Stan Lee Wanted Us To Forget About These Comics Forever

  • Published on Jan 19, 2019
  • Stan Lee may be a comic book legend, but even he had his share of epic misfires over the decades. As fans around the world commemorate his life's work, there are a few comics getting attention that he'd probably wish had stayed forgotten.
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    Slapdash roots of Spider-Woman | 0:16
    World's worst villain | 1:14
    The mystical power of being Asian | 2:11
    The amazing Stripperella | 3:08
    Stan Lee's… Batman? | 4:10
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  • Grunge
    Grunge  4 months ago +4

    What's your fondest memory of Stan Lee?

    • Denis Wilson
      Denis Wilson 4 months ago

      His 1960,s in comic book take on civil rights and racism ... altho o will say he and jack king kirby showing up at reed and sues wedding was a hoot

      OTTO OCTAVIOUS 4 months ago

      I said thank you to him and he replied you're welcome

    • Jules Dijulio
      Jules Dijulio 4 months ago

      We showered together once

    • aqdrobert
      aqdrobert 4 months ago

      I said HI! at his last Phoenix, AZ comic convention, and he smiled back!

    • apex2000
      apex2000 4 months ago

      Being the 1st person out of millions at a convention to Ignore the "Don't speak to Stan Lee" sign at his signature booth, i said softly "Thank You Mr Lee" nothing more., He looked up clearly tired (was 1 of his last conventions he did & later found out they really had been working him like a dog) he gave a small smile, the look in his eyes I think he was genuinely touched at some humanity...... funnily enough the queue behind me started saying thank you. Good thing I did, since I was supposed to meet Stan Lee face to face, but the Convention had treat him so badly, he according to his agent basically had a break down (behind scenes) and so the meet and greet we'd paid for was basically cancelled.

  • Mike L.
    Mike L. 2 months ago

    Stan Lee didnt create any of the comics so of course theyre terrible ideas! That's why he had Jack Kirby for. He drew, wrote, etc the entire comics with little to no input from Stan. Stan just thought up the idea of "To Be Continued" and getting rid of one shot comics. Back in the day that alone changed comics forever and he started a comic book company. Jack Kirby was the idea guy/ artist/ writer along with Ditko. Stan made sure he got all the money and stole half the credit when he did nothing to create the characters or comics and gave no royalties. He was also a fantastic promo guy and people thought he created everything at marvel since he loved the spotlight. Kirby was too busy drawing and creating universes. Stan also created the idea that all the different comics would be part of the same universe. So, He stole credit from everyone and didnt pay them right leaving many poor and suffering while he lived it up, but he also promoted comics and did his best to make people take comics seriously. He was a great salesman/ promoter and cut-throat businessman. It took many years after their deaths before Stan would allow Jack or Ditko to get any real credit or paid the way they/their families, should. He's the Thomas Edison of comics.

  • Rahul Star
    Rahul Star 3 months ago

    Stripperella movie will ever in theaters XD

  • TheBible AsHistory
    TheBible AsHistory 4 months ago

    I don't care if you criticize Stan Lee! I'll always love his work! He gave the world Marvel Comics! And from that came the MCU Movie Universe! Let's see you do that Grunge!

  • TheOnemanmoshpit
    TheOnemanmoshpit 4 months ago

    How is being Oriental making you a superhero racist?
    It's like saying black guys and latinos have big dicks.
    No one's going to be offended by that! 😂

  • Mike Munoz
    Mike Munoz 4 months ago

    I would think he would want every character he did after leaving Marvel forgotten. Oh wait,.they were.

  • Denis Wilson
    Denis Wilson 4 months ago

    Paste pot pete in 1966(marvel super heros tv show)helped iron man solve baron zemo,s adhesive x... this character was more along the lines of a regular human not just some evil super genius or alien... perhaps more boring from a comic character but great name,fantastic artwork... marvel at its hight and best

  • Denis Wilson
    Denis Wilson 4 months ago

    If spiderwoman was so terrible... why did it get the fans attention?doesn't belong here

  • leo alex
    leo alex 4 months ago

    No mention of Dazzler?

  • Eric Russell
    Eric Russell 4 months ago

    Spiderman was just a RIP off of batman anyways

  • Michael Boyce
    Michael Boyce 4 months ago

    Wonder if She Hulk was another character Stan wanted us to forget?

  • Henry Seldon
    Henry Seldon 4 months ago

    Spider Woman and Paste Pot Pete were favorites of mine for years when I was a kid. I can't believe they're on this list. Oh well.

    OTTO OCTAVIOUS 4 months ago

    I liked captain universe as well and when you turn out lots of ideas you're bound to have a number of duds

  • Jerry Dunham
    Jerry Dunham 4 months ago

    Still like Paste Pot Pete better than Reed Richards

  • Peter Washington
    Peter Washington 4 months ago

    I loved stripperella!!!

  • Epic Papa
    Epic Papa 4 months ago

    Stripperella was the coolest.
    Just like Pamela Lee.
    Your a poor author and just another idiotic Social Justice Warrior.

  • Devil's Food
    Devil's Food 4 months ago


  • Antonio Gonzalez
    Antonio Gonzalez 4 months ago

    "I can't imagine anyone creating anything worthy and hitting it big the first time... This I consider normal even for Stan Lee."

  • Jackson Brown
    Jackson Brown 4 months ago

    I suspect that there are darker sides to him that’ll come out when the non disclosure contracts expire

  • aqdrobert
    aqdrobert 4 months ago

    Better names for Paste Pot Pete? How about Cyanoacrylcate Cedric or Adhesive Alex?

  • eyeseer1
    eyeseer1 4 months ago +1

    Stripperella was good. Forget the haters. Pamela Anderson wasn't that bad.

    • KeroZ25Z
      KeroZ25Z 4 months ago

      And if a stripper actually pitched this idea to Lee then that's even cooler. Striperella wasn't bad I liked how they incorporated WWE's Vince McMahon as a regular on that shoe and a few other wrestlers I think as well.

  • george the greek
    george the greek 4 months ago

    3:15 I think she should join the Avengers and the thought that Stan Lee got the idea from some chick giving him a lap dance is just to freakin funny Excelsior!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Morf Morf Vandewalt
    Morf Morf Vandewalt 4 months ago +1

    When you smoke that fireweed you be like 2:43

  • Jose Bracero
    Jose Bracero 4 months ago

    Well Spider-Woman & Stripperella Got the shaft, while DC-Stan Lee Batman version got fisted, Does any body remember MOSAIC 2006 voiced by Anna Paquin or THE CONDOR, 2007 voiced by WILMER Valderrama, for two minutes Stan Lee had the Midas touch , Nothing last forever, Next most likely the MARVEL publishing Company.

  • Reginald Easley
    Reginald Easley 4 months ago

    creators of any work will have set backs but as long as they don't give up people will always remember them.

  • Dale Muir
    Dale Muir 4 months ago

    I love Stan Lee, but he was, for the large part, a terrible writer. He'll be remembered for his pioneer creations (most of which were made better by other writers and artists), but for every good idea he had, there were a dozen awful ones.
    Not that there's anything wrong with that - in fact, it's very healthy. If you don't keep trying, you won't get the good stuff.

  • Daniel waugh
    Daniel waugh 4 months ago

    well, shows that there are those like Stan Lee can make some mistakes in their careers and try to remake their origins that make things a little better.

  • mark moseray
    mark moseray 4 months ago +1

    All in all RIP Stan Lee

  • Heed My Warning
    Heed My Warning 4 months ago

    I loved stripperrella! It was meant to be funny, and not serious.

  • Darth Vestius
    Darth Vestius 4 months ago +1

    One can not make an omelet without breaking a few eggs...
    RIP Mr. Lee.
    And thank you for giving me one hell of a great childhood !

  • RiggsBF
    RiggsBF 4 months ago

    You forgot about Asbestos Lady

  • wdcain1
    wdcain1 4 months ago

    The best Trapster story is in the novel _Ultimate Super-Villains_ where he sells his glue on TV, makes a fortune, finds love, and lives happily ever after.
    ps... _Stripperella_ is awesome and should be remembered fondly since the cartoon is really fun as an R-rated Adam West Batman show.

  • BETMARKonTube
    BETMARKonTube 4 months ago +16

    Are you kidding?
    *Stan* was *proud* of *Stripperella!* And for good reasons.
    It was meant to be funny and it was.

  • Robert Downs
    Robert Downs 4 months ago

    I will never forget STAN LEE's work he will be mess Exscoler I will always love you thank rest in peace will always remember you Exscoler STAN

  • tim Phone
    tim Phone 4 months ago +1

    I want to forget about squirrel girl ,America Chavez and the 2018 version of the champions. Also the new west coast avengers.

  • Eternateen 4Eva
    Eternateen 4Eva 4 months ago +1

    I love the misleading title, you guys added the "probably wants us to forget" line in the video. So you don't actually know what Stan wanted, you wanted to bate Us fans after his death.

  • Liana Verwood
    Liana Verwood 4 months ago +6

    I'm sorry but you can't rip off something you originally made or own..What a stupid comment.
    Also just because one of stans dc reimaging books wasn't so good it doesn't mean the others he did were or he even regretted making them.

  • apex2000
    apex2000 4 months ago

    Hay having your race changed in exchanged for super powers..... there much more undesirable things that could happen to you in the acquisition of super powers. Also yeah sudden unexpected physical metamorphosis of any kind even on a small scale gonna be alarming to a person. Also because they are surprised doesn't mean they are a racist. Just means they caught off guard by suddenly having a different body. (Most of us are pretty used to how our body works and looks, given that we ain't Polymorphs)

  • apex2000
    apex2000 4 months ago

    I could see (hyper) Glue as a great weapon for a villan who doesn't necessarily wanna murder people, just incapcitate..... but does give the option, ya know smothering, drowning etc. it can have lot of utilities much like how comics depict ice powers.

  • apex2000
    apex2000 4 months ago

    The amount of stuff they made, it no surprise that it wasn't all gold.

  • Maxamillian Steele
    Maxamillian Steele 4 months ago +1

    Then to honor his wishes I won't watch

  • Brian Daleske
    Brian Daleske 4 months ago

    First off, this lady character might not of been a huge hit when she first originally appeared, and to add when she appeared a second time.
    But that doesn’t mean that she can’t be any good for this generation, and to add with a new twist to a brand new story telling of her; Well this female hero might just surprise everyone, and to add might become a big hit with all of the potential young girl fans as another new female hero to admire & respect as well.
    So hopefully someday somewhere down the line the female character hero (SPIDER-WOMAN) might be possibly make her appearance in a movie of her own which would be an origin story, and then much later hopefully she could make her appearance in a (SPIDER-MAN)movie, or maybe she might be able to make her appearance in a future movie project of a future new chapter of an (AVENGERS) movie.
    Plus to add maybe the ComicBook story of the science-project mutant female character hero (SPIDER-WOMAN) might be sold to some unknown other ComicBook entertainment movies industry someday down the line to some people who might be really interested in it.

  • Joe Murdoch
    Joe Murdoch 4 months ago

    I think stripperella versus paste pot Pete would make one wild ride of a movie.

  • Scott Andrew Hutchins
    Scott Andrew Hutchins 4 months ago +1

    Wolverine was also supposed to be a wolverine evolved by the High Evolutionary, but that got nixed as a direct result of Spider-Woman.

  • Roosevelt
    Roosevelt 4 months ago +6

    So, Stripperella is bad because it's about a stripper? I mean, I'm no fan of it, but can you give some actual reasons why it is bad, other than your apparent bias toward strippers? Also, the idea that Stan Lee's "BatMan" was a rip off of spider Man because they both may have been wrestlers at one point is also assuming that Spider Man is a rip off of Super Man because they are both reporters.
    I can see your bias all over this video. Please do more research,and write more than one script before your next video

    • J E
      J E 4 months ago

      @Poison Yes, I know. It's called a joke, look it up in the dictionary.

    • J E
      J E 4 months ago

      Striperella was stupid as the whole concept is flawed. Any stripper that looks like Striperella is NOT working the day shift.

    • Roosevelt
      Roosevelt 4 months ago +1

      @Jacob Walraven Fair enough. I suppose i meant to say that he also worked for a news paper. I don't follow Super Man because he (although was the inspiration for most super heroes) is an extremely generic one.

    • Jacob Walraven
      Jacob Walraven 4 months ago

      Spider Man would be a rip off of Jimmy Olsen in your comparison because theyre both photographers. Spidey was never a reporter.

  • TheXDatabase
    TheXDatabase 4 months ago

    isn't Stripperella a strong independent woman?

  • Leroy Lowe
    Leroy Lowe 4 months ago

    Stripperella looks like something out of Heavy Metal.

  • kforcer
    kforcer 4 months ago +1

    'The Just Imagine Stan' series for DC was awesome. You don't know what you are talking about, Grunge.

  • Lovepon
    Lovepon 4 months ago +4

    < Jessica Drew Number 1 Fan.

  • CountOrlok22
    CountOrlok22 4 months ago +2

    Thankfully when Marv Wolfman reinvented Spider-Woman he gave us something much better in Jessica Drew.

  • Ryan Witherow
    Ryan Witherow 4 months ago +7

    God I want to see spider-woman in the MCU.

    • David Martinez
      David Martinez 4 months ago

      @Hunterkai eh

    • Hunterkai
      Hunterkai 4 months ago

      Personally I think this would be a good role for "m.j." in the Tom Holland movies. She has the personality for Jessica drew already.

  • Kenneth Bryant
    Kenneth Bryant 4 months ago

    Idgaf what y’all think I love Spider-Woman

  • S Christy
    S Christy 4 months ago +5

    So???? Stan Lee told you guys at Grunge. He wanted all of us. To forget about all this in Marvel Comic and when did he Do This????

  • Poonam Sharma
    Poonam Sharma 4 months ago

    Striprella!!!! Like seriously???😂😂😂🤣😃😀😆

  • HaloSupaWarrior
    HaloSupaWarrior 4 months ago

    Why are you bringing them up if he didn't want to be remembered for them? Your disrespecting him than

  • Abigail Oneill
    Abigail Oneill 4 months ago +1

    I created a sandwich 🥪 with Peanut Butter, Strawberry Jam And Sour Patch Kids on it . Will I turn to a life of crime as Captain Diabetes. 🦹🏻‍♀️💉

    • J E
      J E 4 months ago +1

      Shut up Scott Malkinson.

  • Frmsjw2 LogCabin
    Frmsjw2 LogCabin 4 months ago +8

    I loved stripperella ❤

  • Diego Rodriguez
    Diego Rodriguez 4 months ago +3

    Wtf using his name like that in the title

  • Sad Pop Fran
    Sad Pop Fran 4 months ago +3

    so much propaganda here

  • voodoochile333
    voodoochile333 4 months ago +2

    Grunge is SO PC

  • J N
    J N 4 months ago +17

    Whoever made this video has no idea what they're talking about.

    • tony tookie
      tony tookie 4 months ago

      Okay you have my attention, now please discuss?

  • agrey832
    agrey832 4 months ago +13

    How could you miss the fact that Stan Lee got Pamela Anderson to do the Stripperella movie? C'mon son

    • Morf Morf Vandewalt
      Morf Morf Vandewalt 4 months ago +1

      @Poison I prefer women, actually.
      But it's been fun watching you flail about like a toddler throwing a temper tantrum over a comic book, though. Sorry you had to be corrected by a stranger in a RU-clip comment but if you can't handle know it alls, you might consider not being one yourself. But I'm certain you won't take that to heart and will probably come back with some juvenile sexual wish fulfillment rather than simply acknowledging that you didn't know what the other person was talking about...

    • Morf Morf Vandewalt
      Morf Morf Vandewalt 4 months ago +1

      @Poison how about you KNOW what your talking about before correcting others, little guy?

    • Morf Morf Vandewalt
      Morf Morf Vandewalt 4 months ago +1

      @Poison He wasn't talking about Barb Wire, he was talking about Stripperella.
      Google it.

  • Tater Totinski
    Tater Totinski 5 months ago

    I’d like to mention that the amount of Stan Lee worship in this comments thread is gross. Let’s not forget all the shitty stuff he did to people just because he’s dead.

  • Tater Totinski
    Tater Totinski 5 months ago

    I remember his version of Batman being pretty offensive as well as derivative/boring. He played into some pretty terrible stereotypes about African Americans to create his Batman.

  • Sweet Seduction
    Sweet Seduction 5 months ago

    Stripperella FTW!

  • Lee Upton
    Lee Upton 5 months ago

    Might want to rethink that title.

  • i had a dream
    i had a dream 5 months ago

    If Cardi B was a superhero haha.
    RIP Stan the Legend Lee.

  • Lee Gannon
    Lee Gannon 5 months ago

    Jessica Drew's (along with Psylocke) are my favourite female super-heroes (and not because they are both English).

  • blazecorp
    blazecorp 5 months ago

    Well done Grunge. Way to go disrespecting a legend and a guy that just passed away. I hope you lose a shitload of subscribers. Cowards.

  • Cap'n Mo
    Cap'n Mo 5 months ago +8

    Remembering Jack Kirby.

  • Paulafan5
    Paulafan5 5 months ago +9

    So, Strippers can't be heroes. Gotcha Grunge. Any other groups of women incapable of being heroes? Maids? Waitresses? Teachers?

    • cha5
      cha5 4 months ago

      Paulafan5 Nonsense, Even Prostitutes can be heroes. 😉
      See Garth Ennis and Amanda Connor’s ‘The Pro’ for proof.

  • Elsa Vargas
    Elsa Vargas 5 months ago +1

    Films the weren't ready for their time

  • Tourist Tees Shirts
    Tourist Tees Shirts 5 months ago +1

    They forgot, “Illuminator” and the idiot winner from “who wants to be a super hero.”

  • Kali
    Kali 5 months ago +3

    I always wanted to know who came up with the NAME of Paste-Pot Pete, and why the character himself thought it was a good idea. Today, the heroes and villains (especially Spider-Man) STILL keep finding a reason to mock Trapster for his original name.
    And, as for Just Imagine, well, I did like Stan's versions of Batman and Wonder Woman (or was it the COSTUME that I liked about his Wonder Woman :-) ). But, when it was first announced, what I was thinking we were going to get was a vision if Stan had been at DC in the beginning instead of Marvel, and HE had created Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and the rest. That's not what we got - it was just Stan creating the characters today as if they had never existed before - and, so, of course, they all came across as retreads of other ideas.
    Still, when I saw the Just Imagine Batman, I had become a fan of the El Santo and Blue Demon movies (thanks a LOT, MST3K!), and it looked like Stan had created a lucha libre version of Batman. It wasn't bad, but Bats is no El Santo. Maybe Stan should have thrown a couple of werewolves and mummies into the plot. :-)

    • Emsley Wyatt
      Emsley Wyatt 4 months ago +1

      For the Amalgam series he was combined with Matter-Eater Lad to become "Paste-Eater Pete".

  • REX OS
    REX OS 5 months ago

    Long live the Generalissimo!!!!!

  • David Urban
    David Urban 5 months ago +4

    I remember Spider-Woman as a cartoon. The storylines were a little weird but it's a cartoon, what else is new. Only vaguely remember Stripperella. No big loss. Have a great day everyone

  • Brandon Clark
    Brandon Clark 5 months ago +6

    Mad respect to a true creative legend

  • Brandon Clark
    Brandon Clark 5 months ago +28

    It's ok to fail sometimes. Fail your way to success. Many greats made career mistakes. Pushing through mistakes is apart of the path to success.

    • cha5
      cha5 4 months ago +1

      Well said and Nuff said! 😊

    • Andrew Shearsby
      Andrew Shearsby 4 months ago

      loved Stripperella

  • mjstory1976
    mjstory1976 5 months ago +6

    RIP Stan Lee

  • Barboron
    Barboron 5 months ago +9

    Oh no! Stan Lee's batman and spider-man both wrestled.....he must have totally ripped one character off from the other! Infact, almost all his characters are human, clearly all ripped off from one another.

    • knightghost 17
      knightghost 17 4 months ago +1

      I would say more like inspired or yet made better.

  • Seppo Nolan
    Seppo Nolan 5 months ago +12

    You forgot Ravage 2099.
    That should have been at the top of the list.

    • vmcampos
      vmcampos 4 months ago +1

      So true. It was a very hyped book because Stan worked on it. But...

    • Terry Schmucker
      Terry Schmucker 5 months ago

      Seppo Nolan mo

    • chrisj092
      chrisj092 5 months ago +2

      I was just about to mention that one. :) I thought that was the most forgettable of the 2099 books.

  • Patrick McDuff
    Patrick McDuff 5 months ago +9

    RIP Stan Lee you'll always be remembered

  • chriss1152
    chriss1152 5 months ago +7

    I used to have like the Spider Woman comic book I had a few of them

  • DiabloSpiritus
    DiabloSpiritus 5 months ago +8

    If you criticize strippers, you lose.
    If you make them into heroes, you also lose...
    Just get your lapdance, order her to do stuff and treat you like an emperor, pay, then leave..

  • TheCreepingDeath1984
    TheCreepingDeath1984 5 months ago

    Too soon

    BSJ IN YO HOUSE 5 months ago +24

    MCU films won’t feel the same without Stan’s cameo.

  • Jamie Kitchens
    Jamie Kitchens 5 months ago +13

    My eyes....they're becoming slanted

  • Thomas5246
    Thomas5246 5 months ago +21

    If he didn’t want us to see these then why show us, you’re basically just disrespecting him

  • Zachary Laid Finding Freedom

    Spider-Man wouldn’t exist without Stan Lee

  • Khalid Henry
    Khalid Henry 5 months ago +31

    Stan Lee showed his vision and inspired us all. There wouldn't be a Marvel Cinematic Universe without him. Thank you, Stan. You will always be in our hearts. Excelsior. And now you can be reunited with Joan (his wife) and Jan (his daughter).

  • henrysuxs
    henrysuxs 5 months ago +5

    first :D