Casually Explained: French

  • Published on Mar 17, 2016
  • I’m sorry Chérine and the people of France.
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  • Warrior Son
    Warrior Son 4 hours ago +1

    "You bring me a real boner."
    My favourite pick-up line...

  • Kdude24
    Kdude24 9 hours ago

    This is why I took spanish

  • Thomas Freundt
    Thomas Freundt 23 hours ago

    Hahahh I'm from Brazil but have been living away for a while. Even though I know it's wrong I just automatically tell them I'm really horny for family dinner

  • Mohammad GAMER
    Mohammad GAMER Day ago +1

    But (beau cul) in persian means more worse than nice ass it means fuck me😂

  • BrinGoplayz
    BrinGoplayz Day ago

    You got any pain i want da food pain

  • matiasvlevi
    matiasvlevi Day ago

    trop drole, maitenant aprends le Quebecois.

  • The Conservative yankee

    Je suis québécois ha

  • 黃朝智
    黃朝智 2 days ago

    Hi, I just submit Chinese subtitles to the video for Chinese viewers. Hope you can review and publish it soon.
    Really love your videos, cheers!

  • [esu] Aeron
    [esu] Aeron 2 days ago +1

    I guess I can go to France now and pick up some girls, thx

  • rami baitie
    rami baitie 3 days ago +2

    this is literally the most excited I've ever heard him sound

  • ωσlғιε
    ωσlғιε 4 days ago


  • Joaquin Ponce
    Joaquin Ponce 5 days ago +1

    I kinda correctly guessed all the situations because I speak Spanish, which is very similar with French, Italian, Portuguese, and maybe everything.

  • Teddy Dunet
    Teddy Dunet 6 days ago

    The section is invaded by frenchies

  • Tekstar
    Tekstar 6 days ago

    You already speak better than some of us.

  • SCP fondation - o5
    SCP fondation - o5 6 days ago

    lol tellment facile quand tes francais

  • Damien Green
    Damien Green 8 days ago +1

    I live in Canada, and we’re told to not discriminate against people with accents, and that diversity is a good thing. But for some reason once you get to Quebec everyone hates you for not speaking their accent and everyone thinks that’s fine, which it isn’t

  • LimpossibleProductionz

    Dude your accent is so good

  • I play kazoo violently

    ah yes and the mistake of mixing up «coup de foudre» and «coup de foutre»

  • Dóris
    Dóris 12 days ago

    But what did you really mean when you said "bonheur"?

  • Fréval
    Fréval 13 days ago

    as a college-level French student, this is quite accurate

  • Klowen
    Klowen 14 days ago

    Okay just some advice. Never use "Tu" with stranger okay. Always use "Vous" as it's a faux pas.

  • Anaksi
    Anaksi 15 days ago

    This is my favorite French song:
    Tout pour moi c'est tout
    Fou pour moi c'est foutu
    Tu vois c'est cool quand
    On ne se voit plus
    De goût dans la vie comme dans du tofu
    Je zappe la série ne m'intéresse plus
    [Couplet 2]
    Regarder la nuit
    Se dire qu'on n'est rien
    Matière en mouvement
    Autant que ce soit bien
    C'est quasiment sûr
    Qu'elle vaille mieux que ça
    Un saut dans le futur
    Tu n'es plus là
    [Couplet 3]
    Je m'amuse quand les autres s'ennuient
    Tu me juges disant que c'est de la folie
    Ton discours est chiant
    Ta phrase pas finie
    Que je suis déjà, hum, déjà partie
    Super fille Yelle, superficielle
    Mais à la fin, tous dans un ciel
    Quitte à choisir, choisir sa vie
    Papillon de nuit ou simple fourmi
    C'est pas une vie la vie qu'on vit
    Quand on vit pas la vie qu'on veut
    Est-ce que je te l'ai déjà dit
    Je pense que tu mérites mieux
    Que nous deux
    Que nous deux
    Que nous deux
    Que nous deux
    T'en as marre j'en ai marre que tu te plaignes
    J'en ai marre t'en as marre que je me plaigne
    T'en as marre j'en ai marre que tu te plaignes
    J'en ai marre, ah, que tu te plaignes
    [Couplet 4]
    Comme cet éphémère
    Qui donne tout maintenant
    J'ai ce sentiment
    D'un échantillon
    Il est électrique
    Tout sauf de la pierre
    Couleur symétrique
    Étoile et poussière
    Super fille Yelle, superficielle
    Mais à la fin tous dans un ciel
    Quitte à choisir, choisir sa vie
    Papillon de nuit ou simple fourmi
    C'est pas une vie la vie qu'on vit
    Quand on vit pas la vie qu'on veut
    Est-ce que je te l'ai déjà dit
    Je pense que tu mérites mieux
    Que nous deux
    Que nous deux
    Que nous deux
    Que nous deux

  • ksafel
    ksafel 17 days ago

    For anyone interested, to say "she is good", it's Elle est douee. As he said, Elle est bonne is definitely not something you want to say unless you want the police after you

  • Max Manus
    Max Manus 18 days ago

    French sound like you are trying to throw up

  • Coolms9-YT
    Coolms9-YT 19 days ago +1

    Ils sont ou mes amis Francais?

  • Blanka Dawngarden
    Blanka Dawngarden 21 day ago

    I laughed way too hard 😂😅

  • oisin tanner
    oisin tanner 21 day ago

    Acc did that bakery scene IRL on purpose, it was so funny

  • BenzoOfficial
    BenzoOfficial 27 days ago

    Casually Explained est une chaîne géniale.

  • Mr McCuntstick
    Mr McCuntstick 28 days ago

    French fucking sucks

  • No you!!
    No you!! Month ago

    Im from Balkans and in Balkans we have something no language has we can pronounce every letter without a problem ;)

  • NeptuneDraws
    NeptuneDraws Month ago +1

    Yall speaking like yall have a 100 day Duolingo streak while i be sitting here like "Je ne parle pas francais :/"

  • Dracopol
    Dracopol Month ago

    The reason French has Germanic sounds is because Gallo-Romans, who spoke a language descended from Latin, were taken over by the Franks, a Germanic tribe. Frankish became the prestige language, so the Gallo-Romans started to pronounce Latin words with Germanic sounds. No other Romance language experienced that. So French has the Germanic sounds spelled as oe (ö), eu (ø) and u (ü).
    U is easy, though. Say the sound ee but round your lips, pursing them towards the middle of your mouth. You can't help pronounce the "ee" as ü. The trick is to do it on demand.

  • flame Kiid_
    flame Kiid_ Month ago

    S... Sam O'Nella??

  • {GD} MagmaMate Plays

    truly the language of love

  • Mr. Minbuy
    Mr. Minbuy Month ago

    I just decided which language i'm going to learn (I had a choice from german and french), german it is

  • Jason Nichols
    Jason Nichols Month ago

    Beg for your life in French

  • wirsindamleben
    wirsindamleben Month ago

    i'm german and fluent in french but still this is funny haha

  • It's a Me Vault Boi

    This video messed up the little bit of French I've already learned ahhhhhh XD

  • Lucas Games 2.0
    Lucas Games 2.0 Month ago

    Haha, i'm french and i'm using english every day for videos like these.
    But nice video anyways

  • hunter belvis
    hunter belvis Month ago +3

    *French guy asks me if I speak French*
    Me: "we"

  • redfox50184
    redfox50184 Month ago +1

    Hon hon hon hon

  • Dapper Flareon
    Dapper Flareon Month ago

    I'm french and I understand that it's hard to learn for a foreigner, but you have to admit the accent is hot.

  • Pedro Taquino
    Pedro Taquino Month ago

    This is true for all romance language

  • marky 6
    marky 6 Month ago

    I'm still waiting for the moment to say this to a French who turns out to be a complete asshole..... I practice everyday so I can surely sound and maybe convince this French asshole that I am French...... va te faire enculer espèce de merde :)

  • pazzi
    pazzi Month ago

    why is every top comment in french eeee

  • Manel
    Manel Month ago

    I was afraid to speak in french because I didn't want to sound ridiculous ,now I'm afraid they think I'm harassing them.

  • Crude Rude
    Crude Rude Month ago +1

    French is stupid anyway. They can't even pronounce anything right. "Fwansthei" sounds like they got a piece of French Garlic Bread stuck in their mouths!

  • michael angelo
    michael angelo Month ago

    best language is persian

  • katt
    katt Month ago +1

    Fuck the frogs ! Shithole full of muslims

  • Dinand Roos
    Dinand Roos Month ago

    Vous voulez se coucher avec moi, ce soir?

  • Thermophobe
    Thermophobe 2 months ago

    like how most recent comments just show francophones having a laugh lol

  • Sam Andre
    Sam Andre 2 months ago +3

    The entire comment section is in French. I can't be the only one who doesn't understand French... Right?

  • Just Minshaw
    Just Minshaw 2 months ago

    Explains why he looked at me weird in the hot tub🤔

  • Call Me Mirko
    Call Me Mirko 2 months ago

    My man really likes Margery Tyrell

  • Just A Person
    Just A Person 2 months ago

    Nein Danke, I think I'm just gonna stick to learning German.

  • Jeannice Ferrier
    Jeannice Ferrier 2 months ago

    Please watch the What the fuck France series (Paul Taylor)! it goes beyond what it is said, a lot of this episode is covered in the langage one :)

  • LeMagic James
    LeMagic James 2 months ago

    Pain au chocolat ou Chocolatine, cette est le question

  • JaisonScarFace
    JaisonScarFace 2 months ago

    French=getting laid 😍

  • KeyWestGlenn
    KeyWestGlenn 2 months ago +1

    France, wins most battles and wars, commonly known for only surrender.

  • Bou Menn
    Bou Menn 2 months ago


  • Nocturno
    Nocturno 2 months ago

    That's why it's called the language of love my brudah

  • ashley kay
    ashley kay 2 months ago +1


  • Ilan Beguin
    Ilan Beguin 2 months ago

    Tu peux seulement liker si tu est francais

  • Hugomatrix
    Hugomatrix 2 months ago +1

    Nous Français , approuvons cette vidéo

  • Day Dream
    Day Dream 2 months ago

    3:12 French is my second language you didn't trick me

  • Patalo
    Patalo 2 months ago

    Who's Chérine ?

  • Hambone
    Hambone 2 months ago

    language of love forsure. lol

  • Zacbozer
    Zacbozer 2 months ago

    ton accent est trop drole XD

  • Telnobynoyator _
    Telnobynoyator _ 2 months ago +1

    Do you ever want to make a comment that looks good in your head but looks like shit when you write it so you get depressed and complain about it on the internet ?

  • [WUT] Hope
    [WUT] Hope 2 months ago

    i like how elle est bonne is elle est bonne

  • PTNLemay
    PTNLemay 2 months ago

    I'm a native french speaker and even I mess up with the baiser one. As a noun baiser means a kiss. But as a verb it's slang for fuck, but I always confuse that and remember it wrong and assume you can verb it in the sense of kissing.
    So I'll say, "Oh it's not serious they just kissed.". But people understand, "Oh it's not serious they just fucked."

  • Gabriel DOMAIN
    Gabriel DOMAIN 2 months ago

    Excelente video!
    Je connaissais pas cette chaîne YT
    Elle est géniale !

  • Anthony J.
    Anthony J. 2 months ago

    French is such a horny language though.

  • AwaK
    AwaK 2 months ago

    dude. I'm french and you so fucking funny xDDDDD

  • I commented this video
    I commented this video 2 months ago

    Even as a French I rarely see any french making no french mistakes lmao that's a bit sad

  • Theiwofficiel
    Theiwofficiel 2 months ago

    If it's any confort we have the same problem with english words similar to french. You think you just said "do you want me to help you slice the carrots" but no you just said you want to rape them (raper in french).
    What a world. We call those kind of words "faux amis" (fake friends) cause they are big embarassing mistakes that you genuinely didn't wanted to do.

  • Cécile Béchonnet
    Cécile Béchonnet 2 months ago

    I don't know where you have learn French but it seems to be a very strange place... Most of terms you tried to translate in your video were not right. For instance in a polite but common French the verb "baiser" means "kiss" (a French synonyms is embrasser). Similarly the French term " Je suis chaud " is more about to be ready, to have strong desire to do something with somebody (it's an informal expression) than about something sexual. It's all the more the same for every word you said! So please open a French dictionary 😉

  • Never Land
    Never Land 2 months ago

    We don t only have baguettes you know xD

  • Emma Hamzawii
    Emma Hamzawii 2 months ago +1

    Well holy shit, im French and this video made me realize how perverted we sound lmfao

  • rubyrock2
    rubyrock2 2 months ago

    Im in Lyon on exchange right now! Je suis excite was my first mistake too lmao. Also the tuttoyer and vouvoyer thing I fuck up literally every 5 minutes. Were you studying at Lumiere Lyon 2? That's where I am :)

  • Jennifer A
    Jennifer A 2 months ago +1

    This is a joke right

  • Leaviro
    Leaviro 2 months ago +1

    he sounds too enthustiastic

  • Deewens
    Deewens 2 months ago

    On aime les boulangeries en France !

  • studio barbiche
    studio barbiche 2 months ago

    Lyon??? 😂 Encore heureux pour toi tu étais en ville tu serais aller vers Vénissieux Vaux en Velin Saint Priest tu aurai appris encore un autre language 😂

  • Shaun Beaulieu
    Shaun Beaulieu 2 months ago

    Pourquoi y’a tant de gens qui parlent français dans les commentaires ?

  • Sweet Aïleen
    Sweet Aïleen 2 months ago +2

    As a French native speaker, this is totally true and I am SO sorry for the people who are trying to learn our language qwq

  • Malex Jr
    Malex Jr 2 months ago

    Lmao that is so true the country has 100 of words for the snow or rain or anything else and we have 100 words for sex allusions 😅😂

  • linou
    linou 2 months ago

    C’est tellement chou tu essayes d’apprendre le française

  • Ryder Bourque
    Ryder Bourque 2 months ago

    Eh, once you get the hang of it it's pretty easy

  • alex- kind
    alex- kind 2 months ago

    Sa se fait pas monsieur heuuu

  • Octa Pop
    Octa Pop 2 months ago

    je suis française et je meurs 😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂

  • le bétisier du louay
    le bétisier du louay 2 months ago

    I'm FRENCH oui je sais que c'est un peu dur

  • Patte the wolf
    Patte the wolf 2 months ago

    T'a un bonne accent je peux te dire que je connais pas beaucoup de français qui eux ont l'accent anglais surtout moi 🤣 good video

  • big burger
    big burger 2 months ago +1

    Bro I'm french this video just kill me 😂😂😂😂

    • big burger
      big burger 2 months ago +1

      PS: I'm sorry for the mistakes 😂😂😂

  • Kūrasaï
    Kūrasaï 2 months ago

    Génial mec tes le meilleur xD

  • tawuquoi quoi
    tawuquoi quoi 2 months ago

    my aunt husband ( an englishman ) when champagne's bubbles tickled said " ca pique les boules" mispronouncing 'bulles' ( meaning bubbles ). Boules meanings balls we couldnt stop laughing. This said we travelled across France with my uncle and nobody never been upset about him trying to speak french

  • Damo Delaprida
    Damo Delaprida 2 months ago +1

    Tu m'apportes un vrai bonheur... Said no French person.

  • Huguy Le Chauve
    Huguy Le Chauve 2 months ago

    Le français est vraiment une langue de merde au final xD

  • yoyo slayer
    yoyo slayer 2 months ago

    oui oui hon hon baguette?

  • StereoKilla
    StereoKilla 2 months ago

    bonheur ^^ that was hilarious!! i'm french btw