I Found 9 Wedding Rings Underwater in the Ocean While Metal Detecting! $10,000+ (Returned to Owner)

  • Published on Apr 13, 2019
  • In this video I go metal detecting underwater in Hawaii!
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    DALLMYD  Month ago +8157

    Drop a thumbs up if you guys would like to see more underwater metal detecting videos! If we can reach 10,000 likes I'll make another metal detecting video in Hawaii!!

  • Monin Irizarry
    Monin Irizarry Minute ago

    Wow...I don't really know what to say I'm just smiling

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    Noah Mendoza 20 minutes ago

    UTEP⛏ El Paso Tx

  • R.o.p.s
    R.o.p.s 57 minutes ago

    Ciao DALLMYD complimenti per il bellissimo anello in oro. Se verrai in Italia sarai il benvenuto . Un saluto a presto.

  • Gaby Mckenzie
    Gaby Mckenzie Hour ago

    i feel bad :(

  • Beth Sparks
    Beth Sparks Hour ago

    Th kid at 25:44

    JAY KAY 2 hours ago

    Can you please tell me the model name of the metal detector your using? And where i can get one from?
    Thank you.

  • Imani Rock
    Imani Rock 3 hours ago

    I do not think that the prank is funny

  • lixi canel
    lixi canel 3 hours ago

    Finds ring, dips face in water and laughs then dips face more in water

  • Harley Jeffreys
    Harley Jeffreys 3 hours ago

    Haven’t got a like to see what

    LOVE THE POTATOES 3 hours ago

    The big one sounds like my dog and the little one sounds like my phone when I get a text

  • Meranda Porter
    Meranda Porter 4 hours ago

    Did anyone else see the kid doing the orange justice at 6 26

  • RoseAnnaLovesSexyFood
    RoseAnnaLovesSexyFood 4 hours ago

    Love your videos !

  • SnowFlakesAreReal
    SnowFlakesAreReal 4 hours ago

    I feel bad for the dude

  • SnowFlakesAreReal
    SnowFlakesAreReal 4 hours ago

    Your detector sounds like a crying dog

  • Loaf of Dog
    Loaf of Dog 5 hours ago

    would be said if the ring gets lost in the mail

  • lemon leah 96
    lemon leah 96 6 hours ago

    Dont give it to me😡😡😡please👌👌👌👌👌👍👍👍 gold😱😱😱😱

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    veronika kozakova 6 hours ago

    Omg you found Kim kardashians ear ring 😂😂😂

  • Valeria Cantú
    Valeria Cantú 7 hours ago

    I think you found a $5 pesos, but I'm not sure, it looks like the coin here in Mexico, I love you videos!!

  • Jen Mo
    Jen Mo 9 hours ago

    Jake is really kind hearted with a pleasant personality

  • Arman james Raceles
    Arman james Raceles 11 hours ago

    That's Philippines peso 10 pesos

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    That's so mean

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    At 6:28 someone was doing the orange justice

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    you are the guy man you have a lake in Orlando

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    tjvr 236 17 hours ago

    Returned to Owner much respect'

  • Georgia Fadeyiw
    Georgia Fadeyiw 17 hours ago

    It’s actually quite sad seeing all the dead coral in the area that he’s swimming in :/

  • Sugar pussy 66
    Sugar pussy 66 19 hours ago

    This video made me buy a metal detector. Lake of the ozarks here I come.

  • Gacha Angelica
    Gacha Angelica 19 hours ago

    What did we learn?

    People aren't responcible. -~-

  • Naizren Guerrero
    Naizren Guerrero 21 hour ago

    They should go to the place where kim k lost her earing😂mabey they can find it😂

  • acoustic guac
    acoustic guac 21 hour ago

    i could watch videos like this for hours

  • Ava VanMoorsel '25
    Ava VanMoorsel '25 22 hours ago

    OMG! My aunt lost an earring that looked just like that, but that one probably isn't it because we lost it a year ago in California....

  • Sarahelen Pereira
    Sarahelen Pereira 22 hours ago

    Why does the big metal detector sound like a crying dog lol

    THE LEGO GEEK 22 hours ago

    Im so happy you found no trash!

  • Dxddy.steph 13
    Dxddy.steph 13 22 hours ago

    Wait, I have the exact ring like the one he showed at 14:10 omg🤔

  • Santi Rodríguez
    Santi Rodríguez 22 hours ago

    6:26 see the kid in the back ! ;D

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    Kiera Powers 22 hours ago

    i was at the beach the same day you guys were!!! i wish i would have seen you guys!!!

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    Cute unicorn Angel 23 hours ago

    You are really lucky

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    Poor Brandon

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    That looks fun

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    Brissa Ortiz Day ago

    Yoo I'm from El Paso Texas too, so nice of you to give it back lmao

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    Awi Sintaro Day ago

    You found all my ex wives' rings ? Put it back . It belongs there .

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    Brandon’s so saaad

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    Did anyone see the kid dancing at 6.25

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    14:16 Kim k be like “my dimond earring!”

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    10:25 Love how you just asked a random kid If he has seen Jake 😂

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    HOW DID I NOT SEE THISSSSSS yooooo i love Waikiki. Aloha from Oahu Hawaii

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    Giselle Ramirez Day ago

    That's a milatary ring I know that becaue my brother

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    6:26 the kid in the background

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    KoRR- BS Day ago

    6:25 fortnite dancer

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    RiFt IcEx Day ago

    6:27 the kid who fortnite danced his way into one of Jake’s videos

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    Marta Tozer Day ago +3

    am i the only one who feels sorry for Brandon, he got so excited:((

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    Clara Ferreira Day ago

    You and Beautiful❤

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    Looks like someone wasn't very happy whit they're marriage

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    try finding Kim k’s earring

  • Let's Make This Bread

    That looks super fun, lucky finds!

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    UTEP = University of Texas El Paso

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  • Braxton Brannon
    Braxton Brannon Day ago

    Wow you are going to be rich

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    If you ever want to purpose ,just go in the sea with a metal detector no need to go to the store!😂

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    In the movie the mighty uke they talk about wikiki

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    Why do rings look so fresh and not destroyed like they were in sea for long time probably and they look new

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    It’s Sadaf Day ago

    14:15 that’s KIMS EARING 😂🤣🤣

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    this is a name Day ago

    Thats 10 pesos from philippines

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    Paying off student debt 2019

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    “We are going to continue this journey all around the island of Hawaii.” 🤔 also, I know one of the islands is named Hawaii (nickname is the Big Island) but Waikiki is on Oahu. I think he meant to say islands or island of Oahu, but I just think it’s funny he said island of Hawaii


    Anyone notice the pattern? Coins,jewelry over and over

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    6:26 just some random kid doing the orange justice

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