We Have a Secret To Tell You..

  • Published on Aug 17, 2019
  • our future is changing

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  • CanIPlayzz Gaming
    CanIPlayzz Gaming 23 hours ago

    Im 3 weeks late to this.

  • ALI
    ALI 23 hours ago


  • Mohammed Awad
    Mohammed Awad 23 hours ago

    oh my god dan so happy for you

  • hung nguyenquoc
    hung nguyenquoc Day ago

    Dan when you have a baby then can you still make video for us ?

  • holly sikes
    holly sikes Day ago +1

    I think Dan is nervis I think he mite be a little not reddy up d and the name should be Daniel Jr or Samson

  • TheFrenchMexican

    *About to be a dad*
    Pat and Jen?
    *Break up*
    *My childhood is gone...*

  • Daizy B
    Daizy B Day ago

    Oh my goodness I’m born in January! I hope it’s the same date as me!

  • Jed Browning
    Jed Browning Day ago

    Dan, we're so proud of you and Jemma! You will both be great parents!!!

  • Jed Browning
    Jed Browning Day ago

    name your child tray plz

  • Misty_Haze
    Misty_Haze Day ago

    One RU-clipr I used to watch when I was younger is getting a divorce.
    And the other on is having a kid.
    :/ Huh.

  • Dustin Kershaw-Richards


  • Nugget Plays
    Nugget Plays Day ago

    😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 nugget is so excited we have come so far I look up too you and you got me through my mom and dad breaking up you are my favorite RU-clipr and you are such a good person

  • CherryTreesGrow -

    Omg!!!!!!!! Im so excited for you!!!!!

  • lily martn
    lily martn Day ago

    U guys r saying that he will take over the channel but dont get ur hopes up it doesnt happen often. He might not want to follow in Dan's footsteps also congratulations

  • Jordan's Hyper!
    Jordan's Hyper! Day ago +1

    I cringed dan *"if dan had a kid he would name him pug man"*

  • Abbey/Adam WolfWere

    Holy! I started watching you since diamond dimensions and mod showcases! Congrats Jem and Dan!

  • Slipper Ninja
    Slipper Ninja Day ago

    My childhood favorite youtuber is a dad!

  • John Rogerson
    John Rogerson Day ago +1

    Congrats your gonna be a great dad

  • Llama Boy76
    Llama Boy76 Day ago

    Wow I'm so happy for you!

  • Juriz Torotoro
    Juriz Torotoro Day ago

    *shook :0* dan you will be a great father. and i hope your child follows and appreciates what you do for a living. Congratulations

  • Lani Ashton
    Lani Ashton Day ago

    I've watched you for so long and OH MY GOD IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS

  • Giancarlo Nigaglioni

    Congrats man

  • Fangirlvids Yt
    Fangirlvids Yt Day ago

    I'm so happy for you too!!

  • Maizy Moo123
    Maizy Moo123 Day ago

    My childhood hero is now gonna be a dad 😭 he will pass on the legacy to his son

  • Sashka Trajcevska


  • Ryley Roberts
    Ryley Roberts Day ago

    I’m screaming and crying ahhhhhhhhh

  • Ryley Roberts
    Ryley Roberts Day ago

    I’m screaming and crying ahhhhhhhhh

  • Xoxhunny Gaming
    Xoxhunny Gaming Day ago


  • Sara Skok
    Sara Skok Day ago


  • cookie glodove
    cookie glodove Day ago

    Now dan will call it pug man

  • louay playZ/animations and gameplays

    He would be a breathtaking boy

  • Dimi 36
    Dimi 36 Day ago

    omg im so happy for you congrats my guy i watch you since 4 years i love you so much keep the great work :)

  • 。ØmegaMaiz 。
    。ØmegaMaiz 。 Day ago +1

    OG Dantdm fans will be crying 😭😭😭


  • SP1_Dragon
    SP1_Dragon Day ago

    No way... Congrats Dan

  • Toxxic Nuke
    Toxxic Nuke Day ago

    congrats dan 👍

  • ミツバチHoney Bee Gatcha

    Imagine when the day is for the child take your father to school day and everyone sees Dantdm :)

  • katrina gracey
    katrina gracey Day ago

    Aww I am so happy for them. They are going to make amazing parents. Congrats!!

  • W0lf Studi0s
    W0lf Studi0s Day ago

    I swear if its on the 12th imma cry cuz thats my b-day TvT

  • W0lf Studi0s
    W0lf Studi0s Day ago

    I already knew because of Instagram uwu

  • Charlotte Handsaker

    you will be the best and the most amszing dad dan

  • Crystal _llama2
    Crystal _llama2 Day ago

    I showed my friend the video and he just said: “omg they are having a baby boy! What gender?” ...

  • Crystal _llama2
    Crystal _llama2 Day ago

    Omg I’m crying my eyes out! I’m so happy for you guys! Congrats!

  • Nova Fultz1813
    Nova Fultz1813 Day ago +1

    Congratulations on Your Bundle of Joy!

  • Ace 09278
    Ace 09278 Day ago +1

    Congrats I've been watching you forever

  • Yuuni Yuuni
    Yuuni Yuuni Day ago

    Dan and jemma having a baby
    Pat and jen break up
    Pweds and marzia are married so many things happend

  • Yuuni Yuuni
    Yuuni Yuuni Day ago

    Dan i,ve been watching you seens moreTDM

  • Diamond Animations

    Congratulations 👪

  • Geo Cheese
    Geo Cheese Day ago

    I scrolled down DanTDM upload and found this on sat 14 sep

  • Geo Cheese
    Geo Cheese Day ago +1

    Will he be called Pug man? Lol

  • Izzy Plays
    Izzy Plays Day ago

    Ik I'm late, but congrats dan. I have been subbed since the very start, since mid showcases, dr tryoras, Grimm. All that.

  • Bess Yim (Grade 2)


  • yolo boy
    yolo boy Day ago

    I'm so happy for you Dan

  • Ellie Clifford
    Ellie Clifford Day ago +1

    Congratulations Dan, I know you'll do great!

  • Thatboredgamer 08

    His upload schedule will definitely change

  • Mandy Clarkson
    Mandy Clarkson Day ago

    Man she dont look fat at all 😂 (dont hurt me)

  • FoxyZx
    FoxyZx Day ago


  • Meme Dog
    Meme Dog Day ago

    Yeees the awesome DanTDM content shall continue even longer!!!!

  • Lucy Ninja
    Lucy Ninja Day ago

    How does it feel to be a father dan?

  • nicole cannon
    nicole cannon Day ago


  • Allister Stene
    Allister Stene Day ago

    Omg that's so cool I hope you guys are happy together and live happily thumbs up if you think dantdm is gonna be a good dad 😁