Exhausting climb to TOP OF TAIWAN (3952m) | YuShan Mountain Trek, Taiwan

  • Published on Oct 2, 2017
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    I spent over a month living in Taiwan and there was no way I wasn't climbing the highest mountain in the country. It wasn't hard, but I did it in one day and had absolutely no regrets. The views were insane!
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  • Jacob Laukaitis
    Jacob Laukaitis  Year ago +88

    Guys, it's been a looong time since I uploaded a hiking video and I hope you enjoy it! P.S. What do you think about these introductions where I give a bit more background about the videos I produce? Should I continue doing them? Let me know! :)

    • William Huynh
      William Huynh Year ago

      Jacob Laukaitis Where do you pick the music from your videos from

    • Steven Paulson
      Steven Paulson Year ago

      Doing great on videos, keep them coming

    • Don't watch this Channle
      Don't watch this Channle Year ago


    • Red Hwong
      Red Hwong Year ago

      Jacob Laukaitis It is very nice and appreciated if you give us a clear introduction! Supporting your work! And i hope you can spend your time traveling to the mainland of China for your next destination!

  • Justin L
    Justin L Month ago

    Like your videos

  • Justin L
    Justin L Month ago

    Bro, I'm impressed by your mandarin. It is so good.

  • TX R
    TX R 2 months ago

    Taiwan is such a beautiful country!

  • akute
    akute 3 months ago

    Hey. Kokios ausinės matosi 6:04 ? Ar rekomenduoji? :)

  • Tc Linn
    Tc Linn 3 months ago +1

    Thank you for this video Jacob. I just added Taiwan’s YuSan peak to my bucket list!

  • Mr.Sp33dyGozaleR
    Mr.Sp33dyGozaleR 5 months ago

    Hi Jacob! fantastic hike! love your lifestyle :) I will do the same hike in March. Could you tell me where did you sleep in Tataka? Thanks and have and awesome day wherever you stay!

  • BBkanruethai Kaewsuwan
    BBkanruethai Kaewsuwan 6 months ago

    Thanks for your sharing. 🙏🏻

  • Karo Boy
    Karo Boy 7 months ago

    Tu esi nuostabus žmogus !! Iš taves gauvau daug motivacijos . Tavo video ikvepiantys !

  • 조무강
    조무강 7 months ago

    Such a fun life

  • Karen L.
    Karen L. 7 months ago

    you're like a kid.
    and the world is your playground. :)
    ps: im obsessing over your vlogs! notice me please jacob! 😂

  • Maximka
    Maximka 9 months ago

    Gal pabandyk padaryt videos lietuviskai :) greiciausia bus daugiau views is vieninteles Lietuveles :)

  • Justin Lai
    Justin Lai 10 months ago

    Nice video! I haven't reached the summit of Mt Jade yet even I'm Taiwanese. You're totally really amazing, bro!

  • Mokkaiko
    Mokkaiko 10 months ago

    I'm craving to climb there next month. ✊✊✊

  • Mohammed Irshad ke
    Mohammed Irshad ke 11 months ago

    You're so great

  • Min'Kookie薄荷糖'果

    Your apartment is way more nicer than my apartment in Taiwan XD

    • Min'Kookie薄荷糖'果
      Min'Kookie薄荷糖'果 11 months ago

      Mesut ozil thanks! You have a great day too! =))))

    • Mesut ozil
      Mesut ozil 11 months ago

      you are speaking better than mine..taiwanise are super friendly and beautiful people on the planet hav a good day

    • Min'Kookie薄荷糖'果
      Min'Kookie薄荷糖'果 11 months ago

      Mesut ozil
      Please excuse my English cuz English is my second language, I sometimes can't really tell if people are joking or not lol

    • Mesut ozil
      Mesut ozil 11 months ago

      I was kidding so you are packing to get there

    • Min'Kookie薄荷糖'果
      Min'Kookie薄荷糖'果 11 months ago

      Mesut ozil
      it's not about cleaning but it's that my apartment is pretty old rather than his, which is more modern and new

  • Warblerz
    Warblerz Year ago

    多没文化才会说台湾是个国家 又是个傻狗视频

  • Walter Upoko
    Walter Upoko Year ago

    When u were in nz. Did you evere go to piha beach ? West Auckland

  • Lemme Play
    Lemme Play Year ago

    Man~ I've been in Taiwan for 6 years now and you've done more than me . Need to start exploring

  • Vignesh AN
    Vignesh AN Year ago

    it's very use full I invit you come 😊

  • 어나니머스 게이머 - Anonymous Gamer

    Taiwan nambu wone!!!

    DUNIDA Year ago

    What if all the video you recorded fallen to the ground and you come back with out a video :-D

  • Kenji Gunawan
    Kenji Gunawan Year ago

    5:44 TFFeedback anyone? (TravelFeels)

  • D 3 F 4 U L T
    D 3 F 4 U L T Year ago

    idk I feel emotional when I watch your vids it always looks like you get rejected.. but you still have a great life! Unlike me.. I get rejected more than you;/

  • Moses Imanuel
    Moses Imanuel Year ago +2

    wow u speak Chinese so well

  • Maya. A
    Maya. A Year ago

    He reminds me of felix aka pewdiepie

  • Nine Tails
    Nine Tails Year ago

    You're my new role model. You're an amazing dude.

  • Sid
    Sid Year ago

    I loved this video although the title and thumbnail kept me from watching this for a while now, they just didn't feel that interesting though.

  • Everything but the Girl Fan 76

    Should be 你覺得這是台灣最漂亮的地方,還是.....

  • Hello There
    Hello There Year ago

    You had the high ground

  • Akanome
    Akanome Year ago

    I seriously want to know, how much language you can speak?

  • jeanpaul silve
    jeanpaul silve Year ago

    will hiking MT jade in 3 weeks yeahhhhhhhh

  • Charlie
    Charlie Year ago +2

    Lithuanian pewdiepie

  • Ellie's channel
    Ellie's channel Year ago

    MENTAL NOTE: Do not let Jacob Laukaitis google anything because he ends up on top of a mountain

  • Richard Orr
    Richard Orr Year ago

    You are mad!! wow

  • Jacek Z
    Jacek Z Year ago

    It looks almost the same as mountains in my country.Greetings from Poland

  • Caio De Biase
    Caio De Biase Year ago

    Nice videos mate, keep going. Best regards from Brazil

  • myung Chung
    myung Chung Year ago

    I have been watching your videos and wondering how many languages you speak! All of your videos are so great. Thank you for uploading!!

    • Jacob Laukaitis
      Jacob Laukaitis  Year ago

      +myung Chung thank youuu! I can speak 4 languages and a bit of Indonesian too :)

  • smallyellowgirl
    smallyellowgirl Year ago

    This guy is lit

  • Rūta Meškauskaitė

    Ah, your video makes me want to go back to mountains sooo bad! And seeing you doing some basic mountaineering I would really recommend you to attend some introductory courses of mountaineering, where you would learn important things about safety in mountains and in general all of the information about how to properly plan your trips, pack your bag, dress and etc. to make the experience more pleasurable. Then the trips would become half less exhausting, of course you can't really see the details of your hikes in the videos, but yeah I believe that mountains are something extraordinary and liberating and you should definitely try to reach higher places. But to do that we need to respect ourselves and the mountain so learning and preparation are super important. Climbing on snow is a whole other different experience that I would definitely recommend you to try and challenge yourself if you feel like you're attracted to more technical mountaineering and climbing!
    Best wishes from a very flat Lithuania :)

    • Jacob Laukaitis
      Jacob Laukaitis  Year ago +1

      +Rūta Meškauskaitė ačiū už rūpestį! Kol kas kiek kur lipau nebuvo didelių bėdų, bet geri kursai visada praverčia :)

  • Saurabh Tewari
    Saurabh Tewari Year ago

    Hi have you ever been to India?

  • Ranjit Singh
    Ranjit Singh Year ago

    That was lovely.

  • Rose Kuo
    Rose Kuo Year ago

    wow Jacob how do you know Chinese!

  • Sammy Johnston
    Sammy Johnston Year ago +2

    U should travel to Antarctica

  • Taiwaneverything
    Taiwaneverything Year ago

    Nice video. Shared on our FB site (Taiwan Everything). :)

  • Harmin Vlogs
    Harmin Vlogs Year ago

    Amazing editing and location my friend. Great stuff as always. :)

  • Santiago Londoño

    Come and visit Colombia 🇨🇴

  • Smasher Nv
    Smasher Nv Year ago

    How do you have all the money to travel like this i would like to travel like you

    • Jacob Laukaitis
      Jacob Laukaitis  Year ago

      +Smasher Nv I should publish a video about it today :)

  • thuy tran
    thuy tran Year ago +1

    how many languages do you know?.I really admire you

  • RavensStreaky
    RavensStreaky Year ago

    Hi Jacob, I love your videos. Do you have any plans to visit the Scandanavian countries like Iceland

    • Jacob Laukaitis
      Jacob Laukaitis  Year ago

      Thanks! Yes, yes, I've wanted to visit Iceland for a long time and it seems like it might happen sometime in the near future, which would be awesome :)

  • Captain Dad bod
    Captain Dad bod Year ago

    there's a ghost story about Paiyun Lodge.

  • Nancy Chen
    Nancy Chen Year ago

    Amazing!!! Welcome to Taiwan! 😊❤️

  • Aminebourhili Aminebourhili

    Your videos make me happy 😊❤

  • Aminebourhili Aminebourhili

    I want to see you in Morocco

  • Jessica M
    Jessica M Year ago

    Saya kaget saat kamu bisa berbahasa Mandarin, hahaha, im a fan of your chanel 😍

    • Jacob Laukaitis
      Jacob Laukaitis  Year ago

      +Jessica Martha bisa bisa! Mau belajar banyak sekali bahasa, yaaa 🙈😇

  • Minji Park
    Minji Park Year ago +1

    I am Korean, and I just came across your North Korea vs. South Korea video which is amazing. Then, I found your hiking video in Taiwan. Actually, I will be leaving for Taiwan in 3 days for one month. I've just decided a few days ago to try living one month in Taipei. I should go hiking. Thanks for nice videos!

    • Jacob Laukaitis
      Jacob Laukaitis  Year ago

      +Minji Park yes, absolutely don't miss hiking! You'll love it 😊

  • Avinash Saran
    Avinash Saran Year ago

    Your videos are amazing!
    I have subscribed only one channel and that's yours.

  • Adi Primanda Ginting

    To travel, like going around with tight budget, it is still understandable; you will need preparation and sometimes sharing with others. But, living on an apartment like a local in other country, that costs money. How do you make it? Is it like doing freelance software projects on the go? Wow, can't imagine

  • Red Hwong
    Red Hwong Year ago

    So surprised that you can speak chinese! Taiwan is a beautiful place and best wishes to you have a good time traveling! Lastly, it well be a nice thing if you come to the mainland of China such as Beijing and Sichuan for a trip!

    • 郑瑞乔
      郑瑞乔 Year ago

      Red Hwong dude, I am not being offensive. But I am really surprised that a Taiwanese would strongly recommend mainland China[i personally assumed that you are Taiwanese due to your last name and I do understand not all Taiwanese are extreme like the guy above.]

    • Jacob Laukaitis
      Jacob Laukaitis  Year ago

      I really can't wait to come back to China! Been there once and I'll definitely do more trips in the future :)

  • ken diamond
    ken diamond Year ago

    You just earned a sub! keep the good work!

  • tallula j
    tallula j Year ago

    How many languages do you speak?! 😍

    • tallula j
      tallula j Year ago

      Jacob Laukaitis wow!!! How did you learn all of them? School?

    • Jacob Laukaitis
      Jacob Laukaitis  Year ago

      +tallula j four 🙈

  • Nur Setiadi
    Nur Setiadi Year ago

    Wow Jacob, how many language do you speak?

  • Cody Schmitz
    Cody Schmitz Year ago +1

    I absolutely love your videos, Jacob! You inspire my filmmaking :) 💕💕 keep being you!!

  • barrelrolldog
    barrelrolldog Year ago

    see any bears?

  • Floppy Fish
    Floppy Fish Year ago

    Wait you can speak chinese?

  • Driver's License Practice Test US

    you are crazy, funny man! amazing video as always. keep the good work up further!

  • milk tea
    milk tea Year ago

    You should definitely explore Suicide Forest in Japan.

  • Lil Tauras
    Lil Tauras Year ago

    I like your videos so much ! How old are you ?

    ICONIC YT Year ago

    I don't know but whenever I check ur videos it makes me so damn happy. Thank you for existing dude. So much love.

  • 林志成
    林志成 Year ago +3

    TAIWAN is not a country is part of china

  • chon thicha
    chon thicha Year ago +1

    You always make me goes like WOW OH MY GOSHHHHH then like faaaaaaaak ( in a good way of course lol ) then omggggggggggggggg . Sorry if this doesn’t make any sense XD well just want you to know that you are good! Love your vdo xxx it’s so real

  • Ya na
    Ya na Year ago

    How does he afford all the traveling?

    • Jacob Laukaitis
      Jacob Laukaitis  Year ago

      I'm working on a video where I'll explain all of it. Should be out in ±2 weeks :)

  • Ranjit Das
    Ranjit Das Year ago

    Hey jacob. Whatsup. Where are you now?

  • Smit Solanki
    Smit Solanki Year ago

    Great as always keep it up

  • Nadine Elena
    Nadine Elena Year ago +11


    • Cedrigo Darwin
      Cedrigo Darwin 10 months ago

      Kenji Gunawan lithuanian of course

    • Kenji Gunawan
      Kenji Gunawan Year ago

      Jacob Laukaitis 4? English, Chinese and what else?

    • Nadine Elena
      Nadine Elena Year ago +1

      Wow! Alot of English, alot of Bahasa Indonesia and a little bit of Mandarin. Learned it for 8 years at school 😃

    • Jacob Laukaitis
      Jacob Laukaitis  Year ago +4

      4 and a bit of Bahasa Indonesia. You?

    • Nadine Elena
      Nadine Elena Year ago +2

      You're insane!!! How many languages do you speak?

  • Mei Lina Indria
    Mei Lina Indria Year ago

    i alwayss love the ending of the video.. its not boring at all

  • Mei Lina Indria
    Mei Lina Indria Year ago

    oh god u speak taiwan ?? fluently ??

  • Jonathan Z
    Jonathan Z Year ago

    Thumb up on the Chinese speaking, very clear and fluent

  • cheddar99
    cheddar99 Year ago

    damn i biked 150km in 200 ml rain this week and that was tiring but that mountain hike seems exhausting

    • cheddar99
      cheddar99 Year ago

      Jacob Laukaitis yeah it was really tough throughout the trip

    • Jacob Laukaitis
      Jacob Laukaitis  Year ago +1

      Wow, 150km on a bike is a big feat!

  • Louisa V.
    Louisa V. Year ago +1

    I've been watching your videos for the last 2 days, your South vs North Korea video is the one that got me here and since then I've watched most of them. Somehow, travel videos seem too fake, or when you watch them you feel like you'd never be able to do the same but I very much enjoy watching yours. I actually think I'll start my own channel cause I have so damn much footage but I've postponed it forever haha.
    When I do, could you maybe give me an opinion? Feedback from a travel youtuber would be super helpful ^_^ Wish you all the best and really can't wait to see more :)

    • Louisa V.
      Louisa V. Year ago

      Oh that's so cool @_@ congrats! I tought you speak Korean too cause you have subtitles when ppl speak Korean in a video :D But wow that's freakin' impressive!

    • Jacob Laukaitis
      Jacob Laukaitis  Year ago +1

      Yeah, I'm thinking about making a few Q&A videos it'll be interesting to see what you guys think :) I can speak Lithuanian, English, Russian, Mandarin and a little bit of Indonesian.

    • Louisa V.
      Louisa V. Year ago

      Thanks for replying, you're so nice ^_^ I was wandering how many languages you speak and also how you feel about making a Q&A video. So far as languages I counted English, Korean and Indonesian and Lithuanian which is your native, right? Are there any more? :D

    • Jacob Laukaitis
      Jacob Laukaitis  Year ago +1

      Sounds like an awesome idea! Yeah, I'd be happy to take a look when it's live :)

  • white steven
    white steven Year ago

    I didn't expect that you can say Chinese !

  • alz920
    alz920 Year ago

    I swear this guy can inspire millions of people to travel the world. Advertising companies should take notes 😂😂

    • Jacob Laukaitis
      Jacob Laukaitis  Year ago +1

      +Wavey alex haha! I really hope I can inspire millions of people to travel, that'd be awesome! ✌️🔥

  • awesomeness87878787

    Love your videos! Love Taiwan!

  • Black Rose
    Black Rose Year ago

    Every video of urs is so wonderfully made , thank you for sharing this awesome experience with us! . :D

  • TravelAmy
    TravelAmy Year ago +8

    i loved the video!

  • RaJat MishRa
    RaJat MishRa Year ago

    I like ur videos very much, big thumbsup👍, truly you are enjoying ur life,
    but seriously I want to know that how you arrange that much funds to go different countries in every month....?

    • Jacob Laukaitis
      Jacob Laukaitis  Year ago

      I'm working on a video called "How I afford to travel 12 months a year". I'll explain everything there and hope you'll like it!

  • Joe Richardson
    Joe Richardson Year ago

    AWESOME! Jacob, you are an inspiration for people like me that will never see these places!

    • Jacob Laukaitis
      Jacob Laukaitis  Year ago

      I hope you will see these places! My goal is to make thousands of people travel more and I'll do all I can to achieve it :)

  • Lukas Fehring
    Lukas Fehring Year ago

    How did you learn about any language in the world?

  • Rambod B
    Rambod B Year ago

    I wish my life was half as awesome as yours. You literally live life to it's full potential.
    Edit : also if you like climbing up maintains and going through deserts come to iran. If you don't love those 2 things then don't come anywhere near here 😂😉

    • Rambod B
      Rambod B Year ago

      Jacob Laukaitis meh. It's pretty ok I guess. Not as bad as the media would have you belive. You'll probably like the mountain terrain. Let me know when you do come. I'm desperate to meat you. You seem like an awesome guy.

    • Jacob Laukaitis
      Jacob Laukaitis  Year ago

      I'll def come to Iran sometime real soon. It's a wonderful country I heard!

  • Emil Budisic
    Emil Budisic Year ago

    When i started follow you, you had 20k subs, wooow mate u have grown so fast

    • Emil Budisic
      Emil Budisic Year ago

      Me personally loves all your content, keep on going bro!

    • Jacob Laukaitis
      Jacob Laukaitis  Year ago

      Haha! I guess it's not the quantity that counts, it's the quality. And most of my subscribers are interested more in North Korea rather than traveling, but it is what it is :)

  • xile cheng
    xile cheng Year ago

    Oh dam u can speak chinese?? Daiyum u are good man.hahah

  • lorderik237
    lorderik237 Year ago

    5:22 I see you held onto that Snickers from North Korea..

    • Jacob Laukaitis
      Jacob Laukaitis  Year ago

      Haha, yes! Kept it in my pocket for like a year and figured it was a good time to eat it there, up in the mountains ;)

  • lorderik237
    lorderik237 Year ago

    You bear a resemblance to Felix Kjellberg, except instead of exploring video games, you explore real life.

    • Jacob Laukaitis
      Jacob Laukaitis  Year ago

      I guess we're both exploring real life, just in diff ways :)

  • Angela L.
    Angela L. Year ago

    This video is so amazing. I'm so inspired that I'm getting teary eyed. Living in taiwan is one of my goals ❤❤❤

    • Mesut ozil
      Mesut ozil 11 months ago

      have you been to Taiwan before and are you coming to Taiwan for work or studying

    • Jacob Laukaitis
      Jacob Laukaitis  Year ago

      It's a wonderful place, make sure to visit it!

  • prasanna s
    prasanna s Year ago

    Great Asusual !!!!!

  • Lemon  Pie
    Lemon Pie Year ago +4

    I just found your channel and binge watched every video you have because you're amazing 😊❤️

  • Rokas
    Rokas Year ago

    Kaip ir kada išmokai jų kalbą?

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    5hort5ubject Year ago

    Super blogas! Geriau gal netgi nei J.Olisson :) Beje John’o Olisson’o stilius tau puikiai tiktu ir tikrai pagyvintu contenta.

  • Paulymer
    Paulymer Year ago

    The stuff you do is truly inspiring. If only it were possible for everyone to take on life this way, spend more time experiencing every possibly thing you can instead of trapped in some of the petty existences the good lot of us engage in on a daily basis. Keep it up, Jacob, you'll have a lifetime of stories of which most people could never come close to comparing.

    • Jacob Laukaitis
      Jacob Laukaitis  Year ago

      I hope more people lived like that - it is a lot more available than most people imagine. I'll do all I can to inspire people explore this wonderful planet we live in :)

  • guaca mole
    guaca mole Year ago

    I really love you videos! They are so inspiring and always when I'm watching them I want to travel too soo badly. Keep doing!😊👍
    Greetings from Germany