Sekiro - Genichiro, Way of the Tomoe Boss Kill

  • Published on Mar 23, 2019
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  • afrosamurai3847
    afrosamurai3847 8 months ago

    This fight was way too easy imo like he telegraphs his moves so hard kinda anti-climactic tbh but nice work man.

  • Niv
    Niv 8 months ago

    Not watching the video yet to avoid spoilers I just wanted to thank you for the considerate Thumbnail and title, you’re the best Pawnce!

  • Subscribe to egg
    Subscribe to egg 8 months ago +1

    Aww another one of our shinobi team huh, sadly you'll finish this earlier then me this time Pawnce! I had exams yesterday but already catching up to you :D This game is extra fun, better then ds3 and nioh tbh

  • LastOrangeman
    LastOrangeman 8 months ago +2

    amazing blocks there. really entertaining to watch

    • Pawnce
      Pawnce  8 months ago +1

      Ha ha, my eyes were so fatigued by this point that I was seeing double. Made it extra tough :P Really liked the fight, though. Was satisfying to play out.

  • Hailfire Spawn
    Hailfire Spawn 8 months ago +2

    Really good boss fight.

    • Pawnce
      Pawnce  8 months ago

      @Hailfire Spawn yes

    • Hailfire Spawn
      Hailfire Spawn 8 months ago

      Pawnce did you manage to pull off the lightning counter that the game tell you about during the fight

    • Pawnce
      Pawnce  8 months ago

      It was a really enjoyable fight.