I Tried To Make A Zero Waste Meal From The Dollar Store

  • Published on Nov 15, 2019
  • Joyce tries to make a meal from the dollar store with zero trash!
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Comments • 472

  • euphoricmin
    euphoricmin 9 hours ago


  • Fallon M
    Fallon M 15 hours ago

    Woaw avocado at the dollar store 😱

  • Mackenzie Gaudette
    Mackenzie Gaudette 16 hours ago

    "Pomegranate, A little sweet treat for the kids"

  • Just Tee
    Just Tee 2 days ago

    I’m diggin the food and 🍷 wine. Gurl, what did Joyce do? She just sprinkled pomegranate over the asparagus.

  • IjustreallyloveCATs
    IjustreallyloveCATs 2 days ago

    Why oh why are scrunchies and 90s clothes back in style 😑😑😑

  • LauraRunningGoddess
    LauraRunningGoddess 3 days ago

    No animal has been DIED in the making of this video. 😂 Say what?

  • ASMR Relaxation Center

    If it has a sticker, isn’t that waste?!

  • Lonelyheartsclub
    Lonelyheartsclub 4 days ago

    Where are the grocery dollar stores in college towns

  • J. McCullough
    J. McCullough 5 days ago

    The dollar store has produce what the hell bougie dollars is this

    And they have a wine section! Where was this when I was in college

  • John Gryffindor
    John Gryffindor 6 days ago +1

    5:43 my heart melted

  • tati's Adventures
    tati's Adventures 7 days ago

    You guys have food like fruits and vegs in the dollar store ! In canada its boring lol

  • Jack K
    Jack K 9 days ago

    Do zero waste art supllies next!

  • Chanah Minuk
    Chanah Minuk 10 days ago

    Seeds from any squash can be toasted and eaten. This works with spaghetti squash too.

  • MissLonerStoner
    MissLonerStoner 10 days ago +1

    i would love to see an attempt at a zero waste gluten free meal

  • Ali Kat
    Ali Kat 10 days ago +1

    Bold of you to assume I have salt pepper and oil in my home

  • Michael ronen
    Michael ronen 10 days ago

    Pesto doesn’t have avocado... it has basil

  • Cheetxz_
    Cheetxz_ 10 days ago

    Finally buzzfeed please give us more of these two and maybe Dani too

  • Sky He
    Sky He 10 days ago

    Produce at the dollar store ? What have I’ve done with my life

  • David Thomas
    David Thomas 10 days ago

    One of these days that big girl gonna eat the little girl 'cause she gonna get real hungry

  • Francisca Chaparro
    Francisca Chaparro 11 days ago

    their silent hug made my day

  • Laurinda Acevedo
    Laurinda Acevedo 11 days ago

    why would you cook asparagus for that long...

  • CaptainCosmo
    CaptainCosmo 11 days ago

    Y’all could’ve just made a salad

  • Genevieve Janeczek
    Genevieve Janeczek 12 days ago

    Joyce is the most wonderful addition to the internet.

  • Sarah Fitz
    Sarah Fitz 12 days ago +2

    Bruh they seriously just made pesto without basil okay okay

  • Toni Gru
    Toni Gru 12 days ago

    Where tf do I find a dollar store this big and find produce?

  • R O S A E Y
    R O S A E Y 13 days ago

    I love every vegan episode, you don’t only save the earth from plastic but animals from dying

  • Morgan Debenham
    Morgan Debenham 13 days ago

    Zero waste Christmas presents or Christmas

  • M Stormy
    M Stormy 13 days ago

    "And avocados, idk for what. But i always get avocado" me

  • Hampee’s plays ali
    Hampee’s plays ali 13 days ago +2

    “This is not tasty”
    (tasty poster in the background)

  • Salsa Albab
    Salsa Albab 14 days ago +1

    Together they look like a helpless mom and a helpful daughter 😂

  • Madelynn
    Madelynn 14 days ago +1

    I love these videos. Both girls are so fun to watch, especially when they're together

  • FearlessAstridHofferson
    FearlessAstridHofferson 14 days ago +3

    My problem is, the only things I would eat or the corn and the pomegranates.

  • Hoodoo Queen Scorpio
    Hoodoo Queen Scorpio 15 days ago

    Lmaooo that looks gross

  • Kera Burke
    Kera Burke 15 days ago

    K so how much of everything do u put in the avocado Pesto

  • Kera Burke
    Kera Burke 15 days ago

    They sell produce 😱😱

  • Pruna Lee
    Pruna Lee 15 days ago

    in nz it’s called the 2 dollar store lmao

  • Gabrielle Pollard
    Gabrielle Pollard 15 days ago

    Did they ever disclose how much they spent?

  • Misty Konkrasang
    Misty Konkrasang 15 days ago

    Rip to that asparagus.

  • Madelyn Martin
    Madelyn Martin 15 days ago

    Book ba boop ba boop AVACADO

  • Macey Trombley
    Macey Trombley 16 days ago

    I googled if you could have pesto without cheese & you can😂 it's mainly keto but it counts😂

  • L I Y A H
    L I Y A H 16 days ago

    Was the wine good is the question 🤔😂

  • AnnaMaria Jackson-Phelps
    AnnaMaria Jackson-Phelps 16 days ago +1

    Zero Ze Zero Ze Zero Se Zero Waste - I'm so happy to see this back! Joyce and Auri are EVERYTHING!

  • Arcy Uroux
    Arcy Uroux 16 days ago

    You got rid of the intro song!! Z z zero waste

  • Cat
    Cat 16 days ago

    Both of your personalities somehow work. I loved watching you two 😂😂 much love xo

  • Jasmyn Prouty
    Jasmyn Prouty 16 days ago


  • Savannah Carter
    Savannah Carter 16 days ago

    These two are complete icons - WE WANT MORE OF THEM!

  • Madison Wortham
    Madison Wortham 16 days ago

    when he ask if you can cook 0:47

  • Richard Palmer
    Richard Palmer 16 days ago

    She says she sees things without packaging and juat points to some bananas. Just the bananas.

  • Brianna Adams
    Brianna Adams 16 days ago

    What the hell kinda dollar store do y’all have. We barely have any food at mine

  • M Hansen
    M Hansen 16 days ago

    Zero waste thanksgiving!!!!!

  • Pauline Magniny
    Pauline Magniny 16 days ago

    Being zéro waste and trying to reduce is great and all but please It's no use if you buy avocados and other products like that that are devastating for the environment... anyhow it was still a nice vidéo :):)

  • C O'Connor
    C O'Connor 16 days ago

    Yesss Joyce and Auri are back💗💗💗. Idk why I find these videos so interesting but I love them!

  • Ayana Spann
    Ayana Spann 16 days ago +1

    they seem to be making the same videos over and over again 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Sarah Lemuel
    Sarah Lemuel 16 days ago

    I love Joyce so much

  • Kayla Lowther
    Kayla Lowther 16 days ago +14

    Broke girl tip: sharpen your knives with the unfinished part on the bottom of a mug. Works like a charm.

  • Tailyn Gorg
    Tailyn Gorg 16 days ago

    Now THIS is some buzzfeed I can get behind!!!

  • mads k
    mads k 17 days ago

    everyone knows u dont buy the $.99 store produce 😩

      TRASHRAVEN 13 days ago

      You should, sometimes you find good products like Aunt Annie's in there. You can also find really good wine dirt cheap.

  • Britishperson Eve
    Britishperson Eve 17 days ago

    I really wanna try spaghetti squash now

  • Chantel Stephens
    Chantel Stephens 17 days ago

    Dollar stores in Canada do not have any fresh produce at all. There's just candy , toiletries, arts and crafts, and other things that you can't eat.

  • Darryl Kinslow
    Darryl Kinslow 17 days ago +3

    It's impossible to make any zero waste meal from anywhere, everything has packaging, meaning there is always waste.