Protests in Barcelona after court verdict on Catalan pro-independence leaders

  • Published on Oct 15, 2019
  • Protesters are taking to the streets of Barcelona after Spain’s Supreme Court has sentenced nine Catalan separatist leaders to between nine and 13 years in prison for sedition over their role in an independence referendum in 2017, which captured headlines around the world. Former Catalan Vice President Oriol Junqueras was among nine leaders who was sentenced. READ MORE:
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Comments • 109

  • Neon Jay
    Neon Jay 26 days ago

    democracy... Better to seek Jesus, he's much fairer

  • Dong Jeff
    Dong Jeff 27 days ago

    we are going to do a Hongkong,be water

  • roger chen
    roger chen 27 days ago

    fight with Free!
    stand with Catalonia !

  • superconscious
    superconscious 28 days ago

    power to the people

  • Rodrigusificacionn
    Rodrigusificacionn 28 days ago

    Cataluña se va al garete. Qué bien estoy en mi tierra Palencia, tranquilito.

    СРБ ВУК 28 days ago +2

    *Catalonia is Spain! Stop separatists and anarchists!*

  • Geoff Evans
    Geoff Evans 29 days ago

    We are at war worldwide its Globalism verses Nationalism we are the nationalists winning you in Catalonia are not alone keep it up and we will do the same be it UK Brexit Italy hungary Greece we dont want a United States of Europe in all cases its the EU that is the problem the sooner they are finished the better

  • Sargon. Sargon.
    Sargon. Sargon. 29 days ago

    ⚠️⚠️⚠️We the🗿 🏝Anunnakis want Catalonia free!!!🔺️👁🔺️

  • loumcast
    loumcast 29 days ago

    The separatists are troublemakers, they say that their movement is peaceful, but as you can see they're not. For the last 30 years the government in Catalonia has been brainwashing and indoctrinating the youth in schools with that independent propaganda. The majority of Catalans want to remain being part of Spain, the minority is the one who wants independence.

    KING POUTINE VLDIMIR 29 days ago


  • Trucker
    Trucker 29 days ago +6

    Give Scotland,Ireland and Catalonia back to the Belgians.

  • Trucker
    Trucker 29 days ago +1

    Come on RT why so shy about Chechnya’s independence? You seem very interested in everyone else’s.

    • Trucker
      Trucker 28 days ago

      Rodion Telyatnik I’ve never read such a load of disconnected,unhinged bullshit in my whole life. You clearly don’t understand my question as it completely unrelated to any of the strange bollocks you’ve just spouted.

    • Rodion Telyatnik
      Rodion Telyatnik 28 days ago

      Why so shy about the Dutch War of Independence? You seem very outdated for the news. It is not a history channel. Wahhabi mercenaries in Chechnya fought not for national independence but for Caucasus Emirate, it is more like Andalucia had turned to caliphate and started Islamic Reconquista of Spain. Chechnya is incomparable to Catalonia neither by economic nor political status (Spain is not federation), and it had a referendum on the republic's constitution in 2003. Chechens are not exactly full of love to Russians but they do not consider independence, it is vice versa, actually (slogan "Stop feeding the Caucasus"): according to Levada survey in 2013, 76% Russians would be loyal to Chechen independence (12% thought Chechnya is de facto independent), and only 10% strongly opposed that, while Chechen authorities called this survey criminal according to Russian and Chechen laws.
      Also, according to international law, Russia, unlike Spain, by taking the place of the USSR as a permanent member of the UN Security Council can denounce independence of any ex-USSR state just like China kicked Taiwan from the UN in 1971, dare to discuss that?

  • Suraj's Opinion is Better

    Long Live Spain!

  • Cassandra Marie Joanna Smith

    does Spain have freedom of speech? why did they have to go to jail for a decade?

    • Rodrigusificacionn
      Rodrigusificacionn 28 days ago

      For trying to break Spain. Not for their speech, but for commite high crimes (and only 10 years). Anybody can say what they want or what they think.

  • Tomasina Covell
    Tomasina Covell 29 days ago

    The only Giuliani that I can think of that was a great man was the
    guitar composer and virtuoso friend of Beethoven's. But I never liked
    or believed in Rudy, he's just a neocon, sycophantic, fascist.

  • DefendYourBase
    DefendYourBase 29 days ago +3

    Those policemen need to be killed.

  • nemo
    nemo 29 days ago +3

    Barcelona born , great Barcelona FC center back Gerard Pique stated Catalan leaders are not guilty , should not go to prison .

  • Angus
    Angus 29 days ago +3

    Spain. Yet another dictatorship.

  • 4exgold
    4exgold 29 days ago +2

    heh the guy in blue car was like "come on guys i need to get to work" and they let him through.

    now that's how you protest!

  • Novak Vladimir
    Novak Vladimir 29 days ago +4

    Will NATO bomb Spain like it bombed Yugoslavia? This is an identical situation.

  • John Westhead
    John Westhead 29 days ago +1

    An additional thought. What would these gangsters do to Gibraltar?? Think about it.. The EU wouldn't help..

  • John Westhead
    John Westhead 29 days ago +3

    This would be like the UK imprisoning the SNP and Plaid Cymru. If Brussels believes in democracy (which they don't and need a EU army to keep things in check) why not impose sanctions on Spain. The sooner the UK leaves the better.....

  • Janet Baker
    Janet Baker 29 days ago

    I understand why people are protesting. That was a completely illegal ruling for those people! There was no sedition involved that's a bullshit charge!

  • Frederico Silva
    Frederico Silva 29 days ago

    Bullshit this independent movement.

  • zulfiqar Tareen
    zulfiqar Tareen 29 days ago

    by Eduard Marquez...
    Barcelona resisted the siege of the Bourbon army for months but finally fell, defeated, on September 11, 1714.
    This day is the national day of Catalonia. A day of defeat turned into a day of celebration. To not forget. I think this explains a lot about our character.

  • zulfiqar Tareen
    zulfiqar Tareen 29 days ago +13

    I am a Catalan writer and I want independence for my country
    Spain is not the right place for me, says Eduard Márquez, ahead of his appearance at Cúirt

    • Rodrigusificacionn
      Rodrigusificacionn 28 days ago

      @Tik rik No. It is not a country. It is only a reagion like other 18 regions created for political organization, a line drawn in a map 40 years ago like there are thousands in Spain and in any country. And it has freedom and democracy like the rest of spanish people.

    • Rodrigusificacionn
      Rodrigusificacionn 28 days ago

      @Tik rik That created region of Spain has democracy al ready, because it is Spain they have elections like any other region in Spain, and also can vote in the general elections because it is Spain. Catalonia doesn't even exist.

    • Tik rik
      Tik rik 28 days ago +1

      @Rodrigusificacionn Catalonia is a country!we should support Catalonia independence for freedom and democracy!

    • Tik rik
      Tik rik 28 days ago +1

      May we all stand in solitary with the people of Catalonia as they speak out for democracy , freedom from depression , and a world they long to see Blessings from Hong Kong

    • Rodrigusificacionn
      Rodrigusificacionn 28 days ago

      Wich country? Wich is your country? Are you talking about Palestina, maybe? The country of Cataluña doesn't exist and ever existed. It is just a part of an spanish organization made 40 years ago with other 18 regions. It doesn't exist. It is only a line drawn in a map 40 years ago for political organization like any country in this planet so what country are you from?

  • zulfiqar Tareen
    zulfiqar Tareen 29 days ago +1

    by Eduard Marquez...
    I am convinced, in addition, that this new space, free and independent, liberated from an immobile and anachronistic state, can be a good laboratory, a good test field, to explore new strategies for a Europe of peoples increasingly in need of new ideas and new projects. More politically ambitious, more socially just and more culturally enriching. And, in this sense, Catalonia could be the beginning of the most exciting revolution that Europe has experienced in recent years.

    • Hankerchawars
      Hankerchawars 29 days ago

      Catalonia only goes to impoverish its community, as they have already done

  • zulfiqar Tareen
    zulfiqar Tareen 29 days ago +2

    by Eduard Marquez...
    I am a Catalan writer and I want independence for my country. Why? First, because I feel Catalan. Not German, not Italian, not Irish, not Spanish. Catalan. I think it is easy to understand. It is an emotional issue. Catalonia embodies my identity: my family, my landscapes, my memories, my language. Second, because after the events of the last months, I no longer want to live in a country that does not let people decide their future, and that responds to the requests of people who think differently with police violence or judicial repression. And here the political and social issue begins and needs a bit of historical explanation.

    • Hankerchawars
      Hankerchawars 29 days ago

      @Enrique Soto en otros países ocurre lo mismo no solo en España, por ejemplo si le preguntas a un estadounidense que de donde es, te dire el nombre de su estado, pero no te dicen que es de United States

    • Enrique Soto
      Enrique Soto 29 days ago

      Es triste ver como España se desmorona
      Casi ningun Espanol que haya conocido te dira soy español
      Siempre dicen sot de madrid bilbao cataluna etc
      Tiempos que demandan union y fortaleza sin duda
      No disolucion

    • Hankerchawars
      Hankerchawars 29 days ago

      you can be a Korean indu or Malay writer but you will never see an independent Catalonia, because it is part of Spain whether you like it or not, if you do not like in which country it is Catalonia, stay where you are and you will be happy

    • Xiang Zhang
      Xiang Zhang 29 days ago

      well if you really feels so,than good luck.
      but it will be very difficult to archive.

  • zulfiqar Tareen
    zulfiqar Tareen 29 days ago +5

    by Eduard Marquez...
    At the beginning of the eighteenth century, King Charles II died without offspring. The succession of the Spanish crown originated a war in which the majority of European countries participated. In the Iberian Peninsula, the institutions of the Crown of Aragon gave their support to Archduke Charles of Austria, but Castile opted for Philip of Bourbon, the representative of the French monarchy. The supporters of the archduke were defeated in the battle of Almansa (1707) and the Bourbon armies occupied the Valencian Country and the Kingdom of Aragon. Philip V abolished the institutions of these kingdoms and began to repress their populations. In 1713 the European monarchies signed the Treaty of Utrecht, which ended the war in Europe. Philip V was recognized as the king of Spain, in exchange for territorial and economic concessions. However, Catalonia maintained its resistance. The Catalans knew that Felipe V would abolish the constitutions and the institutions of Catalonia if he invaded the country. Barcelona resisted the siege of the Bourbon army for months but finally fell, defeated, on September 11, 1714. This day is the national day of Catalonia. A day of defeat turned into a day of celebration. To not forget.
    I think this explains a lot about our character.

  • First Edition
    First Edition 29 days ago +6

    And the EU's statement on this was...??????????????

    • Triglav
      Triglav 28 days ago

      EU has left the chat.

  • Gotopost tt
    Gotopost tt 29 days ago +4

    None of this will matter when their muslim masters implement sharia laws. When that happens, if anyone native to Europe resists, murica will be there to bomb them and call them "racists"

  • Howard Roark
    Howard Roark 29 days ago

    Everyone should rush the Spainish Supreme Court! This is pure EVIL! Sedition?! Who the F+CK do they think they are fooling?! Spain is lost. The people need to get their Country back!

  • Luca Riboni
    Luca Riboni 29 days ago +10

    Spain Gvt forgot we are in Europe and neither in China or Turkey.

    • Álvaro Eduardo
      Álvaro Eduardo 28 days ago

      @Etika Genova Tell me where are u from and I will tell you what you enjoy LOL.

    • Etika Genova
      Etika Genova 28 days ago +2

      @Álvaro Eduardo yeah enjoy ur 40% unemployment rate lol

    • Álvaro Eduardo
      Álvaro Eduardo 29 days ago

      Thanks God we spanish people don't live in China nor Turkey.

  • Jj Gras
    Jj Gras 29 days ago

    El régimen neoliberal de P€€E aplica penas que en ningún país de Europa serían aceptadas. Mientras los grandes sinvergüenzas que se apropiaron de la caja de las pensiones, bancos que no han devuelto los rescates y la Ley mordaza va cortando la libertad de expresióny opinió. Ellos se pasan por el forro la carta de la ONU de los derechos que todo pueblo tiene a la autodeterminación.

    • Hankerchawars
      Hankerchawars 28 days ago

      @Jj Gras solo fue la zona de Asturias donde no pudieron entrar los árabes, en toda la peninsula si

    • Hankerchawars
      Hankerchawars 28 days ago

      @Jj Gras Aquí de acuerdo con vos

    • Hankerchawars
      Hankerchawars 28 days ago

      @Jj Gras Aquí para tu conocimiento, un poco de historia de los musulmanes en Cataluña
      las primeras incursiones de los musulmanes en Cataluña empezaron al final del año 712 o principios del 713. Una partida de Tariq, procedente de Valencia, ocupó el actual Baix Ebre y el Montsià. Desde Zaragoza, Musa ocupó Lleida, Balaguer y el valle del Segre. El mismo año asediaron Tarragona, que resistió hasta el 716, momento en que buena parte de la ciudad huyó a refugiarse en los Pirineos. El 718 les tocó a Barcelona, Girona y al Empordà, sin que encontraran resistencia. Los musulmanes atravesaron los Pirineos y llegaron a Narbona en 725. Un año más tarde, todo el territorio catalán estaba ocupado.
      tu si que eres un carolingio

    • Rodrigusificacionn
      Rodrigusificacionn 28 days ago

      @Jj Gras Yo no he despreciado a ninguna cultura. Decir que la región de Cataluña nunca ha existido ni ha tomado parte en una guerra como parte independiente no es despreciar ninguna cultura. Por otro lado, la cultura de esa región de España con sus pequeñas particularidades como la cultura regional de cada parte de España con sus pequeñas particularidades son parte de la cultura española y por lo tanto parte de MI cultura, como también de la tuya. Porque Cataluña es España, y que tú digas que eso es un insulto a esa parte de España, a parte de de ignorancia, es un insulto por tu parte hacia toda España incluyéndote a ti mismo.

    • Jj Gras
      Jj Gras 28 days ago

      @Rodrigusificacionn ¿Tu desprecias a mi cultura eso no es ofender?

  • Kevon Thomas
    Kevon Thomas 29 days ago

    Go home its over. ..👈👀

    • Jacko B
      Jacko B 29 days ago

      @Kevon Thomas imagine a slave telling a free person what to do.. begone, china awaits

    • Kevon Thomas
      Kevon Thomas 29 days ago

      @Jacko B go home. Its over!👈👀

    • Jacko B
      Jacko B 29 days ago +1

      @Kevon Thomas so you continue to show how weak you really are.. Hope you get what you wish for everyone else.

    • Kevon Thomas
      Kevon Thomas 29 days ago

      @Jacko B 😁😂😀😝☺👊

    • Jacko B
      Jacko B 29 days ago +1

      @Kevon Thomas yes, well it seems you deserve to be one.. you have capitulated and you feel you have the supreme right to surrender for everyone else. Go do something worthwhile and build yourself a weapon for the up and coming freeing of the world

  • Will G
    Will G 29 days ago +5

    Who cares. The only reason they want independence is that they don’t for a minute think that another country would invade them. Europeans have lived in a false safety bubble of US protection ever since WWII.
    Hey, the Kurds in Syria wanted independence , fought for it for years. In a matter if mere HOURS though, after the US withdrew from Syria, they were suddenly interested in being part of Syria again. They stood ZERO chance against the Turks.
    Catalan stands ZERO chance against any country that would chose to invade it. hope they get their independence and that Spain lets the moors sail up,take their land and slaughter all if them. Suddenly they’d be calling other Spanish their “brothers” and pleading for help.

    • Will G
      Will G 28 days ago

      Maria Damen Was Yugoslavia a part of NATO? Or do you mean Serbia? I actually agree with you that the bombing of Serbia by Clinton was a war crime

    • Will G
      Will G 28 days ago

      Azadeh Amini Najafabadi is there a”spanish genetic”?

    • Will G
      Will G 28 days ago

      Jacko B you are a moron. Nothing is free in this world. Small defenseless countries don’t survive long.

    • Jacko B
      Jacko B 29 days ago +2

      You are a moron. Everyone that does not want a certain gov should not have one forced upon them. Stick your EU where it fits.. go read 1984 because you are there. Idiot!

    • Azadeh Amini Najafabadi
      Azadeh Amini Najafabadi 29 days ago

      Will G Gatalonia
      Zoroastrian name
      Fact is they are not from Spanish genetic

    JAMES WHITELEY 29 days ago +7

    I was in Catalonia only a few days ago, and I have every confidence that they will get their independence. As well as the Catalan flag, there was a lot of anarchist and communist symbols. The future will bring an independent failed state for them.

    • Tha Blinder
      Tha Blinder 29 days ago

      @Luca Riboni ja em diras tu qui es de dretes aqui hahaha

      JAMES WHITELEY 29 days ago

      @Luca Riboni Girona is pretty much the same.

    • Luca Riboni
      Luca Riboni 29 days ago

      @JAMES WHITELEY Actually in Barcelona there are a lot of anarchists, but most of catalan elected politics are moderates.

      JAMES WHITELEY 29 days ago +2

      Luca Riboni perhaps. But if you walk down a Catalan street there’s anarchist and communist symbols everywhere.

    • Luca Riboni
      Luca Riboni 29 days ago +2

      I disagree. The're several catalan parties, some leftist but also right and center, not all are communists.

  • Star Dust
    Star Dust 29 days ago

    Go to hell.. she thinks it is about oil ... she is nuts

  • Jostonio Calviño
    Jostonio Calviño 29 days ago +5

    Viva España!!!

  • Jostonio Calviño
    Jostonio Calviño 29 days ago

    Motherfuckers let the people live, wo to work and let people work, lazy bastards

  • AJ Khan
    AJ Khan 29 days ago

    Will of the people.....

    • Rodrigusificacionn
      Rodrigusificacionn 28 days ago

      Wich people?

    • AJ Khan
      AJ Khan 29 days ago

      Hahaha,.... Then you have to talk to the mob.......

    • Will G
      Will G 29 days ago

      AJ Khan rule by mob.

  • ანრი კომახიძეッ

    я первый