WALL-E Live Action Fan Film

  • Published on Aug 5, 2015
  • New adventures of WALL-E in the real world.
    Actor: Maxim Ott
    Director/VFX: Raghav Anil Kumar

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    Music: Divertissement, Hall of the mountain king and Egmont Overture Finale-incompetech.com
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Comments • 741

  • - OoF Noob -
    - OoF Noob - 8 minutes ago

    1:43 Look what da Boi watching

  • Liam Ball
    Liam Ball Day ago

    Run, Wall-E! Run!

  • Liam Ball
    Liam Ball Day ago

    Oy! Don't be too rude, mate! Wall-E has a heart, too. And watch your profanity!

  • fitri maulina
    fitri maulina 6 days ago


  • Tellur1an
    Tellur1an 10 days ago

    Music was a bit odd, it’s good and all but didn’t fit the scenes

  • Efrolix
    Efrolix 18 days ago


  • Federico TheDark
    Federico TheDark 18 days ago +1

    Enny ti amo😂❤

  • Afghan Gamin
    Afghan Gamin 20 days ago

    Wall-e Fake😑

  • Franjo Josip
    Franjo Josip 26 days ago

    MAN: waLL-E! gET oVeR hERE noW!

    T-REX MASTER 27 days ago

    I loved this do more of WALL E please

  • Emily Petsche
    Emily Petsche Month ago

    Living with Wall-E must be tough

  • Rytp SHOW
    Rytp SHOW Month ago

    Человек говорит по русски

  • Awesome Ideas Giang
    Awesome Ideas Giang Month ago +1

    E.V.E and Wall-e seems to break the fourth wall?(Can somebody tell me more about breaking the fouth wall please, I not really sure about this).


    Thats my fivorite robot in the world

  • Scarlett N
    Scarlett N Month ago

    Me:Hahaha eve that so funny 🤣

    JONATHAN RUEDA Month ago

    like si crees que el final fue lindo

  • Gamer Malas
    Gamer Malas 2 months ago +1

    Where's eve? 😅

    ANDY RODRIGUEZ 2 months ago +1

    I feel sad

  • mr muto
    mr muto 2 months ago

    The man should have let walee alone because eva is a better life for him

  • The Arctic Raider
    The Arctic Raider 3 months ago

    not too bad on the animation but still not really "Live action"

    TITANFALL GAMER 3 months ago +1

    That is not real

  • Victor Andradee
    Victor Andradee 3 months ago

    Kkkk Very good

  • Gerardo Lliguicota
    Gerardo Lliguicota 4 months ago


    KiNG KSSA 5 months ago

    افضل فلم بحياتي

  • N.I.C.K.L.S. (Nikita Baimov)


  • Naffy789 production
    Naffy789 production 5 months ago

    Wall-e is a robot trash

    • KiNG KSSA
      KiNG KSSA 5 months ago

      And you're a garbage man.

  • Kimberly Gonzales 2.0
    Kimberly Gonzales 2.0 5 months ago +1

    Well. Mr. Guy is f****** dead.

  • Alex Rammelt
    Alex Rammelt 5 months ago

    The best friend from Wall-e is Eve leve a like on this comment if you like it but not on 3:00 AM

  • mk1 proto boi
    mk1 proto boi 5 months ago

    too fake

  • Santhini Jansi Rani
    Santhini Jansi Rani 6 months ago

    எனக்கு ஈவாவும் வால்ஈயும் ரொம்ப பிடிக்கும் மனிதர்கள் மேல் பாசம் வைப்பதை விட நாய் பூனைகள் பெட்டர் அந்த கண்ணில் பாசம் தெரியும்......

  • amph888 gamer
    amph888 gamer 6 months ago

    alguien habla español aca?

  • Emily Petsche
    Emily Petsche 7 months ago

    4:28 HAHA She dropped him

  • Animator Bro Man
    Animator Bro Man 7 months ago

    The CG ain't shabby. Cool.

  • Maria TG
    Maria TG 7 months ago

    Que chistoso jajajaja como se le escapa Wall-E de la casa

  • 666olis
    666olis 8 months ago

    Szukałam oryginał ale się nie doszukałam i wiesz ty co!

  • liz r
    liz r 9 months ago

    I wish i could see Walle😅😱

  • Kilroy
    Kilroy 9 months ago

    Just think... if this had been a Star Trek fan production - you’d probably be in JAIL by now!!
    Great work guys!!!

  • Bluecool Films
    Bluecool Films 9 months ago +1

    Rule number 1#: never mess with Wall-E... infront of Eve.

  • Julio Brena
    Julio Brena 9 months ago

    Good jop walle

  • Alex Junior games
    Alex Junior games 9 months ago

    Adoro walle

  • Gary Curtis
    Gary Curtis 9 months ago

    hello! a 10 year old asked me to ask YOU to make another movie but instead of wall-e do bendy.

  • Think Twice
    Think Twice 10 months ago

    *wall-e came out like a big boi >:O*
    *he turn and he ded*
    *she laugh but the robot touch her*
    Wall-e: .

  • MCPE Minecraft
    MCPE Minecraft 11 months ago

    Codado WALL-E

  • Phalanx67
    Phalanx67 11 months ago

    Poor Wall•E has a rlly depressing life.

  • Alain Gohier
    Alain Gohier Year ago

    Génial Merci !

  • Fern Hughes
    Fern Hughes Year ago

    I'm genuinely disgusted put this on for my 4 year old nephew you know because wall.e is a KIDS film and there's disgusting language like what the actual fuck is wrong with you people taking a child's film and turning it into a non child friendly thing? you could have put a warning on it or something saying not suitable for children. Very well made tho will give you that just put a bloody warning on it in future

  • Deandre Sinclair
    Deandre Sinclair Year ago

    Treat walle as a slave. Not cool with that man

  • Jera
    Jera Year ago

    4:03 R A T T L E M E B O N E S

  • lonleylink507
    lonleylink507 Year ago

    good work. well done on wall-e's character design

  • Clarissa Cyrine
    Clarissa Cyrine Year ago

    wall e

  • Mr Stick
    Mr Stick Year ago +1

    wait why was the guy chasing Wall-E in the first place what was he doing wrong? Edit: Also can anyone nail down a script everything the guy says.

  • randomersif8678 sif

    how did you do this!?

  • KReATiV
    KReATiV Year ago

    2:43 Сукин сын, Блять

  • Miles-Rotation
    Miles-Rotation Year ago +1

    Words cannot describe how much I love this production. Absolutely amazing job!

  • question mark???
    question mark??? Year ago

    Make a full movie

  • Government.Non-Terrestrial.Tech&Research.Facility

    i came to this after seeing your burn-e video comment

  • Ekta Patel
    Ekta Patel Year ago

    wall -e is so cute and eve to

  • Orestas Kunigonis


  • Angel Carrion
    Angel Carrion Year ago

    Lo confirmo a ese hombre se lo merecía solo quiso a wall-e para no hacer nada y dejar hacer todo el trabajo a el

  • Angel Carrion
    Angel Carrion Year ago

    Corre wall-e corre

  • Jyoti Pathania
    Jyoti Pathania Year ago

    Hey can you make coc and gta 5?

  • Canal LK K
    Canal LK K Year ago

    Que fofo

  • BuxaGameplay
    BuxaGameplay Year ago


  • 김주현
    김주현 Year ago


  • Uw0g Roblox
    Uw0g Roblox Year ago

    Not real🤣

  • Daegan Bloopers 64 // Daegan Graham

    poor Wall-E :(

  • Luca Castagneto
    Luca Castagneto Year ago

    Eve..... Un'assassina


    Really. B b. Walle. Eva