Top 10 Celebrity Racist Comments

  • Published on Sep 3, 2016
  • Top 10 Celebrity Racist Comments
    Celebrities often post racist tweets, go on racist rants, utter racial slurs on a recorded phone call or make inappropriate comments that get leaked, landing them on the pages of celebrity gossip magazines or page six.
    List rank and entries:
    00:53 #10: Rice Cakes - Rihanna
    02:16 #9: Afraid of Chainsaws - Justin Bieber
    03:22 #8: A Racist, to a Point Hulk Hogan
    04:58 #7: Who Will Clean Your Toilets? - Kelly Osbourne
    06:12 #6: Zendaya’s Dreadlocks - Giuliana Rancic
    07:24 #5: Making America Great Again? - Donald Trump
    08:35 #4: The Phone Call Heard ‘Round the World - Mel Gibson
    10:03 #3, #2 & #1: ?
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Comments • 5 045

  • Jeremy pifer
    Jeremy pifer 21 hour ago

    People are dumb.

  • Flawess Grace
    Flawess Grace 22 hours ago

    Could someone please explain the Rihanna one to me. I’m not defending it I just don’t know what race cake has to do with racism

  • Jack
    Jack Day ago +1

    Mexicans do bring in drugs, guns and rape a lot of people though? That’s just facts. Trump is saying things people don’t want are afraid to. Sad liberals

  • Complex TV
    Complex TV Day ago

    Wait, isnt trump right?

  • Kip Lambert
    Kip Lambert Day ago

    Let me think here.. Countless times, I've heard the stereos blaring from black people's cars playing rap songs..They preach hateful sexism,racism, violence and vulgarities/obscenities .. But dat's der culture ,right?

  • hunterdep1
    hunterdep1 Day ago

    Racism comes from all colors and the confederates had it right divide the country it should be every americans right to choose

  • Joe Me
    Joe Me 2 days ago

    TRUMP speaking truth is racist??? FAKE NEWS!!!

  • Samual Calnan
    Samual Calnan 2 days ago

    How is the donald trump thing rascist? He didn't say anything about race.

  • America is the best country

    #5 is taken out of context when Trump said "They are shipping drugs, rapists,and murderers" he was talking about MS-13, a South American gang

  • 091104chris
    091104chris 2 days ago +2

    Y'all are really trying to defend these racist comments and its wild! I'm DEAD!

  • Corry Burton
    Corry Burton 2 days ago

    Fact Trump never said anything racist om those comments, he said Illegals do these things morons....

  • Corry Burton
    Corry Burton 2 days ago

    TYPICAL WATCHMOJO where is Sharpton he's number 1....

  • Thanh Nguyen Duc
    Thanh Nguyen Duc 2 days ago

    why they can spit the racist shit outloud in social media and take a small as M&M chocolate chip of sorry?

  • Drew Vertical
    Drew Vertical 3 days ago

    8:16 to 8:23

  • Aaron Celestin
    Aaron Celestin 3 days ago

    Anyone triggered how she says rihanna

  • Mike hunt
    Mike hunt 3 days ago


    ZOZO GOGO 3 days ago

    The chainsaw joke is a Canadian staple. Many people say that joke in my country

  • checkoutmyballz
    checkoutmyballz 3 days ago

    Someone should tell Mell Gibson Jesus was a Jew.

  • Billy Wallace PhD
    Billy Wallace PhD 3 days ago

    Ironically, Jade Goody and the abuse she gave Shilpa Shetty resulted in Karma.

  • Kermit the Faze Frog
    Kermit the Faze Frog 3 days ago +1

    Top 10 celebrity bruh moments that went into sicko mode

  • Nicky banks
    Nicky banks 3 days ago


  • Eric The Great
    Eric The Great 3 days ago

    Hogan is a piece of shit

  • Richard Rodriguez
    Richard Rodriguez 3 days ago

    Why is trump the fucking president for smh

  • Person of marshmallow
    Person of marshmallow 4 days ago +2

    Butchering Zendaya’s name god damn...

    • nyla webb
      nyla webb 2 days ago

      Person of marshmallow that’s how zendaya pronounced her name, look up videos of her pronouncing it

  • Aaron Evans
    Aaron Evans 4 days ago

    The stuff they said about Donald Trump wasn't even racist, he was commenting on illegal activity.

  • exit 1Ø1
    exit 1Ø1 4 days ago +1

    typical fucking americans ... ... >_

  • Samuel Knight
    Samuel Knight 5 days ago

    Some of these things arent even racist. Like, first of all, Trumps comments on Mexico was in reference to their government, and living in a border city I can attest to the fact Mexico literally sends us their shit, regardless of race. Yes, the shit happens to be 95% Mexican, but being shit has nothing to do with race. Also, the dreadlocks? How was that racist? Anyone can have dreadlocks...

    SHOWMEGOD 5 days ago

    Rap music=Not racist

  • Abd Rahman
    Abd Rahman 5 days ago

    Sometimes it means that's it . You're over the line. Lessons for the young one.

  • MrTheoLater
    MrTheoLater 6 days ago

    But yeah we have black movies black shows an entire black Network that is constantly making racist jokes.

  • pwg 88
    pwg 88 6 days ago

    How is nappy headed hoes and jiggaboos just a mention??? Thats WAYYY worse than the rest almost.

  • D. Anthony Franco
    D. Anthony Franco 6 days ago

    Everyone is racist to a point! Even blacks... If you say your not than your a liar as well!

  • KrakraTV
    KrakraTV 6 days ago

    Kelly Osbourne just nuked all mexicans with his mouth !!!

  • sunshine sugar daddie bts

    Ok first of all.... zendaya isn’t pronounced like how you pronounced it... and second of all did ya really have to add trump on here likeeee we all know he’s racist

    • MrTheoLater
      MrTheoLater 6 days ago

      Oh shut the fuk up you stupid sjw cunt. Every time one of you assholes watch any video is asked to prove how is he racist you're always blank as a fart cuz he isn't just because he wants to patrol our borders better.

  • elijah pink
    elijah pink 6 days ago

    I’m from England so I have no particular assertions regarding who rules your country, but looking objectively at various clips you’ve put up it is more than obvious to me that this channel is not a fan of Donald Trump!

  • elijah pink
    elijah pink 6 days ago

    I literally can’t look at the Kelly osbourne clip...I have seen it once and have never cringed so much in my life!, so cringe !!

  • Randy Kimberlin
    Randy Kimberlin 7 days ago +1

    black people are the real racist

  • Randy Kimberlin
    Randy Kimberlin 7 days ago +1

    if a black person said something to a white people is. normal but when a white person said something to a black person it's ww3 that bulshit I'm not proud be a American anymore

  • James Cook
    James Cook 7 days ago +1

    Rhianna is a no talent whiner

  • Chris Mass
    Chris Mass 7 days ago +2

    Failed to mention Alec Baldwin...he had some doozies but he's loved by SNL so all is forgiven

  • Bєтα • Tнє Bяυтαl 7 Fσσт Kιllιηg Mαcнιηє

    I do have to say, those Dreadlocks look heavy. I dunno why, they just do.

  • IamATN
    IamATN 8 days ago +11

    The Kelly Osborne thing was so cringey 😂 you had one job 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Emily L
    Emily L 8 days ago +4

    Love how Trump was the only one with absolutely NO QUOTE OR PROOF of racism😂


      the hell are you talking about lady it's right there at the 8 minute mark, if you don't wanna hear his hateful comment as the racist statement it was obviously meant to be i don't know what to say to you

  • Robert Ivan
    Robert Ivan 8 days ago

    That Julianna Ransic schick is horrible looking what the hell happened to her face.

  • rxtsec1
    rxtsec1 9 days ago +1

    Scarface movie said what Trump said.

  • Suffergenius1
    Suffergenius1 9 days ago

    I honestly feel sorry for Kelly Osbourne, I see what she was trying to say/do. The sentence was poorly constructed. Also, it's a line only a good comedian would know how to deliver.

  • Logan Atkin
    Logan Atkin 9 days ago

    The narrator pronounced Rianna wrong

  • Anto theja
    Anto theja 9 days ago +1

    What about that rich white boy... Pewdiepie?
    He is sexist too btw


    I don't like myself , so why the fuck should I like you !!

  • Mr.Candid richards
    Mr.Candid richards 10 days ago

    Damn. And I grew up watching hulk hogan. Wasn’t my favorite, but I use to love that guy. SMH.

  • You’re a Keyboard Warrior

    So someone that can’t physically talk can kill her?

  • Don Tanner
    Don Tanner 11 days ago

    Can you make the top five racist at watch mojo ?

  • Nautyca Alex
    Nautyca Alex 12 days ago

    They are not sorry, because if they were they wouldn’t say it. They should still be apologizing for their ancestors mistakes, but instead they’re walking in the same path. May God be with you my brothers and sisters. Until the day our father returns we must stick together, because they are trynna take us out !

  • Glory Stitt
    Glory Stitt 12 days ago

    To those who felt guilty for what they said, Ican almost forgive them.

  • King JCG
    King JCG 12 days ago

    Wtf is wrong wit all deez ppl 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂, funny how all these famous have a huge negative impact in their careers

  • Snake Eyes
    Snake Eyes 12 days ago

    HH is Trump's fav wrestler

  • TheFlatAssSociety
    TheFlatAssSociety 12 days ago


  • Joker Rules
    Joker Rules 12 days ago

    Not he is only banning the illegal immigrants dumbass

  • Joker Rules
    Joker Rules 12 days ago

    Joke i mean I hate Justin but it was still a joke idiot

  • SP-404 HypNodiQ SoundJunkie

    12:36 that’s green, not brown face makeup.

  • Nina Ward
    Nina Ward 14 days ago

    donald trump isnt racist

  • Zeedo Zeedo
    Zeedo Zeedo 14 days ago +1

    2:48 this is fucking disgusting...ugly bitches

  • moblacker
    moblacker 14 days ago

    Sterling acted like the majority of white older men, nothing new. They ask for forgiveness then do something stupid the next minute. Evil disease.

  • Pete the 5th
    Pete the 5th 14 days ago +6

    I can't be racist my shadow is black!

  • pappagetti 2009
    pappagetti 2009 14 days ago

    This is my favorite 10 thus far. PUT THEIR ASS ON BLAST!

  • Maxx Lux
    Maxx Lux 15 days ago +16

    What Kelly said: if Latinos are kicked out of the country who will clean your toilet Donald Trump?
    What Kelly meant: All these things you take for granted as being part of your lavish lifestyle - even the things you probably think of as being the least important - are provided by the very people you're villifying.

    • Angelica Ramirez
      Angelica Ramirez 4 days ago +2

      @Rachel Butaud hahaha please educate yourself

    • Rachel Butaud
      Rachel Butaud 6 days ago +1

      What has illegal immigration done to benefit America? It was just another stupid analogy that could not be backed up.

  • Doggy Flip Flip The Third

    Sweeter than a rice cake? I wrote a song called sweeter than a potato with salt on it. Neither is sweet as far as I know.

  • Nick Baker
    Nick Baker 15 days ago +1

    Run ....... run damn bieber

  • jamerio virges
    jamerio virges 15 days ago

    Before I watch this I know I'm not gonna fuck with some people after this.

  • Michael Jabronis
    Michael Jabronis 15 days ago

    lets be honest if any word offends you, you are a little bitch lol. Sad world we live in, that people get offended over a word lol.

  • Boyer
    Boyer 15 days ago

    Trump is not racist.

  • Caprice Kobain
    Caprice Kobain 15 days ago

    Where's Eminem on this list???

  • dicess dontbenosey
    dicess dontbenosey 15 days ago

    I didn't know that happen to Hulk Hogan I thought he just retired because he didn't get on with Vince McMahon and so what he said the niggar word a couple of times don't most people get racist a few times no matter what colour skin you are.

  • J Plata
    J Plata 15 days ago

    Dont deport me

  • J Plata
    J Plata 15 days ago

    Wrestler cant say it either.

  • J Plata
    J Plata 15 days ago

    Justin cant say the n word if he's white.

  • Wolf Tapia
    Wolf Tapia 16 days ago

    I mean i dont find the comment @ 5:20 very racist she just missfired.

  • Dutch van der Linde
    Dutch van der Linde 16 days ago +3

    What? Everything that you showed us about Trump had absolutely nothing to do with race. “Mexican” is a nationality, not a race. And he speaks against illegal immigrants, not immigrants in general. He’s married to an immigrant.

  • strong nature
    strong nature 16 days ago

    Bullshit. Its standup its supposed to be racist

  • Smiley Thegee
    Smiley Thegee 18 days ago

    why is mel gibbson in this list? everything he said about the zionist jews is true

  • Aldrin Eldredge
    Aldrin Eldredge 19 days ago

    Your a fucking pathetic piece of shit for putting The President on here and instead of actual proof that hes a racist you simply make unfounded claims that hes supposedly made several racist statements. Total fucking lies.

  • Eric Hansen
    Eric Hansen 19 days ago

    Calling Trump racist, real original. He said drugs and rapists come from Mexico, but also good people too. Is that not true? Read the statistics of how many women are raped while entering our country. And how much human trafficking is occurring. And also, Trump is pro-immigration. It’s not racist to want to require they immigrate legally and to want to protect the citizens of this great country.

  • Jen Jen Teflon
    Jen Jen Teflon 19 days ago

    Bieber L

  • Vincenzi
    Vincenzi 20 days ago

    Hulk still cool though!.

  • Dimmyism
    Dimmyism 20 days ago +3

    That zendaya incident was over the top, but what would you expect from american talk show..

  • Antrax 5.7
    Antrax 5.7 20 days ago

    Why didn’t the Rihanna post go viral and infuriate people? Oh wait cause she’s black, I forgot only black people can be racist but as soon as you say anything about them they’ll start crying how racist people are to them

  • Da Phuc
    Da Phuc 21 day ago

    I don't like Bieber, but I found that hilarious

  • Da Phuc
    Da Phuc 21 day ago

    Was not excepting her to say bitch

  • IAM one
    IAM one 23 days ago

    So So Sincerely sorry is redundant, because you wouldn't have said them words if you didn't already meant it. I mean common, use Logic...Thought=Reaction, you would've have already thought in order to React.

  • IAM one
    IAM one 23 days ago

    Hogan's cool, not because of his Racism, but because of his Honesty 💯

  • ActionJackson
    ActionJackson 23 days ago

    “Trump has done so many bad things, but I’m just going to show clips of him saying he isn’t racist.” Oml if he was actually racist they would have so much evidence but they don’t so they make things up. Trump has been famous and on record for 70 years and even when racism was ok there are no clips of him saying the nword

  • Son Goku
    Son Goku 23 days ago

    " One less lonely nigger"
    Justin bieber

  • Frank Cruz
    Frank Cruz 24 days ago

    Obama Is More Racist Then Donald Trump And He Deported More Immigrants Then Donald Trump Why The Fuck NoBody Talk About That And He Secretly Racist Against Spanish Americans And White Ethic European Immigrants 🇺🇸🇬🇧🇪🇺🇺🇦🇷🇺🇭🇲🇳🇿

  • Mr. Mixx
    Mr. Mixx 24 days ago

    What an utter trash pop shit that Rihanna makes...

  • flesh cork
    flesh cork 24 days ago

    its simple what happens when you give a mic to dumb people

  • John Flanagan
    John Flanagan 24 days ago

    I see a common thread with this segment and it shows demonstrably, that everyone, except our President, in this video is a racist, liberal with plenty of audio video evidence to back it up; Then candidate Donald Trump never said anything remotely racist when talking immigration unless you want him to stick up for MS-13 gang members, anchor babies and other unlawful entry into our country. Since July, 2015, now-President Trump has never said anything remotely racist, if anything he is committed to sticking up for United States citizens, veterans and people that come here LEGALLY. Liberals just keep peddling and defrauding the American people with their ridiculous bullshit. Trump 2020

  • Michael Owen
    Michael Owen 27 days ago +1

    I will probably get this comment blocked or deleted but FUCK YOU PAULA DEAN!

  • Andrew Gibb
    Andrew Gibb Month ago

    God damn Rihanna’s music is shit.


    We are all racist you mob of fucktards

  • Sheila Sams
    Sheila Sams Month ago

    I knew there were reasons I never cared for Justin Bieber 😡