maame Alima 8 months ago

    Did the one who creates this TV been in school before? Because of little coins they want from RU-clip they don't even check their grammar they type.

  • Parker George Annuma
    Parker George Annuma 8 months ago +1

    You see this man Ken he is natural bold and frankly not unlike many when some thing is wrong they support and even a praise.

  • kwame prempeh
    kwame prempeh 8 months ago +1

    Masa keep quiet you talk with passion but today we all heard you saying ANAS expose was true but you were covering up for your party.You are honest but also passionate liar. You want the government to allow you free access to do your so call deals.Tell all Ghanaians you lied about ANAS and apologies.Because of ANAS you guys can't get things easy again.The boy is watching so government is careful.Masa go and pay the duty like any other Ghanaian.

    • kojo yankson
      kojo yankson 8 months ago

      So this is the only comment you can write.Almost every page you go this is the same comment you pass.Use your brain to think don't your your penis.

  • Paulina Nyarko
    Paulina Nyarko 8 months ago

    Kennedy we beg ,some of us widows are crying .,why if a document or file is in office ,they sit on it .They don’t care .Unless you share your property with them !Why should this happen

  • Sir Evans
    Sir Evans 8 months ago +1

    This is old audio

  • Jesy Jons
    Jesy Jons 8 months ago

    Ken is right. I voted for npp bcos of kuffuour but infact iv regretted. I think mahama was better than Nana and Bawumia. Ndc really stole some money but we could see many things mahama did. things were not messed up like this..

    • Jesy Jons
      Jesy Jons 8 months ago

      Masa stop d politics ok. Am a contractor and i have evidence a lot of things Mahama did despite corruption allegations against him. If all past presidents in Ghana cld do at least what Mahama did for Ghana. We wld have move forward by now. Am npp but d truth is Nana and bawumia are performing very poorly.. You are in Ghana so you should know... Please lets put party politics aside and face the reality. Maybe you dont trade in anything so you wont understand. What ken is saying is 100% truth. People are disappointed.

    • kojo yankson
      kojo yankson 8 months ago

      Mahama is the worst president ever in our history.

  • SKY 2
    SKY 2 8 months ago


  • Mario Puzzo
    Mario Puzzo 8 months ago +1

    This guy for Preaident. Kennedy agyampong. For president 2020

  • Emmanuel Obeng Nketsia
    Emmanuel Obeng Nketsia 8 months ago

    Does Ken understand politics? Do we have to talk about everything and in public?

    • Esi Oduro
      Esi Oduro 8 months ago


    • 640Williams
      640Williams 8 months ago

      Edward Yeboah you right thief’s have secret as u said

    • Edward Yeboah
      Edward Yeboah 8 months ago +1

      Only thief's keep secret

    DAVID BREMPONG 8 months ago +2

    Ghana is hard because ghanaians are lazy they don't want to work hard to build better country they need thank you all the time.

    • Oyoo Yoyoyo
      Oyoo Yoyoyo 8 months ago

      David Brempong, honestly said. You really the nail on the right place. Very very very true. I repeat. Ghanaians are lazy to the bone. They can't even clean their neighborhood to get raid of the rubbish. They call on government for everything

    • Mensah Ernest75
      Mensah Ernest75 8 months ago

      Old audio

  • King Of Wisdom
    King Of Wisdom 8 months ago +4

    Hon Kennedy is always right💪💪💪👏👏👏

  • Adade SUZZY
    Adade SUZZY 8 months ago +1

    Hmmm asemooo Ghana fake leaders in Ghana say everything KEN

  • Evelyn Appiah Kusi
    Evelyn Appiah Kusi 8 months ago +4

    Npp will go back to opposition & as usual will struggle with all kinds of needles sacrifice before they come to power bcos they never learn.

  • Awal Iddrisu
    Awal Iddrisu 8 months ago +2

    Npp have big problem now
    May God safe Ghana

  • Ras Abdul Malik
    Ras Abdul Malik 8 months ago +2

    Brave Kennedy

  • Kafui Kafui
    Kafui Kafui 8 months ago +5

    I told you to stand as independent president. U have the votes more than NNP and NDC. U don't listen. U are the only one in Ghana who always said the facts.

    • PINTO X
      PINTO X 8 months ago +1

      From KENEDDY AGYAPONG's own mouth he said as follows, when ANAS releases his recent video about the "GALAMSEY" contract bribery scandal seeing that it will tarnish and destroy the reputation of the rulling NPP party some BIG NPP members approached me in my residence to help fabricate and to defuse tensions on purported bribery video of ANAS. He again said that NPP had USE him. Please can unpatriotic Ghanaian citizen like KENEDDY AGYAPONG whose duty in the NPP party is to use his MEDIA STATION to cover up bad deeds of his party be a PRESIDENT of Ghana? He is a sell out citizen.

    • Gio Crmy
      Gio Crmy 8 months ago

      @PINTO X yes he can be a President , Ken is the kind of ppl we need to rule Ghana. We need tough n bold ppl to rule Ghana n we r going to fight for that course

    • Gio Crmy
      Gio Crmy 8 months ago

      Ah Bernice God bless you. When i meet him one on one i told him to stand for President. NPP big wings know every well that Ken is a threat to them that is y they are sabotaging him

    • PINTO X
      PINTO X 8 months ago

      @Professor Dr Sir Engineer Nana Ernest FrimpongBIG NO.

    • Professor Dr Sir Engineer Nana Ernest Frimpong
      Professor Dr Sir Engineer Nana Ernest Frimpong 8 months ago +2

      Bernice Quarshie can Kennedy be a president?