Dark & Relaxing Hand Movements for Sleep | 60fps ASMR

  • Published on Mar 14, 2019
  • It's dark...it's relaxing...it's dark and relaxing hand movements! I get an adorable amount of requests for more of these -- ask and you shall receive. Sleep well friends.
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  • Gibi ASMR
    Gibi ASMR  4 months ago +1228

    Ayy we're on trending! Welcome to my ASMR channel! ^_^ You can find out what ASMR is here in this corny yet educational video: ru-clip.com/video/vFqbWwKg_o4/video.html

    • poop shaloop
      poop shaloop 4 days ago

      @Ash Ketchum shut up hoe I'm long dong Johnson

    • Ash Ketchum
      Ash Ketchum 4 days ago

      Gibi this is my favorite video from you

    • laughing emoji
      laughing emoji 8 days ago

      Squidward doing asmr💆‍♂️

    • poop shaloop
      poop shaloop 11 days ago +1

      Gibi ima lick that butthole of yours

    • Andrew Brannen 5
      Andrew Brannen 5 Month ago

      @T͍a͍n͍z͍i͍l͍ H͍a͍s͍a͍n͍💎 you're fucking rude go watch something else asshat

  • Faygo
    Faygo Day ago

    Can you do more of those videos? Like this dark 4k 60fps? It fells so gud in 4k 60fps

  • Leeroy Arts
    Leeroy Arts Day ago

    Yoshikage Kira wants to know your location

  • Rodrigo Valdés
    Rodrigo Valdés 2 days ago

    13:48 tingles af

  • Jumbo Mumbo
    Jumbo Mumbo 3 days ago

    Thank u Gibi for these videos!!! Really helps. Please make more positive affirmation videos.

  • Brainless Doge
    Brainless Doge 3 days ago

    Me: *sleeping after video*

  • bombnana
    bombnana 4 days ago

    So just lying down...

  • Asmr U kidding me
    Asmr U kidding me 4 days ago

    Ik hou van jou !

  • Jéjé La pute
    Jéjé La pute 5 days ago

    Hello i just wanted to say thanks cause i’m not even a suscriber, but you are helping me every night to fall asleep, i can’t sleep without you (or bob ross eheh) because of stuff so thanks a lot, im going to suscribe right now because i’ll fall asleep and forget to do it like everytime eheh

  • Laurel Chen
    Laurel Chen 6 days ago

    Gibi pleaaaaaaase more hand movement videooooos because they work magically every time pleeeeeeeaaassse

  • Harshal Patel
    Harshal Patel 6 days ago +1

    Best part is from 12:14 to the end

  • Colin
    Colin 7 days ago

    2:30 she Mr. miyagi’d me!

  • Caitlin Frankie
    Caitlin Frankie 7 days ago +2

    We are trusting these guys a lot... they could scream any moment...

  • Caitlin Frankie
    Caitlin Frankie 7 days ago +1

    -Puts in earphones and lies down to sleep-


  • Bethany P
    Bethany P 7 days ago

    I really love this video for the nights when I can’t sleep, but can’t use volume because my husband is asleep next to me. I have zero clue what you say in this video, but it’s helped get me to sleep several times. Thank you for making such an effective video that is somehow both engaging and relaxing.

  • Katelyn Leedy
    Katelyn Leedy 8 days ago +1

    By far my favorite video, please make more like these!!

  • Varun Vishvas
    Varun Vishvas 8 days ago +1

    I really sleep after watch this video thankuuuuu🤗🤗

  • Lathan Echols
    Lathan Echols 8 days ago

    Gibi: I hope that you have been sleeping well

    Me: bich I'm watching this at 7 in the morning I stayed up all night 😕🙃

  • Kitty Dough
    Kitty Dough 9 days ago

    Me: So do you just like wanna brush my face off my face (ya know just a random thought l)
    Then Gibi said
    Gibi: 12:26
    Me: wow okay
    {lol jk}

  • Dandyy
    Dandyy 9 days ago

    This is the crap that gets me. Its a shame that i have to make sure i dont watch it to often as to not get immunity.

  • Olivia l'olive
    Olivia l'olive 9 days ago +2

    Hand sounds / Hand movements are my favourite triggers🌸

  • Prostě Terča
    Prostě Terča 11 days ago

    GOOD sounds but.......

  • Relief ASMR
    Relief ASMR 11 days ago

    We need way more of 17:00 PLEASE

  • Jaqualyn B
    Jaqualyn B 11 days ago

    ME: *Gets comfortable, puts earphones in and finally relaxes*
    Ad: ArE yOu rEaDy fOr tHe sUbArU eNd oF fInAntIaL yEaR sALe!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Drxco Ttv
    Drxco Ttv 11 days ago

    Yo she is fucking. Beautiful

  • Satan
    Satan 11 days ago

    My brother: why are you looking at me
    Me after washing my hands: 15:42

  • Ionian Foxy
    Ionian Foxy 12 days ago +1

    This is literally the first video in existence that helps me with depression and anxiety
    I don't know how this is working but it's helping me a lot lately

  • Hayden Dozier
    Hayden Dozier 12 days ago

    Not in a way that every body takes it

  • Hayden Dozier
    Hayden Dozier 12 days ago

    The back ground is black and she is white and very pretty

  • 1956 Riley Pathfinder
    1956 Riley Pathfinder 12 days ago

    Me: **starts to watch an older Gibi video that I've watched multiple times**
    Headspace add: *Hello again*

  • Electric Scars
    Electric Scars 13 days ago

    That was wonderful,Thank you very much,Greetings from Germany :)

  • andrea j
    andrea j 13 days ago +1

    Gibi: Look at the right side
    Me: You cant tell me what to do! *stares intensly at the left side*

  • tetrahedron in space
    tetrahedron in space 13 days ago

    That sweater looks so comfortable!!!

  • rose
    rose 13 days ago +2

    She protecc
    She attacc
    But most importantly

    She is in White and Black

  • K1NG
    K1NG 14 days ago

    I feel like those whom'st'd've acended can hear the hand movements

  • O1Merve
    O1Merve 14 days ago

    Our Turks should leave this job was perfect I think more beautiful👌👌

  • Lemoneasy
    Lemoneasy 14 days ago +2

    Me: When
    Gibi: Good
    Gibi: Good
    Me: Whe-
    Me: *...*

  • lifting75
    lifting75 14 days ago

    1:03 Gibi: “Do you mind if I Touch You”
    Me: I’ve been sitting here naked in the dark begging, now it’s a party!

  • eXplorer
    eXplorer 15 days ago

    Nice vid!

  • War_hawk1321
    War_hawk1321 17 days ago

    It’s PS4 asmr

  • Erzacy
    Erzacy 17 days ago +2


  • Lemoneasy
    Lemoneasy 17 days ago +1

    make a video with a fan running in the background

  • Lemoneasy
    Lemoneasy 17 days ago +1

    15:32 *am i a terrorist to you?*

  • Lemoneasy
    Lemoneasy 17 days ago +1

    *Sexual Harassment*

  • Hondxz FN
    Hondxz FN 17 days ago +1

    Okay let me explain how i got here, i went on pornhub and searched up "porn asmr video's" so there was this one video where someone edited your video and cut out the words 'cum al over me' so then i had tingels from that video so then i searched up your channel, and this is me now wondering why i wrote this because no one cares but this is how i ended up here, because of Pornhub

  • Miss lulu
    Miss lulu 17 days ago

    I really love it ❤
    There is French here ? 😅

  • Dr Alternative
    Dr Alternative 18 days ago

    Gibi looks so beautiful in the black and white,

  • Tumama Noc
    Tumama Noc 18 days ago

    2:33 am

  • Tumama Noc
    Tumama Noc 18 days ago


  • Riccardo Dantonio
    Riccardo Dantonio 18 days ago

    Best moment 14:33

  • Makayla Fish
    Makayla Fish 19 days ago

    why does she look like Blake Lively when she played Adaline in Age of Adaline???

  • Lemoneasy
    Lemoneasy 20 days ago +2

    i broke my phone so now the display is messed up so i’m watching with a bunch of lines and like a completely green and left side barely red but it honestly looks dope

  • iiArktic Ace
    iiArktic Ace 20 days ago +1

    U ok? I hear a lot of cracking

  • Sophie Blue
    Sophie Blue 21 day ago +1

    3 months and I still come back here every night

  • Ava_31
    Ava_31 21 day ago

    5:46 I was hoping that she was picking off al my forehead acne 😂

  • Veggie Rose
    Veggie Rose 22 days ago +2

    I've been watching this video to go to sleep for like a month straight 😂... goodnight everyone 🥰 thx Gibi

  • YaBoyDev21
    YaBoyDev21 23 days ago

    I find myself watching this video weekly. I love it!

  • Selena's Corner
    Selena's Corner 24 days ago

    Please do another video like this

  • Vanessa Wolfhard
    Vanessa Wolfhard 24 days ago

    Idk but i think u look like camila cabello

  • Instinction
    Instinction 26 days ago

    Miss Gibi I need my eyes to see the hands and I cant sleep with my eyes open

  • sgt. barnes
    sgt. barnes 26 days ago

    Beautiful even in black and white version. Always great Gibi! Four stars for you in my heart.

  • Kirstin Elder
    Kirstin Elder 26 days ago

    Is anyone gonna talk about the lit candle on the bed?!😂

  • Night Eyes
    Night Eyes 27 days ago +1

    I think its really weird that when im watching ASMR, and they say very good quickly after telling you to do something. That I get tingles in my shoulders. I think its because my brain reads it as rewarding and like someone who I dont know appreciates me...

    Is that anyone else..?😂😣😭

  • Fantabulous
    Fantabulous 27 days ago +1


  • Caitlin Frankie
    Caitlin Frankie 27 days ago +1

    Me: -watching asmr-
    -falls asleep-
    me: ahhh sh**! Yeah your concentrating on my nerves!!!!!!!

  • Caitlin Frankie
    Caitlin Frankie 27 days ago +1

    Hi I have the most important question.... what’s the meaning of life?

  • kbug
    kbug 27 days ago +1

    I am watching this in june......that sweater is making me sweat

  • MrHotPocket YT
    MrHotPocket YT 28 days ago


  • Communist Party Of Canada


  • Chase Ellison
    Chase Ellison 28 days ago +3

    Gibi: I hope you’re doing well

    14 year old girls: nope I’m depressed and it’s 6 in the morning

  • MrHotPocket YT
    MrHotPocket YT 29 days ago

    10:25 at night turns brightness all the way up gets blinded immediately

  • Litty Lili
    Litty Lili 29 days ago +113

    She protect
    She attack
    But most importantly

    she asks for consent before she touch my face

    • No Sanctuary
      No Sanctuary 3 days ago +1

      @Alicia Jones how can I somehow read your fake laughter? "ahahaha?"

    • Alicia Jones
      Alicia Jones 6 days ago +1

      AllRise 99 what did she do to you ahaha?

    • Alicia Jones
      Alicia Jones 6 days ago

      el negro lol y u lot hating on her hahahah

    • el negro
      el negro 8 days ago +1

      @WIWI ASMR ok retard

    • AllRise 99
      AllRise 99 10 days ago +2

      @WIWI ASMR shut up

  • Trey Clifton
    Trey Clifton 29 days ago

    I had a strange finding on day when an eye doctor did the peripheral vision test to me in high school. Couldn’t see his fingers somewhere a little above my right eye. Found out I had a small blind spot that I was born with and don’t notice cause I compensate for it. I was a baseball catcher all three high school starting probably at about 10. Idk maybe that’s not that weird, but it was strange to me that it didn’t screw me up.

  • SuperNinjaCowGoMoo
    SuperNinjaCowGoMoo Month ago

    I need more of these

  • Lara Rosa
    Lara Rosa Month ago

    10:29 - 12:08

  • Lucia Ripa
    Lucia Ripa Month ago +3

    Never seen hands more beautiful than Gibi's 🙃

  • Jorie Clark
    Jorie Clark Month ago +3

    8:24 *tiny quiet clap*
    Me almost asleep: *AAA*

  • Jacob Washer
    Jacob Washer Month ago +2

    Me: *getting ready for asmr, turning up volume and getting comfortable

  • JSnowman BTW
    JSnowman BTW Month ago

    Gibi Your The Bes.... Zzzzzzzzzzz

  • TP88 Turtlepower88
    TP88 Turtlepower88 Month ago

    1:25 when you try to make the conversation less weird

  • Jaswant
    Jaswant Month ago +1

    I will never understand the concept of the dislike button on RU-clip

  • Twixxxily
    Twixxxily Month ago +3

    Can't see ur hands love if my eyes are already closed

    • go ha
      go ha 29 days ago

      Twixxxily move

  • Scorpius
    Scorpius Month ago

    2,000,000 SUBSCRIBERS!!!

  • Kian John Lewis Pope

    Gibi would be an amazing therapist

  • Darkness Inside
    Darkness Inside Month ago

    I swear this girl is life saver thank you so much ♥️

  • Destiny Santana
    Destiny Santana Month ago

    I got mad tingles in the beginning 😂

  • Itz Midnightwolf
    Itz Midnightwolf Month ago

    9:10 just pause

  • Stephanie Foster
    Stephanie Foster Month ago

    "Look at my face instead." *sticks tongue out*
    You're so playful 😂😂😂😂💕

  • Raphaela Gomes
    Raphaela Gomes Month ago +4

    Does anyone ever said that you look like Sara Bareilles? 💕
    Thanks for the video!

  • pika chu
    pika chu Month ago +1

    Gibi: its dark.. its relaxing..
    Me: its free real estate

  • Damo yt
    Damo yt Month ago

    2:23 stop touching my tits what’s the matter with u

  • J B
    J B Month ago

    hi can you do clapping asmr?

  • Godisangry
    Godisangry Month ago +1

    ASMR scented Windex is now a thing.

  • Abby Bowling
    Abby Bowling Month ago +3

    this video is honestly dangerous i swear i fall asleep everytime i watch it lol

  • Carolina Hamilton
    Carolina Hamilton Month ago

    why does youtube always give me ads of screaming girls before I watch ASMR no me gusta :(

  • Gearsturfs
    Gearsturfs Month ago

    The big channels always have bad hand movement videos
    Not sure why

  • Bert Olofson
    Bert Olofson Month ago +1

    You are so fucking hot 🌞🔥🔥

  • Dawey
    Dawey Month ago +3

    Me: Stop it Please
    Gibi : What Abo~~

  • Jackson Yeager
    Jackson Yeager Month ago

    I don't know how ppl fall asleep to th

  • TH3 LA5T
    TH3 LA5T Month ago +1

    An just like that I'm good to go to sleep 🤘🏽