Here's Why the Lamborghini Huracan Performante Is the Best Lambo Ever

  • Published on Aug 23, 2018
    The Lamborghini Huracan Performante is the best Lamborghini ever. Today I'm reviewing the Huracan Performante to show you why, and I'm also covering all the ins and outs of the 2018 Huracan Performante.
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  • Ionian Yasuo
    Ionian Yasuo 13 hours ago +1

    On which geometric shape is this car based? I did not get it.

  • Pop Extra
    Pop Extra 22 hours ago

    R.I.P camera lince with dust on it.

  • Seaniee_14
    Seaniee_14 Day ago

    Hexagons :)

    AARON GAMER Day ago

    I love all lambo designs and the sound is just amazing I love lambos

  • Olivier Guay
    Olivier Guay Day ago +1


  • Joshalots
    Joshalots 2 days ago

    THIS is my penis

  • Capt. George
    Capt. George 3 days ago

    Turkish! LMFAO

  • Kiel GamingYT
    Kiel GamingYT 3 days ago +6

    Doug: *It is the Lamborghini of Lamborghinis..* (Performamte)
    Avemtador: Am I a joke to you mate?

  • Kiss Gergő
    Kiss Gergő 3 days ago

    The turn signal switch is like on motorcycles

  • Attack Helicopter
    Attack Helicopter 4 days ago

    That's literally just a motorcycle turn signal switch

  • F. Mazz.
    F. Mazz. 4 days ago

    Nicest wheels I've ever seen

  • F. Mazz.
    F. Mazz. 4 days ago

    The driver control/speedometer screen is hexigon shaped too

  • F. Mazz.
    F. Mazz. 4 days ago

    Ahhh I love the Performante design, especially in white

  • Sergey Pupko
    Sergey Pupko 4 days ago

    I just noticed... When Doug was talking about the designer pondering the existence of licences plates it kind of sounded like French Jazza. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Elkeen Eng
    Elkeen Eng 4 days ago

    Beautiful car with some very tacky details.

  • Eric Kissinger
    Eric Kissinger 4 days ago

    take a drink every time he says hexagons

  • snoopyfix2
    snoopyfix2 5 days ago

    Nice shirt!

    Sincerely, Orem

  • nocoment
    nocoment 5 days ago

    Stupid story about nice car

  • Nick A
    Nick A 5 days ago

    The carbon fiber looks like bakelite, and it's not a bad thing. Plus, Doug's license plate accent changed from japanese to italian to german to french xD

  • Salty Miks
    Salty Miks 6 days ago

    Why would you smoke in your car it’s gonna smell like shit

  • Julian Potter Music
    Julian Potter Music 7 days ago

    Squadra Corse??

  • xXx_MlgTr1kSh00ter _Xx

    Centenario has big touchscreen console

  • Dylan petrovic
    Dylan petrovic 8 days ago

    Doug the type of guy to release a song from a car infotainment system

  • Charles Wendover
    Charles Wendover 8 days ago

    Do the huracan evo

  • Hasan Raza
    Hasan Raza 8 days ago +1

    But.... How did they Justify The 75,000$$ ?

  • Kurt Wagner
    Kurt Wagner 9 days ago

    There’s no reason for the hexagons it’s just that they don’t like circles cause they’re all about angles and lines

  • Dwane Leonce
    Dwane Leonce 9 days ago


  • Sigma Projects
    Sigma Projects 9 days ago

    Some race fuels have lead in it. If any car would use fuels that might have lead in it would be an hyper car.

  • Asdfghjkl
    Asdfghjkl 9 days ago

    The spanish youtuber alphasniper97 has one of these

  • John Spelic
    John Spelic 9 days ago

    I don’t get you Doug. You rail on the Maser for being $80k, but the price difference for this car vs a vanilla version, vs several other outstanding cars that are just as fast and cost far less and have more options just plain isn’t brought up. Who is Doug needing to keep happy. Follow the money.

  • MrUnifish
    MrUnifish 9 days ago

    pause at 21:34

  • Alan Zhen
    Alan Zhen 9 days ago

    The Lamborghini of Lamborghinis

  • DoPe BoY
    DoPe BoY 10 days ago

    "its nice and thicc" Doug 2018

  • Jason Goodman
    Jason Goodman 10 days ago

    car so nice newport beach so ugly

  • Alessandro Aldeghi
    Alessandro Aldeghi 10 days ago

    Car : 10 % Lambo shape , 90% hexagon shape

  • Jordan Simms
    Jordan Simms 11 days ago


  • Stvn Bl
    Stvn Bl 11 days ago +2

    Doug is the type of guy.... that uses sanitizer after washing his hands with soap...

  • Erald Hysaj
    Erald Hysaj 11 days ago

    I thought I was fast in the VR sim until this car made me throw up. Viscously fast

  • Frida Johansson
    Frida Johansson 11 days ago

    the next lambo is gonna be a hexagon

  • Nagendra Kowshik GJ
    Nagendra Kowshik GJ 11 days ago

    @21:35 that look I make on my face.... when I see my GF alone in her home

  • Ryan Retallick
    Ryan Retallick 12 days ago

    Doug likes these door handles but doesn't like the GTR's? Pretty much the same....

  • Damonlive783 OfficialTM
    Damonlive783 OfficialTM 12 days ago +27

    When You Realize "The Best Lambo Ever"

    Doesn't Have The Lambo Doors

    • Damonlive783 OfficialTM
      Damonlive783 OfficialTM Day ago

      @Jason Jia When You Realize That You're a Minion of The other Guy and Doesnt Understand That Person Will Get Likes in The Future
      ..And Likes To Judge Random People Just To Make Themselves "Look and Feel Better"

    • Jason Jia
      Jason Jia Day ago

      @Damonlive783 OfficialTM when you realize said person doesn't have any likes and they're not wrong

    • Damonlive783 OfficialTM
      Damonlive783 OfficialTM Day ago

      @Gaurav S Rao When You Realize

      That You're The First Reply of This Commment, Pointing out Something Very Stupid Just To Get Likes (And No, I Did Not Write Any of These Just To Get Likes)

    • Gaurav S Rao
      Gaurav S Rao Day ago

      When You Realise That You don't

      Need to make every initial letter capital

  • Joe Moss
    Joe Moss 12 days ago

    Seems someone is obsessed with Lambo's obsession with hexagons. There might be a cure to that, but most people die of it.

  • Patrick Oui
    Patrick Oui 13 days ago

    You can't do it square, you gotta do it hexagon

  • SoulDevil92
    SoulDevil92 14 days ago

    Doug is clearly not a motorbike person. The turn signals are the same as a motorbike.

  • Owenirie LS
    Owenirie LS 14 days ago +1

    The siganl just function like what a normal mototrcycle did

  • Emp1re
    Emp1re 14 days ago

    He didnt say hexagon right?

  • Rob Weaver
    Rob Weaver 14 days ago

    forever motorcycles have had the same turn signal switch

  • PKay
    PKay 14 days ago +2

    Good vid but 75 % is a carbon copy of his Huracan review

  • Xinlin Wu
    Xinlin Wu 14 days ago

    did someone take that huracan off road? why is it covered in mud

  • Đào Mạnh Huy
    Đào Mạnh Huy 15 days ago

    I think the Sesto Elemento is the best Lambo ever.

  • CL Munro
    CL Munro 15 days ago

    Hexogon is demonic with 6 sides as representation of the devil. Another scum elite Easter egg for ya

  • Nate G.
    Nate G. 15 days ago

    wait a minute...did he EVER open or close the doors?? timecode, anyone??

  • VicariousReality7
    VicariousReality7 15 days ago

    Lima is the largest city of Peru an has damn near as many people living there *as i have in my entire country*

  • eldi kurniawan
    eldi kurniawan 15 days ago

    Whattt a license plat on my piece of art . Hahaha got me there.

  • Val Butale
    Val Butale 17 days ago

    Hexagons are the first thing I notice when I hop into my Lambo

  • Sebastián Masís
    Sebastián Masís 17 days ago


  • Andrew Huynh
    Andrew Huynh 17 days ago

    The story isnt hard to believe since Lambo named a vehicle the sesto elemento

  • Luka Bogavac
    Luka Bogavac 17 days ago

    How the fuck is this the best lamborghini ever? It doesn't even have lambo door!

  • OnFlow
    OnFlow 17 days ago

    Lmfao that cigaret lighter Cost as mutch as my entire var did

  • EarthDust!!
    EarthDust!! 18 days ago

    1:46 is it ok if its a 80 year old jeepy?

  • tscooter22
    tscooter22 18 days ago

    Nice review. My friend just bought the regular version in black.

  • Probly Not
    Probly Not 18 days ago

    Tbf they did make the “sesto elemento” basically just meaning carbon right? The whole hexagon thing may not be too far stretched

  • Tobias Wehner
    Tobias Wehner 18 days ago

    Little lamborghini fact Doug. The first lamborghini where they used hexagons was in the Miura. Greetings

  • MilitantDOAR
    MilitantDOAR 18 days ago +1

    Doug... The kind of dude who ONLY farts in his bathroom, lives alone.

  • Andy Power
    Andy Power 18 days ago

    love america, but the cars are best from europe ; 9

  • Bobedi BOB
    Bobedi BOB 18 days ago

    u forgot to mention that the gauge cluster screen is a hexagon

  • The meme Itself
    The meme Itself 19 days ago

    Lamborghini hurican more like Lamborghini hexagon

  • Gabe Miller
    Gabe Miller 19 days ago +2

    3:23 also in another hexagon..the silver plastic around the red lever.

  • sol star
    sol star 19 days ago

    Everything it should be! How about paid for??

  • Waffle Man
    Waffle Man 19 days ago

    on the key they should ofadded a hexagon

  • Gregory Timmons
    Gregory Timmons 19 days ago

    What? No Lambo doors?

  • Gregory Timmons
    Gregory Timmons 19 days ago

    Perhaps you are mistaken. Wouldn't it be a shock if Lima was a huge market access point for them?

  • P. Petrance
    P. Petrance 20 days ago

    only 630 hp?

  • Patrick Johnson
    Patrick Johnson 20 days ago

    I like the Murciélago better

  • John Prentice-funk
    John Prentice-funk 21 day ago

    Who do you think is more excited to start their Lamborghini performante or a fighter pilot who starts a fighter jet?

  • NetGenZero NGZ
    NetGenZero NGZ 21 day ago

    Next huracan is the Huracan Evo

  • CGPacifica
    CGPacifica 21 day ago

    How does it not have lambo doors??

    • Hamster V10
      Hamster V10 21 day ago

      CGPacifica Only V12 model had scissor doors

  • vivian rivera
    vivian rivera 21 day ago

    I have one of those too only it's blue

  • Chanse Ormon
    Chanse Ormon 22 days ago +1

    I’d get the Lamborghini Huracan Performante Spyder

  • Obie Of L.A.
    Obie Of L.A. 22 days ago +1

    600 dollars for an ashtray that’s.... circular😱...blasphemy!

  • Nicks Planet
    Nicks Planet 23 days ago

    How much times will you say movement in thes video?

  • jonathan jc
    jonathan jc 23 days ago

    I found it annoying to mention all the hexagon

  • Lemuel 2005
    Lemuel 2005 24 days ago +49

    How many hexagons do you want in the huracan?
    Lamborghini: Yes.

    • Ast3a
      Ast3a 21 day ago

      Lemuel 2005 Nah

  • Robert Singleton
    Robert Singleton 24 days ago

    I dont even have to watch the video I already know that the aventidor is better.

  • Thúy is streaming Fancy by Twice

    I'm laughing so much why he keep talking about damn hexagons

  • Kinglionboy 777
    Kinglionboy 777 24 days ago

    Good editing!! It surprised me when he actually put the car in drive when he was in passenger seat. I was

  • Jared Bouck
    Jared Bouck 25 days ago +4

    Buzzwords for Doug: Alcantara, quirks, and Carbon(but how he pronounces it so “Carbnnn”) I feel like he sits at home practicing these words. Haha sorry Doug, I love your videos but I gotta take my shots too

  • Billcivivs FF
    Billcivivs FF 25 days ago

    Laugh my ass off this is so funny high

  • Tobey
    Tobey 25 days ago

    never get why they dont allow you to customise the blank buttons like (not sure if that is the right one) in the 918

  • 120 Indignant Mind
    120 Indignant Mind 25 days ago

    Yo Doug I heard you liked hexagons so I put hexagons on yo hexagons so you can have a hexagon while you hexagon

  • final pheonix
    final pheonix 25 days ago

    Is it a HyperCard now

  • K sR
    K sR 26 days ago

    Too much talking

  • brunojake099
    brunojake099 27 days ago

    It’s a decent car I have a few in my garage but only use the Prius for my daily driving.

  • Doubting Thomas
    Doubting Thomas 27 days ago

    I dont like the look as much as almost all others. I'd still faint if I ever owned one

  • redbarond1
    redbarond1 28 days ago

    Anyone else notice @11:03 its 119 degrees outside?

  • Marius Cbx
    Marius Cbx 28 days ago

    Omg close the door! Dust and leaves!!!!!!!!

  • Dan Mel
    Dan Mel 28 days ago +3

    What is a citrus traction event?

    MOZMOLLOY 28 days ago

    @10:24 the cumulative effect of the mist-like distribution of the water onto the windshield,coupled with the symphony music had me falling out of my chair !!! lol

  • Abdallah Musa
    Abdallah Musa Month ago

    even the pedals fixed behind the steering is hexagon.........