Dont Laugh Dont Lose Challenge Episode 001 YLYL #0051

  • Published on Feb 15, 2019
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Comments • 29 461

  • Average JoJo Fan
    Average JoJo Fan 12 hours ago

    Please watch JoJo

  • Larry Person
    Larry Person 21 hour ago

    At 6:53 did anyone else reach up to give Felix the brofist then get tricked

  • Martin Ionkov
    Martin Ionkov Day ago

    Watching this when t series is on 105 mil makes me sadcringe

  • Anthony St-Onge
    Anthony St-Onge Day ago

    7:12 whats the name of the song

  • Ogam Peyang
    Ogam Peyang Day ago

    Team rocket boizzz 2:51

  • Mero B
    Mero B Day ago

    when he did the brofist ipunched the screen but he moved his hand before I could do it

  • Ben Gray
    Ben Gray Day ago

    Anyone else notice he was eating g fuel by itself

  • S KY
    S KY 2 days ago


  • ГлИсТ ТЭ ВЭ


  • legal offender
    legal offender 2 days ago

    she looks like a little boy 7:39

  • Nathan Playz
    Nathan Playz 2 days ago

    Who else was trying to translate at 9:30

  • HOFaustino
    HOFaustino 3 days ago +1

    9:19 best anime scene ever

  • Fodules 4life
    Fodules 4life 3 days ago

    for the love of god pls watch jojo

  • Girl Crew
    Girl Crew 3 days ago

    I enjoyed the whole video but my fav part was from 10:34 to the end🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶

  • Branden Lilleyman
    Branden Lilleyman 3 days ago

    how dumb. I went for the bro fist and he moved away ngl i did get cut.

  • Anson Smith
    Anson Smith 3 days ago

    Felix: back when we were oorgraagadaganooing, around, aboogadoogadooing.

  • Saltlakritzzz
    Saltlakritzzz 4 days ago

    Fitta = vagina hahaha

  • sepehr pooladi
    sepehr pooladi 4 days ago

    dude srsly 0 contest and still the best ... like a BOSS

  • xXTkillXx
    xXTkillXx 5 days ago

    5:23 Anime cams

  • lillykate freeman
    lillykate freeman 6 days ago +10

    I'm swedish and it said "right in the p*ssy"

  • Lizzy Weaboo
    Lizzy Weaboo 6 days ago

    9:34 (Turn on captions)

  • Minority with 10,000 subs

    He said I hate black people in Swedish

  • John Dragon
    John Dragon 6 days ago

    Is it OK that Felix makes me laugh more than the videos do?

  • Lin Camellia
    Lin Camellia 6 days ago

    Pews have to play Persona 5

  • Nathan Longo
    Nathan Longo 6 days ago

    The look on Edgar's face tho

  • •Derpy Lemon•
    •Derpy Lemon• 7 days ago +3

    I’m Indian and I’ve subbed and I watch u 😂

  • victoraxel86
    victoraxel86 8 days ago

    Nej Felix dinna svenska homo-sapiens ska inte översätta f**a

  • Bran Wilfred
    Bran Wilfred 9 days ago

    Shoot shoot em

  • Mitchell Cavell-Hall

    8:56, call of duty modern warfare and minecraft reference

  • Daniel Rodrigues
    Daniel Rodrigues 10 days ago +1

    alguem do Brasil por aí ou é aó eu??

  • goo gurt
    goo gurt 10 days ago

    Am i a weeaboo cause i hear liliuim

  • scp 682
    scp 682 10 days ago

    I have used the caption power and 1 of it has betrayed u muahahaha

  • Hee Hee
    Hee Hee 11 days ago

    With the power of duolingo I actually understood 9:31

  • Shiny Rowlet 102
    Shiny Rowlet 102 11 days ago

    2:36 I LOVE IT!!!!!

  • Matt Haise
    Matt Haise 12 days ago

    The kid in the first one was stupid 😂

  • Kakazzami Gaming
    Kakazzami Gaming 13 days ago

    We wont be alive if there's no memes

  • Dragonix Chanel
    Dragonix Chanel 13 days ago

    Где блэт русские субтитры?

  • Ayşegül Küçük
    Ayşegül Küçük 13 days ago

    Vay aq gene turkce yok

  • Comrade Kissan
    Comrade Kissan 13 days ago

    Guy who translate names of videos on russian, u suck

  • AJ.K 02
    AJ.K 02 14 days ago +1

    2:53 Context please?

  • Blue Mysterious
    Blue Mysterious 15 days ago

    I was singing the same song without hearing it ever

  • Oof Lord
    Oof Lord 15 days ago


  • Brxken Jack
    Brxken Jack 15 days ago


  • Jay Mon
    Jay Mon 16 days ago

    Years of watching Pewds taught me something is that 'fita' means pussy. So there's your translation.

  • LCD drownd
    LCD drownd 16 days ago +8

    I wasn't paying attention, so when the pikachu clip came in, I thought it was a crazy man running in to hug the pikachu and security trying to stop him

    • Dylan Otto
      Dylan Otto Day ago

      @Krazy Glue The guy in white (medic) realized that the dancer had a high chance of suffocating due to the costume's ventilation unit thats pressurizing the suit malfunctioning, thus the drooping face n ears and the dancer hobbling weakly. The 2 guys in black were probably security personnel that tried helping

    • Krazy Glue
      Krazy Glue 4 days ago

      What happened to him

  • Jan Maurice Mato
    Jan Maurice Mato 18 days ago


  • Keika-Chan
    Keika-Chan 20 days ago

    Uhm... as a uhh, as a Swedish nErD, I conclusioned that he did in fact say “right in the p*ssy” I HAVE CONCLUSIONED THAT THIS IS NOT CHRISTIAN REEEEEEEE

  • TheDiamondBoy
    TheDiamondBoy 21 day ago

    im selling replys for the funniest clip ever



  • Ronnie Obrien
    Ronnie Obrien 22 days ago

    Edgar black ekita is black pewdiepie said to edgar "what are you gunna do jump off a bridge" he predicted hes death.

  • horogiumxtremegt YEET
    horogiumxtremegt YEET 23 days ago

    Who sees Pepe in the tv

  • Daniel Webster
    Daniel Webster 23 days ago

    He said no one cares about my life I unsubscribed

  • Shannon Rees
    Shannon Rees 23 days ago

    Edgar gives off the same lifeless energy as Jenna Marbles dog, Marbles... and i can respect that

  • PJ
    PJ 24 days ago

    Anyone else crack their phone doing a bro fist

  • Gasmaskbro
    Gasmaskbro 25 days ago

    While you were boogadooga dooging
    I was ugga buuga chugaing

  • Cherry Pop
    Cherry Pop 26 days ago +3

    When pewds aggressivesly offered an brofist, I punched my phone so hard it fell off the table...

    • Dayle Fredericks
      Dayle Fredericks 23 days ago +1

      Right when I read this comment, he yelled aggressively 😂

  • CyberPlayS
    CyberPlayS 26 days ago

    When your name Andrew you and you hear pewdiepie yelling at you:


  • CyanBlade Gaming
    CyanBlade Gaming 27 days ago

    7:12 that was fucking Elfen Lied reference 😂😂

  • Master of the Awsome sea lions

    I sMaShED like for the cute lord and savior Edgar

  • XAesthetiX
    XAesthetiX 28 days ago

    Felix if you had kids you would just send them to the ranch

  • Charlie Bit my finger
    Charlie Bit my finger 29 days ago

    Someone explain to me what the fhakh happens with pikachu

  • MasterKlaw
    MasterKlaw Month ago

    *mourns lwiay-ly*

    GAMBEL TNF Month ago

    Gua kira anime crack njir

  • Yuri san
    Yuri san Month ago


  • Raretimeline
    Raretimeline Month ago

    LMFAO hit the screen and it disliked the vid looks like I did an Oopsy

  • Raretimeline
    Raretimeline Month ago +1

    Been here since 22,165,000

  • Kiluua Mati
    Kiluua Mati Month ago

    Can anybody give me sauce for 9:18? Please?

  • Fallxn
    Fallxn Month ago

    za warudo

  • PUBG Friend list
    PUBG Friend list Month ago

    Hej felix Mår du bra ???? Jag mår bra. Jag använder översätt XD

  • Hitsugaia Toshiro
    Hitsugaia Toshiro Month ago

    Man,i think your dog is dead

  • Fredrik 4
    Fredrik 4 Month ago +3

    The Michael Jackson faces is a Snapchatfilter, it takes 10 seconds to make😂

  • Kuroi Seraphic
    Kuroi Seraphic Month ago +5

    Padoru Padoru being the first thing to see in the video means I'm in for a good ride

  • Sl_Floryan
    Sl_Floryan Month ago +1

    Everybody: -_-zZ
    Pewds: laughs about every meme
    ..wait the title is a bait

  • Grey Dragon
    Grey Dragon Month ago

    good thing I am Norwegian and can still understand that Swed speech

  • Esteban Troche
    Esteban Troche Month ago

    Which song at 7:10??!!

  • fay settembre mae
    fay settembre mae Month ago

    i watched this video an,d i didnt laugh shut up pewdie pie im the winner XD

  • Tiga Bersudara Tiga
    Tiga Bersudara Tiga Month ago +1

    1:56 kentod hahahah

  • bsoldyourmom
    bsoldyourmom Month ago

    the Michael Jackson one hit home cuz i have a replica of his jackets ad i have the urge to say h e e h e e

  • bluechibster29
    bluechibster29 Month ago

    Pokemon Sword!!!

  • Kanyon Owens
    Kanyon Owens Month ago

    When a girl tries to tell you how she feels 2:02

  • Enter
    Enter Month ago

    9:23 he laught because he too have fun history with ass

  • Lil Rxmen
    Lil Rxmen Month ago

    We need pewds to scream Deutschland at Edgar like he used to do

  • Christopher Kirkland

    Lmao my brother in the back ground is humping my bed XD

  • Rahul sama
    Rahul sama Month ago

    Bel del fin?

  • Nazirul Muazz
    Nazirul Muazz Month ago

    2:21 the anime is new game!

  • i just like ppl h
    i just like ppl h Month ago

    Sadlly tseries wonnn

  • Steve Nano ##
    Steve Nano ## Month ago

    the caption 9:30 🔊

  • Steve Nano ##
    Steve Nano ## Month ago

    7:00 bruhhh the whole army wished the war to continue peacefully ...we could have one ...we were this close to greatness

  • Steve Nano ##
    Steve Nano ## Month ago

    2020 anyone ??

  • Dee B
    Dee B Month ago

    Episode 1

  • Asma Cherif-Zahar
    Asma Cherif-Zahar Month ago

    1:11 if it was his mom who did that she's crazy

  • the moon you
    the moon you Month ago

    you p
    you pr
    you pro
    you probably think that im about to do that shit

  • Minx Kraken
    Minx Kraken Month ago +3

    P: t series is lossing

  • [WUT]ScopeJutsi 01
    [WUT]ScopeJutsi 01 Month ago +6

    I broke my screen for smashing the like button

  • Lukas Flindt
    Lukas Flindt Month ago

    Whats that shirt and where Can i get one

  • Evil Boy
    Evil Boy Month ago +10

    He should collab with pakistan in order to defeat f .series.

  • Hichem Joker
    Hichem Joker Month ago

    PewDiePie said shit

  • Lolly :
    Lolly : Month ago

    1:06 SHOOT HIM!!!!

  • Fnaftastic *look at u*

    Elfen lied mm

  • Xavier Wolfe
    Xavier Wolfe Month ago +2

    Sub to pewdiepie and Xavier Wolfe/me thanks have a great day