Daniel Radcliffe Is Still Time Travelling! | The Graham Norton Show

  • Published on Apr 23, 2019
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  • desi sewell
    desi sewell 4 days ago

    This reminds me of when in their fourth year when Hermione and Harry Harry use the time turner

  • Tovvvija
    Tovvvija 11 days ago

    Harry POThead.

  • Brooke Taylor Williams

    i love him so so much

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 14 days ago

    He is getting old

  • Alvan Alarcio
    Alvan Alarcio 16 days ago

    ever since the trend of Dan's picture as the wolverine, i can't help stop thinking that he will take the adamantium claws next.

  • Rads ical
    Rads ical 19 days ago

    He’s so chill I want to be his friend

  • Sven Långström
    Sven Långström 22 days ago

    Shostakovich anyone?

  • Gacha Prince
    Gacha Prince 22 days ago

    You're a time-traveller Harry

  • Juliette VILLARD
    Juliette VILLARD 22 days ago +3

    Even in a million years, I'll still see him as Harry, disguised as a Muggle :P

  • Billy
    Billy 23 days ago

    You're not fooling anyone. You're just pretending to find it funny so we wont get suspicious about you time traveling activities.

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha 23 days ago +1

    What's the movie?

  • Wayward Daughter
    Wayward Daughter 24 days ago +1

    Daniel is the (historical) embodiment of "He's got one of those faces..." 😂

  • Neil Deep
    Neil Deep 25 days ago

    Anyone think he could bulk up for Wolverine? hmm..

  • Neil Deep
    Neil Deep 25 days ago

    I really need to have a pint with Dan.

  • Celtic Lass
    Celtic Lass 27 days ago

    "Who is that person? Should I be trying to play him in a film?"

  • Marios Zekou
    Marios Zekou 27 days ago

    J.K Rowling : Harry Potter was a female all along

  • Tyler Brennon
    Tyler Brennon 27 days ago

    0:49 If Hagrid and Lily were Harry's parents.

    THE MAXIMASBUILDER 27 days ago

    What show were they talking about

  • Reem Nour
    Reem Nour 27 days ago

    They should have added this one too check 7:27

  • Seanachie's Court
    Seanachie's Court 28 days ago

    wow spoilers are just escaping him lol xD anne seems to be really into him lol

  • Rusted Snake
    Rusted Snake 28 days ago

    Dude looks like a lady

  • Mika K.
    Mika K. 28 days ago

    last picture looked more like Elijah Wood (Frodo)

  • Dalograth
    Dalograth 29 days ago

    is he the Doctor?

  • Vishakha Soam
    Vishakha Soam 29 days ago

    Every person with round glasses can't be Daniel Radcliffe...

  • Freddie Mercury
    Freddie Mercury Month ago

    Explain Brian may then

  • Paulafan5
    Paulafan5 Month ago

    Graham should just slip in a picture of Elijah Wood, since they do look very similar.

  • timrob12
    timrob12 Month ago

    0:52 - That's probably Daniel Radcliffe falling in for Robbie Coltrane and Martin Bayfield on the days they couldn't be on set to play Hagrid.

  • theone melika
    theone melika Month ago

    He's freaking awesome

  • TnT FoX
    TnT FoX Month ago +3

    Harry's past life was Hagrid?

  • TnT FoX
    TnT FoX Month ago +2

    Dangit, He stole the Time Turner from Hermione and didn't tell anyone.
    Crafty Devil

  • Bruce
    Bruce Month ago

    If you dont like daniel radcliffe there is actually something wrong with you

  • Daniel Briggs
    Daniel Briggs Month ago

    okay i'm convinced. Daniel Radcliffe is not only a wizard, but a time lord to.

  • crazzi-j north
    crazzi-j north Month ago +1

    Steal it on the internet if you can’t get it 😂 I was going to anyway but thanks

  • nussknackerin20
    nussknackerin20 Month ago

    you are a hairy wizard

  • mohammed sufy
    mohammed sufy Month ago +1

    0:50 Daniel auditioning for the role of HARGRID

  • sir capitano
    sir capitano Month ago

    Someone, set up an instagram account now! #danielthetimetraveler

  • GamerNex
    GamerNex Month ago

    Demons not Angels, Angels are not human beings !!!

  • GamerNex
    GamerNex Month ago

    Disgusting to be blaspheming against God, that stuff gives you curses!

  • John Baugh
    John Baugh Month ago

    I've always been confused at when the idea of people becoming angels entered people's beliefs. It's nowhere in the Bible. Lol

  • Anthony Townsend
    Anthony Townsend Month ago +2

    ...and he got the Potter part because he was the best actor of the thousands who auditioned and it had nothing to do with his heritage, as is the usual case with Hollywood casting.


  • Séverin Official
    Séverin Official Month ago

    he's such a cool guy!

  • Yunakura
    Yunakura Month ago

    I want him one day as The Doctor

  • Anam Fatima
    Anam Fatima Month ago

    damn he looks good.

  • ElliotKelly
    ElliotKelly Month ago

    I love how he just said “steal it on the internet”

  • Marcus Carrington
    Marcus Carrington Month ago

    Not keen on DR

  • Alucard Peach
    Alucard Peach Month ago +2

    If you haven't watched Swiss army man, then you don't have a full vision of his sense of humor

  • nani
    nani Month ago

    did he actually said 'steal it on the internet'???????? hahahahhaha got to love him

  • Harley
    Harley Month ago

    His show only lasted 7 episodes. why?

  • top secret
    top secret Month ago

    Why does everyone forget " he's a wizard " he has time machine 🙀

  • Beka Emery
    Beka Emery Month ago

    The thing he's describing reminds me of supernatural

  • Pankaj Barman Official

    We want more 'Harry Potter ' films!!

  • Sini Blues
    Sini Blues Month ago +1

    Anne Hathaway's reactions in this make my day :D

  • Shambhavi Singh
    Shambhavi Singh Month ago

    I am pretty sure Daniel Radcliffe has stolen a TARDIS from somewhere…

  • daisy in the bathroom at a party

    0:21 why does his laugh sound like a flute

  • Oscar Clarke
    Oscar Clarke Month ago

    O' Danny Boy, O' Danny Boy...
    I love you so.

  • TheLostLenore
    TheLostLenore Month ago +159

    I love Daniel
    "Steal it on the internet"
    I can just imagine his agent/publicist/whoever giving him a growl after that remark. XD

    • TheLostLenore
      TheLostLenore Month ago +1

      @AllonsyRapunzel Yeah they can, Daniel could get in trouble for even suggesting piracy and I highly doubt they want to try and clean that up.

    • AllonsyRapunzel
      AllonsyRapunzel Month ago

      But they can't because it's Daniel Radcilffe

  • Crazy Princess Mero

    Dan is really a time traveler😱😱

  • Archie Paton
    Archie Paton Month ago +3

    Daniel Radcliffe has done well to not just become known as Harry Potter, good for him

  • Emmafeelsblah
    Emmafeelsblah Month ago

    dan: hahaha oh my god guys... that’s crazy hahaha 👀

  • Zsolt Bartus
    Zsolt Bartus Month ago


  • Ricky
    Ricky Month ago +4

    "Steal it on the internet"
    Well, the chosen one gave us permission. To piratebay!

  • Anuja K
    Anuja K Month ago +1

    I thought he stole Hermione's time turner

  • Nick Highway
    Nick Highway Month ago +1

    How could you missed the russian composer Shostakovich!!

  • Neveah Watson
    Neveah Watson Month ago

    Will we ever see him as... The Doctor...?

  • metz aliganga
    metz aliganga Month ago

    probably Hermione let him borrow the Time Turner.

  • Yenny
    Yenny Month ago

    The title....hahaha.

  • JohnnyTheSnow
    JohnnyTheSnow Month ago +5

    I love Anne Hathaway's reaction when Daniel tries to describe his show

  • Laura Berber
    Laura Berber Month ago +1


  • tinybabyslothdawww
    tinybabyslothdawww Month ago

    Graham Norton with his Joker suit homage

  • Vendrix
    Vendrix Month ago

    jodie comer is so hot

  • G dot And
    G dot And Month ago

    can't wait for him to come back then

  • that one guy
    that one guy Month ago

    Do you think god stays in heaven becuse he too lives in fear of what he created here on earth?
    -Steve Buscemi

  • Jane Byrne
    Jane Byrne Month ago

    Lovely bloke but can't string a sentence together without using "like" every minute. Lost count after 30 odd.......shame

    • Account
      Account Month ago

      He is a millenial.

  • Asteroid Arts
    Asteroid Arts Month ago +1

    Her in the black tracksuit is fine asfffff. Who is she??

    • Vendrix
      Vendrix Month ago

      are you talking about anne hathaway?

  • Movie Ninja
    Movie Ninja Month ago +2

    I love Daniel refciffe he's a realy good actor hes my favourite actor when ever I see him I cry becuse I want him to make another Harry potter movie and he's vary cute😘😘

  • Arnav Bhattacharjee


    "Awful things happen to wizards who time travel, Harry."

  • Rebecca
    Rebecca Month ago

    Daniel Radcliffe the timelord

  • Lord Megatron
    Lord Megatron Month ago

    Who is the blonde lady??

  • VムMP乄 HRIKI12
    VムMP乄 HRIKI12 Month ago +1

    Did someone see mark ruffalo at 2:29

  • non
    non Month ago

    he's the sweetest

  • Sheila Mitchell
    Sheila Mitchell Month ago

    Is Daniel Radcliff playing Nicola Tessla

  • Vinícius de Castro
    Vinícius de Castro Month ago +2

    Whenever I see Dan, I wonder how cool it would be to watch a show in which he and Elijah Wood played brothers. 😍

  • Vamanos Ninja
    Vamanos Ninja Month ago

    It's good to see him on the show again.

  • TheSaltisReal
    TheSaltisReal Month ago

    Omg. Why is Anne Hathaway so bloody beautiful?!?! I want to marry her. Don't care that she's over 10 years older than me. She's like a fine wine. Anne if you see this, I love you ;)

  • Jennifer Really
    Jennifer Really Month ago

    Someone bring Cillian Murphy on this show omg

  • sunny starman
    sunny starman Month ago +1

    where’s shostakovich

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump Month ago +2

    He secretly invented time travel and we're just finding out about it right now

  • Machi Giceb
    Machi Giceb Month ago +1

    Huh, maybe he used Iron Man's Time Machine ... 🤔

  • TheReal Mexican American

    Look up "Young Harry Truman"

  • Al Pacino FanForever
    Al Pacino FanForever Month ago +3

    This reminds me of when I was a kid and I thought Daniel Radcliffe was Moaning Myrtle in a wig 😂😂 he does somehow look like a lot of women lol

  • Beth's_Road_to Healing

    God is a women tho

  • Taylor Swift cool page

    Seems like someone has been misusing the time turner.....😂

  • Konark Shukla
    Konark Shukla Month ago

    Give back Hermione's time turner Harry..

  • MochaSuep
    MochaSuep Month ago +3

    Oh God Daniel is one of the best celebrities out there :,(( so down to earth and friendly and just overall great.

  • Rajveerhrl Lilloo
    Rajveerhrl Lilloo Month ago +1

    I mean.. He *IS* a wizard💁‍♂

  • Thhunter
    Thhunter Month ago

    Radcliffe: Goddamnit Keanu is so much better at this immortality thing.

  • Dark Friday
    Dark Friday Month ago

    How often is the fat girl on this show? Seems almost weekly now.

  • Mikey daniel
    Mikey daniel Month ago

    harry potter then and then and then and then and then and then and now

  • Magitroopa
    Magitroopa Month ago


  • David Cendana
    David Cendana Month ago +2

    New movie pitch: every time you time travel you change gender

    • jay mahealinski
      jay mahealinski Month ago

      David Cendana he must be a timelord. different ages, different genders ....