Extreme SWAMP Mudding | Extreme Off Road 4X4

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Comments • 80

  • OFF ROAD N Chill
    OFF ROAD N Chill  3 months ago +13

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    • Chris Lynch
      Chris Lynch Month ago

      Hell yea I got a 1st gen tundra I'll come fuck around with you guys

    • Prince Asante
      Prince Asante 2 months ago

      Hi off road n chill please I need one of your Jeep wrangler

  • I gede Aditya pramana
    I gede Aditya pramana 15 hours ago

    Bagus sekali

  • الحسيني حسن


  • Taylor Trumbette
    Taylor Trumbette 2 days ago

    What kind of exhaust does that black one have ??? Sounds amazing

  • Mr Gagarin
    Mr Gagarin 3 days ago +1

    Bad drivers.. head off, who drive this on mt tires, what air on tires?, 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Mr Gagarin
    Mr Gagarin 3 days ago +1

    All need portal axels , normal tires! Not m/t,- Ex tires, tractor tires.. air on tires!! 0.5 minimal..

  • endrik dwiyono
    endrik dwiyono 3 days ago

    Ini baru extreme

  • Cisco Talens
    Cisco Talens 4 days ago

    Dreaming and watching rich folk games while I'm here playing flip the bottle and rock scissors paper with my lil bro

  • May Buhayan
    May Buhayan 6 days ago

    Wow is dirty

  • May Buhayan
    May Buhayan 6 days ago


  • Meganchick
    Meganchick 7 days ago

    Jeep really need to offer a V8 option.

    APA AJA 8 days ago

    Belok pisan mobile dadine

  • WICowboy2k1
    WICowboy2k1 11 days ago

    Y'all know how to party down there. Looks like fun for sure

  • Ken MacMillan
    Ken MacMillan 11 days ago

    Eat animals and pussy. Run boggers.

  • KrzyKanuck81
    KrzyKanuck81 13 days ago

    When does the offroading start ?

  • Abhiram Singh
    Abhiram Singh 14 days ago


  • Jack Hold
    Jack Hold 17 days ago

    Waw cwe ny di entot rame2 pasti ya abis off road

  • minegun3
    minegun3 18 days ago

    looks like the humps area.

  • The Greg
    The Greg 18 days ago

    Pass on the mud. California has everything else though. Nice video

  • zachary burdette
    zachary burdette 19 days ago

    Why do people think flooring it is going to help. You just loose all your traction. 2:17 this guy is literally digging himself in further.

  • 2K Jeep
    2K Jeep 23 days ago

    We are going to try and find some mud this weekend, but that is insane!

  • Kory W
    Kory W 23 days ago

    Just moved down here to Lauderdale and I’m loving it

  • M. Ar
    M. Ar 26 days ago


  • Rene Davila
    Rene Davila 27 days ago

    y'all are brave to run in the swamps without snokels

  • Axm RP gaming
    Axm RP gaming 29 days ago


  • Brian de Leon
    Brian de Leon 29 days ago

    A bit flat tire will help it crawl.

  • Brian de Leon
    Brian de Leon 29 days ago

    Tire will help a lot, so try to flat it a bit.

  • Gavin Coffin
    Gavin Coffin Month ago

    I swear that the black and yellow jeeps had rb 30’s and rb 26’s

  • Skoal Dipper
    Skoal Dipper Month ago

    so i noticed a minute 3:30 that truck had no winch. why?

  • Mheib
    Mheib Month ago

    Good Stuff ! Wonder if Jimmy Hoffa is buried in that mud

  • A.P Aohdyn
    A.P Aohdyn Month ago

    The odd one out is the hummer/really expensive jeep but id drive all of these rigs

  • Humberto Aguilera
    Humberto Aguilera Month ago

    Que bueno es este programa y los carros de maciado bueno

  • James Ritch
    James Ritch Month ago

    The girl in the yellow Jeep is my kind of woman lol

  • sameen gamage
    sameen gamage Month ago


  • Vishal Patel
    Vishal Patel Month ago +1

    At 4 :13

  • LanRan kanz
    LanRan kanz Month ago

    4.10 eat pussy not animals hahaha

  • Dava Saja
    Dava Saja Month ago

    wow god redy

  • J
    J Month ago +1

    Best swamps in the country??? Lmao

  • Lalboi Chongloi
    Lalboi Chongloi Month ago

    Eat pussy Not animals 🤣❤

  • холмовка тв

    Нормально вы там в Америке поливаете!💪👈

  • meneriza poquiez
    meneriza poquiez Month ago

    Why would you go to a swamp???

  • Dan Myself
    Dan Myself Month ago

    Don't eat animals, eat pussy, where is that woman, marry me ! lol

  • Wizard of Oz
    Wizard of Oz Month ago

    Mudding is the very best excuse on Earth for a lift. I cannot imagine going into the mud, on purpose, with any less than 6” of lift as a bare minimum. 🤣

  • Jane Arien
    Jane Arien Month ago

    Now this is on my near future bucket list.

  • J H.
    J H. Month ago

    Ever run over an alligator?

  • Doug Laurent
    Doug Laurent 2 months ago

    No lockers...lol junk!!!

  • Stoney Yates
    Stoney Yates 2 months ago +5

    i know what im eating from this day foward!!!!!

  • Unbound Cali
    Unbound Cali 2 months ago

    I’ll stick to Crawling my Jeep through rocks and boulders. I hate mud lol. Just sucks you down

  • Deny Ari
    Deny Ari 2 months ago

    You need see this
    "Borneo Equator Expedition 2019" 12 days offroad into the deep jungle, 23 cars.

  • Taz Rathburn
    Taz Rathburn 2 months ago

    Eat both baby 😘😘

  • blajndOo
    blajndOo 2 months ago

    Im in love to the eat pussy not animals car owner 🤣

  • sicc dogg
    sicc dogg 2 months ago +2

    What does the black jeep at 1:45 have in the engine? What set up? Its a beast

  • zaza gviniashvili
    zaza gviniashvili 2 months ago


  • Roberta Christeen
    Roberta Christeen 2 months ago

    you need matt tracks for this stuff

    • minegun3
      minegun3 18 days ago

      matt tracks dont work in swamps mud like that. you need is a winch and somthing heavy to anchor off of or another vechical to two to pull you out.

  • r315
    r315 2 months ago

    Why does nobody have decent tires

  • Saint Laurent Don
    Saint Laurent Don 2 months ago

    Everglades are for airboats not jeeps

  • nathan fox
    nathan fox 2 months ago

    The sound of v6 hahahaha

  • jimmy21 21
    jimmy21 21 2 months ago

    Cuanto gastas en l car wash 🧼 😆😆😁????

  • Mark Marasigan
    Mark Marasigan 2 months ago

    Eat pussy nOt animals.😁😁😁

  • Patrick Becker
    Patrick Becker 2 months ago

    props to the driver of the yellow jeep.... they can drive!!!! and arent scared to do so!

  • The junk guys
    The junk guys 2 months ago +13

    lockers wont help when u run junk tires

  • Said È Mirani
    Said È Mirani 2 months ago

    Eat Pussy , Not Animal 🤣🤣🤣
    Greetings from Kurdistan

  • Lawma Ralte
    Lawma Ralte 2 months ago

    Eat pussy not animals... lolz

  • North Florida Cowboy
    North Florida Cowboy 2 months ago

    I stg, none of these dudes can drive. But atleast it's not a bunch of gayphurs with modded jeeps that never get dirty. I appreciate then sending that shit and I'd watch more.

  • Champagne
    Champagne 2 months ago

    El pollito was the best jeep ! 4.0 baby!

  • Allidoiswynn93
    Allidoiswynn93 2 months ago


  • MIGUEL Boricua SHREK
    MIGUEL Boricua SHREK 2 months ago

    Alguna ves pasa por Kendall?

  • pnbliveca
    pnbliveca 2 months ago

    Hahaha eat pussy not animals she must be the first one they call to go out muddin

  • The Beaver
    The Beaver 2 months ago +10

    Holy crap I've never seen a bigger line of mall crawlers in my life 🤣 it looks like everyone's first time mudding 😂

    • Jeffery Robinson
      Jeffery Robinson 16 days ago

      Eating pussy and Jeeping, two of my favorite things to do. Great combo. Nice video.

    • The Beaver
      The Beaver 18 days ago

      Lol y’all really mad I called them mall crawlers. Honestly they look ridiculous.

    • The Greg
      The Greg 18 days ago +2

      @The Beaver Ah yes, the "If your Jeep dont look like mine its a mall crawler" guy. Let me guess your Jeep checklist:
      - 10" lift for extreeeeeeeme badass times
      - 40" Tires for 4 mpg
      - Extreme cheddar doritos for extreeeeeeme times
      - Case of Rock star energy drinks in the back
      - Metal Mulisha decal on back window
      - A hat, but ONLY if bill rolled backwards
      - dickie shorts
      - black and only black crew socks
      - Some type of mexican beer that mexicans wont even drink.
      Am I close dbag????

    • Bobcats Fishing channel
      Bobcats Fishing channel 25 days ago +1

      Just cause your vehicle can't do it don't be mad

    • Isaiah Hernandez
      Isaiah Hernandez Month ago

      The Beaver hating for no reason

  • Dominic Sosa
    Dominic Sosa 2 months ago


  • Dominic Sosa
    Dominic Sosa 2 months ago

    Jeep = amatuer

  • Zachery VS
    Zachery VS 2 months ago

    I see Florida tags but I hear Spanish? I’m confused 🤷‍♂️

    • Jesus Christ
      Jesus Christ 2 months ago

      The Beaver ok

    • The Beaver
      The Beaver 2 months ago +1

      Thanos Mexican? 🤣🤣 Florida has like the highest Cuban population and by their accent their easily Cuban or Boriqua.

    • Jesus Christ
      Jesus Christ 2 months ago

      Zachery VS maybe cause they live in florida and are mexican?

  • طلال الاسمري

    Guys is the mud bad for the underneath of the car , and we clean it after that

  • Islandlyph
    Islandlyph 2 months ago +6

    You should try using “Super Swamper Boggers” tires... that would make a huge difference in the mud/dirt.

    • minegun3
      minegun3 18 days ago +1

      ive been out there in thoes swamps, boggers ball up and become usless in mud like that.

    • TJ ANGEL
      TJ ANGEL 21 day ago +2

      Yeah at digging a hole

  • Russian Bot
    Russian Bot 2 months ago +2

    Those nitto trail grapplers did amazing

    RZ_ GAMING 2 months ago +2


  • GM Tuning
    GM Tuning 2 months ago

    Little chicken 🐥❤

  • Colton Housel
    Colton Housel 2 months ago +6

    Guy in the yellow jeep knows what's up...send it!

  • Project A.D.D
    Project A.D.D 2 months ago +2

    Sorry, but I eat both 👍. Like the sign though. Edit, no not dick 🤣

    • Project A.D.D
      Project A.D.D 2 months ago

      @Russian Bot holy fuck, I just did, please tell me its not that black guy in prison pumping guys? If so, I take back even my first comment on this video 🤣🤣🤣. It all sound gay as fuck.

    • Russian Bot
      Russian Bot 2 months ago +1

      Project A.D.D please god look up the booty warrior! He’s a real guy 😂

    • Project A.D.D
      Project A.D.D 2 months ago +1

      @Russian Bot this is now my name. I will embrace it. 🤣

    • Russian Bot
      Russian Bot 2 months ago +1

      Project A.D.D call you the booty warrior 😂

  • Richard Holmes
    Richard Holmes 3 months ago +5

    I have an AWD Mazda Cx-9... and the sight of these mud trails alone makes my suv stall.

    • Richard Holmes
      Richard Holmes Month ago

      @J Lol agreed!

    • J
      J Month ago +3

      Richard Holmes lmao your “suv” would get stuck on a gravel road. Don’t even try and compare it to an actual off-road vehicle 😂😂😂