Breaking our Silence on RTX Controversy - WAN Show August 31, 2018

  • Published on Sep 1, 2018
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    Timestamps courtesy of
    Timestamps courtesy of Isaac Wisti
    00:08 Live on Twitch and RU-clip (Plus How It Works)
    4:17 Intro
    4:55 Old Intro
    7:54 Topic Rundown
    9:03 How is Riley? (AKA Riley Related Ramblings)
    21:00 Riley's Other Job
    24:18 FCC Declares Markets with One ISP "Competitive"
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    37:28 Sponsor: Honey
    40:08 Sponsor: Savage Jerky
    42:03 Sponsor: Superchat
    42:23 NVIDIA Controlling AIB's Pre-Launch Driver Distribution
    52:50 Tom's Hardware Opinion Piece Says "Just Buy" RTX
    58:34 LEGO Builds Life-Sized, Drivable Bugatti
    59:01 iPhone XS Photo Leaks
    59:30 Workcation 2.0 Announced (No TechLinked or WAN Next Week)
    Timestamps courtesy of JJMC89.
    00:00:00 - WAN Show comes to RU-clip
    00:09:06 - Riley/TechLinked
    00:24:24 - FCC can define markets with only one ISP as "competitive", court rules
    00:36:25 - Sponsor: Freshbooks
    00:37:30 - Sponsor: Honey
    00:40:13 - Sponsor: Savage Jerky
    00:42:26 - [Rumor] NVIDIA controls AIB launch and driver distribution
    00:52:52 - Tom's Hardware: NVIDIA RTX GPUs are worth the money
    00:58:34 - Lego built a life-sized Technic Bugatti Chiron that drives
    00:59:00 - iPhone XS images leaked
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Comments • 2 646

  • Axyo
    Axyo 5 months ago

    I swear everyone in these comments is autistic. That was the most obvious joke I have ever seen

  • TheGimmickScam Z
    TheGimmickScam Z 6 months ago

    You are a scary: using quantum Tips?? Red and blue ... i more a Piratebay / skull&bones / Tor(CIA) kind a puppet. The box is like the tor node? Secret handshake ? Right on the knuckle eyyyy ? 👌🏴‍☠️🕌🍥☪️🤥🤥🤘🤘 just friends with obwoman and Bu$h☠️☠️?

    • TheGimmickScam Z
      TheGimmickScam Z 6 months ago

      Hows the bird nitrition food taste like ? #sandals

  • Vitor de Carvalho
    Vitor de Carvalho 10 months ago

    How can Linus not watch youtube? It make any sense?

  • Maciej Kornatowski
    Maciej Kornatowski 11 months ago

    I'm sorry but idea of review embargoes isn't just good for coroporation product of which you're reviewing. It's actually best thing ever for media. Say there's new card release. Nvidia sends it to LMG, and it gets delayed. Oops, LMG is behind the curve already. Or even if it arrives on time... Competitor can 'break the news' with an iphone, while LMG is busy editing their 8K video. Or competitor can just shove card on test bench, run some shit and call it a day while actual benchmark with proper methodology are days away... again, buried by first-is-best approach.

  • jholotan best
    jholotan best Year ago

    Riley has said in the last tech linked video that "Linux gave me hard time in the beginning" Has Linux been teasing Riley for years?

  • Justin Schrage
    Justin Schrage Year ago

    Thats a real spike!!! imao

  • andrew moon
    andrew moon Year ago

    We need more riley, this was awesom

  • TheLeboNathan
    TheLeboNathan Year ago

    Honey, freshbooks, savage jerky!
    If you're not down with these then you are a turkey!
    Bringing tech to the masses,
    While suppressing our gasses.

  • flappy117
    flappy117 Year ago

    I'm actually in an area where we have only a single choice for an ISP. I have called several other ISPs and all of them have told me they only need to run ~600 feet of line to provide us service and both of them refuse to do it for some unknown reason. I have even offered to pay for the cost of them to run the line and they still won't do it...

  • Kyros
    Kyros Year ago

    wait so did Linus actually ever read the Super Chats?

  • David Hazelden
    David Hazelden Year ago

    Hmm just wanted to listen to there opinion about the rtx. I don't care if they take drugs or not, lol ;0 !

  • Turbo Chook
    Turbo Chook Year ago

    Wow, some incredibly fragile petals here. Honestly, the banter between Riley and Linus in this video was tame af. You lot should see the banter seen regularly within my group of friends, you'd likely be horrified lol. If you got upset watching this G rated banter between friends, I suggest you steer well clear of Australia, because we really rip into each other just for fun.
    Maybe it's an American thing, getting offended so easily and by pretty much everything. Even getting highly offended on behalf of other people, sometimes people you've never even met lol. I mean, there's a thread here almost 60 comments long full of people who got so triggered that they're calling Linus names. Linus obviously has a different sense of humour to those of you who got offended on Riley's behalf, but instead of trying to understand that, you lot just went off the deep end calling him a dick, which is hypocritical af.

  • Adam Ormerod
    Adam Ormerod Year ago

    I usually really enjoy this show, this was honestly painful though.

  • Bibbs
    Bibbs Year ago 🤔

  • Anant Mishra
    Anant Mishra Year ago

    WOW... thats an entire useless chat ... lol... and im only at 17:27... pffft

  • L D
    L D Year ago

    I just don't find Riley entertaining. Just more, annoying, i half expect a man bun.

  • Don. Timeless
    Don. Timeless Year ago

    Timestamps courtesy of Isaac Wisti
    00:08 Live on Twitch and RU-clip (Plus How It Works)
    4:17 Intro
    4:55 Old Intro
    7:54 Topic Rundown
    9:03 How is Riley? (AKA Riley Related Ramblings)
    21:00 Riley's Other Job
    24:18 FCC Declares Markets with One ISP "Competitive"
    36:22 Sponsor: Freshbooks
    37:28 Sponsor: Honey
    40:08 Sponsor: Savage Jerky
    42:03 Sponsor: Superchat
    42:23 NVIDIA Controlling AIB's Pre-Launch Driver Distribution
    52:50 Tom's Hardware Opinion Piece Says "Just Buy" RTX
    58:34 LEGO Builds Life-Sized, Drivable Bugatti
    59:01 iPhone XS Photo Leaks
    59:30 Workcation 2.0 Announced (No TechLinked or WAN Next Week)

  • Rafael Adamy
    Rafael Adamy Year ago +1

    Do you realize that you don't need that condenser mic in the middle of the screen and that it doesn't look good as a set prop at all? It could be placed discreetly off screen and it would still work perfectly and wouldn't be an aberration in my field of view. You don't see that kind of crap on tv, but apparently RU-clip is a parallel universe with Ikea plants, Edison hipster light bulbs and huge ugly condenser mics apparently. Sigh

  • Assal Nasr
    Assal Nasr Year ago

    I'm really sad for sheeps that are so simple and naive to believe that whatever Linus or even Riley says to the public has to be correct while ignoring the most basic human interaction skill which is reading body language, it was clear as the sun that Riley was heavily offended and his facial expressions show this. You can believe whatever you like but I assure you that he was offended and that you are sheep.

  • J
    J Year ago

    Are people actually offended about this lol. A bunch of people in the comments who don’t seem to understand social interactions. Don’t take everything so seriously, they’re coworkers and friends, not strangers.

  • Huddison
    Huddison Year ago

    Highly damaging episode - (non)tech tip: just stick to your prerecorded tech reviews Linus

  • Leslie Standifer
    Leslie Standifer Year ago

    safari on mojave shows favicons

  • PK Logue
    PK Logue Year ago

    im here

  • stasive
    stasive Year ago

    Hey Linus, piece of advice- if you're in a shitty, whiny, toddler kind of mood, just hold off on recording. You look like a total piece of shit in this video.

  • LodanSD
    LodanSD Year ago

    When I saw RTX Controversy, I assumed this was about something that happened in relation to a Roosterteeth Expo, but I guess they didn't see a need to clarify, even though they have their own Expo named simply LTX...

  • Bill Bird
    Bill Bird Year ago

    So comcast can still have monopolies

  • ZinoAmare
    ZinoAmare Year ago

    when they said iPhone 10s I heard tennis xD

  • Rockman
    Rockman Year ago

    Linus should release disstrack. Maybe dissing nvidia, or windows 10...

  • Gaming Tech UK
    Gaming Tech UK Year ago +1

    For all the idiots that don't understand 45:47 or are new to Linus tech tips

  • KingBobXIV
    KingBobXIV Year ago

    Why is the FCC making a decision that only helps ISPs and makes no sense from a public standpoint?
    Because 3 of its 5 members in particular are wholly bought and paid for by those companies. The current chairman was a lobbyist for Verizon before, and likely will be again after - only with a much higher paycheck, and no actual work. Congress could stop them easily, but won't because the current ruling party has made it very obvious over the last 20-40 years that they don't value the public, and _want_ to consolidate wealth in the hands of very few people. Cartel-like monopolies are great for that, as are stock buybacks. Everything they do leads to that same goal.
    Don't try too hard to rationalize every one of the decisions they make when the _one_ answer that fits in all situations is that they're fully compromised and corrupt.

  • bumperxx1
    bumperxx1 Year ago

    Wow Linus has like 10 people that work for him and he can't even touch base with them on more than one occasion

  • Matt Graves
    Matt Graves Year ago

    I thought your company is in Canada? The corporate tax rate in the us was 10% above everyone else. It was required for competition with other global companies. And was right to do. FCC ruling I am not sure the effect that will have. they Net Neutrality rule was not very old. And I would imagine that the isp's wont be doing much to throttle because likely they will be replaced by ones that wont

  • Walt Kowalski
    Walt Kowalski Year ago

    and fuck you canadian commie

  • Walt Kowalski
    Walt Kowalski Year ago

    ''nvidia fuck you''

  • mark keily
    mark keily Year ago

    given the degree of modification to the pictures i think the artwork falls under fair use... at least in the USA

  • Yorick
    Yorick Year ago

    At 37:40
    He meant "brachygastra mellificia"

  • Buddy Reynolds
    Buddy Reynolds Year ago +1

    I do not need your theory's or point of view of the American tax cuts. Also only a communist would make a comment concerning how someone else is using their money. Did you forgot to mention your last sponsor, The Communists Party. I have been a fan of yours a very long time but a couple of your videos promote socialist and communist views about business, utilities and taxes. Please don't make me smash that unsubscribe button. Still love ya but you should leave politics to the many tics sucking the life out of Canada and the u.s.

  • Delta-Tech
    Delta-Tech Year ago

    I don't like Riley videos anyway and would rather see someone else.Nothing personal, I just don't know how to say this in a more constructive manner.
    Watching the Wan show without Luke is like water cooling an i3. I'd rather do a fresh install of Windows 98 from floppy.

  • TehKazlehoff
    TehKazlehoff Year ago

    linus is fuckin brutal with Riley lol 45:50

  • Mark Y
    Mark Y Year ago

    So if Linus gets a massive tax cut for increased profit to his business then he would not increase the wages paid to any of his staff.
    It truly shows you the kind of person he really is that I've suspected all along. It's kind of sad; actually.
    I would make damn sure my employees were taken good care of first and foremost as a business owner.

  • Corn Dog
    Corn Dog Year ago

    Looks like Riley is constantly doing the "Blue Steel"....stop staring in to the camera like thatwhen you're not talking, man. It's creepy lol

  • Jimmy 6300
    Jimmy 6300 Year ago

    Wow it is so painful to hear a Canadian talk about American politics, like really freaking painful lol. First of all only your not a real capitalist if you think a tax break is a bad idea, in America there isn't even supposed to be a corporate tax! Capitalism is based on freedom really, freedom from the government to run your business how you see fit. Sure, tax breaks benefit rich people and stock holders even, but they actually DO benefit literally EVERYBODY!!! I am 18 years old, I work at a small town bank in Oklahoma and I am being transitioned into the IT department, anyway this year my pay is probably around 27-28K a year, so I am definitely lower middle, and being a single male I get taxed through the roof compared to my dad and others, since the Trump tax breaks have gone into effect I have on average an extra over $100 per month, sure it may not sound like much, but this is also the first time I can remember that stuff actually has gotten cheaper and not more expensive, gas is not $4 like it was when Obama was in office, etc. Also when people get their tax returns next year they are gonna be huge compared to what they have been, and just upper class, literally everyone got a tax break. Higher taxes actually DO harm the economy because people have less money to actually go out and spend at stores and put into the economy, not one policy that has gone into effect thanks to our current president has harmed this country, but has helped. I could go on and on about the pluses of a tax break but I really do not have time lol, basically less regulations and lower taxes ARE good for the economy. Just the observations of someone who actually lives here. :-)

  • chimp3376
    chimp3376 Year ago

    Password: adminltt

  • David Ceresa
    David Ceresa Year ago

    So I see the "cost to buying outdated tech" I recently bought a "gaming pc" for 700 dollars. IO understand that is entry level but I bought an amd 6300. Not knowing anything about computers I thought it would be a good buy. I could of gotten a zen cpu for the same price.

  • Travis LaVallee
    Travis LaVallee Year ago

    No WAN show next week? Is that a first?!?!?!

  • tntuof
    tntuof Year ago

    weird encoding on this video, linus looks blurry/blocky most of the time

  • scruff
    scruff Year ago

    Whats in it for the ISP's Riley is campaign money to the FCC guys. They can never get enough. And they keep the ISP happy

  • Brad Small
    Brad Small Year ago

    Linus doesn't have the whole story on stock Buy Backs . I don't agree with them from the reasoning that reinvestment in the company would do more for the consumer.; IE they could use capital towards R&D and long term goals. The devil lies in that it's is a free market publicly held company, and thus is not limited to a short list of individual investors, but a large and ever changing multi national group of large, medium and small investors... The earnings reports are quarterly, and the CEO and anyone involved in the board and company get paid and gauged on those reports.
    What's the incentive to the controlling interests in the company to do anything other than increase the company valuation. It's raw Capitalism, nothing but ! {{ Basically , as a CEO, if I look out for anything other than Stock Price, Dividends,and Short Term Growth , I will be removed and the common denominator will be put in place}}
    If I have a high valuation company (lean , and growing, "laymen terms") that provides Videos/Merch/Information, and advertising ... This is an example of Linus Tech Tips . They're a privately held company, and have a duty to, only the (usually small concentrations) of shareholders. In this example ; Linus or, his LLC company, and any other parties that invested and are still holding private shares.
    Linus thrives due to Capitalism. He worked his ass off, made a name for himself , was a resounding voice and visual personification of how this "Geek" ; I know shit about the world is catching on. Having said that Capitalism in it's current form... Sorry , as its past 30 year history has made us aware .. We're getting the shit end of the stick in this scenario. ++ Apple ++ Highest Valuation Company Ever++ ..... You'll always see the highest valuation company as an economy grows and the system allows companies like Apple to off Shore funds through , low , if not $0 tax country shell haven "companies".
    If I made $100K a year, and could make my real after tax salary $92K , who wouldn't I do that? ....... Yes Apple produces jobs; how many are above the median poverty line?... Ok ... Should an American company be able to "divert funds"(Profits) to tax havens? Yes the stock buy backs look bad, the whole reason the corporate tax was reduced in the US, was to bring some of this capital back in.... The longest bull market on record; do you not think companies are going to reserve cash?
    What I'm trying to say is that the fundamentals of a buy back are not bad. They give the publicly, and or privately held company an option to buy back equity in their company. If Linus had initial investors in LMG, he may want to pull back ownership to reduce outside influence, or leverage on his business in the future . So in that case he would buy back those shares. He will pay more than what they paid for them initially, but they got their return handsomely profiting by selling due to an increased price over the "market value" of those shares to date... " I'll buy you out for 20% above what the valuation is". Same scenario. Buy back are not bad , and they actually don't increase the price of the stock at all. It's a fact!
    What is bad?? What's bad is that a company that operates i the US , can funnel money (profits) to 13 other countries to reduce it's tax burden. Meanwhile the lower-class, middle-class, and upper class in that area are taking on extra societal/economic costs, due to a major Corporation with Human rights, Laws, and obligations to the society it operates in , can behave as a Sociopath, and limit it's "exposure" to the very community that helps it thrive.....

  • Patrick Morris
    Patrick Morris Year ago

    Good old ISPs, should follow UK, good choice in nearly all locations :)

  • Max
    Max Year ago

    Linus, after the tax break multiple large companies gave $1000 bonus to all their employees and said they were investing it back into the U.S. economy to expand. No company would make their products cheaper from a tax break, its not what was hoped for and it wasn't what anyone wanted.

  • DragonicBladex
    DragonicBladex Year ago

    Iphone excess.

  • TheShadowWw
    TheShadowWw Year ago

    best part 58:08 XD~~~

  • TheMarsBus
    TheMarsBus Year ago

    Yep , Linus suffer from narcissism. If you burn Linus sandals he would be devastated hahaha.

  • Fabian Vallejos
    Fabian Vallejos Year ago

    more videos please! 👌 🤩

  • mjc0961
    mjc0961 Year ago

    45:40 - Wait, that's what people were crying about? That's not worth crying about.

  • shaun b
    shaun b Year ago

    I love riley on the WAN show. Where's lazer james?

    • shaun b
      shaun b Year ago

      OMG.... privacy? you cannot predict what would get you in trouble in the future. So humans should be able to have private conversations always.

    • shaun b
      shaun b Year ago

      Where's my floatplane high quality version of WAN?

  • mjc0961
    mjc0961 Year ago

    Fuck the FCC

  • TM245
    TM245 Year ago

    Linus, for a tab monster like you. For Chrome Browser you can try "The Great Suspender" plugin for unloading from memory your old tabs. It has various settings for how many days of inactivity to suspend tabs at. Also, just recently they upgraded their screenshot option that captures the whole page to be displayed in the suspended tab, so it shows a lower footprint image instead of an actual loaded page.

  • Wong Ryan Yeow Aun

    Lul, everyone is so soft nowadays.