DIAMOND BOOTS IN REAL LIFE! Minecraft vs Real Life animation CHALLENGE

  • Published on Mar 23, 2019
  • Minecraft in Real Life DIAMOND BOOTS
    Minecraft vs Real Life - The Best Episodes Minecraft vs Real life video
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    WAY TO NETHER IN REAL LIFE: ru-clip.com/video/XJgAmYCAkCQ/video.html
    MINECRAFT SLIME IN REAL LIFE: ru-clip.com/video/xg0kz-cV5ig/video.html
    MINECRAFT ENDER PEARL IN REAL LIFE: ru-clip.com/video/Kbwkmt3HbVo/video.html
    MINECRAFT OBSIDIAN IN REAL LIFE: ru-clip.com/video/vHSSv0M1hs4/video.html
    DIGGING STRAIGHT DOWN IN REAL LIFE: ru-clip.com/video/OF--wzqT9uY/video.html
    PUNCHING TREES IN REAL LIFE: ru-clip.com/video/GmvGASxJXwU/video.html
    ONE HOUR OF MINECRAFT VS REAL LIFE: ru-clip.com/video/iUe1yt08AUg/video.html
    MINECRAFT SHARK ATTACK IN REAL LIFE: ru-clip.com/video/xE1P_PtP_ys/video.html
    MINECRAFT DIAMONDS IN REAL LIFE: ru-clip.com/video/F20HIFTjt0A/video.html
    MINECRAFT IRON MAN IN REAL LIFE: ru-clip.com/video/Rme4NYVeULg/video.html
    MINECRAFT HIDDEN TRAP IN REAL LIFE: ru-clip.com/video/LPfiZKxJMLo/video.html
    MINECRAFT DIAMOND PICKAXE IN REAL LIFE: ru-clip.com/video/-2kN8qse1qE/video.html
    MINECRAFT POTION IN REAL LIFE: ru-clip.com/video/GrxQLPf17C0/video.html
    MINECRAFT GOLD BAR IN REAL LIFE: ru-clip.com/video/5UfFs9b6Oyw/video.html
    MINECRAFT REDSTONE IN REAL LIFE: ru-clip.com/video/RHsmKyGwe1w/video.html
    TNT EXPLOSION IN REAL LIFE: ru-clip.com/video/wTzN0HowRk4/video.html
    MINECRAFT ROLLER COASTER IN REAL LIFE: ru-clip.com/video/b7qSKilUS5s/video.html
    MINECRAFT DIAMOND SWORD IN REAL LIFE: ru-clip.com/video/t7XHwnj0bCQ/video.html
    MINECRAFT SQUARE MELON IN REAL LIFE: ru-clip.com/video/vBo52RgsC0E/video.html
    MINECRAFT DIAMOND AXE IN REAL LIFE: ru-clip.com/video/gpayXKROfgQ/video.html
    MINECRAFT DIAMOND ARMOR IN REAL LIFE: ru-clip.com/video/Vmf_mx0mpmo/video.html
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