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How Disney Ruined Culture

  • Published on Nov 8, 2020
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    Did Disney ruin culture for everyone?
    It's no surprise that Disney has an absolute stranglehold on the culture we consume today. But the joys of the Magic Kingdom aside, what if it's actually kind of really bad for art? We'll explain in this Wisecrack Edition: How Disney Ruined Culture.
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    Written by: Thomas Ambrosini
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  • Wisecrack
    Wisecrack  Year ago +1032

    So, uh, who's your favorite Disney character? Don't forget to check out Filmora X today bit.ly/2IT9LjM and comment below what you would create for a chance to win a license!

  • Dragonstone
    Dragonstone Year ago +6760

    When a company sues a parent of a dead child for putting SpiderMan on the grave. That tells you how morally bankrupt of a company they are.

    • The Critiquer
      The Critiquer 23 days ago

      😂in India y no one sues these local companies for using all those Disney things.

    • Bunny Mad
      Bunny Mad 27 days ago

      @leo alcaraz Where did I say that was better than anything? And go ask them which policy yourself. I'm not doing your homework for you. I already found multiple articles with what happened. It's not hard. Not coming back to argue with strangers on the internet either. lol

  • ALE1969
    ALE1969 10 months ago +1568

    Children's stories used to be about preparing children for the often dark realities of the adult world. Now they're about living happily ever after as children. The problem is no one remains a child, so all you get is a bunch of adult children who can't cope with adulthood.

    • Nawal Khawar
      Nawal Khawar 5 days ago

      this hit smack in the face-

    • Albert Medina
      Albert Medina 16 days ago +2

      Children are much, much more easily able to be controlled and kept in line than adults...

    • leo alcaraz
      leo alcaraz Month ago

      Best comment on here you got 30 year olds who can’t cope and sit at home watching frozen

    • Hexo Helium
      Hexo Helium Month ago


  • Opus Epynomus
    Opus Epynomus 10 months ago +791

    What fairytales teach us - "your actions have consequences"
    What Disney's versions teach us- "the only consequence you should worry about is using our property on your gravestone"

    • leo alcaraz
      leo alcaraz Month ago +1

      @Bunny Mad so refusing a dying kids wish because a policy that is set to up maximize profits is somehow better than suing a dying kids family

    • Mei Hatsume
      Mei Hatsume 3 months ago

      Agreed 👍

    • Opus Epynomus
      Opus Epynomus 9 months ago +15

      @Bunny Mad let me guess.you worked on one of those sequel star wars movies 🤣🤣...why so defensive about Disney...they got you on payroll??

    • Bunny Mad
      Bunny Mad 9 months ago +10

      Such a shame other lessons you should have learned like "checking your facts instead of going with gossip" weren't taught to you. They never sued, they refused an image going on the gravestone as it's policy and they had to stick to it, but had a special, one off, handmade memorial artwork done for the parents in commemoration of Ollie. Truth is awful, isn't it?

  • Haykinn_Erksøn
    Haykinn_Erksøn Year ago +461

    I’m glad they’ll never get their hands on The Lord Of The Rings / Middle Earth franchise. Tolkien said himself he never wants it to happen, even long after he’s gone.

    • Rega Yudafitra
      Rega Yudafitra 17 days ago

      Just look what they did to star wars,im just imagine if they did to lord of the ring franchise,they gonna get some rage reaction from lotr and hobbit fans

    • Carson Lawler
      Carson Lawler Month ago

      Just wait until his work goes into the public domain.

    • craigime
      craigime 2 months ago +4

      @Michael Buckelew looks like that's exactly what they're doing

    • Amanda Sheffield
      Amanda Sheffield 2 months ago +7

      @Rachel England V&S Agreed. Everything these companies and Hollywood touch turns to shit.

    • Rachel England V&S
      Rachel England V&S 2 months ago +7

      @Amanda Sheffield Yeah, and from what we've seen there doing a really good job at screwing it up. Honestly I doubt Disney could do better.

  • Ellisa Poleshuck
    Ellisa Poleshuck Year ago +724

    honestly, that part about women who identified with the heroines like cinderella and belle getting into abusive relationships as adults is so heartbreaking but so real at the same time.

    • Beethoven’s Fidelio
      Beethoven’s Fidelio Month ago +3

      @cheese burger Maybe, but he wasn’t so kind when he locked up Belle’s father, forced Belle to stay in exchange for her father’s freedom, threatened to break down the door if she wouldn’t have dinner with him, denied her food because she refused to have dinner with me (“if she doesn’t eat with me, then she doesn’t eat at all!”), and destroyed property in front of her.
      The mentality of “abusers are misunderstood loners with hearts of gold” is dangerous and puts the unfair onus on women to be fix their abusers.

    • cheese burger
      cheese burger Month ago

      Tbh the point of the seems to be as i interpreted it accptance and empathy . the beast can be just a ugly looking but kind hearted figure

    • Will Lyon
      Will Lyon Month ago

      The core story about Beauty and the Beast is about acceptance and empathy.

  • Owen Swain
    Owen Swain Year ago +3764

    If a company can do this with culture, imagine what the media is doing with history

    • Ismar Sarajlic
      Ismar Sarajlic Day ago

      @Firaxo legirein Thats not media. Thats how he was thought of for hundreds for years, as he existed a shitload of time and ago, and nobody knows what he looked like and to be honest, nobody should care either, why does it matter how it looked like? Does it change any single thing about him? Was his hair long, short, who gives a fuck

    • RobDog
      RobDog 21 day ago

      Don't watch the news not even fox news

    • Slo-poke
      Slo-poke  Month ago

      @nightshade when? Where?

  • Iron Smith
    Iron Smith 11 months ago +276

    I now have a newfound respect for Goths: Embracing dark stories and macabre themes in order to see the light and navigate through the world.

    • Caolán O'Chearnaigh
      Caolán O'Chearnaigh 2 months ago

      @AraujoeMelo My favorite superhero has to be The Crow. (Yes, he's a zombie... Does he count as a superhero?)

    • Caolán O'Chearnaigh
      Caolán O'Chearnaigh 2 months ago

      @AraujoeMelo The best message from a film in my opinion is The Crow: "It can't rain all the time".
      (Rest in peace Brandon, you absolute legend.)

    • AraujoeMelo
      AraujoeMelo 2 months ago +3

      Well dude you don't need to be one to like these stories, like me im not a goth but I don't like Disney movies or super heroes movies I just prefer something with a real message

    • आपको अपने पापों के
      आपको अपने पापों के 2 months ago +2

      @Iron Smith thank you really much atleast you explained it unlike some other people...

  • Jayanth Kumar
    Jayanth Kumar 11 months ago +111

    One thing that has always bugged me is heroes don't face consequences for their mistakes. Wanda should have been arrested at the end of season 1.

    • braxton coleman
      braxton coleman 21 day ago +1

      @Miiju86 Name the studies then. In the US you're just wrong.

    • Miiju86
      Miiju86 22 days ago +1

      @braxton coleman Again - that's not true. But I guess I know where you get it from. Such sentiments come mostly - if not all - from sometimes VERY creative interpretation of statistics. What these guys do is nothing more than take all sentencing in a certain timeframe for men and women and then look at the average time given. But that says you nothing, because the data is sooo different. Women commit significantly less crimes in general; even more so the more severe a crime gets. But if you start to compare same / similar crimes, a huge difference in sentencing starts to appear. Look at the sentencing for capital crimes like murder. There's much material even online about this. And the truth is that women get quite harsher sentences for the SAME crimes (which are often hard to find, because women commit so much less and far lesser crimes & out of mostly defensive reasons / motives) Also there's a clear bias AGAINST female VICTIMS (like stated above). Sorry, but that's how it really is. And that's just in this regard.

    • braxton coleman
      braxton coleman 22 days ago +1

      @Miiju86 Women are favored in sentencing, majority of studies show men get much harsher sentences. I don't know what made you deluded to that fact but thats what it is.

    • Miiju86
      Miiju86 22 days ago +1

      @braxton coleman sorry - but I don't really see what you mean? You've meant that in the US (like in any other country tbh) women are NOT favoured? Because that is exactly what I've said too. Or did I get you wrong?
      Edit: And yes - there are plenty of studies which show exactly that.

  • yohannbiimu
    yohannbiimu 11 months ago +154

    I think that the best fairytale I've ever seen translated to animation is *The Snow Queen,* which was produced in Soviet Russia. It changes SOME of the aspects of the story, but the primary elements are kept fairly true to Hans Christian Andersen's tale. "Frozen" simply screwed ALL of it up completely.

    • yohannbiimu
      yohannbiimu Month ago +1

      @Carson Lawler Yes. That sounds like the right year. It's not a perfect movie, but it does Hans Christian Andersen justice.
      Supposedly, "Frozen" got its "inspiration" from The Snow Queen, but it doesn't do justice to Andersen's tale at all. It bastardized and butchers The Snow Queen.

    • Carson Lawler
      Carson Lawler Month ago

      The 1957 movie?

    • yohannbiimu
      yohannbiimu 2 months ago +3

      @dragonmoon I watched it once, my sister insisted that I watch it (because "it's sooo good!"), so, naturally she was disappointed when I told her that I hated it. I haven't watched any recent Disney/Pixar films since. They are literally dead to me.

    • dragonmoon
      dragonmoon 2 months ago +1

      And, guess which one became so popular that it became psuedo psychological torture...

    • yohannbiimu
      yohannbiimu 3 months ago +3

      @Will Lyon Amen.

  • Kendall Stauffer
    Kendall Stauffer 9 months ago +39

    I was actually just listening to a podcast (about recovering from addiction) where they used the Marvel Cinematic Universe characters as positive examples of healing from brokenness. I completely agree with everything in this video, EXCEPT the idea that Disney WILL undoubtedly ruin EVERYTHING it touches. Marvel was a well established franchise long before Disney got the rights to it and if not true for any other property, I feel as though Marvel has kept it's integrity when telling meaningful stories of how sacrificial love is really the only thing that can save.

    • Overkall
      Overkall 16 days ago +1

      @Kendall Stauffer Look.... I know it's nice to wish for the best but with Disney that is naive. They have already gutted and stuffed Marvel with it's several Disney+ Marvel series, which are doing exactly what they did to culture to comic books.

    • InvdrDana
      InvdrDana 2 months ago

      @Dudepool But would that have been seen over by Disney? They bought Marvel after filming had already finished. I think that was just a case of Marvel itself not sticking with that aspect.

    • Dudepool
      Dudepool 8 months ago +7

      As a lifelong Marvel fan: No, they didn't keep their integrity. For example: they totally turned Tony Starks alcoholism into a silly joke. "Should kids learn not to abuse substances? Nah, lets make it look fun to be an out of control drunk"
      Read "Demon in a Bottle", then watch Iron Man 2, and tell me they kept their integrity...

  • The snes geek!!!
    The snes geek!!! Year ago +4634

    I don't want Disney to buy every animation studio. Because if that happens, there won't be room for experimentation or competition.

    • Ryu
      Ryu 18 days ago

      @A Saucerful of Secrets until disney make their own anime and start to buy anything💀

    • Ryu
      Ryu 18 days ago

      @Robbie Franks 1 year later and look where we are

  • Alexis
    Alexis Year ago +103

    I love how cooperations insist they're people in one breath and then when we ask them to have ethics they say how they're not.

    • Isaac Heller
      Isaac Heller Month ago +1

      @thingfish That's really showing them.

    • thingfish
      thingfish Month ago +1

      We hold them responsible by refusing to give them our money.

    • T W
      T W Month ago +1


    • Adeniran Balthazar Silva
      Adeniran Balthazar Silva 9 months ago +10

      Exactly. And then some people show up praising this behavior and the theories that drive it as humanity's greatest intellectual achievment.

  • Madi
    Madi 10 months ago +42

    Okay, first, I definitely agree with your points in this vid, and I appreciate that you spread this word out onto here, because I feel like that people need to hear this, as much as I loved Disney when I was little, I looked back to it and noticed the bad parts of Disney. Its disgusting that they romanticized Pocahontas which was a TRUE NATIVE AMERICAN STORY, it honestly offended me because I'm part Native American myself. And I never liked the stereotypes that they portrayed, like the Damsel in Distress, Beasts are evil, etc. And I dont mean to insult their morals, but its pretty unnecessary to bring dark stories to life by making it wholesome and jolly, because it sometimes disrespects the original authors / real people (even tho all of them are not around anymore) and they've become so greedy enough that they take what's not theirs which is also another problem that made me lose my respect for them. Again, thank you for saying this out here 🖤

    • dunkey
      dunkey Month ago

      I agree. tho personally, i never though characters like Cinderella were damsels. but i wholeheartedly agree with the stereotypes. if you look at their documentaries, it's claimed that they "put lots of research" into the characters- yeah, no. I don't know that much about native americans, but it was pretty easy to see how they made them the typical "mystical, magical witch doctor native americans who eat grass and make potions"

  • Frankie
    Frankie 6 months ago +54

    Coca Cola Capitalist Cute Santa: fat and wholesome, makes kids happy
    Romanian Santa: if you don’t behave your present will be a whip so that your parents can beat you up with it 🥰❄️

    • Emu Johnson
      Emu Johnson Month ago +3

      Icelandic Santa: Be good or be food

  • The Philosopher's Personal Studios

    This is exactly what Illumination made with "The Lorax". One of the examples is the song "Biggering" (That presents the theme of greed and for its egoistic reasons, destroying the eco system) being discarded for "How bad can i be" (making once-ler oblivious from the damage he has done and softenning It's message)

    • Josef Muller
      Josef Muller 4 months ago +5

      Truth be told, the message isn't that Once-ler did bad things because he was evil. However, the message is that, he did bad things because he just wanted to be sucessful no matter what.
      So it is actually more appropriate that way.

  • SannicFann 333
    SannicFann 333 Year ago +1633

    I find it strange how now Mickey Mouse is a symbol of greed now instead of being a kind hearted cartoon character

    • Rega Yudafitra
      Rega Yudafitra 17 days ago

      Bro remember mickey mouse suicude creepypasta, im afraid that will happen in future, in different view

    • aim v💮
      aim v💮 Month ago

      Mickey and his clubhouse still have some part of my heart. I don't think they'll ever let go.

    • Robbie Walker
      Robbie Walker 2 months ago +1

      @Grant Siebert It doesn’t help how toxic the “Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse” cartoons are, given the “Mickey Mouse is evil” context thrown in; for while the character wasn’t completely like that in earlier days or even in the 90s and early to mid 2000s, it definitely felt this way when the Paul Rudish Cartoons, Wizards of Mickey, and Kingdom Hearts come into play.

    • Mugaka Murakumo
      Mugaka Murakumo 2 months ago

      @Maxy Are talking about the blunderbuss?

  • Waseem Choudhry
    Waseem Choudhry 11 months ago +48

    Why do I feel like that being an obscure, independent studio in the middle of nowhere sounds better that what’s Disney is doing

    • riseofazrael
      riseofazrael 2 months ago

      Canada has some cool indie animation studios: Bardel in Vancouver, Blue Spirit, Meduzarts and Digital Dimenion in Montreal, Keyframe Digital and Pipeline Studios in Toronto.

    • Alliyah Dabo
      Alliyah Dabo 2 months ago

      @Waseem Choudhry it’s an independent comic book company that’s now does cartoon adaptation of the books. It’s pretty cool and different.

    • Waseem Choudhry
      Waseem Choudhry 2 months ago

      @Alliyah Dabo what?

    • Alliyah Dabo
      Alliyah Dabo 2 months ago

      Black Sands

  • _mango-orange_
    _mango-orange_ 5 months ago +23

    The original little mermaid was my favorite as a kid! I liked the darkness and mystery. Guess the story also taught me not to overthrow my whole life and health just because of a man!

    • Juice Box
      Juice Box Month ago +1

      Worse because of a man you don't even freaking KNOW!
      What did she truly think would happen?I just think that she subconsciously wanted to die

  • Ryan Hau
    Ryan Hau 10 months ago +51

    I would say Disney messing around with Copyright laws is a more imminent threat to culture

  • Hodrix
    Hodrix 9 months ago +51

    I don’t disagree with the message of this video but I think it might be an oversimplification of how Disney’s artistry works. There is no denying the LOVE that Walt poured into his work. Nobody decides to be an artist only to capitalize and make money. Talent, skill, and artistry have to be there and the requires dedication focus and hard painstaking work. At the same time I do agree that Disney has white washed everything in order to pander to the largest audience possible. But I just think this conversation is incredibly more complicated on how Disney arrived there

    • stormcloudsabound
      stormcloudsabound 4 months ago +3

      An oversimplification? In a Wisecrack video?
      Yeah that’s par for the course.

  • B N
    B N Year ago +920

    Remember when Disney tried to trademark the phrase "Día de los muertos" ? I mean how do you even try to trademark a national tradition ? That's insane...

    • Nick 2000
      Nick 2000 Month ago

      @Silent Protagonist yeah I find it so odd how I never really notice things till they hit HOME I'm Mexican myself
      I had not heard about that
      Trade marking Dia De Los Muertos????
      You know
      Good and Evil/Bad
      Even if it is objective
      That immediately sounds WRONG to do Duh!
      But I always find it outstanding how if something isn't about my culture I'm totally oblivious to it!

    • wilcowen
      wilcowen 2 months ago

      @Detre except good Healthcare

    • FreakyTiKi
      FreakyTiKi 5 months ago +8

      I mean, Marvel literally tried to copyright Loki and Thor, from norse mythology... plus they successfully copyrighted the word "superhero", so.

    • Silent Protagonist
      Silent Protagonist 9 months ago +7

      They tried that!? As a Mexican I think that's evil as fuck

      MASTER-OF- EVIL 10 months ago +2

      They'll buy anything that isn't nailed down

  • turanga leela
    turanga leela Year ago +18

    I would love to see the creepy original fairytail stories as movies

    • Will Lyon
      Will Lyon 4 months ago +3

      Here are some examples, Snow White; a Tale of Terror, The Girl Without Hands, The Company of Wolves, The Lure, and The Tale of Tales.

    BLITZKRIEG 11 months ago +22

    Disney itself is not creative anymore , they don’t know how to make anything
    Original and different . So they buy what they can’t create. Marvel , Star Wars , Fox . 👎🏼

  • Savage Savie
    Savage Savie 4 months ago +42

    My solution.
    Disney, don't make movies based off real historical events unless you plan on actually making it accurate.
    Parents, teach your damn kids about the real world yourself and let Disney movies continue to be a positive escape from said world. Reality is too cruel just to escape to a fantasy just as evil.

    • Cri Os
      Cri Os Month ago

      @Hannah Miller we need variety tho. As an artist myself, I'm not a printing machine, but a human: we need both darker stories and bubbly ones, but neither should prevail.
      And bubbly media is not the only thing children need: they are more intelligent than we give them credit for, and enjoy the grittier story once they break the barrier of fear.

    • Hannah Miller
      Hannah Miller 2 months ago +4

      I love your point that there needs to be some idealistic fantasy escape in this crazy world. And too often movies and TV are expected to raise and teach children

  • abby tucker ت
    abby tucker ت Year ago +31

    my class is doing a debate on the topics of our choosing and my group chose "disney does more harm than good". this helps, thank you!

  • Juju
    Juju Year ago +6775

    Walt wanted to own everything that he made. Now, "Disney" wants to own everything that they didn't make. Lol

    • Supreme Mii
      Supreme Mii 19 days ago

      @Lukkipatti 95 this is true. Sadly I think this will be the outcome of many other companies/franchises in the future. They go so far away from what the owner intended.

    • Lukkipatti 95
      Lukkipatti 95 19 days ago

      If walt was still alive disney would be a good company

    • leo alcaraz
      leo alcaraz Month ago +2

      They pretty started that from the beginning; the only lesson good ol racist Walt learned was to the same thing that happened to him to other more talented creators

  • Paula Harris Baca
    Paula Harris Baca 10 months ago +16

    There’s a book called “The Disney Version “ written shortly after his death that made him a monster in the eyes of the New York Times.
    Also Disney was following the social mores on the 1930’s.

  • Sherman Ng
    Sherman Ng 4 months ago +7

    South Park's depiction of Mickey as evil is so accurate lmao

  • freeideas
    freeideas 4 months ago +14

    Making dark and depressing fairy tales more positive and more widely appealing, possibly at the cost of resilience and loss of moral instruction? Not the worst crime, in my opinion. :)

  • James TDG
    James TDG Year ago +18

    I have a feeling that Disney might soon seal-off the depths of darkness for everybody once they control everything.

  • Robert R.
    Robert R. Year ago +5740

    I think the worst part about Disney, by far, is their influence on copyright law
    It's also hypocritical, since they mostly adapted tales that had become public domain, but prohibit anyone else from doing the same with their work, by extending copyright durations to ridiculous stretches.

    • thingfish
      thingfish Month ago

      Disney's famous army of attorneys has managed to keep Mickey out of the public domain. This is part of the reason Disney has been buying properties (Muppets, Marvel, Star Wars). They need something to sell. Marvel alone has some 500 plus characters.

    • Alicia Nyblade
      Alicia Nyblade Month ago

      @Ray Pointer Yeah, no shit. I think I've figured that out on my own in the twenty-one years that have passed since I was 13 when that incident occurred. You're not teaching me anything new.

    • Ray Pointer
      Ray Pointer Month ago

      @Alicia Nyblade What you did out of high expectations and good faith was not wise. First of all, studios do not accept unsolicited material. While the reply to your submission says this, you are not in the position to prove plagiarism. The approach would be through a Literary Agent. What you should have done was to send a letter stating your interest without submitting your story outline first. If an interest was conveyed, then proceed with a representative. While on the surface the impression is that Disney "stole" your idea, you can't really prove it, and Disney has deep pockets. So you learned a lesson the HARD WAY.

    • Ray Pointer
      Ray Pointer Month ago

      That's not QUITE it. They have the right to protect their versions of these tales, but cannot control someone doing the same story that is in the Public Domain. They tried for the sake of it with PINOCCHIO AND THE EMPEROR OF NIGHT and got nowhere. But part of the problem with Disney even when Walt was still alive is that they dominated the animation scene to the extent of creating the impression that they invented the medium, which we know now is not true. The same applies to the Disney versions of Fairy Tales. They have become such icons that theirs is ingrained in minds of the public.

    • Pichu Elric
      Pichu Elric 3 months ago

      @timothy fain Crying for Kimba the White Lion and how it's creator loved Disney but the businessmen execs stole from him and silenced him in the same breath

  • Angel
    Angel 10 months ago +49

    Children could identify with Belle or Cinderella if they're parents are abusive which puts them on track to have abusive relationships later in life. Correlation doesn't equal causation.
    I loved cinderella as a child because I realated to her homelife, I also related to belle because I was seen as an outsider by my peers and was bullied so I ended up reading by myself a lot.

    • Anska
      Anska 28 days ago +1

      I think in case of Belle (from the animated movie), the sentiment that „love can change an abusive partner“ is what critics refer too. Though this makes me wonder if they really watched the movie or only read a synopsis, because Belle is very much not having abuse. She flat out rejects Gaston, especially when he tries to blackmail her into marrying him and the first time Beast really scares her, she is out of the castle without hesitation. She does however give Beast a second chance when he works on becoming a (better) person. The „I love you“ might break the spell in the end, but it’s the work Beast himself puts in, that makes him worthy of it.
      Also the movie never struck me as especially cute, it has some fairly grim aspects. Just think of how quickly those ordinary villagers were radicalized into an angry mob by a guy who implied the Beast might pose a danger to their families.

  • Tamuna Tsertsvadze
    Tamuna Tsertsvadze 4 months ago +10

    Disney's Pocahontas is more similar to the book "Montezuma's Daughter" than the actual story of Pocahontas. It would've still been a Native American movie so I think they should've gone with Henry Rider Haggard's book as a story basis

  • nat barmore
    nat barmore 5 months ago +3

    On the one hand, it's really good to see more people recognizing the negative effects Disney has had on our culture. No, you're not overreacting at all.
    OTOH, this was all obvious already in the '80s, so I get a little frustrated that there wasn't any real opposition to the Sonny Bono Copyright Act. It would've been so much easier to not add that extra extension to copyright than it will be to undo it.

  • MK_Wizard
    MK_Wizard 4 months ago +4

    I have to admit that while I am all for retellings, I can see how Disney is making things hard. Disney is also a huge black hole. Everything it takes, it keeps.

  • Marco AL03
    Marco AL03 Year ago +3979

    That's why I love movies like Coraline. It isn't scared of being dark or scary but teaches kids a positive message anyways.

    • Cay9s
      Cay9s 4 months ago +3

      That movie kind of gives me nightmares, I hate the freaking mom and the dad with the black eyes, and the mom turned into a tall witch, imagine making a horror game about that

    • ash sheely
      ash sheely 4 months ago +1

      @Ian Vassam Ampatuan Coraline is made by my favorite Director: Tim burton, have you seen his other movies? I think you'll find what you're looking for

    • Sophie Darnell
      Sophie Darnell 4 months ago

      saaaame!!! this was the best movie from my childhood. I had actually watched this with my 70(s) year old grandma at the time, she actually didn't like it all too much. This was actually before I knew she LOVED John Wick movies which to my knowledge, has a lot of action & killing scenes of course if I have the right. However I've also learned more. She's on the very conservative side, and maybe thats why she didn't like it, who knows. On the other hand on my moms side, my grandma loves this movie so much so that everytime she came over for weekend movie nights we always watched this every other time but she wasn't conservative, she was FULL democrat. So I think with Disney films, I would assume the stats and theories are/can be also base on views/beliefs of politics as well & whoever the person was that wrote the original stories, & how they grew up. This is just my take on it out of the many, anyhow.

    • Juan David Aguilar Torres
      Juan David Aguilar Torres 4 months ago

      @Eren Yeager Who is Grimmer? i'm just seeing The Amazing Steiner

    • bluesdealer
      bluesdealer 4 months ago +1

      Yeah, but I think this video got lost in the weeds by focusing too much on aesthetic rather than content.

  • Doodle Hobbo
    Doodle Hobbo Month ago +4

    I remember when their was this old anime movie of The Little Mermaid and they actually did to something faithful to the original instead of whitewashing and twisting the story into something kid friendly to watch, they exactly tell the same story as the book originally intended to.

  • Nighpaw
    Nighpaw 6 months ago +5

    Disney: I'm gonna make sure everything I create belongs to me
    Also Disney: *proceeds to use things other people create*

  • Anushka
    Anushka 10 months ago +12

    lol idk why i laughed when he read the original intended ending for pinnochio....its such a stark contrast to the scenes from disney especially the words used are just so dark its ironically funny

  • DavidHe346
    DavidHe346 7 months ago +4

    You know, when I was a kid, I used to think Disney was cool. Until during the ongoing collapse of the film industry, I start to realize that the mega corporation disney, actually STINKS the apitimy of "those who failed to learn from history are doomed to repeat it" 😒

  • naungyoe321
    naungyoe321 7 months ago +4

    Disney"lets make a remake"
    "you have done once"
    Disney "yes but what about second remake"

  • Arcane Cypher
    Arcane Cypher 4 months ago +1

    I've decided to boycott anything disney moreso than ever before. Thanks Wisecrack! You made my life better ...and also harder and more introverted because mainstream society will probably reject me for my decision

  • Daniel Moir
    Daniel Moir 8 months ago +18

    Although I would contend that Star Wars fell off a cliff due to the last Jedi, I agree with your assessment, and I think that marvel is already starting to undergo that transition. I’m deeply concerned about the direction things are going. And I’m even more concerned, as a capitalist, about Disney’s acquisition of competition. Capitalism only works where there is healthy competition, and it seems as though Disney it’s just Buying all of its competition, and the loss of quality of heart is an inevitable result of such conquest.

  • Leesmapman
    Leesmapman 4 months ago +3

    "We're not saying Disney should be making more films about assault because that'd be horible".
    Star Wars sequel writers: hold my roofied beer.

  • o0Avalon0o
    o0Avalon0o Year ago +2236

    Walt vowed to never be screwed out of his creative rights by a corporate overlord again, eventually he became that which he hated most.

    • HW Soo
      HW Soo Month ago

      "I would rather betray the world, then letting the world betray me."
      Cao Cao

    • Will Lyon
      Will Lyon Month ago

      How one man’s dream turned to everyone’s nightmare.

    • Frostymug
      Frostymug 2 months ago

      You've become the very thing you swore to destroy - obi wan

    • Isaac Heller
      Isaac Heller 8 months ago

      @A Seraphim That literally makes no sense.

    • A Seraphim
      A Seraphim 11 months ago

      @_theeverydayitachifan _ He died before he saw himself become the villain.

  • WildDancer101
    WildDancer101 Year ago +1

    Do I respect Disney for putting in effort of making animated films telling stories? Yes.
    Am I in favor of their "SUS" actions with how they keep themselves afloat? No.
    At this point, I'm willing to agree to disagree.

  • elisabeth beekman
    elisabeth beekman 3 months ago +1

    Really cool video! My mom never let my family watch Disney movies because of the way they recreated/destroyed classical fairytales. Though it frustrated me at the time, now I feel that she’s got a valid point. Thank you for the informative, interesting video!

  • Patricio L. Visillac
    Patricio L. Visillac 5 months ago +1

    It's sad to see how they're slowly but surely ruining the whole cinema experience

  • Captain Smoke
    Captain Smoke 4 months ago +4

    When the kids want to see blood they just watch animes. I'm not worried, nowadays everyone can put his creative content on the internet and share it with the world. Everyone can watch what he wants. It's a cultural explosion. And to be fair Disney made some great movies as well. But I understand that it's not fair to the original creator. But as long as they don't burn the original versions, no one stops you from reading/watching them.

  • Dinosauro Piccolo
    Dinosauro Piccolo Year ago +1369

    As an Italian discovering that the Disney Pinocchio didn't include hanging,arrests,death and various injustices made me very sad

    • Ila Hilda Sissac
      Ila Hilda Sissac Month ago

      I saw a movie based on the original Pinocchio, in 2019. I was shocked Pinocchio killed the cricket.

    • Robbie Walker
      Robbie Walker 2 months ago +2

      @An0nym0us_Slash Kids can handle mature and dark themes, parents are too afraid to discuss what they would think. Children are human, so they have a right to learn such things.

    • An0nym0us_Slash
      An0nym0us_Slash 3 months ago +4

      @Inosuke Hashibira that was literally the original story, which was written for children

    • Inosuke Hashibira
      Inosuke Hashibira 4 months ago

      That’s too dark for a kid show thou

    • Oliver Emmett Knox
      Oliver Emmett Knox 4 months ago

      Guillermo Toro is making a stop motion Pinocchio movie that will be more faithful to the book than Disney's Pinocchio

  • The Scarlet Slayer
    The Scarlet Slayer Year ago +3

    I'd like to think when Disney made the original movies it was ok because it was the first time taking a new take on them but I don't think anyone expected them to do it again but in live action and minus originality

  • AstreinW
    AstreinW 7 months ago +3

    To be honest, Pinocchio never gave this "nice fuzzy feeling" in any version. Disney's version was pretty uncomfortable, and there's that 70's Japanese TV series which were simply a nightmare fuel.

  • John Cullimore
    John Cullimore 5 months ago +1

    This was really well done. And can we call this, artistic gaslighting?

  • dog from purple zone official

    I love their movies but when I found out they kept buying stuff from other creators show how corrupt they are still love their movies but not the ones they stole from others and claimed it

  • Boco Corwin
    Boco Corwin Year ago +2306

    Disney: *buys beloved franchise with rich and storied history*
    Also Disney: "I made this."

    • Slapstick Genius
      Slapstick Genius Year ago +1

      Jungle Emperor Leo says hello there!

    • Abu Amaan Pal
      Abu Amaan Pal Year ago +2

      Kimba The White Lion says hi

    • ? Mr. E
      ? Mr. E Year ago +1

      All we need now is Mickey Mouse to say "Big Brother is watching you" before we hit 1984- except 40 years later.

    • skylineXpert
      skylineXpert Year ago +1

      Disney is pretty much sterile today.
      Not one thing that can mistaken for bad.
      Wasnt always like that

  • leguy42
    leguy42 5 months ago

    These videos are amazing! I can feel myself becoming smarter every episode!

  • Quake The Doom Bringer
    Quake The Doom Bringer 11 months ago +5

    Guys, there are alternatives to Disney version of fairy tales; for example: Peter Pan (2003), French beauty and the beast (2014), Chinese Mulan (2009), Italian Pinnochio (2019)

    • Will Lyon
      Will Lyon 5 months ago

      Here’s my honorable mentions; Robin Hood Prince of Thieves (1991), Snow White a Tale of Terror (1997), Excalibur (1981), The Tale of Tales (2015) Alice in Wonderland (1999), Beauty and the Beast (1946), Snow Queen (2003), Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow (1999)

  • David Silva
    David Silva 8 months ago +2

    There was an italian version in the early 70s I used to see on TV when I was a kid that was closer to the book. It definitely left an impression on me that the Disney version of pinocchio never did

  • Jared Zetterlund
    Jared Zetterlund 10 months ago +5

    You can always just remake these fairy tales exactly as they were. Or make the same story with your own characters, setting and theme. Not all is lost just because Disney exists. On a side note, I loved The Black Cauldron.

    • Jared Zetterlund
      Jared Zetterlund 2 months ago

      @Mitchell Zollinger the movie Hercules came out in 1997. Surely Hollywood in all it's wealth could produce a movie about the Greek legend Hercule that is faithful to the source material without worrying about the pervasive influence of a Disney film from 1997. The movie is far removed from the memory of most. So much so that as much as I enjoyed it, I cannot recall any details regarding the characters, story or plot, but only the essence. It's like saying you can't make another Batman movie or make another Sherlock Holmes movie because of previously existing incarnations of these characters.

  • Zaid Safadi
    Zaid Safadi Year ago +2474

    This might sound sad and rather unrealistic, but I feel that Disney single-handedly ruined love and relationships for multiple generations.

    • Nawal Khawar
      Nawal Khawar 5 days ago


    • Rega Yudafitra
      Rega Yudafitra 17 days ago +1

      @Hoody Toad they did it ,but its long time ago,they didn't have balls now,the last time they showed it in princess and the frog film

    • Douglas Dees
      Douglas Dees Month ago

      If you blame disney you better blame every source of media since 1950…wizard of oz ruined politics…I said it but it’s not true

    • Hoody Toad
      Hoody Toad 2 months ago

      @Robbie Walker Agree

  • Nicolas Inguanti
    Nicolas Inguanti Year ago +5

    The blue fairy be like:
    “Hey, you know the right to be equal to everybody else? Fuck it, you gotta earn it.”

  • Allan Masanegra
    Allan Masanegra 10 months ago +7

    Disney is totally not watching or reading what the ppl are saying,
    Disney needs to listen to us

  • Anudari B
    Anudari B 7 months ago +3

    I am so glad I grew up reading original Grimm and Anderson tales instead of watching Disney
    They helped me think and wonder instead of being brainwashed with sugary stories

    • Anudari B
      Anudari B 7 months ago +2

      @Isaac Heller ofc also of my parents, reading fairy tales helped me transition into reading novels rather easily..In fact, I read grimm tales before watching Disney so it was quite interesting lol..

    • Isaac Heller
      Isaac Heller 7 months ago +2

      You must feel so proud of yourself.

  • Blake Stone
    Blake Stone 5 months ago +2

    Less than 60 seconds into this movie and we're already treated with pro-mask propaganda. Good job making me click off your video almost immediately (but not before leaving this critical comment).

  • Adrienne Jenkins
    Adrienne Jenkins Year ago +1194

    As an animator and a bit of a Disney historian, it’s worth remembering that Disney started out as Great Depression-era comfort entertainment; To lift the people’s spirits through the real-life darkness of the depression and WWII with visions of an idealistic magical world. That’s what it was, and still is to some extent. Their content has always been producer-driven “product”, not director-driven artistic statements. To be a part of Disney is to agree to work inside those parameters, even though creatively, you and the product will certainly suffer for it.
    After Walt Disney’s death, the company was later started on the path to becoming the soulless corporate entity that it is today. It is the talent and contributions of much lesser-known individuals who made the later films hits. Disney is the only place where (especially in the case of animation) the films can be such massive hits that make tons of money, but few people know who the directors are, and few received financial compensation in proportion to the wealth their creations generate for the company.
    The corporate behemoth Disney is now too big, and a bully. The company uses their power and army of lawyers to change copyright law to their liking and prevent IP’s from entering Public Domain as long as possible, even though they made their money from IP’s in the public domain themselves. Also, since Disney is in control of so much of Hollywood’s marketshare, they bully theaters, employees, and customers alike to accept their low salaries, high prices, and other outrageous terms, while the products get worse and worse. So... it’s not sad that the company is not doing so well lately.

    • Isaac Heller
      Isaac Heller Month ago +2

      @KlausBahnhof See, was that so hard? I didn't think so. Not desperate. Just stating MY opinion as well.
      At least I have friends, I'll leave the expertise on desperation to you.

    • KlausBahnhof
      KlausBahnhof Month ago

      @Isaac Heller I said it was overly sentimental. It's called nuance. Not all of us need every emotion to be explicitly spelled out in the films they watch. Some people appreciate subtlety, which is not something I've seen in abundance with Disney material. Of course this is my OPINION and a MATTER OF TASTE, just to clear up any confusion.
      My visage... really? Getting quite desperate there.
      Better to be alone than to recruit your friends into a dialogue just so you can feel like you have some advantage. Another desperate gesture, really. Enjoy your crusade.

    • Giulia Stamkos
      Giulia Stamkos Month ago +1

      @KlausBahnhof "Oh no! Sentiment! I'm feeling!' That's not toxic at all.

    • Isaac Heller
      Isaac Heller Month ago +2

      Not upset, in your case, just annoyed. At least others acknowledge when they're being stubborn.
      Perhaps you should, after all, that kind of communication is taught in the second grade.
      Most unfortunately, I have been paying attention, and you seem to continuously ignore the fact that your inability or refusal to feel any emotion is your own matter of taste. With your dismissal of sentiment, charming attitude, and visage that would make even Quasimodo shudder, it's no wonder you are alone. (Now there is an assumption for you.)
      This video is no better than any of those equally terrible "messed up origins of ____" videos that plague the internet, while trying to blame it on Disney. The only thing that we seem to agree on is that the criticisms are not directed in the right places.

  • nina
    nina Year ago +12

    they turn everything into "family/children friendly" content so it can reach the biggest audience possible and make the biggest amount of money they can out of it

    • Viktor the victor
      Viktor the victor 7 months ago +1

      @Isaac Heller
      An incomplete thought, that is.
      Define appropriate. Appropriate for what? Many of the stories that Disney "purified", if you will, are absolutely appropriate for giving a young mind something to gnaw on as they grow and explore the world. I think you're confusing "inappropriate" with "uncomfortable".
      I agree that there are themes that shouldn't be conveyed to children, but what Disney is doing isn't protecting anyone but themselves.

    • Isaac Heller
      Isaac Heller 8 months ago +2

      Or they take out the elements that aren't appropriate. Just a thought.

  • Daniel Fernandez
    Daniel Fernandez 2 months ago

    Thank you for this thoughtful and thorough piece of socio-economic criticism! Although the brand might fill a needed role for therapeutic fluff in the lives of children, its extensive stranglehold on the world of children's entertainment does I think result in the problems you so aptly outline. I am subscribed!

  • Zachery Smith
    Zachery Smith Year ago +3

    The loathing for the Disney empire is completely reasonable and warranted!!! They are monopolizing entertainment, but it is much more dangerous than that. They are monopolizing how people see the world and how they are going to interact with reality. Because whether we like it or not they are going to be the ones that publish the stories that our children grow up with, and the stories you grow up with inevitably shape how you interact with reality.
    Be careful, and watch entertainment with your brain turned on. :)
    Love you guys, peace

  • Solskjaer Harsetnok
    Solskjaer Harsetnok Year ago +1

    Hi @wisecrack, it's just that I'm considering doing a paper on disneys "cute-washing" for uni, and I was wondering if you perhaps had a list of sources you used in this video since it makes at least some of the points I want to dive into. :) Hope you can help, and keep up the good work! :D - Em

  • Esquilax
    Esquilax Year ago +713

    I loved hearing the 'original' Grimm's fairy tales as a child! Kids can perfectly well handle the more macabre elements

    • Wamauro Dentes [boka loka]
      Wamauro Dentes [boka loka] 5 months ago

      It's not like that today.

    • Maygan Phynix
      Maygan Phynix Year ago +2

      I don't get how. it creeped me out when I first heard about how Gory they are.....kids and gore?

    • Felicat
      Felicat Year ago +2

      IMO today's kids could really benefit from the injection of a little darkness and fear. I was watching Chuckie when I was....4 I think? Found it more hilarious than terrifying even then. Not that I think a 4 year old *should* watch Chuckie! Just saying I did, and I turned out fine.

    • Felicat
      Felicat Year ago

      @CJ Coronado I also have a mighty need for good gritty stories! Zim was the best of Nickelodeon, along with AAAA! Real Monsters! and Rocko's Modern Life.

    • Mona Bohamad2
      Mona Bohamad2 Year ago

      @Ana Štefan
      eh my 10 year old youngest sister who's TERRIFIED AF of flipping FLIES comes to mind maybe the same goes for my second youngest sister who's currently 14

  • Wardellia Enoch
    Wardellia Enoch 4 months ago +1

    The fairy tales help me to escape the dark realities of the life I observed around me. They gave me hope that I could create a better life. Life around me did not show me what a better life could be. Fairy tales showed me what a better life could look like.

  • Mr T
    Mr T 4 months ago +1

    I have differences with you when it comes to children. Children love happy stories, especially those who have less to cheer about in life. I as a child did not have toys or good clothes after my dad lost his job and used to work in a low paying job for years. But apart from a loving parents the things that made me happy were cartoons. There needs to be a category for cartoon/animated stuff which is for smaller kids, older kids( 9-13), teens and adults. Generally smaller and older kids and sometimes gets upset with sad endings. Heck I cried a flood seeing mufasa die in lion King and was upset as I found mufasa to be kinda like my dad and was scared that I'll lose him. People, including psychologists I feel think as an adult when it comes to children rather than thinking as a child. Some of us may have got teachers who used to scold us for not able to solve "Simple" maths becuase teachers think from a viewpoint of adults and such children may use the same teaching methods when they grow up if they don't think as a child. Coming to the economics let's face it we all need money. Like you mentioned disney lost money during 70s due to darker movies but bounced back during 90s with "Cute" films. So people or rather kids want to see "Cute" films. Maybe the darker animations should be marketed to teens and adults. Why ahoukd Disney make movies to lose money????
    It's not how much disney earns that people have problem with, but rather the compete monopoly and subsequent political and social agendas being shoved into cartoons and movies that's we find irritating. The result is seen with companies losing money making movies like 2016 Ghostbusters.

  • K.E.B JD
    K.E.B JD 9 months ago +6

    "if only life was that easy"
    yes, if only life was so easy that you were a dead tree that drunk so much you turned into a donkey and died

  • Mi Wa
    Mi Wa Year ago +3

    The pushing the mask bs was unnecessary. So were the spoilers. Starting off pretty bad.
    14:09 is finally the good part tho

  • Weather Prediction (Not Always Accurate Though!)

    Disney shut down blue sky studios.... my favorite animated film was rio by blue sky studios..... time to teach Disney a lesson.

  • nino_ pinguin
    nino_ pinguin Year ago +1

    thank you for making this video! loved it!!!!
    is it possible that these distorted disney stories are creating minds that are naive and more exposed to "the evil of the world"?

  • Jack Taylor
    Jack Taylor Year ago

    Wow. I've always been told the original stories (grim endings) so when I watch Disney movies I notice the differences...

  • Rafa Gómez
    Rafa Gómez 5 months ago +2

    Well, it's a fact that we boomer grew up with Disney's BS and look what we have done to the world, including our children

  • cloud joe twentytwenty
    cloud joe twentytwenty Year ago +3048

    Last night i had a nightmare that Disney bought the moon, cut it in half and positioned both parts over Earth to make it look like Mickey Mouse

    • WOLF
      WOLF Month ago

      Nah don't worry they do that it'll just be A sign Their insane and needing arkham Asylum as the next Paid weekend for them, No one will let that fucking shit slide

    • 𝓢𝓸𝓯𝓲𝓪 𝓜𝓪𝓻𝓲𝓪 𝓥𝓸𝓷𝓪🎐✨
    • Pichu Elric
      Pichu Elric 3 months ago


    • Dangerosu
      Dangerosu 3 months ago +1

      That is a clear message to me. You are the chosen one that will have to stop the Evil Disney company in the near future!
      No pressure! You can doooo it!

    • Mer80ez
      Mer80ez 3 months ago


  • Kenzalishus
    Kenzalishus 4 months ago +2

    It makes me really sad that Disney bought out Pixar....😞

  • SadGirlHours
    SadGirlHours Day ago

    What I will never cease to find absolutely insane is the fact that the disney version is one of the creepier version of beauty and the beast. Theres a version of beauty and the beast where she isnt imprisoned and he heavily respects her boundaries. He isnt screaming at her, she isnt fixing a man with horrible anger issues. They're sitting down and having conversations like adults. 😶. What.

  • PokemonButcher
    PokemonButcher 4 months ago +4

    When I was in the hospital as a child, a book that gave me an introspective resilience that helped grow in the face of those traumatic times was Le Petit Prince (The Little Prince). Certainly not as dark as many other traditional fairy tales, it, nevertheless, challenged my childhood self's preconceptions of attachment, sacrifice, maturity, and love.

  • BuizelCream
    BuizelCream Year ago

    It's what I think it's important for Disney to develop a different kind of branding that's for adult audiences.

  • MoltoRubato88
    MoltoRubato88 Year ago +1012

    Remember: Disney now owns The Simpson's as well, meaning that all those jabs that the show took at Disney came back to haunt them.

    • Will Lyon
      Will Lyon 2 months ago

      The Simpsons are dead to me.

    • Maygan Phynix
      Maygan Phynix Year ago

      I don't get this, because there's a Simpsons section at Universal Studios...

    • acrazyutuber13
      acrazyutuber13 Year ago

      Have you seen 2010's Disney? No one loves sticking it to Disney like Disney.

    • Nuclear Cat Baby
      Nuclear Cat Baby Year ago +1

      @COtheLegend I don’t think they’re going to cancel The Simpsons until one of the core voice actors dies.

    • COtheLegend
      COtheLegend Year ago +2

      What I fear is that, one day, Disney will cancel the Simpsons, and then in a few years, bring it back as "Disney's The Simpsons", and it will be something wildly different from what it originally was.

  • Brandon Charles
    Brandon Charles 6 months ago +3

    That part that talked about Disney movies "cutification" of their movies (for lack of a better term) is very interesting. To me at least, it seems to be a microcosm of sociological changes that have happened since the '80s: There's a pretty credible theory of the aversion of tragedy (or risk) in childhood leading to greater numbers of anxiety and depression in the youth.

  • BrettJones27
    BrettJones27 2 months ago +1

    17:12 Agreed that Rise of Skywalker 'Disneyfies' the the ending/themes, however the overlaying onto Last Jedi of some of the the darker themes, current world politics and the alteration of Luke's character (whether you like these changes, or not) was already quite a departure from established lore/themes of the series and had already upset a lot of fans, then the perceived flip-flopping back to a more disney way just made it worse.

  • Someone Else
    Someone Else Month ago +1

    The only thing I really appreciate about Disney are their magnificient soundtracks and animations :''') appart from that meh....

  • Daniel Thornbury
    Daniel Thornbury 4 months ago +1

    The little mermaid sounds like an beautiful inspiring tale

  • Dexter
    Dexter Year ago +1671

    You must mention how Disney altered history. For example, Mulan never won the war, she just participated in the battle and failed.

    • Will Lyon
      Will Lyon Month ago

      And how she committed suicide.

    • Slo-poke
      Slo-poke  Month ago

      I get all my historical info from Disney

    • Bologna
      Bologna 2 months ago

      That’s sexist. The original story should have ended the way it did in the Disney movie though.

    • dragonmoon
      dragonmoon 2 months ago

      And, their version of Pocahontas ought to have a big ol' "In Name Only" label slapped on it!

  • DualDesertEagle
    DualDesertEagle 4 months ago

    As I heard filmnstuff say in one of his videos recently: "There's taking liberties with the source material and there's sh!tting all over it." Disney's been doing the latter.

  • dragonmoon
    dragonmoon 2 months ago

    On the subject of saturating dark stories with enough cuteness to give you diabetes, the fact that one of their former animators, Don Bluth, can be identified with a number of legendary *dark* works proves that people want that edge.

  • dragongreen51
    dragongreen51 10 months ago +8

    The Walt Disney Company is now a monopoly riding on the back and relying on old Disney's talent and amazing cinematics to where they don't even have to try to make a blockbuster film.

  • Mr S
    Mr S 8 months ago

    That belle narrative is so sad yet true when it comes to someone I know. Considering she still defends against everyone she knows that beauty and the beast wasn't about a mentally abusive relationship bottom line

  • M Mark
    M Mark Year ago +1870

    That's why JRR Tolkien never wanted to make busness with Disney. As scholar in this matter, Tolkien knew many of this old tales from its origins. He saw how Disney perverted the meaning of "Fairy" into "Fairy Tale".

    • Sam
      Sam 6 months ago

      That's interesting, do you have a specific source you learnt from? I'm sure it would be a fascinating read

    • Isaac Heller
      Isaac Heller 8 months ago +1

      Scholar. Is that you're calling yourselves these days?

    • Gyrre
      Gyrre 9 months ago

      @Adeniran Balthazar Silva Nintendo refuses to let them make a Mario movie. Think about why that may be. (Hint: look up how much media Disney already owns and their long sorted history of crooked business practices and contract breaking.)

    • Adeniran Balthazar Silva
      Adeniran Balthazar Silva 9 months ago

      @Gyrre I actually think Nintendo and Disney would get along well. Would we get a better movie? Would it change 90s cinema and games adaptations? Would Disney still make, remake and relaunch fairy tales movies to avoid bankrupcy? Would Mickey and co. be playable characters in Super Smash Bros. nowadays? So many what ifs...

    • DraculaCronqvist
      DraculaCronqvist Year ago +3

      Tolkien was a very wise man in this regard. He knew what kind of abomination Disney was even back then.

  • Grant Siebert
    Grant Siebert 8 months ago +5

    This raises a lot of good points, and I can definitely agree that the corporate side of Disney is something of a nightmare and has been for some time now
    But that being said... I don't want to devalue the artistic and creative side of it either. I've honestly known about some if not most of these "grimmer realities" to these stories and it... never really bothered me. Yes, kids definitely use stories in all their forms to sort of learn about the world. I sure as hell did. At the same time though... I don't think that any of this would be so inherently bad were it not for how much of a monolith they've become. There's a perfectly valid niche for tales of optimism, for themes that are simple and straightforward. I think that Disney's approach to Beauty and the Beast, where it shows how someone can change for the better if others can show them how, even if they've given up on themselves, is just as important, not more, not less, but just as, important as, say, a story where someone tries to "fix" a bad person only to fail, showing that it's not something you can bet on.
    Or how about the Pinnochio thing? A story of someone learning their lesson and eventually, with perseverence, getting rewarded, is just as valuable as a story of someone never learning that lesson and suffering as a result.
    And Pocahontas, that's definitely a controversial one due to how derivative it is to actual history, but I think its story of each "side" vilifying the other in justifiable (to one extent or another) but ultimately unnecessary ways when they could instead make peace and try to understand each other is pretty good in its own right, just as much as a story about how not every faction can be reasoned with, and how sometimes there are groups that really are just bad.
    Really, a lot of themes on "both sides of the coin" are equally meaningful, and a kid should grow up on a balanced mental diet of both IMO. Disney as a company could just be said to have made a brand that specializes on one kind of mental "food group".
    So then the problem here isn't the saccharine-ification of these stories by themselves... but there is STILL definitely a problem. Disney doesn't acknowledge what they're doing, for one. They give no context, cite no sources, and, beyond maybe some surface level name dropping, pretend the source material doesn't exist. This isn't adaptation, it's borderline erasure. For another, as y'all said, they're doing it to stories and worlds that didn't ask for or need or want anything like it, not just folk tales and the like. Like, food groups, people! Man cannot live on bread alone! And the growth of the company and lack of mitigation for any of this just exacerbates these two things. That, in my opinion, is the problem behind the problem, here.

  • The Old Married Couple
    The Old Married Couple 3 months ago

    I've always thought that Disney took from the fairy tale canon/traditional folk tales but... no, they're straight up taking individual writers' content...

  • H R
    H R 9 days ago

    Every animated Disney adaptation ought to be remade in a similar animation style but absolutely true to the original story.
    You know, just to horrify the suburban soccer moms.

  • UmbreonTwinkle
    UmbreonTwinkle 11 months ago +1

    After watching this. I feel wrong about buying their movies. Like I'm supporting what they are doing

  • Matthew Bittenbender
    Matthew Bittenbender Year ago +435

    When Disney makes an old fairytale or new franchise “cuter” for mass audience consumption, outside of a little cultural shift, it isn’t that big of deal. When it takes a historical person like Pocahontas and does that (or even gives her life a happy ending) it is a disservice’s to history and the native peoples that claimed her as their own.

    • Will Lyon
      Will Lyon 4 months ago

      @PirateChest That’s just corporate capitalists greed.

    • TrueKoalaKnight
      TrueKoalaKnight Year ago +1

      @PirateChest It's not about you personally. "Kid friendly content" is not an excuse to step all over history and to steal other people's work.

    • lain iwakura
      lain iwakura Year ago +1

      @Elphaboy Yeah, but too bad Song of the South takes place during Reconstruction and the man who played Uncle Remus was the first black man Disney hired.

    • Matthew Bittenbender
      Matthew Bittenbender Year ago +1

      @PirateChest you are indeed correct. BUT Disney isn’t helping the matter. Until the schools do better, entertainment companies don’t have take it worse. In fact just stick with the fairy takes and leave history to the schools.