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KreekCraft Reacts To My Roast!

  • Published on Oct 23, 2021
  • This video is a react of a react of a react... you get the idea! Kreekcraft reacted to my roast on his live stream and then unlisted the stream so you couldn't see it... until now!
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  • NightFoxx
    NightFoxx  7 months ago +522

    Kreekcraft is BAE!
    Here are today's subscriber robux winners:
    - marrakec
    - elkkuomg
    - Lizmendosa05
    Thanks for watching! 😄

  • pandora
    pandora 7 months ago +174

    The roasts, the reactions-
    It’s just *chef kiz* perfect.

  • Georgina Escobar
    Georgina Escobar 3 months ago +23

    10:47 can we stop in here for a minute to realize how good he is at editing

  • Nina Desenha
    Nina Desenha 7 months ago +23

    I was in the livestream and watching Kreek getting destroyed every 2 seconds was amazing lmao

  • Baloe Baloe
    Baloe Baloe 7 months ago +9

    This video was so funny 🤣. I wasn’t able to watch him live then so I’m so happy you did post this.

  • TheCyberReactorYT
    TheCyberReactorYT 2 months ago +1

    here's my review on what we can see in Nightfoxx's office, its very I mean VERY clean, the tech is just awesome and the personality is nice got a bunch of piggy stuff, the color theme with like the teal and the pink/purple is great 10/10 on all aspects!

  • oof
    oof 5 months ago +47

    8:33 is literally the most funniest part

  • Maisarah
    Maisarah 7 months ago +7

    Thank you for the video.I laugh so hard.

  • Adriana
    Adriana 7 months ago +17

    8:24 got me laught to death😂😂

  • 🌹 Jelly Rose🌹
    🌹 Jelly Rose🌹 6 months ago +21

    “Does he still have the sticker on his hat?”
    “What is he, twelve?!”
    “In middle school, not taking the sticker off the
    *“Anddd yeah.”*
    “I still do that, I literally still do that.”
    Wow Kreek, judging someone for something you also do, how rude. 😂

  • Sharp
    Sharp 2 months ago +7

    16:24 got me dead😂

    • MHGE
      MHGE 6 days ago

      Idk about that one

    • Kai
      Kai 13 days ago

      Same XD

  • Waffle Zone
    Waffle Zone 7 months ago +5

    This video was amazing I really enjoyed it xD

  • Sebastian Segura
    Sebastian Segura 7 months ago +6

    i've never seen kreek laugh so hard 7:19

  • HelloItsMH
    HelloItsMH 5 months ago +20

    10:08 I can't stop laughing at this part 🤣🤣

  • WitherHereLol
    WitherHereLol 14 days ago +2

    "The chair is the most expensive object in the room"
    * Sad Kidney Noises *

  • Yeet_Guy4259
    Yeet_Guy4259 Month ago +2

    6:26 I like that he just throws caps lol

  • (-:Pęřpēťūå:-)
    (-:Pęřpēťūå:-) 4 months ago +4

    I love how kreek accepts everything he saus

  • ell
    ell 7 months ago +1

    Loved his reactions lol. Thanks for putting this video together for us!

  • Georcy yang
    Georcy yang 7 months ago +23

    Nightfoxx shows Kreek how to edit lol

  • RivaanPlayz #RoadTo100
    RivaanPlayz #RoadTo100 3 months ago +2

    Nightfoxx: So we have all heard of this 4 headed youtuber
    Kreekcraft: *goes in depression* what did he say..

  • Alex
    Alex 4 months ago +2

    I love how he covers his forehead even more

  • Kworld.Krunker
    Kworld.Krunker 5 months ago +1

    This hurt my feelings but this make really fits well and a MASTERPEACE.

    DOGE_ROBLOX 7 months ago +5

    One of there funniest vids ever I love it!

  • Isabel S
    Isabel S 7 months ago +7

    Hi Nightfoxx! I absolutely love ur videos especially when you play with your family and woozlo in flee the facility. Keep up the good work! User: galaxybeauty28

  • A Magical Cookie Girl
    A Magical Cookie Girl 7 months ago +3

    Lol nice to learn something new every day! You two help each other together by one part! Keepup the good work NightFoxx and KreekCraft!
    P.S: What is it on your timeline?
    -Username: APopularCookieGirl13

  • haidran
    haidran Month ago +2

    i love his reaction 10:53 he was acting like a newbie xD

    • MHGE
      MHGE 6 days ago


  • 🌹 Jelly Rose🌹
    🌹 Jelly Rose🌹 6 months ago +6

    “Those aren’t bugs!”
    - leans over-
    “Oh wait they are bugs.. hold on a second-“

  • stepnoob
    stepnoob 3 months ago

    this was so funny earned a sub

  • Minty_ Mint
    Minty_ Mint 7 months ago +1

    Both setups are amazing and I’m inspired to try and make one like you and Kreek’s username: Minty_MintYT2

  • KakashiHqtake
    KakashiHqtake 3 months ago

    Kreekcraft reacts to Nightfoxx reacting to Kreekcraft. Instantly dies of laughter.

  • platinumyoongi
    platinumyoongi 7 months ago +11

    the way Kreek got roasted so hard in that stream AHHAHAHHA (sorry it was too funny-)

  • Diego Mi
    Diego Mi 7 months ago

    I loved this video it was so funny these 2 are my favorite RU-cliprs

  • Joey Hollander
    Joey Hollander Month ago

    I love when nightfoxx acted short but then said I’m kidding

  • Holley J
    Holley J 7 months ago +1

    You should do a room setup video!!! I think it'll be very cool!!

  • da vsm
    da vsm 5 months ago +2

    15:40 got me laughing XD

  • Game Nerds
    Game Nerds 7 months ago +7

    I just couldn't stop laughing the hole time LOL ;P

  • Connor Barker
    Connor Barker 7 months ago +80

    This guy has scoliosis, same here. I need that chair

  • NotNisha
    NotNisha 6 months ago +5

    Kreek: Those arent bugs! *checks* oh wait they are bugs, hang on-

  • Atharva
    Atharva 3 months ago +1

    night is the funniest yt ever.... having a bad day watch him!
    he is the next sketch....

  • Deepika Trehan
    Deepika Trehan Month ago

    This is definitely the funniest video u have done

  • Katelin ♡
    Katelin ♡ 7 months ago +2

    Ahah this video was too funny 😂

  • Hippie Family
    Hippie Family 4 months ago

    Nightfoxx:Allows people to react to Kreekcraft reacting to Nightfox reacting to Kreekcraft

  • VoidzTDS
    VoidzTDS 7 months ago

    U actually can watch non uploaded livestreams. Go to notifications on RU-clip then tap on the stream. *must be subbed and have bell on*

  • Proto Shorts
    Proto Shorts Month ago

    Imagine this becomes a loop, like rn your reacting to kreekcraft reacting to nightfoxx reacting to kreeks office setup

  • Gamer Boi
    Gamer Boi Month ago

    I like how this is a reaction to nightfoxx reacting to Kreek reacting to nightfoxx roasting kreek

  • VenixPlayz
    VenixPlayz 3 months ago

    I like the fact that when he searched up the average height he has been on that website

  • Tanzina Zannat
    Tanzina Zannat 7 months ago +1

    I love when you roast people it makes me laugh!

  • junkbot man
    junkbot man 7 months ago

    i remember watching him see it on stream

  • MRV Kidd
    MRV Kidd 3 months ago

    congrats on 700k subs!
    oh yeah, also i would roast you but my mom said i'm not allowed to burn trash

  • Small Games! 👑
    Small Games! 👑 16 days ago

    I almost peed after that laugh 🤣 7:19

  • ShadoWolfie
    ShadoWolfie 6 months ago +1

    As for the transition thing, I only have one thing to say:

  • KutsuPlayz
    KutsuPlayz 12 days ago

    New video title: NightFoxx reacting to Kreek reacting to NightFoxx reacting to Kreek's office.

  • Anthony'sCave
    Anthony'sCave 7 months ago

    Not going to lie, my dad is also 5'7 so I feel kreekcraft. But I got no harsh feelings.

  • Hisuian Zorua
    Hisuian Zorua 18 days ago

    8:27 I was laughing so hard when I seen someone say dream was in chat for some reason

  • Jump Around
    Jump Around Month ago

    NightFoxx, you should make a updated video of your setup!

  • Cocoツ
    Cocoツ 6 days ago +2

    Nightfoxx weakness: pile of cabels everywhere in kreeks room

    EMP3ROR 5 months ago +13

    Kreek: Oh he probably used a ladder or something
    *moments later*
    Kreek: *Gets Roasted*

  • Thermax
    Thermax Month ago

    He just has a good gaming chair!

  • Ishak Seha
    Ishak Seha 3 months ago +1

    16:27 bro im gonna crack up lol laughed way too much

    • MHGE
      MHGE 6 days ago

      Idk about that one

  • Bailey short
    Bailey short 7 months ago

    While everyone in kreeks chat was laughing
    Everybody:shouting lol
    One person: dream is in the chat

  • Royal Rentals Curacao

    nightfox: so we al know the for headed youtuber kreekcraft right? kreekcraft: EMOTIONAL DAMAGE

  • D Reece
    D Reece 6 months ago

    Lol his reaction is soooo funny

  • Samantha_Cosing
    Samantha_Cosing 18 days ago

    This is how night Foxx teaches kreek to make things clean 😂😆

  • itsPluto🇺🇦
    itsPluto🇺🇦 5 months ago +1

    8:13 oh so that's where this meme came from

  • Andrew Mulieri
    Andrew Mulieri 4 months ago

    He put his hand in his hat cuz he’s checking other heads!🤣😂

  • EpicGamerSkull
    EpicGamerSkull 6 months ago +1

    Watching vid
    Meanwhile I’m crying myself to death

  • gamingwithruben
    gamingwithruben 3 months ago

    so this video is about nightfoxx reacting to kreekcraft reacting to nightfoxx reacting to kreekcraft's setup? totally not confusing now kreekcraft react to this video and keep doing it forever lol

  • Sreejan Sinha
    Sreejan Sinha 3 months ago

    nightfoxx: Are those bugs?!?!
    kreek: Those aren't bugs !!!
    kreek: *realizes* oh wait, those are bug

  • Mueed Playz
    Mueed Playz 3 months ago

    Bro I cannot stop laughing!

  • samuel advent
    samuel advent 3 months ago

    10:56 is where he complains how bad kreek is at editing

  • Xyf
    Xyf 24 days ago

    Best vid ever!! So funny

  • Cactus
    Cactus 3 months ago

    this is amazing! im reacting to a reaction of a reaction of the reaction of the reaction of the video of kreeks room tour!

  • DiarYt Ron
    DiarYt Ron Month ago

    15:42 bro the most funniest part in the WHOLE VIDEO☠️☠️

  • EthanYZX2012NeedsHelp
    EthanYZX2012NeedsHelp 5 months ago

    Chizeled: teaming up with nightfoxx this man rekt him real hard

  • Dawn Vosper
    Dawn Vosper 3 months ago +1

    15:40 the best part

    ARNAV PRABU 5 months ago

    Today kreek learns so much new

  • Behrad Ansari
    Behrad Ansari Month ago

    reacting to reacting to reacting ?
    what in the world is happening to youtubers?

  • FlamingKnight
    FlamingKnight 7 months ago +2

    I’m dying and laughter

  • EthanOnTop
    EthanOnTop 3 months ago

    imagine kreekcraft watched this

  • Dragongamer291
    Dragongamer291 7 months ago +5

    Cool vid! Now all we need is a kreekcraft reacts to nightfoxx reacting to kreekcraft reacting to nightfoxx reacting to kreekcrafts setup tour video.

  • Aiden's World
    Aiden's World 5 days ago

    Hope you get 1 mil subs night fox

  • Meenackshee Beedasee
    Meenackshee Beedasee 7 months ago +1

    Wow this is great 😂

  • PineappleGamer :D
    PineappleGamer :D 2 months ago

    So you‘re reacting to Kreek reacting to you reacting to his setup video lol.

  • Chandan Mondal
    Chandan Mondal 16 days ago

    he tried hes best with the edit

  • NorbYyY GG
    NorbYyY GG 7 months ago +1

    i honestly feel bad fo kreek

  • Meiplayz
    Meiplayz 7 months ago +3

    I love how nightfoxx roast kreekcraft and Kreekcrafts reactions are funny hahahaha! -JasmineShadowWitch

  • Ko_blox
    Ko_blox 5 days ago

    The only person I see making Kreek laugh is nightfoxx

  • Justinplayz_14
    Justinplayz_14 4 months ago

    8:13 this got me

  • Aryan Noor Kabir
    Aryan Noor Kabir 2 months ago

    8:18 was the pat that i laughed so much

  • Aughniya Radella Marsya

    8:25 kreeks face tho

  • Albie Dasig
    Albie Dasig 3 months ago

    Fun fact:Kreek reacting to night fox reacting on his tour then kreek watching night fox reacting to his tour the night fox reacting to kreek reaction

  • Error
    Error 3 months ago

    NightFoxx started the fire, while Kreek burned himself.

  • Elle Aelleyn
    Elle Aelleyn Month ago +1

    This guy has scoliosis,same here.I need that chair

  • Ryan Guzman
    Ryan Guzman 3 months ago

    I sorry kreek but when he said your feet and height I was literally laughing so hard

  • M0ham3d
    M0ham3d 6 months ago

    When kreekcraft was reacting to nightfoxx roasting his office I actually thought I was watching kreekcraft

  • Oblivious_blue-cotton
    Oblivious_blue-cotton 7 months ago +5

    Fox: reacts to kreek
    Kreek: reacts to foxx react to kreek
    Foxx: reacts to kreek reacting to foxx reactions to kreek

  • Carlos YT
    Carlos YT 25 days ago

    I was dying here 1:28 and here 8:12 😂😂

  • Lewn
    Lewn 28 days ago

    8:25 kreek gets real roast LOL

  • Aj Gaming
    Aj Gaming 25 days ago

    Wait, so your reacting to kreekcraft reacting to you reacting to reacting to his setup tour?

  • Hide The Pain Harold
    Hide The Pain Harold 26 days ago

    He's not laugh,he's laughing for crying imao