Conservatives Slam Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal | The Daily Show

  • Published on Feb 16, 2019
  • Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has released the ambitious Green New Deal to curb climate change, and Fox News obviously hates it.
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Comments • 9 184

  • Elijah Cash
    Elijah Cash 9 hours ago

    My calculator is solar powered.

  • BigManJay69
    BigManJay69 20 hours ago

    Ok this is exciting because I see from the comments MOST of you, even though you are all left leaning, are able to spot how bad this green new deal is. SO, ask yourself, why is the democrat show, I mean the 'daily' show supporting it?
    Now that I have your attention, if your attention span is long enough, please, watch this with an open mind and really think about every point he made. Then continue watching your state sponsored propaganda shows, and maybe, just maybe, some of you will join us in the great walk away movement. I too was on the left, many of us were. Being a victim of indoctrination is NOT something to be ashamed of

  • BigManJay69
    BigManJay69 20 hours ago

    Trevor " Can we replace coal with electricity". And he spends his time taking the piss out of others for saying stupid things.

  • Gary
    Gary Day ago

    My wife and I would loose our jobs as we live in the deep country and I have to drive all the time to clients homes to repair issues and my wife would have to walk to work 40 miles each way, 5 days a week.I would miss seeing cows across my lake as well. For us to take a train would be impossible.

  • Classic Galactica

    She is an idiot. What more needs to be said?

  • Mud Marine
    Mud Marine 2 days ago

    Why would I be against Cortez's plan? Because it only aims to reduce carbon emissions by 15% at cost that reaches into the trillions. It's a terrible plan! Just admit it!
    The only reason you claim it's a sound plan is because you're a liberal, and you've chosen your team. Now you have to cheer from the sidelines for your team, forgetting about what's actually good for our country.

    • okoro marvelous
      okoro marvelous Day ago +1

      Have you thought of what it will cost the America tax payers.

  • Mud Marine
    Mud Marine 2 days ago

    Cow farts. Really? Cow farts contribute to climate change?? Hahahahahahahahahaha!
    Trevor Noah, you are a crazy man to believe that horse sh- excuse me, cow sh!t!
    Do you have an idea how many "cows" (bison) inhabited the great plains of North America? For thousands of years??
    The answer is a whole h3ll of a lot more than we have living in dairy farms and ranches today (the herds numbered in the millions, btw).
    How come it didn't affect the climate back then? Huh? Huh??
    Because it didn't.

  • Joseph meep
    Joseph meep 2 days ago +1

    For Trevor to defend the green new deal, and how he's so uneducated about the topic..

  • Joseph meep
    Joseph meep 2 days ago

    these comedians making headlines and making it funny, isnt really funny politics shouldnt be laughed at and the vast intellectual incapacity of these comedians are appalling

  • Jonathan Batista
    Jonathan Batista 2 days ago

    Trevor the Democrat!

  • Max Slayer
    Max Slayer 2 days ago

    Well I guess all cows gotta die 😂💀

  • Jason N
    Jason N 2 days ago

    The green new deal will cover everything from health care and farting cows.

  • Chas Lester
    Chas Lester 2 days ago

    A. Ocrazio C.

  • Bernard Dkhar
    Bernard Dkhar 2 days ago

    Why doesn't he comment on the stupid shit fake news "CNN"

  • Bernard Dkhar
    Bernard Dkhar 2 days ago

    I feel like noah Trevor is part of the left party

  • Carey T
    Carey T 4 days ago

    Hahaja Trevor is the only one on board. He should run for politics.

  • WhiteDude Music
    WhiteDude Music 4 days ago

    Can’t stand AOC ...And I am an independent so don’t tag me

  • Pragya Bhardwaj
    Pragya Bhardwaj 4 days ago

    Man she is demented !!!!
    I don't think she thinks before she talks ......

  • ICaNtThINkofACooName 30

    If China and India don’t change what is the point. We can do everything right in the US and still if the rest of the world don’t change does it really matter.

  • Taoufik kml
    Taoufik kml 4 days ago

    Can she just leave please? 😄

    RIGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES 4 days ago +1

    AOC's career. A cow fart. The End.

  • Tcc
    Tcc 5 days ago +1

    The best way to stop climate change is to nuke India and China there is your strong action and quick solution.

  • shileepdeep
    shileepdeep 6 days ago +5

    aoc: wants to not destroy the planet
    everyone: hOW DARE SHE

    • Columbus1152
      Columbus1152 19 hours ago

      "aoc: wants to not destroy the planet", and she'll fly all over the country trying to save it..

    • Das Snek
      Das Snek 2 days ago

      What a load of BS. We're not criticizing her for wanting to reduce climate change, were criticizing her on the insanely ridiculous fantasy that she believes will actually help.

    • Jordan Green
      Jordan Green 2 days ago

      So you agree with the Green New Deal?

    • Ameri Wryter
      Ameri Wryter 4 days ago

      Basically yeah

  • Ethan Ransom
    Ethan Ransom 6 days ago

    trevor noah a real fag

  • William. Nomad Wentworth

    Alexandria ocasio-cortez Definition AOC= apocalypse on calendar

  • funnyfarm 96
    funnyfarm 96 7 days ago

    Noah is as ignorant as aoc

  • Gregory Smith III
    Gregory Smith III 7 days ago

    Just a different version of the great leap forward.

  • james fiaco
    james fiaco 7 days ago

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  • Chanzeland
    Chanzeland 10 days ago

    This guy is a fucking idiot

  • cyril udeh
    cyril udeh 10 days ago

    Trevor..I like your show,like your stand ups,,but you have sold your souls to the wonder you can't make a logical argument that connects with the people but only to your superiors..mind you it will backfire soon or later...soon you will become irrelevant,,no body will believe a word from mouth..when people see your face they see some other entity talking,,beware you only gain depression when you gain the whole world and loose your soul..peace out...
    Also I am referring to most of your show not only this video...

  • DUF Garage
    DUF Garage 10 days ago

    Lying liar of lies.

  • chocolatechick729
    chocolatechick729 10 days ago

    Many of the people who say no are old and are gonna die anyway. They are not going to feel the dramatic changes of their consequences. The youth, the youth is the ones asking the government to change. Because we all know the president of the USA doesn't "believe" in climate change. But some people, specially the youth, give a shit about their future. The least we can do is listen to ideas or give ideas .

  • Jason Learakos
    Jason Learakos 11 days ago

    It's called the green new deal because of all the money being wasted. Because money is green.

  • SMB Bandit
    SMB Bandit 11 days ago

    What is wrong with what the republicans said😂it’s true

  • Al Perez
    Al Perez 11 days ago +1

    The Climatistas, as Steven Hayword calls them, is an authoritative experiment the Libs want to have more control over the American citizens.

    • Soren Sorensen
      Soren Sorensen 6 days ago

      Ikr? Trying to prevent a literal climate apocalypse to ensure humanity's future? Dumb! We should just come to terms with our inevitable demise as a species 🤷‍♀️ Earth will eventually recover after it gets rid of us homo sapiens..

  • Jon Greene
    Jon Greene 11 days ago

    This guy sucks worse the John Stuart and she is a total asshat

  • Chill H
    Chill H 12 days ago

    So in 10 years she's going to get rid of all the pollutants and toxins thank God somebody's doing something about the Muslims

  • messedupdweeb
    messedupdweeb 12 days ago

    Has anyone really read what the Green New Deal contains on here? Ack.
    It’s comprehensive because redirecting the costs to sectors that need it more will provide jobs, healthcare, free education, funding for agriculture and so on. Increasing the percentage taken from upper tax brackets will provide part of the money to fund it (which was done under Eisenhower with great results). Investing in sustainable energy will cut the costs for importing fossil fuel. It will be a domino effect which the legislation explains in detail.

  • Dustin Caso
    Dustin Caso 12 days ago

    5 pages of nonsense with no plan to achieve any goal set in the her fairy tale.

  • Micah Lynn
    Micah Lynn 12 days ago

    Climate change is a hoax’s.

  • dbrowdie
    dbrowdie 13 days ago +11

    I really hate her.
    She sucks!
    Who the hell voted her in?!?!
    They should be very ashamed

  • G Sterling
    G Sterling 13 days ago

    One only has to recall AOC's former (thank God) Chief of Staff who readily admitted that the Green New Deal wasn't really about the climate. In a Washington Post profile he said, "The interesting thing about the Green New Deal is it wasn’t originally a climate thing at all. Because we really think of it as a how-do-you-change-the-entire-economy thing.”

  • Chani Chantilly
    Chani Chantilly 14 days ago

    Trevor, you are dumb

  • joel dewitt
    joel dewitt 14 days ago +1

    She’s a product of her environment

    BUILD THE WALL 15 days ago

    Watermelons Use Green New Deal, Paris Treaty to Impose Socialism..

  • Vinish
    Vinish 15 days ago

    Holy shit... Trevor Noah used his brain for like 5 seconds, it’s nots much, but it’s a big achievement for my little man.

  • egil larsen
    egil larsen 16 days ago

    it was NOT a bill...

  • ceolio m
    ceolio m 17 days ago

    Capitalists will look so smart and pretty when the world is ending. Their ass living on a pile of gravels and a whole bunch of dollars in the right hand and nothing to use it for. That will look priceless.

  • Kay Benson
    Kay Benson 17 days ago

    Trevor is fucking dem!,

  • William Birdwell
    William Birdwell 17 days ago

    Fuck AOC

  • Shannon Miller
    Shannon Miller 18 days ago

    This is not news, and it's not comedy. So what is it? Communist propaganda?

  • southern04man
    southern04man 18 days ago

    Trevor you are a complete douche.

  • bruce nassar
    bruce nassar 18 days ago

    even aoc did not vote for this scam

  • Tono Lopez
    Tono Lopez 19 days ago +3

    It sounds good to me. Humans are not ready to level up thats all. Ones we do it people will remember her 50 to 1000 years from now.

  • Tom Marshall
    Tom Marshall 19 days ago +4

    The Brown New Deal will starve every plant into Extinction.

  • Coiled Steel
    Coiled Steel 19 days ago

    What an ass clown!🤡
    She's GREEN on the OUTSIDE -and RED on the INSIDE!

  • Jenna Schuler
    Jenna Schuler 19 days ago +8

    I love how this fake biased news was recommended to me. Ironic no thanks ill go back to watching Dr.Peterson

  • Jeff
    Jeff 19 days ago

    * China, India, and Africa will continue increasing carbon usage into the distant future.
    * World population will top out at 11 billion, 4 billion more than today, and every one of those 4 billion will want what burning gas and oil can make.
    * The melting permafrost holds more carbon than all carbon ever released by humans!
    If this problem is real, IT IS TO LATE!
    Best to get ready for what comes next!
    Too bad Al Gore's movie didn't come out 20,000 years ago, we could have saved the ice fields in OHIO!

  • Erika Rice
    Erika Rice 20 days ago

    Heritage foundation came out with a soft budget, $70,000 per family of four in year one, 45k a year for years two thru five and 37k a year from years six to ten, and maybe more after that.

  • johnsun john sun
    johnsun john sun 21 day ago

    No Green, brown girl in the Ring

  • Michael Kaczmarek
    Michael Kaczmarek 21 day ago

    I’m okay with talking about seps to eliminate carbon emissions but the absolutely ridiculous ideas of universal basic income for those who are unwilling to work, remodeling every building in the United States without any gas with technology that does not exist yet is stupid and the fact that these huge holes aren’t even mentioned ridiculous. Read the proposal before you agree too it. Universal basic income is socialism and her timeline is unrealistic.

  • Henry Goodbar
    Henry Goodbar 21 day ago

    The green new deal was the platform of the Green Party back in 2012

    BIG SIN 21 day ago

    Soy boy. I hate liberals. Lay off the soy beta boy

  • Josh S
    Josh S 22 days ago

    America can not change anything on its own. America can not force other countries to get on board. All it’s going to do is destroy our economy.

  • Marc Chesley
    Marc Chesley 22 days ago

    I thought Trevor had common sense

  • Aaron Brant
    Aaron Brant 22 days ago

    Trevor Noah is definitely no replacement for Jon Stewart.

  • kg kb
    kg kb 23 days ago

    Socialist show in the words of trump go back to were your from trevor noah if you dont like it here simple

  • kg kb
    kg kb 23 days ago

    Lol green new poppo

  • GeminiJets37
    GeminiJets37 24 days ago +4

    She’s literally a young naive individual who thinks she knows everything.

  • brad fenderz
    brad fenderz 24 days ago

    It’s Cow burps.......fake news

  • Maitri Madiya
    Maitri Madiya 25 days ago

    She needs to get in touch with Greta Thunberg!

  • Darren Frey
    Darren Frey 25 days ago

    Keep in mind everyone, this is the same woman who thinks the presidency, Congress and Senate are the three branches of government and that there are three chambers of Congress. Her magic number must be three, I guess it's how many dicks she can take it once.

  • Daniel Bayliss
    Daniel Bayliss 25 days ago

    She dumb

  • Chris Gentry
    Chris Gentry 26 days ago

    Liberal media lies and rhetoric. Remember this you mother fuckers.... when this war kicks off, we will remove the traitors first .

  • Erns Castle
    Erns Castle 27 days ago

    Will not be surprised if ocasio cortez becomes marvel's newest superhero character. Green girl will retire wonderwoman