2 DAY ROAD TRIP TO CAIRNS on my Dyna Wideglide Harley Davidson

  • Published on Aug 28, 2018
  • I went on a 2 day road trip to Cairns in far North Queensland on my 2016 Harley Davidson Dyna Wideglide, enjoy the video guys it was a pretty awesome ride!! (except for the ride home)
    Cheers Legends, Skidpig
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Comments • 43

    ALBUNDY 26 days ago

    I can ride 7 hours on my Honda st1300 until I need fuel but it was painful

      ALBUNDY 26 days ago

      @SkidPig Bundaberg to Sydney was the trip

      ALBUNDY 26 days ago

      @SkidPig I did this this year and im 50 I was getting 25klms to the litre

    • SkidPig
      SkidPig  26 days ago

      Dam that's a long time

  • toby
    toby 7 months ago

    you said its cold come on mate your in qld
    try riding down here in vic in winter i ride in 0 dg

  • Mizuki Shiba
    Mizuki Shiba 7 months ago

    For my road trips I'll throw on a bit of Hollywood undead haha, thousand foot crutch isn't bad either.

  • Niz’s Adventures !!
    Niz’s Adventures !! 9 months ago

    Where’d you leave from bro ? Once I can get another Harley I’m looking at doing a vlog and do a ride around aus for charity. They’re sick mirrors too ! Fuck I need a bike 😂😂

  • JAZart666
    JAZart666 10 months ago

    oh mate this is one trips that's on my list!

    • SkidPig
      SkidPig  10 months ago +1

      JAZart666 Yeah mate it was awesome

  • Jim Cambron
    Jim Cambron Year ago

    beautiful countryside. It makes me think about planning another trip from "up-over"!

  • Stubbo's Fishing and hunting

    Hey mate are you from Townsville?? Love your vids keep em up

    • SkidPig
      SkidPig  Year ago

      Stubbo's Fishing and hunting Yeah mate I am, cheers 🍻🍻

  • Chris Dallas Cort

    Fishing vids are way better bro

  • RSB Harley
    RSB Harley Year ago

    Great video mate, Cheers

  • Richard Laine
    Richard Laine Year ago

    Love the bike mate I have a 95 Honda shadow American classic 1100 ..I lov to get in the wind.

  • The Blue Bike & Doyle

    Cool ride

  • Bob's your uncle
    Bob's your uncle Year ago

    Coming from Townsville?

  • Cathy Benson
    Cathy Benson Year ago

    You can't swim in summer because of the stingers too.

  • Scott farrell
    Scott farrell Year ago


  • WhenPigsFly
    WhenPigsFly Year ago

    Great ride! When you kicked back I got sleepy!! 😂😂. Looked relaxing

    • SkidPig
      SkidPig  Year ago

      WhenPigsFly Hell yeah it was awesome 🤙

  • knucklestv
    knucklestv Year ago

    What a beautiful ride kinfolk and are those Adam Sandoval sunglasses?👍🍻🍻🍻

    • knucklestv
      knucklestv Year ago

      SkidPig that's awesome yeah those were a great idea!

    • SkidPig
      SkidPig  Year ago +1

      KnucklesTv They sure are mate. I love the magnet idea!!! 🍻🍻🍻

  • Stuart Two-Dads
    Stuart Two-Dads Year ago

    Bloody nice one mate, will have to do a road trip up there from Adelaide one of these days 😁 What seat you running, saddlemen? Good but if kit?

    • SkidPig
      SkidPig  Year ago +1

      Stuart Ridge-Cooke Got a lucky Dave’s on these days mate. Yeah I love it 🤙

  • Jmac7o7
    Jmac7o7 Year ago

    Out in the sticks like me hahaha thanks for the shout out haha 🤙🏽🤙🏽 ride safe brotha 🍻

  • Oregon Outback
    Oregon Outback Year ago

    Those people up North have some class. At least they prefer a Golden Gum Boot to giant spiders !! That last shot in the rain was priceless. I know that feeling :)) Loved the vid and OMG ….. the sound of that little putt-putt of yours, music to me ears.

    • SkidPig
      SkidPig  Year ago

      Oregon Outback Haha yep that’s true, thanks for watching mate 🍻

  • Reptile Mike
    Reptile Mike Year ago

    Awesome video as always bro

    • SkidPig
      SkidPig  Year ago

      Reptile Mike Cheers Bro 🤙

  • 603Rydes
    603Rydes Year ago

    Classic ending. Great ride through beautiful country.

    • SkidPig
      SkidPig  Year ago +1

      603Rydes Thanks for watching mate 🤙

  • The Alpha Corps
    The Alpha Corps Year ago

    4.5 meter Salt Water Croc?! What In The Actual Fuck Bro! Lookin gorgeous out there man 🤙nice and green

  • Paddy Outback
    Paddy Outback Year ago

    Great video mate. Must get up there myself. Also need to sort a ride to Paronella Park too.

    • SkidPig
      SkidPig  Year ago +1

      Paddy Outback Yeah mate sounds good to me 🤙

  • zac dalziell
    zac dalziell Year ago

    Good luck mate

  • Guvna 947
    Guvna 947 Year ago +1

    He Skidpig looks like a good ride, I was in Cairns just 2 weeks ago. Maybe look at a larger tank?!😁

    • SkidPig
      SkidPig  Year ago

      The Alpha Corps I think that’s the main reason I did engine work mate, so I can drink more often 🍻🍻🤙

    • The Alpha Corps
      The Alpha Corps Year ago

      @SkidPig That's what I'm talking about bro. My tank just reminds me it's time to stop for a beer haha

    • SkidPig
      SkidPig  Year ago +1

      Guvna 947 Hahahaha nah I’m happy to stop for fuel/beers hahaha

  • wally cleaver
    wally cleaver Year ago

    Wow thats a beautiful place to ride

    • SkidPig
      SkidPig  Year ago

      wally cleaver it was an awesome trip mate