Body Language: The Key to Your Subconscious | Ann Washburn | TEDxIdahoFalls

  • Published on May 2, 2016
  • How we hold our body both demonstrates and determines who we are and our level of success. What are you telling people about yourself? Or worse, what are you telling your self about yourself?
    How we hold our body both demonstrates and determines who we are and our level of success. What are you telling people about yourself? Or worse, what are you telling your self about yourself?
    This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  • Bob James
    Bob James 5 days ago

    Im glad she's successful somewhere else cuz she sucks as a public speaker!

  • Catherine Greenup
    Catherine Greenup 6 days ago

    It’s easy to control a meeting by using body language to heard. Where you sit a meeting does the same. Sit as close to the boss as you can if you need to get your point across. Look people directly in the eye. Sit up and forward into the discussion. They’ll hang on ever word if you’ve done your homework and can discuss them down calmly showing up their mistakes are clear whilst your together attitude has won the day. The boss will feel supported by being next to you, not the other way around.

  • Catherine Greenup
    Catherine Greenup 6 days ago

    People use my passive nature to use against me. They complain at my efforts happily negatively feeling good about themselves for never having put any real work into their charity that they pushed me forward to serve. Well guys, I’m learning to stand up for myself because you are teaching me how. Bye-bye here’s your jobs back, get on with it. You can’t do it because all you ever did was complain and turn away.

  • Sa' ud Jan
    Sa' ud Jan 7 days ago

    “Every little helps!”.

  • Gu Minhye
    Gu Minhye 11 days ago

    The best lecture!! I love it. I’m going to install it now. thank you!

  • Butterfly Magic with Hot Tea

    YES! Thank you

  • Mowgli Mowgli
    Mowgli Mowgli 14 days ago

    Nice way to put it

  • Tine Kristiansen
    Tine Kristiansen 20 days ago

    Oh oh, an error in her upgrade. she didn't receive her audience positive feedback using her body language.

  • BrilliantCookiebaker
    BrilliantCookiebaker 24 days ago

    That leg thing is really interesting. It never once occurred to me that it might send a weak message. I think it's really interesting because in art the contra post is one of the go to poses especially all these greek sculptures. So why would you portray people in weak way?

  • BaileyDog44
    BaileyDog44 25 days ago

    👋🏽💫♥️ Awesome content! My favorite take a ways from this video:
    When given a complement, instead of ‘brushing it away’ or ‘throwing it away’ ... try working on accepting it . Start the conscious change towards a stronger, more rooted & confident you by consciously changing your body language. ✅
    Obviously, there are clues & “tells” to be found by watching other people’s body language. We can find out way more about a person’s beliefs, motivation, & or truth (unconscious or not) by way of posturing, gestures, eye contact, & movements. Nonetheless, perhaps the most profound & powerful treasure to be found in body language, is the ‘upgrade’ our own body language can provide, when harnessed purposefully & intentionally!

    For example, watch what you physically do when someone pays you a complement. Sadly, many of us feel uncomfortable when someone throws complements our way. We can feel SO uncomfortable that our body will often make gestures that dismiss or brush off complements. Often people can be observed sweeping their hand back in the air, as if they are batting away the complement. Other people can be observed “brushing off” their pants or something on their shoulder - when given a complement that doesn’t match their internal - even subconscious belief. People will regularly say “thank you” to a complement, while physically their body tells you they disagree & push it away.
    I love this speaker’s suggestion for “hacking” your own body language for self esteem, self growth, & as a way to harness deeper rooted confidence. For example, next time someone gives you a complement... try through body language to scoop up that complement with your hand & bring your hand to heart, while saying “thank you.” That’s it. And Watch how it will begin to grown you. Others may notice a difference in us right away, not because we are instantly more confident - but because we will respond more authentically the less we are resisting, dismissing, or “throwing away” pieces of conversation that conflict with internal ideas & beliefs.
    Yes ... many believe that “fake it until you make it” are the truest words to live by. I agree to an extent. Perhaps, the “fake it” part is less about faking out others & more about faking out our own internal resistance we have/hold towards our own potential greatness.
    One of my most favorite Marianne Williamson’s quotes says ... “It is our Light, not or Dark - we fear most!” Indeed.
    So, if we can work with our body to drop it’s resistance & rejection of the positive things that we might not fully believe about ourselves just yet.... it’s like hacking & powering up our ability to more quickly BECOME who we’d like to be ! Focus on awareness & dropping resistance..... that is where CHANGE can enter & begin to root. 💥 🙏

  • Cyn Fox
    Cyn Fox 26 days ago

    Hm the FBI says otherwise!

  • lazy coconut
    lazy coconut 27 days ago

    Weak talk vauge mumbo jumbo 2/10

  • jeremiah youmans
    jeremiah youmans Month ago

    I love this video

  • J Liz
    J Liz Month ago

    I don’t like speeches that start with “So”

  • Musuba Ivan
    Musuba Ivan Month ago +1

    I can't believe I missed this

  • iseejanuarie1788 UNHL217A3

    With Wire less tech sub&otherconsciousness has been vertpered.

  • Katheryn Kelly
    Katheryn Kelly 2 months ago

    I could listen to her all day 🥰 I wish she was my mom

  • Asma Malik
    Asma Malik 2 months ago +1

    i like it

  • Carol Sevy
    Carol Sevy 2 months ago +1

    Great job! You are beautiful and fun to listen to. I love this talk and have watched it several times. I have found I learn something new every time.

  • OperatorJ0hn
    OperatorJ0hn 2 months ago +1

    Really intersting!
    Buuut, actually... with the body-weight on the rear leg... you can simply do a kick more quickly with the front one ;)

  • arun kollannur
    arun kollannur 2 months ago


  • Rebok Fleetfoot
    Rebok Fleetfoot 2 months ago

    body language is BS, the baseline is impossible to establish within a margin of error, and even if you could there are no behaviour metrics that apply to the individual, they apply the the statistical public, which is not about a real person

  • amarjargal erdenebileg
    amarjargal erdenebileg 2 months ago

    wow thank you so much 🥰😊🌞👍

  • Aria Carmela
    Aria Carmela 2 months ago

    Her voice is almost like Stormy Daniels.

  • Revelation 21v5
    Revelation 21v5 2 months ago

    real, lasting change is from inside out, not outside in

  • madexpress express
    madexpress express 2 months ago +1

    Flight simulators and explosives to studying people. Red flag that lady wow

  • Richard Russell
    Richard Russell 2 months ago

    How we hold our body both demonstrates and determines who we are and our level of success. What are you telling people about yourself? Or worse, what are you telling your self about yourself?

  • Dj Glitch
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  • Carolina Yepes
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  • Raneem Sayed Ahmed
    Raneem Sayed Ahmed 3 months ago

    7:27 mY eYeS

  • Arizona Sky
    Arizona Sky 3 months ago +2

    You lost me at Gravity.

  • nonchablunt
    nonchablunt 3 months ago

    fun fact: the last video i watched was also about body language - and the guy explained how you should avoid pointing fingers. michelle obama was coached early to correct this. i like ann, but she could use that update ;)

  • Kohl Dybdahl
    Kohl Dybdahl 3 months ago

    This talk provides great insight into how we should be aware of our body language and how it effects us and how we are perceived. With that being said, fixing body language wont fix all of your problems, it wont be the only thing making you friends with others, and it wont completely change your sense of self worth. What we should take from this talk is that awareness of body language and applying corrections to it will help you on your journey to becoming who you want to be. It's a piece of the puzzle, not a golden ticket.

  • vani
    vani 3 months ago

    I started feeling nervous listening to you 😐

  • atul sudhakar
    atul sudhakar 3 months ago

    Didnt felt a thing regardless of which hand is on top

  • Sandeep Singh
    Sandeep Singh 3 months ago

    Thank u🙏

  • MD pe NV
    MD pe NV 3 months ago

    What the F.... her reaction to the compliment looks more fake than any other move. I mean... looks cringe and unnatural, if someone will do that to me after I ll give a compliment, I ll avoid that person, perhaps.

  • Gwendolyn Marsh
    Gwendolyn Marsh 4 months ago

    love the idea of putting thank-you in my heart.

  • YJN Malinin
    YJN Malinin 4 months ago

    Mm hello gays

  • Mommy Roar
    Mommy Roar 4 months ago

    Great tips. Now I got to observe my subconscious behaviors. 2019 time to upgrade my systems!!! 😻

  • highkey an army.
    highkey an army. 5 months ago +2

    My 18 yr old son teached me this and he never taken this class. He always says:
    “If you around the rich and famous, stand up straight and feel like a rich and famous. When you surrounded by children in a park, play like a child in the park. They don’t and never will know who you really are (they don’t care)but they will perceive you as you want them to perceive you. It’s all in your body language”

  • Sergio Rodriguez
    Sergio Rodriguez 5 months ago

    great video but that volunteer was definitely placed in the crowd, that guy was up so fast, she didn't even finish the sentence he was like "yo it's cue time to shine"

  • محمد الجزائري

    Excellent !

  • Marshall S.G
    Marshall S.G 5 months ago

    I like this woman, she's great at making the topic seems so simple and easy and also her voice ton is great. Thank you lady. And also she's gorgeous and pretty!

  • j b
    j b 5 months ago

    For me subconscious mind is the most powerful tool that helps to create life that you want. I always underestimated it's power but now I am using it to identity subconscious limitations, fears, etc and transform it and change my reality( health, money, relationship etc)

  • Faisal Hassan
    Faisal Hassan 5 months ago

    Best tedx

  • Thomas Nugent
    Thomas Nugent 6 months ago

    Very good. Thank you very much

  • Stacy M
    Stacy M 6 months ago


  • Kristen Longoria
    Kristen Longoria 6 months ago

    This was awesome.
    You, Ann, are a total badass.
    Thanks for your experience, willingness to share, and amazing perspective. Keep doing what you're doing; and kudos that you have come this far already.

  • nads
    nads 6 months ago

    am sorry but I think you should work on your breathing you sound so nervous

    • Gehlan Bowker
      Gehlan Bowker 6 months ago

      It's like she is only breathing every few seconds.
      Inhale talk until she's out of air inhale again

  • Kelly Kirkpatrick
    Kelly Kirkpatrick 6 months ago

    Great Talk

  • Kyle Rieth
    Kyle Rieth 7 months ago

    i lost it at lady with the booger finger... lololol

  • BooMDooM 86
    BooMDooM 86 7 months ago

    I'd smash

  • khalikhan kkim
    khalikhan kkim 7 months ago

    What a piece of information to have?!!! Thank you

  • Lily Andersson
    Lily Andersson 7 months ago

    ...had to speed this up. So boring

  • The Boss Dot Siren
    The Boss Dot Siren 7 months ago

    Great talk! Interesting information I can use for improvement

  • sarthak katiyar
    sarthak katiyar 7 months ago

    7:30, the camerawork.🤘

  • Harry Sulite
    Harry Sulite 7 months ago

    *clicks install now*

  • tytech _
    tytech _ 7 months ago +41

    Came here from the Hand Language guy.
    She's got hands down and she's a pointer. Im not buying what she's sellin.

    • Soleina Hunter
      Soleina Hunter 7 hours ago

      Yubaraj Rijal haha you knowwwww

    • Yubaraj Rijal
      Yubaraj Rijal Day ago

      @Soleina Hunter you listen by heart.
      Bravo, mate

    • Soleina Hunter
      Soleina Hunter Day ago +1

      But I mean what he was saying wasn’t that they were for sure lying but trying to have more authority of the others,... so it might not be that she’s lying but she has an aggressive figure. You could say

    • Yubaraj Rijal
      Yubaraj Rijal Month ago +2

      we've been to same route.

  • Veronica T
    Veronica T 8 months ago


  • Andrew Miller
    Andrew Miller 8 months ago

    Very little substance, disappointing talk

    ABHI J - ROCK 8 months ago

    if hollywood ever makes matrix 4 well they should hire her she will give them at leeast 3 new insight on subconscious

  • aye
    aye 8 months ago

    the tone of her voice is so goddamn annoying.

  • panosalpha man
    panosalpha man 8 months ago

    That volunteer was really cool

  • D She
    D She 8 months ago +25

    'Our subconscious processes up to 40,000,000 pieces of information per second' How on earth do you come up with a figure like that?

    • Heartwork By Kitty
      Heartwork By Kitty 3 months ago +3

      I think perhaps it’s a reference to parasympathetic systems(breathing when it’s unconscious, blood pressure, heartbeat, etc. All those little things,...I’m sure each one of those processes takes a lot of information alone) ?
      Just a guess :)

    • AJAY
      AJAY 5 months ago

      @highkey an army. 😂😂😂😂😂

    • highkey an army.
      highkey an army. 5 months ago +4

      Her subconscious did, dah 😒

    • Sulaiman Bawari
      Sulaiman Bawari 5 months ago

      Do you doubt??
      Mind is more then 40000000 per second if someone subconscious is less then 40000000 then they suffering from kind of mental disorder.

  • Ai Tran
    Ai Tran 8 months ago


  • Peace Maker
    Peace Maker 9 months ago +1

    Body language is a catch-22. If you've never been made aware of it, it works just as described. When you are aware of how it works then there becomes a hodgepodge of unintentional and intentional postures. What if a person like me is purposely being ambiguous with my body language to force people to conversate with me? What if a person is over using body language bc they don't want to talk. As a guy I have walked up to people whose posture looked poor but when we started talking it the thing about body language is everyone has the Rosetta Stone, we're all using our own way, and no overall interpretation can be totally correct. I think it's best to communicate, if someone can't communicate, it's not your fault.

  • Ivan Kolesov
    Ivan Kolesov 9 months ago +59

    My take:
    Feeling Weak vs Feeling Strong body language
    Weak (don’t do it):
    1) Arms are folded
    2) Shoulders are folded forward/down
    3) Head’s down, looking down
    4) Your weight’s on one leg (when standing)
    5) No smile
    Strong (do it)
    1) Arms are unfolded / open
    2) Shoulders are unfolded up/back
    3) Head’s up, looking in front of yourself
    4) Your weight’s on both legs (when standing)
    5) Smile
    Don’t use “Push away body language”.
    When got a compliment just:
    1) put your arm to your heart
    2) and say “thank you”
    (don’t use all the other awkward gestures you usually do)

  • Gerardo Valdez
    Gerardo Valdez 9 months ago

    Thanks for your input, that was very helpful.

  • Raska The Slaanesh
    Raska The Slaanesh 9 months ago

    when you are teaching, ~53.3% of your message to them is your body language, around 40% is your voice and ~6.7% is the actual knowledge you speak. ..... makes you think

  • Skipping Stones
    Skipping Stones 9 months ago

    Flight simulation and explosives?! WTF?

  • Yana S. Naydenova
    Yana S. Naydenova 9 months ago

    The topic is good, but oh my... her voice is so annoying...

    INFO GUIDE 9 months ago

    Any recommendations of books for development bodylanguage ??????

    RAYMOND MAIN 9 months ago

    This lady is gorgeous?

  • Ghadeer Badr
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  • andii doode
    andii doode 9 months ago

    I have to say that her voice didn't appear confident to me.. though she did keep me engaged

  • Apex4Realz
    Apex4Realz 9 months ago

    She talks like a robot

    • Apex4Realz
      Apex4Realz 9 months ago

      Halimous Bathyal nah my hearing is straight she jus talk like an android😂😂😂

    • Halimous Bathyal
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      Do you have trouble hearing at high frequencies?

  • Cid Granado Junior
    Cid Granado Junior 10 months ago

    Excelent talking!! Thanks 🙏 for the knowledge 👏👏👏

  • Emmanuel Goffi
    Emmanuel Goffi 10 months ago +1

    Not compelling at all. Big superficial generalities of which outcomes highly depends on the environment and the people you are interacting with. Even the speaker does not seem at ease. She definitely forces herself to have specific attitudes which make her body language weird and fake. She is clearly pretending to be what she is actually not: self confident.

  • Sirius White
    Sirius White 10 months ago +7

    thank you for interesting, meaningful video. As Dr Julia Rucklidge implied in her clear, intelligent TEDx Christchurch video, nutrition is key to how we think, see, speak and feel. We must look at Dr Rucklidges research. Nutrition best way to change our brains.

  • Tony STARK
    Tony STARK 10 months ago +1

    Got that update! Thanks for it😄

  • Only GOT7
    Only GOT7 10 months ago

    I learn everyday and try to upgrade my subconcious everyday. Thank you 😊

  • The Humble Peach
    The Humble Peach 10 months ago

    I wonder what standing with your hands behind your back means. Both feet firm on the ground. That’s how I tend to stand

  • S3S M8T
    S3S M8T 10 months ago

    Don't say "the thing is"!

  • David Thomas
    David Thomas 11 months ago

    I can fold my arms both ways comfortably, I must be the One !

  • R S
    R S 11 months ago

    how to show instant purpose body language to get faulty reads. I used this the other day. I gulped to show fear. my master body language reads took it as I'm worried of the current situation. they were incorrect instantly. my gulp was a much deeper thought. it was a protection gulp in regards of how many people do I need to take out to protect my mother. its fun being me

  • R S
    R S 11 months ago

    how to show instant purpose body language to get faulty reads. I used this the other day. I gulped to show fear. my master body language reads took it as I'm worried of the current situation. they were incorrect instantly. my gulp was a much deeper thought. it was a protection gulp in regards of how many people do I need to take out to protect my mother. its fun being me

  • Angella hamza
    Angella hamza 11 months ago

    SOme times the body wait goes on one leg cuz its a habbit me for example and its not considered as a weakness or it some times one feels comfortable with it . ANy way your speach is awesome

  • °
    ° 11 months ago

    Her voice 😖
    ... Next video.

  • Leslie Carnes
    Leslie Carnes 11 months ago

    Fantastic, mind blowing and incredible!

  • Ambi Cahira
    Ambi Cahira 11 months ago

    This was super interesting to me because compliments is where I changed my life. I felt awful about myself and one day in school (I'm proud that I figured this out on my own in such early age) that I would change little things and I started with compliments. I had noticed that when someone complimented me "you look pretty today" my response was "no I dont.." and I realised that it is so rude to the other person to reject their lovely opinion that is theirs. So I chose to say thank you even when I felt like I disagreed and it was the beginning of a long journey going from pessimist to optimist, and broken spirit to confident, and I am finally figuring out how to get past my anxiety into handling an extrovert world. Another key was to find things I liked about myself as a person so that even when my self esteem was low there was at least something in my core that I could remind myself when needed. I also started to name 3 good things that happened that day at the end of every day before sleep, and started to see sleep as rebooting the system with a clean slate every day. I have corrected negative self talk until it gave up, and uncrossing my arms is now next on my list of "road to success with self." :)

  • Yağmur Adsay
    Yağmur Adsay 11 months ago

    Neden Türkçe alt yazılı değil

  • Troy Michael
    Troy Michael 11 months ago

    Rule Number 1: Stand up straight with your shoulders back.

  • candace wunderlich
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    Ted talks are not what they used to be. The talks feel like a middle school level intellect.

  • Joey Levenson
    Joey Levenson 11 months ago

    Great talk!. Very useful

  • Eric Demaris
    Eric Demaris Year ago

    I have to say gravity don't pull you down gravity is a force that pushes on you all around all sides top bottom right left front back diagonally but it don't pull you down not just trying to discredit or anything like that she knows what she's talking about except for the gravity part A lot of people get that wrong

  • Regina Ferreira
    Regina Ferreira Year ago

    Que palestra edificante sobre comportamentos legal

  • Arisa Ayumi
    Arisa Ayumi Year ago +1

    Even though it's been already two years of this video (I just got to watch it now), I always make the gesture of bringing my hand to my heart when people compliment me! I never learned it, it was just my mind speaking I guess. Very interesting and fun video. Thanks a lot! :)

  • Kadie Galewaler
    Kadie Galewaler Year ago +3

    Don’t expect anything in return “e-motion is energy in motion.” Love will find you!

  • Afonso Carvalho
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    Subconscious Subconscious Subconscious Subconscious Subconscious Subconscious Subconscious Subconscious Subconscious Subconscious