Top 10 Best TV Shows to Watch Now!

  • Published on Jun 25, 2018
  • These are the best TV shows that you can watch right now. With so many great TV shows on the various networks on cable or satellite and streaming services including Netflix and many others, it can be difficult to find the time to watch them all. So, we’ve come up with a list of the Top 10 TV Shows that you can watch right now. To qualify. The series must be scripted and be current having broadcast new episodes within the last couple of years. Instead of using the scores from TV critics, I will count these down in order based on which shows we enjoyed the best.
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Comments • 3 686

  • TechGumbo
    TechGumbo  11 months ago +172

    What current TV show is your favorite? This video only includes recent shows that have broadcast new episodes within the last couple of years... Thanks for watching :)

    • QCrafty
      QCrafty Day ago

      Masked Valerian Umm... not really.

    • Andrew Kyomukama
      Andrew Kyomukama 13 days ago +1

      A top 10 list without The Walking Dead among the top 3. This is TechGumbo personal list for sure. Liked that Taboo, Peaky Blinders and GoT were mentioned.

    • Optimus Prime
      Optimus Prime 18 days ago

      The 100,The Walking Dead

    • Nicholas Edwards
      Nicholas Edwards 19 days ago


    • Nicholas Edwards
      Nicholas Edwards 19 days ago

      +username1nmillion Bro, Westworld is on HBO and GOT is over. You missed the hype train. WATCH PATRIOT ON AMAZON PRIME!!!

  • Euodia Fadhili
    Euodia Fadhili Hour ago

    I've watched Breaking bad season 1 episode 1 to 5 so far this movie is not. Worth the hype!
    Just saying
    I'm almost quiting 🙄

    • Kartik Rai
      Kartik Rai 17 minutes ago +1

      just finished all seasons i would say that it is really good , season 1 is bit slow
      dont quit it will get better and better as it goes

  • Zam BlaQ
    Zam BlaQ 2 hours ago +1

    Where is true detective ¿¡

  • marius Braun
    marius Braun 3 hours ago

    Où est breaking bad ?!!

  • arman ali
    arman ali 6 hours ago +3

    Sherlock Holmes after GOT

  • Lovepreet Brar
    Lovepreet Brar 10 hours ago +2


  • ADITYA 007
    ADITYA 007 12 hours ago

    White collar?

  • Rishu Bhosale
    Rishu Bhosale 14 hours ago

    Where's Breaking Bad man ??!

  • avinash avinash
    avinash avinash 18 hours ago +1

    Game of thrones is best , haven't watched Westworld.. So have to see

  • rohit doto
    rohit doto 23 hours ago +2

    I'm here after GOT

  • ImPac Mv
    ImPac Mv 23 hours ago +1

    Really?? AMC?? but no the walking dead?? watch it now it is amazing something different from Game of Thrones

  • Tvoja mama
    Tvoja mama Day ago +1

    The sopranos?
    The wire?
    Breaking bad?

  • Tobiassini •
    Tobiassini • Day ago +1

    La Casa the papel?

  • May girl
    May girl Day ago +1


  • Japes Yadav
    Japes Yadav Day ago +7

    I think Game of Thrones deserves the first place. There is no match for it in the world.

    • sahil bhoir
      sahil bhoir 4 hours ago +1

      +Japes Yadav Give a try to bb , best drama tv series ever created, period

    • Japes Yadav
      Japes Yadav 5 hours ago

      +sahil bhoir No. I don't think so. Breaking bad and Detective are, that is what you think.

    • sahil bhoir
      sahil bhoir 14 hours ago +1

      Bhai breaking bad n true detective are far greater than got

    • Tvoja mama
      Tvoja mama Day ago +1

      Japes Yadav no

  • homesy
    homesy Day ago +1

    the vikings ?

  • Saad Atlas
    Saad Atlas Day ago +2

    This comment section is under a new management, by order of the Peaky Blinders

  • Quglob Gob
    Quglob Gob Day ago +3

    Game of thrones not worth it anymore 😂

    • ImPac Mv
      ImPac Mv 23 hours ago

      only 5 episode is bad, 1-7 season is perfekt, what you talking about not worth it imo you stupid as hell

  • Allie Carta
    Allie Carta Day ago +2

    GAME OF THRONES 🖤 ( yes there is a documentary and a spinoff) but since it’s over, I might give Peaky Blinders a try. I don’t know, it’s bloody hard. Nothing is replaceable 😔

  • Ashwin Ramesh
    Ashwin Ramesh 2 days ago

    Still waiting to find some elephants - Cersie 😂

  • Ashwin Ramesh
    Ashwin Ramesh 2 days ago +3

    How many are here after watching a historic end of GOT

  • Jalen Brown
    Jalen Brown 2 days ago

    Snowfall & blacklist should have some type of mention on this list this is OUTRAGEOUS

  • Rahul Krishnan
    Rahul Krishnan 2 days ago +2

    LOST..... 😘😘😘

  • thabang rocky
    thabang rocky 2 days ago +6

    1. Game of thrones
    2. westworlds
    then the rest

    • Faizal Malik
      Faizal Malik Day ago +1

      U should have mentioned Supernatural

  • Marco Fernandez
    Marco Fernandez 2 days ago +75

    Trying to find another tv series to watch because game of thrones had ended 😭

    • G Basar
      G Basar 6 hours ago +1

      Marco I wud suggest u to watch Netflix's The Kingdom, Stranger things, Breaking Bad and Better call Sauls. These shows r really something.

    • Raiden Kalisz
      Raiden Kalisz 12 hours ago +2

      Gotham, daredevil, game of thrones, big bang theory..even avengers saga ended..2019 is end of an era

    • Sohail Ahamed
      Sohail Ahamed Day ago

      +Ambroshim same
      .. 💔

    • Ambroshim
      Ambroshim Day ago

      ikr this is so sad

  • Mijanur Khan
    Mijanur Khan 2 days ago +1

    I’m spoilt for choice. I’m gona have to watch pepper pig series now

  • Marcelo Quinonez
    Marcelo Quinonez 2 days ago

    I want to watch Game Of Thrones but in the first 2 episodes it had sex and i mean a lot

  • dAsemaw
    dAsemaw 3 days ago +1

    num 1 -> Westworld

  • MaulSlasher
    MaulSlasher 3 days ago

    I've tried to start Westworld twice. I can't seem to get hooked. It's well produced and well acted but I get a Lost-ish vibe from it. the kind you get when a series starts to throw misteries at you and you can tell they have no intention of solvin them and that gets in the way of storytelling.
    Am I wrong? Should I just try for a third and final time?

  • Xydez
    Xydez 3 days ago +1

    Game of Thrones at spot #4 and House of Cards not in the list.. what?

  • Fast Solution
    Fast Solution 3 days ago +1

    Orphan Black

  • Evan Green
    Evan Green 3 days ago

    Why not breaking bad is the best TV series ever

  • Worldwide news Nepal
    Worldwide news Nepal 3 days ago +1


  • AH Designs
    AH Designs 3 days ago +3

    Game of thrones
    Stranger Things

    我SKYGROUND 3 days ago +1

    I recommend punisher

  • Glitzelite
    Glitzelite 3 days ago +5

    The walking dead is one of the best tv series I've ever seen
    Also there is « Dexter »
    It's extremely good show

  • Liv Yrjölä-Kuortti
    Liv Yrjölä-Kuortti 3 days ago +5

    Stranger Things is the best show. The actors are great and the story line and how everything is going together is so perfect.

  • kris kiki
    kris kiki 3 days ago +1

    Till now for me best series are:
    Stranger things
    Undercover (especially KUKATA-Love it 😀)
    Sense 8
    Lie to me
    Sherlock Holmes
    Prison break

    • kris kiki
      kris kiki 14 hours ago

      +kyle eaton I will for sure 😊

    • kyle eaton
      kyle eaton 21 hour ago

      +kris kiki If you remember, let me know.

    • kris kiki
      kris kiki 22 hours ago

      +kyle eaton . I will give it a try. Starting now 😊. Thanks

    • kyle eaton
      kyle eaton 2 days ago +2

      +kris kiki It's the best show i've ever seen. the lowest of parts are all in the last season and i'd still give the lowest parts an 8/10 just because everything is established at those points and you're able to easily ride that wave, given how spectacular the show was. The highest of points, of which are many, outclass anything i've ever seen from both shows or movies and that's largely due to the logic applied to the show through character dialogue. The chemistry between the characters are the best and the show is more multifaceted through the multiple connected story lines than any show or movie i've seen and it accomplishes all of this through honesty. It never makes dishonest decisions, it doesn't try to make the viewer believe something that goes against the story's established character history.

    • kris kiki
      kris kiki 2 days ago

      +kyle eaton I still haven't watched it 😔😔😔. It's that good ?!?

  • Untold Truths And Stories

    By the order of peaky fooking blinders 💪💪

  • Sakir Ali
    Sakir Ali 4 days ago

    Anyone Guy's can tell me game of thrones hindi se 4 date

  • Nick Spyder
    Nick Spyder 4 days ago +1

    Westworld is a masterpiece

  • Nash Gamer
    Nash Gamer 4 days ago +2

    walking dead

  • Adarsh Kk
    Adarsh Kk 4 days ago +3

    Game of thrones👌👌

  • nina 123
    nina 123 4 days ago +7

    Am I the only one who don't love game of thrones?

  • Short Z
    Short Z 5 days ago +2

    Orphan black is the best 🖤

    ORECON GmbH 5 days ago +1

    ever heard of The Walking Dead?

  • JiminmahUB #KingTan
    JiminmahUB #KingTan 5 days ago +1

    My favourites:
    Prison break
    Peaky blinders
    The last kingdom
    Game of thrones

  • Naveen Kumar
    Naveen Kumar 5 days ago

    Where is LOST?

  • Star Guardian Ahri
    Star Guardian Ahri 5 days ago +17

    Game of Trones
    The Vampire Diaries
    Breaking Bad
    The Wire
    The Originals
    The Last Kingdom

    • gaby
      gaby 3 days ago +1


    • reduce cotwo
      reduce cotwo 3 days ago +1

      Ice Road Truckers, lol

    • Hurricane BG
      Hurricane BG 4 days ago +1

      +Star Guardian Ahri idk how you did it

    • Star Guardian Ahri
      Star Guardian Ahri 4 days ago +2

      +Hurricane BG I'm serious. I've rewatched "The Vampire Diaries" Three times.

    • Hurricane BG
      Hurricane BG 4 days ago +3

      You cant be serious about tvd

  • felix saji
    felix saji 6 days ago +6

    Where is Black mirror

  • TerierBull
    TerierBull 6 days ago +16

    Game of Thrones
    The 100
    Breaking Bad
    Preason Break

  • Saheel Nafis
    Saheel Nafis 7 days ago

    Where is Sherlock???

  • N3LWIN
    N3LWIN 7 days ago +2

    Peaky fooooking blinders

  • Zaki Zack
    Zaki Zack 7 days ago +1

    thnx 4 the last advices

  • Don
    Don 8 days ago +2

    The 100 is a great show

  • yumeij
    yumeij 8 days ago +2

    you forgot Lucifer?

  • Valdas V
    Valdas V 8 days ago

    Friends didnt make it huh? Not even mentions.

  • c1ue scroll 07
    c1ue scroll 07 8 days ago +1

    tom and jerry beats all

  • None of Yabusiness
    None of Yabusiness 9 days ago +1

    1. good girls
    2. vampire diaries
    3. the originals
    4. legacies
    5. 90210 is the new black
    7. creeped out
    8. you
    9 a series of unfortunate events
    10. shameless
    11. lucifer
    12.. black lightning
    *not in order

  • Considerate & Pragmatic

    I just loved dark and altered carbon and mayans mc. They deserves atleast honorable mentions man. I'm waiting for the season 2 of all these shows. I like science fiction and crime/horror series the most. Westworld is damn good but very confusing and hard to understand. I had to pause, replay several times. It needs full concentration. Waiting for the third season. I tried to watch expanse but found it kinda boring. I stopped after 3 episodes of season 1. I'm watching black mirrors now. It is good too. Far better than some of the shows in the top 10 list of this video. Guys any tv series suggestions for a sci-fi, horror lover ??

    • Considerate & Pragmatic
      Considerate & Pragmatic 9 days ago

      +Seventeenkeyyalready watched it. Its my all time favourite show..

    • Seventeenkeyy
      Seventeenkeyy 9 days ago +2

      Watch sons of anarchy its soo good, mayans is a spinoff

  • sampath k
    sampath k 9 days ago +8

    Where is Spartacus, Prison Break, Breaking Bad, The 100 and Lost in Space

    • sampath k
      sampath k 8 days ago

      +Shawn Sagar The 100 and Lost in Space still running

    • Shawn Sagar
      Shawn Sagar 8 days ago +1

      The list is based on current tv series...Not the ones that have finished...

  • Somnath Das
    Somnath Das 9 days ago

    The wire ,The Sopranos 😍

  • Independent Prisoner
    Independent Prisoner 9 days ago +2

    These are my best shows list.
    Game of thrones
    Breaking bad
    Prison break
    Money heist
    Altered carbon
    Last kingdom
    El chapo
    Marco polo
    Peaky blinders
    Stranger things
    The killing
    Inside edge

    • Daga
      Daga 8 days ago

      Independent Prisoner altered carbon is ass

  • vaargheee john
    vaargheee john 9 days ago +2

    Where is the walking dead???

  • biggie & 2pac
    biggie & 2pac 9 days ago

    The originals must be on the top maan

  • squidward tentacles
    squidward tentacles 10 days ago +1


  • Amal Arandas
    Amal Arandas 10 days ago +9

    Mine : 1- the originals
    2- pll
    3- game of thrones
    4- Reign
    5- elite
    6- la casa de la papel
    7- the walking dead
    8- teen wolf
    9- scorpion
    10- how I met your mother

  • Faruk Bin Nasir
    Faruk Bin Nasir 10 days ago +3

    Got is the greatest tv show of alltime. Just loved it😍

  • Jerome Reyes Arellano
    Jerome Reyes Arellano 10 days ago +1

    Am I the only one expecting Bates Motel in this list?

  • ThatPwoDerrp
    ThatPwoDerrp 10 days ago +1

    Id also like to ask, is Lucifer coming to an end at season 4 ep 10?

    • Asha P
      Asha P 10 days ago +1

      Certainly hope not

  • Kolağası Kemal Bey
    Kolağası Kemal Bey 10 days ago

    Are you kiddin' ? Better Call Saul? :f

  • Seventeenkeyy
    Seventeenkeyy 10 days ago +9

    My top 10 favorite tv shows -
    1. Prison break
    2. Sons of anarchy
    3. The 100
    4. Game of thrones
    5. Walking dead
    6. The punisher
    7. Breaking bad
    8. The flash
    9. La casa de papel
    10. Stranger things
    What should i watch next?

    • Seventeenkeyy
      Seventeenkeyy 8 days ago

      +Abdur-Rehman Qureshi lol idk but any suggestion to what i should watch next

    • Brian Lopez
      Brian Lopez 8 days ago

      100 got boring to me

    • Abdur-Rehman Qureshi
      Abdur-Rehman Qureshi 9 days ago +1

      Ur list is like 50-50. Dat corny as show Flash above La Casa de Papel really??? It shouldn't be even in the top 10. Breaking Bad way too low and TWD way too high. I guess u prefer drama more than thriller and action.

    • Seventeenkeyy
      Seventeenkeyy 9 days ago

      +squidward tentacles lucifier is so bad

    • squidward tentacles
      squidward tentacles 10 days ago +1

      What bout Lucifer

  • Olarean Cristi
    Olarean Cristi 10 days ago

    Where is LOST / DEXTER / SONS OF ANARCHY / BREAKING BAD / THE WALKING DEAD and more... what top is this???

  • فكر عميق
    فكر عميق 10 days ago +1

    american people dont know about lacasa de papel ;)

  • Dev Tech
    Dev Tech 11 days ago +1

    Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MY WORLD 12 days ago +1


  • Raviraj Gacche
    Raviraj Gacche 12 days ago +2

    The walking dead ???

  • vishal tayya
    vishal tayya 12 days ago +1

    Better call Saul is the best

  • Paroma Ghosh Arora
    Paroma Ghosh Arora 12 days ago

    For me Game of Thrones is Top Notch... And how come Sherlock is not mentioned... I completely disagree with this list

  • smith dabreo
    smith dabreo 12 days ago +1

    Where the fuck is the walking dead

  • Gilbert Soriano
    Gilbert Soriano 12 days ago +6

    What the hell game of throne number 4????no way

  • Ritik Soni
    Ritik Soni 12 days ago

    Any 'friends' lover here like👍

  • ThatPwoDerrp
    ThatPwoDerrp 12 days ago +5

    finally Legion is getting popular, hopefully this can help them fund more seasons, or are they richer than i thought and they just quitting... :p

  • Kliq Don
    Kliq Don 13 days ago +3

    Peaky bilnders needs some light

  • Mitlesh Gawatre
    Mitlesh Gawatre 13 days ago

    What the shit game of thrones no 1

  • Somya Sharma
    Somya Sharma 13 days ago +1

    Game of thrones at no. 4 you kidding me

  • Do not subscribe to me- or thanos won't like it

    people calm down
    its Top 10 not Top 100
    if your favourite doesn't mame the cut does not mean it is not respected it's just that it is not in 10

  • Ewi Tube
    Ewi Tube 14 days ago +3

    Correction :
    1. Game of thrones
    2. Breaking bad
    3. Peaky blinders

  • Josh Gibson
    Josh Gibson 14 days ago +4

    Out of ones i’ve watched so far
    1. Game of thrones
    2. Sons of anarchy
    3. Peaky blinders
    4. Power
    5. Narcos
    6. Prison break
    7. Breaking bad

  • Josh Gibson
    Josh Gibson 14 days ago +1

    game of thrones is a different level of production and story line than any of these. Breaking bad is overrated as it is noticeably old compared to the current industry money but sons of anarchy and peaky blinders are two of my favourite shows. Also thought prison break died off after season 2

  • MimiAmboKiki Robert Alik
    MimiAmboKiki Robert Alik 14 days ago +4

    Game of thrones ❤️❤️❤️👏👏👏👏

  • Gurjant Saroopwali
    Gurjant Saroopwali 14 days ago


  • Shubham Shukla
    Shubham Shukla 14 days ago +1

    Wtf no Breaking Bad?

  • songstress
    songstress 14 days ago +2

    blind spot

  • griffin
    griffin 14 days ago +1

    The 100

  • rajnish choudhary
    rajnish choudhary 15 days ago +1

    The Americans
    Better call Saul
    Peaky blinders
    West world

  • The Latest
    The Latest 15 days ago

    Peaky fookin blinders is the best series in the world

  • Akshay Pandey
    Akshay Pandey 15 days ago +1

    What about Vikings and The Last Kingdow

    • Valdas V
      Valdas V 8 days ago

      The last kingdom felt very cheap to me, I stopped after couple episodes

  • Prateek Gupta
    Prateek Gupta 15 days ago +1

    What about the Vampire Diaries and The Originals and The Legacies

  • Mist AMOS
    Mist AMOS 16 days ago

    Stargate SG- And where's the right movie rapallo? Got all sorts of dead people running through the canals and stupid TV series, there's nothing to see at all!