Searching for Game Master at 3am inside Quadrant Top Secret Headquarters!

  • Published on Mar 22, 2019
  • I attend a secret meeting overnight to discover the hidden location of the GM with Rebecca Zamolo!
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    After Rebecca Zamolo broke into TOP SECRET HEADQUARTERS to HELP GAME MASTER ESCAPE from Quadrant (Found 3am Clues), Matt and Rebecca uploaded Drone Battle RZ Twin Trap! (Searching for 24 hours Hidden Game Master Clues irl), and now we found ourselves in the Quadrant HQ overnight. We went undercover to find the clues and discovered hidden footage that the game master is inside a trap and needed our help. Daniel our cameraman was missing but reunited with us after I attended a secret meeting at 3am. Matt met up with his wife, Rebecca Zamolo and broke into the vault and discovered Game Master devices that we think the quadrant is using to put together the mystery device. We still don’t know if we can trust our cameraman at this time, maybe we can give him a lie detector test? While searching for more clues we unboxed over $10,000 in Yen and it might be used for who wins. It was pretty close to when Chad and Vy discovered riddles to learn the truth. They needed a code to get out and use a blacklight spy gadget to uncover the numbers. Will they find the gamester and escape the warehouse in time? If we do, our plan is to unmask him and do a face reveal. Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!
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  • Matt and Rebecca
    Matt and Rebecca  28 days ago +2580

    Do you think we can trust Daniel now with what he said?

    • Anusha Koul
      Anusha Koul 4 days ago

      I don't think so we should

    • Kaylah Davis
      Kaylah Davis 8 days ago


    • Vicki Yerigan
      Vicki Yerigan 23 days ago

      I agree to!!

    • K E
      K E 27 days ago

      Jen is Jaapans money

    • Lily Jones
      Lily Jones 27 days ago

      Matt and Rebecca I would be weary of him but make sure that you save the game master (also make sure that Daniel dose not read my comment just in case)

  • Trina Augustine
    Trina Augustine Day ago +1


  • Caralee Klein
    Caralee Klein Day ago


  • natuto ozamaki
    natuto ozamaki Day ago

    Yen is Japanese money

  • Christina Donigan


  • Salina Mahmood
    Salina Mahmood Day ago


  • Murphy Omwanghe
    Murphy Omwanghe 2 days ago

    5letter word is money

  • Joey&Sonia
    Joey&Sonia 2 days ago

    On the lock box on our schedule

  • Joey&Sonia
    Joey&Sonia 2 days ago


  • Joey&Sonia
    Joey&Sonia 2 days ago

    ZI know it’s just

  • Fay Foundling
    Fay Foundling 2 days ago

    it ,s a Trap

  • Zoie Aldave
    Zoie Aldave 2 days ago

    A yen is the currency in Japan

  • Fantastic hair !!
    Fantastic hair !! 2 days ago

    I love your vids

  • Gareth O'Brien
    Gareth O'Brien 2 days ago +1

    The two members with the gold masks are chad wild clay vey quant.

  • Jacob Gauf
    Jacob Gauf 3 days ago

    Yen is Japan money

  • mckayla lexi pioquinto
    mckayla lexi pioquinto 3 days ago +1

    Hi Matt and Rebecca i love your Views

  • Otilia Lesoa
    Otilia Lesoa 3 days ago

    927 maybe like this if u think its right down below

  • Emily H
    Emily H 3 days ago

    2:00 why do they look like vy and chad???

  • Singh Benipal
    Singh Benipal 3 days ago

    I hope the GAME MASTER is safe 😱😱😱😱😱😱😨😰😢😥😭😭😭

  • pakipride999
    pakipride999 3 days ago

    The code is Japan yen

  • pakipride999
    pakipride999 3 days ago

    No matter what you can't trust him

  • JJH Get your game on

    Japan money targeting Japan

  • Petrice Saward
    Petrice Saward 3 days ago

    E2 might be inside

  • Ashley Knoblaugh
    Ashley Knoblaugh 4 days ago


  • Laylee Kirk
    Laylee Kirk 4 days ago


  • Whitney-Nicole Ward
    Whitney-Nicole Ward 4 days ago

    Rebecca and Matt are awesome hope you are save

  • Sham Chowdhury
    Sham Chowdhury 4 days ago

    Origin is 5

  • DaNara Wade
    DaNara Wade 4 days ago

    Back of the box

  • Nicole Morrison
    Nicole Morrison 4 days ago

    that remote you found matt is for a disco ball why would they have it? guys like so they can see this!

  • Cynthia Rojas
    Cynthia Rojas 4 days ago

    The 4 digit code is 1102

  • Victor Garcia
    Victor Garcia 5 days ago

    Yen=Japanese dollar

  • Lake Mimo
    Lake Mimo 5 days ago

    There was a key @ 1.02

  • Kay Htoo
    Kay Htoo 5 days ago

    Yan is money from Japan

  • Isaish Williams
    Isaish Williams 5 days ago

    I. don't know

  • Sama Ali
    Sama Ali 5 days ago +2

    Who love them so much??? **like if you are agree

  • Scarlett Ogden
    Scarlett Ogden 5 days ago

    The 5 letter code is money

  • Jake Chapman
    Jake Chapman 6 days ago

    No please do not trust Daniel pleaseeeeeeee eeeeeeee

  • staceboogie300
    staceboogie300 6 days ago

    Rebecca and Matt those are for the gadgets that they took from you guys that's that's the gadgets that's why nobody goes in there because it's not that really safe you better guys be safe by my name is Angela if you need me by call me if you need me the number is +641-616-521-3852 165

  • Dark Rythm
    Dark Rythm 6 days ago

    Zorgo diffuse 113:38

  • Livvy Sampson
    Livvy Sampson 6 days ago

    The code is water or money

  • Victoria Boisvert
    Victoria Boisvert 8 days ago

    What if the lock is the is the word 5 because I've been seeing in your videos a lot of lock that have 5 combination

  • Victoria Boisvert
    Victoria Boisvert 8 days ago

    The quadrant probably took all the GM's stuff and hit it in multiple places

  • Michael Thomas
    Michael Thomas 8 days ago

    The word is Japan because yen is their currency and the number code is 1102 because it was on the Florida licence plate. Comment if you agree pls.

  • glaelia
    glaelia 8 days ago

    YES and my name is olivia.😯😯😌😌💩🥚🍟🍔🥗🍽🏪And l,m in🇩🇰

  • Dayna McAlpine
    Dayna McAlpine 8 days ago

    I don’t trust danile

  • Alyson Otto
    Alyson Otto 8 days ago +1


  • Alyson Otto
    Alyson Otto 8 days ago +1


  • Joanne Zarb
    Joanne Zarb 8 days ago

    Daniel noes what the name on the money.

  • Laetitia Vaccaro
    Laetitia Vaccaro 8 days ago

    Yen is Japanese money

  • Kaylah Davis
    Kaylah Davis 8 days ago

    Yen is Japan currency

  • Kaylah Davis
    Kaylah Davis 8 days ago

    Brown box:FLASH

  • Kaylah Davis
    Kaylah Davis 8 days ago

    Black box code 1112

  • Kaylah Davis
    Kaylah Davis 8 days ago


  • BooBoo it's Bailey Lover


  • Chloe Gionet
    Chloe Gionet 9 days ago

    The black box code is 1112

  • Chloe Gionet
    Chloe Gionet 9 days ago

    The code for the brown box is “flash”

  • Amelia Terry
    Amelia Terry 9 days ago


  • ashley Roberts
    ashley Roberts 9 days ago

    Do it backwards

  • Zeina Elhussieny
    Zeina Elhussieny 9 days ago +1

    Can u ask yh game master not to harm the dobre brothers

  • Kids
    Kids 10 days ago

    Help me!!!!! I am ware the quadrant members are

  • Arquel Cudia
    Arquel Cudia 10 days ago

    Yan is the Japan currency HAHAHA WHAT THE HACK!!!

  • Molly Elizabeth Beym
    Molly Elizabeth Beym 10 days ago +1

    Japan is the currency of yen and the uk is pounds by the way

  • purple panda
    purple panda 11 days ago +1

    Yen is from Japan💴🗾

  • Sean Tell
    Sean Tell 11 days ago

    Have you seen a movie

  • Lorna Charles
    Lorna Charles 11 days ago

    On the box of money

  • Alicia Butler
    Alicia Butler 11 days ago +1

    ,no he is working for the rz twin who Daniel is working for

  • Elliott Thomas-price
    Elliott Thomas-price 11 days ago

    927 is the code

  • Julia
    Julia 12 days ago +1

    I couldn't understand what the gamemaster said! But I still don't think you should trust Daniel! He seems quite fishyyyyy

  • Brooke Walker
    Brooke Walker 12 days ago +1

    Yen Is Japan currency

  • Erika Daleiden
    Erika Daleiden 12 days ago +1


  • Kim Morse
    Kim Morse 13 days ago

    I have that remote

  • Gabriela Chavez
    Gabriela Chavez 13 days ago

    ITS IT'S THE BANK where they robbed money

  • Gabriela Chavez
    Gabriela Chavez 13 days ago

    The escape room mmmm (gasp)its...

  • shamma alzaabi
    shamma alzaabi 13 days ago

    Rebecca i love you and matt and youor vidyos

  • Pony Princess
    Pony Princess 14 days ago


  • Sophie May
    Sophie May 14 days ago

    He said j need your help

  • Sophie May
    Sophie May 14 days ago

    It's on the keycard

  • Sophie May
    Sophie May 14 days ago

    792 is to unlock a box

  • Kelly Zugenbuehler
    Kelly Zugenbuehler 15 days ago

    Don’t the quadrant members kind a look like Lizzie and carter

  • Juan Prince
    Juan Prince 15 days ago

    Hey Matt and Rebecca

  • Kiyana Azimi
    Kiyana Azimi 16 days ago

    The keycard looks like Finland's flag

  • Dayana Russette
    Dayana Russette 17 days ago

    The gym said it’s a trap

  • Dayana Russette
    Dayana Russette 17 days ago

    A yen 💴 is one cent

  • The Tooches
    The Tooches 17 days ago

    This is how much I think you should do a face reveal on the GAME MASTER!!


  • Rosie Inverarity
    Rosie Inverarity 17 days ago

    Yen is Chinese I came back from China two days ago that’s why I’m late to this video

  • VoidSting X
    VoidSting X 17 days ago

    I had that remote also the colored one

  • brittneyluvsadam4ev
    brittneyluvsadam4ev 17 days ago

    How much do you wanna have you done with anything like you did babe you babe

  • barbarasalazar your mom


  • Grace Dalde
    Grace Dalde 17 days ago

    The yen is japanese country

  • Erika Weilage
    Erika Weilage 17 days ago +1

    Love your Chanel

  • Erika Weilage
    Erika Weilage 17 days ago +1

    Love your chance

  • Havana Craft
    Havana Craft 17 days ago

    all i can say is be care fule in there i will tell you if i see some thing i promise

  • Ricardo Chamorro
    Ricardo Chamorro 17 days ago

    Orange is the 5 diget code

  • lina cole
    lina cole 18 days ago

    Hey Rebecca zamolo and mate I known the code might be 297

  • Vanessa Porroa
    Vanessa Porroa 18 days ago

    At 6:21 I think that so you know when in America money is called dollars 💵 but in the that country or state it is probably called that I can’t spell the word

  • Dan Letia
    Dan Letia 18 days ago

    the two quadrant people look weird like vy and chad you shouldn't trust them!

  • Cathal Furey
    Cathal Furey 18 days ago

    Mabe the number plate with the orange

  • Kayla Scroggins
    Kayla Scroggins 18 days ago

    Do not believe Daniel because he is with the RZ twin

  • Ying Labrador
    Ying Labrador 18 days ago

    Im 8