Free Range vs Strict Parents: Is Spanking Your Kids Ever Okay?

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Comments • 80

  • Fahadork Y
    Fahadork Y 12 minutes ago

    The black women is victimizing herself too much.

  • Samwell Ciborowski
    Samwell Ciborowski 35 minutes ago

    Kids need guidelines, routines and rules. I grew up in a home with a lot of dysfunction. My parents were strict when it suited, I couldn’t go further than my own tiny block in a suburban area at 15. I was yelled at and reprimanded very heavily if I didn’t make eye contact, seemed disrespectful, etc. but I also never had a clear routine. I fed myself, I never was told where we were going, etc. I left home at 16 and I’ve been out ever since. Thank goodness I was so damn independent, but if I had been nurtured more and given more room to grow but had some routine I might’ve been less rebellious, more happy and less inflexible when it comes to stress about my routines. I hate it when I have no idea where I’m going or what I’m doing next. It’s terrible.

  • Valerie Valle
    Valerie Valle Hour ago +1

    I was really hoping to see a Hispanic mom in the video as a strict parent

  • Lucy
    Lucy Hour ago +1

    I had strict parents, I feel great. Free range sounds scary because my life isn't free range. I mean, I can't just always do what I want. I live in a country with rules, laws, ordinances.

  • Nesia Friedli
    Nesia Friedli 2 hours ago +1

    My parents are super strict and that’s only thought me how to be super sneaky and great at keeping secrets.

    • Lizzie Allen
      Lizzie Allen Hour ago

      Congratulations, they raised you to be a normal human being. Name one person who's completely open and honest about everything in their life.

  • Mooshoo Sheeba
    Mooshoo Sheeba 2 hours ago

    These free range parents be wilden

  • Leo Moran
    Leo Moran 3 hours ago

    In my country, we outlawed things like corporal punishment, not only by educators in schools, but more recently by parents. A little over a decade later, the children of the day have turned into our criminal element. A strict upbringing results in respectful teenagers who understand that their behavior bring repercussions, some of which are negative.
    We have a generation of children who have grown up knowing that they can behave in the worst ways, and even the threat of repercussions are responded to with back-chat like, "If you punish me, I'll tell my teacher that you hit me, and you'll go to prison." We have children in our schools that will physically assault their teachers, knowing that if the teacher does anything but retreat in defending themselves, that teacher may lose their jobs.
    And yet, after giving these children the keys to the castle, suddenly our society expects them to be mature and responsible as of their 18th birthday.
    The biblical proverb "Spare the rod and spoil the child" is absolutely true.

  • alexx salazar
    alexx salazar 4 hours ago

    my moms basically both

  • OrbedFBR
    OrbedFBR 5 hours ago

    hmm i wonder if shes a black parent with a black kid

  • 모기 Morgie
    모기 Morgie 5 hours ago

    Some of these people's opinions I believe are definitely not right, but some are understandable. Some of these are reminiscent of my dad's parenting style, he lets me have freedom, as a 13 year old, but he doesn't let me just go wherever I want, and if I break the rules set for me, that freedom is taken away for a period of time. Rules are crucial in parenting, as long as they aren't so strict your child has no space to make their own decisions. And for my mum, she has rules too, though now that i'm a teenager, she sometimes talks to me as a friend does in convorsation, and that's her choice :)

    Also I agree with Nguyen the most, he sounds like a great parent!

  • TotosSword
    TotosSword 7 hours ago +1

    when I hear “free range parent” I think of a parent who is too nice on there kids and being to easy with them and letting go easy and letting them do what they want and no punishment.

    • Natearl13
      Natearl13 Hour ago

      TotosSword When I hear “strict parent” I think of a drill sergeant who controls everything.

  • boothepoodle
    boothepoodle 7 hours ago

    nguyen is the 🐐

  • Catalina Santiago
    Catalina Santiago 7 hours ago +1

    Bro I tried to go to the comments because these parents were stressing me out but now the comments are stressing me out more lol I need a break for this stuff.

  • Ashleigh McFerran
    Ashleigh McFerran 7 hours ago

    I grew up with strict parents and I honestly am really grateful for them teaching me respect and I got older I was given more freedom, and I really appreciate how I was brought up actually...I’m 24 now and I really enjoy how I was brought up :)

  • Jewshua 316
    Jewshua 316 8 hours ago

    The blonde girl is the most spoiled entitled and one of the worse people I can imagine as a parent

  • Jewshua 316
    Jewshua 316 8 hours ago

    All the free range parents have annoying spoiled kids

  • Lizzie Allen
    Lizzie Allen 8 hours ago

    The answer is yes, sometimes some kids need to be spanked, and anybody who's ever been in a grocery store KNOWS who they are when they ain't getting it.

    • Lizzie Allen
      Lizzie Allen 7 hours ago

      @Rebases Monks The truth is some kids need to be spanked, that's the long and short of it and if you have a problem with that, tough stuff buttercup.

    • Rebases Monks
      Rebases Monks 7 hours ago

      Check out Jillian Keenan, then you’ll realise the truth

  • Alexandra Valle
    Alexandra Valle 9 hours ago

    Jenny got badass kids I know it

  • Hugo Andersson
    Hugo Andersson 9 hours ago

    That bearded guy is the one that needs to be spanked

  • Lady X
    Lady X 9 hours ago

    Honestly. Spank your kid if they were rude or mean or bratty, don't spank them if they forgot something or made a little mistake. It's not that hard. If I threw a tantrum because I wanted ice cream before dinner, I'd have gotten a spanking. If I broke a glass or forgot a chore, no spanking

  • musicallyanonymous
    musicallyanonymous 9 hours ago

    I feel like there's a difference between being strict vs. discipline

  • Gisele Rivera
    Gisele Rivera 9 hours ago

    the lady with the glasses reminded me of edna from the incredibles

  • Iwontbejudged
    Iwontbejudged 10 hours ago

    Doesn’t surprise me at allll that the free range parents are white lol
    Being free range does mean privileged.

  • David Anobaah Ankrah
    David Anobaah Ankrah 10 hours ago

    my mom is strict but I was allowed to take the bus home every day when I was 8

  • Avonya Raymond
    Avonya Raymond 10 hours ago

    “Strict parents make sneaky children “

  • Lobster Town
    Lobster Town 10 hours ago

    Jenny and Hal are idiots and I don’t like either

  • Lobster Town
    Lobster Town 11 hours ago

    I think it knows Im procrastinating cause I’m supposed to be doing an essay on parenting

  • No-OneIsLegit
    No-OneIsLegit 11 hours ago

    i think you should be able to teach your children what is right or wrong but also be able to give them room for growth if they arent allowed to have oopsies in their childhood they will never learn from them and they will have a harder time down the road

  • William Phillips
    William Phillips 13 hours ago

    All strict parents teach children how to keep a lie going how to listen for when someone is coming and how to not talk about your unpopular opinions.

    • Lizzie Allen
      Lizzie Allen 8 hours ago

      So strict parents raise normal people.

  • Rebases Monks
    Rebases Monks 14 hours ago

    Spanking kids is gross. I remember when I lived in America for 2 years; my high school teachers could spank students. Out of curiosity I asked one of my teachers to do it to me. It was kinda fun lmao BUT the only reason I enjoyed it was because it was out of my own sexual fantasies. Which has clearly shown me that spanking CHILDREN is completely and utterly gross. STOP IT INSTANTLY.

    • Rebases Monks
      Rebases Monks 7 hours ago

      Lizzie Allen Technically I’m the victim since I was a minor 🤷‍♂️

    • Rebases Monks
      Rebases Monks 7 hours ago

      Lizzie Allen - The only perverts are the monsters who do this to children (like you)

    • Lizzie Allen
      Lizzie Allen 8 hours ago

      So you hate spanking because YOU'RE a pervert. Okay, now we're getting it.

  • Christopher Adam
    Christopher Adam 14 hours ago +3

    Can we all just agree that we hate the minister guy?

  • Abigail N
    Abigail N 14 hours ago

    I feel like being hardcore strict is no better than being hardcore free-range. On the one hand, you'll end up with a child that goes wild in college when they're finally away from their parents and start doing intense drugs/partying/not taking care of themselves. On the other, you'll have a kidnapped nine-year-old who you let walk two miles to school by themselves.

  • Cherokee Rose
    Cherokee Rose 14 hours ago +1

    All of the free range parents look like they’re free range parents. Ya feel??? Also I fall in between. I would raise my child to be smart, safe, wise, and hopefully good but after a certain point they are going to make their own choices. I would not like them to be 13 and making all their own choices but age appropriate choices.

  • Punkakezrzabes tz
    Punkakezrzabes tz 18 hours ago

    Bro that slavery comment hit me off guard HARD I also do not think it was really necessary

  • Summer Breese
    Summer Breese 19 hours ago

    Christians pro tattoos/ against tattoos

    CALLME FAYFAY 19 hours ago

    You can be strict and loving I think it comes down to balance. My parents were strict but they were also attentive, open minded and loving. Growing up I didn’t always understand their reasoning but we worked it out and I plan to raise my kids the same way.

    • Rebases Monks
      Rebases Monks 17 hours ago

      CALLME FAYFAY I don’t think you should spank them

  • walinton
    walinton 21 hour ago

    3:26 "mom, can I have another piece of banana bread."
    Extremely bad parenting... Of course parents should dictate what they kids eat, else they'd have ice cream and candy for breakfast, lunch and dinner 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
    I wouldn't let this lady take care of my kids even if she was the last person on Earth..

  • BlackLightAura
    BlackLightAura 22 hours ago

    That one lady with the 8 kids looks so tired and I, a childless woman, still felt that 😂

  • Lonnie Hibner
    Lonnie Hibner 22 hours ago

    What's the different between a dog and kid

  • mika rose
    mika rose 23 hours ago

    who the hell lets their 9 year old ride the nyc subway alone

  • Kai Yasuhara
    Kai Yasuhara 23 hours ago

    I’m from Japan and I see 7 year old kids go on the subway to school on their own.

  • Callista Golden
    Callista Golden 23 hours ago

    it’s 2 in the morning and I’m watching this 🤣

  • Olivia Gholston
    Olivia Gholston 23 hours ago

    I wish I trusted my parents as people to go to :(

  • Ka0t1c As1an
    Ka0t1c As1an 23 hours ago

    Me trying to pronounce Nguyen after I learned English n n n wiiieeenn Nguyen ? Nwuen

  • Darius Otchere
    Darius Otchere Day ago

    First of all you gotta balance them. Second of all if your kid starts acting up while their young they’ll continue to do it while their older So teach them early then give them freedom as they move on

  • Sunset TM
    Sunset TM Day ago

    Strict parents create sneaky and fearful children because most strict parents lie (You can tell me anything, I wont hurt you, etc) making the child think it's okay. Free-range parents create children with no manners and respect so they are more likely to get in trouble in the world. In addition these free-range children are more likely to get hurt (raped,touched,etc) because the parent let them do whatever outside saying "They need be trusted and teenagers need privacy". Not all parents do this but in my opinion there is no correct way to raise a child cause you never know how they will come out

  • Dedan Kaggio
    Dedan Kaggio Day ago

    Imagine giving birth to a child and then getting mad because your 7 year old can't pay bills smh

  • Dedan Kaggio
    Dedan Kaggio Day ago

    kids will be bad either way. its just that with strict parents, kids learn to be secretetive.

  • Sarah Emily
    Sarah Emily Day ago

    I feel after this Hal might change his perspective a bit I hope he grows from this if I’m being honest he’d be an amazing father if he was in between these things.

  • sanju
    sanju Day ago

    i would hate if christina was my mom 😐

  • Sierra Lyons
    Sierra Lyons Day ago

    As a former K4 teacher and kid (haha) I will say what I thought was the obvious: kids don’t have the cognitive development to be trusted to make certain situations. Their fight or flight response isn’t even at a level that is high enough for them to ride the subway alone in NY at 9. That is absolutely ridiculous. Although a kid may have good intentions they still shouldn’t be trusted to make all of their decisions. A parents job is to provide guidance and direction. Not completely control the kid like a robot but they definitely should mold the kid to use both intellect and wisdom. Those two things have to be nurtured and developed. You can’t just expect a child to be wise and intelligent on their own hence why we have school.

    • Natearl13
      Natearl13 Hour ago

      Sierra Lyons I’ve learned more on the internet than I have in school. All that useless information didn’t help me later on.

  • Everything and Anything

    I grew up with parents who were on the stricter side, they followed the Bible as well. I am very glad for how they raised me. I knew the difference between right and wrong and didn’t want to sneak because I WANTED to do the right stuff. They spanked me and I really am thankful. When they spanked me they would tell me “I am only spanking you because I love you and what you to do what is right” parenting is a very valuable and special gift, don’t screw up lol.

    • Rebases Monks
      Rebases Monks 21 hour ago

      "I spank you because I love you" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 that is absolutely ridiculous

  • Maheen Khan
    Maheen Khan Day ago

    “Don’t you want the kid to do the right thing because they want to be a good person, or do it because they are afraid of getting punished?”
    *Hal startled*
    ~That’s on periodt

  • Everything and Anything

    al’s children: are responsible, well trained children
    Jenny’s children: rule breaking murders
    Make sure you find a middle ground. Don’t let your kids run around like wild banshees but don’t treat your kids like soldiers. Following the Bible is great advice.

  • Sarah Emily
    Sarah Emily Day ago

    I quit saxophone because I wasn’t confident playing, I’m confident in ballet so I continue it. I say do what makes you confident this doesn’t make me flakey.

    • Sarah Emily
      Sarah Emily Day ago

      Lizzie Allen yes I completely agree with that, but if a child doesn’t have the confidence they need and aren’t comfortable with something I feel it’s completely acceptable.

    • Lizzie Allen
      Lizzie Allen Day ago

      I agree, but kids shouldn't ever get the impression they can just quit everything the minute it gets hard.

  • Jackson Bradshaw

    Why do none of them have normal jobs

    • Natearl13
      Natearl13 Hour ago

      Jackson Bradshaw Wtf do you mean “normal job”?

  • Dreamerluv
    Dreamerluv Day ago

    I don’t want a trained child
    Girl he didn’t mean it that way

  • Djellza Gashi
    Djellza Gashi Day ago

    wow what a shocker that the religious nut supports spanking

  • Orange Juice
    Orange Juice Day ago

    I hate free range parenting soooooo much

    • Natearl13
      Natearl13 Hour ago

      Orange Juice Strict parenting is cancer I’m glad my parents were free-range.

  • SeabassTheGr899
    SeabassTheGr899 Day ago

    Why does the black woman bring race into everything? It's not that deep Karen.

  • Kaiden Cordeiro
    Kaiden Cordeiro Day ago

    As someone who used to have an abusive father I can confirm it is horrible and ruins the relationship for the rest of their lives. Yea they respect you but for a bad reason. Your scared of them and as the lady said it really fucks you up and mentally stresses the child out.

    • Rebases Monks
      Rebases Monks 21 hour ago

      Lizzie Allen spanking is a sexual act which is why it should NEVER be used to punish children

    • Lizzie Allen
      Lizzie Allen Day ago

      That's the thing, abuse is not discipline, beating is not spanking, there's a major difference.

  • Caleb Braswell
    Caleb Braswell Day ago

    lol I thought everyone got spanked as a kid

  • Caleb Braswell
    Caleb Braswell Day ago

    I wouldn’t let my child break their arm😂 like what?!?

  • Tanks4Nuthin
    Tanks4Nuthin Day ago

    interesting how the movement starter seems to take control of the discussion, at least that's the vibe i get like she's on a stage talking to the other parents at some public speaking event

  • Dantom
    Dantom Day ago

    I love the guy in the black shirt, purely truthful amazing father that understands the responsibility in raising a kid.

  • Inga Louise Lode

    I personally had a dad that spanked me and my 4 siblings when we were kids, because he thought it was right according to The Bible. Now we all have and still are suffering from depression, PTSD, anxiety and more. I really don't believe violence towards a child- or anyone for that matter, leads to anything good. That's my opinion and experience anyway.

    • Rebases Monks
      Rebases Monks 21 hour ago

      Lizzie Allen incorrect, as pretty much every scientist and paediatrician will tell you

    • Lizzie Allen
      Lizzie Allen Day ago

      Nobody gets PTSD from being spanked, being beaten, yes, but there's a difference.

  • emily flores
    emily flores Day ago

    I hate having strict parents so much, over the years it has messed up important qualities to have that I need as an adult like the ability to be social and so much more. It messes with my mental health

  • Karla Joiner
    Karla Joiner Day ago

    Sometimes I think we forget that parents were once children themselves. Just because a person becomes an adult that doesn’t mean the have this magical adult light switch that goes off and all things wise enters in. Children don’t come with an instruction manuals lol parents who care are only doing what they believe to be the best based on their upbringing and experiences. My cousin mom didn’t care what she did and her mom was a “friend” kind of mom and she told me although she got to do anything she wanted when she was a child she hates it now because it’s hard for her to be structured/discipline in anything. Also, when we were kids and I told her how strict my parents were she made the comment I wish my mom cared about me like that. I am not a parent yet but damn cut your parents some slack (referring to some of these comments). My mom worked 8 hrs a day and my dad up to 10 to provide the best life for me I’m pretty sure when they were helping me chase my dreams they put a lot of theirs on hold. Everyday my daddy use to talk about how them folks at that job got on his last nerves and with every penny he made, it went towards my flute lessons, track shoes, grocery, school supplies, bills he and my mom did all the work, they dealt with petty coworkers and annoying bosses to make sure I had a good life...yeah they wanted me, yeah I’m probably sure they had an idea of what parenting was and what it required of them that doesn't make it easier and neither do some least y’all parents care...I know some kids who wish they parents showed any interest in them and their well being. Some of y’all just ungrateful and annoyingly entitled I can’t wait for some of y’all to become parents then you can show the world how perfect parenting is done....😒

  • PeachyBoba
    PeachyBoba Day ago

    "you're not allowed to quit things that you start"
    I feel like this is a pretty messed up statement. Kids should have a right to make their own decisions and learn the things they want.

  • Saugaat
    Saugaat Day ago

    Strict parents are mostly asians
    We come home late we get beaten by slippers broom etc and many more

  • Nora zeneli
    Nora zeneli Day ago

    I have memories of being spanked, some are funny but mostly im thankful

  • Jayce Boshart
    Jayce Boshart Day ago

    I was spanked as a kid and I don’t remember a single time I just remember it was happened before

  • 0fficial.Alyris
    0fficial.Alyris Day ago

    Strict parents create sneaky kids. They also can ruin the emotional aspect of their relationship with their child.🤷🏽‍♀️ I would know

  • Rezwanul Choudhury

    Nguyen is a good parent

  • jermaine hill
    jermaine hill Day ago

    Creatively , yes kids should have free range. In society no free range it’s a recipe for tragedy. I see kids as young a 3 & 4 walking home from a bus stop BY THEMSELVES. A kid can easily be overpowered. Besides that amount of free range when they get older especially will have no respect for there parents. Hence why you always see these kids cursing, smacking their parents.

  • jermaine hill
    jermaine hill Day ago

    Kids who get kidnapped, molested, getting lost all come from “free ranged” parents.

  • Ashley Lauren
    Ashley Lauren Day ago +3

    Wow Hal, a religious guy who thinks spanking is one of ''the best'' forms of punishment? Get ready for your kids to stop talking to you when they grow up.

    • Vida Betances
      Vida Betances 9 hours ago

      i disagree. nuff times i was spanked as a kid and i still talk to my parents :)

    • Rebases Monks
      Rebases Monks Day ago

      I agree with you

  • Champion Nate
    Champion Nate Day ago +2

    Spanking is child abuse. It only causes problems.

  • RegaSoup
    RegaSoup Day ago +1

    Honestly I think a mix of both, some free range and some strict. For example my mom is both, and she lets us do some stuff but also she makes me turn in the ipod I use, I don’t have a phone, the only stoical media I have is RU-clip, no google,no tik Tok, ect, I don’t have a T.V. In my room, We do jobs, we don’t just do screens, we do goals, my mom still asks if I want to hangout with my friends she still asks Were are you going, how late are you staying and ect, she goes through my pictures, texts. So I think parents should be both strict, and free range.

    • Rebases Monks
      Rebases Monks 15 hours ago

      Lizbeth Skiles looking through the phone (search history, texts from unknown numbers) is fine. But pictures is weird

    • RegaSoup
      RegaSoup Day ago

      She does that to make sure that I am not doing anything bad, but rarely looks through my photos

    • PeachyBoba
      PeachyBoba Day ago

      Your mom is a bit strict, looking through your pictures and phone is weird

    • Lizbeth Skiles
      Lizbeth Skiles Day ago

      Your Mom is a little too strict lol looking through pictures and phone is weird

  • Nathan Crawford
    Nathan Crawford Day ago

    My parents are super laid back and I think that that has made me be able to be smart about my own decisions