Stephen A. hasn’t been this excited about the Heat since LeBron left | First Take

  • Published on Dec 13, 2019
  • Stephen A. Smith explains why everyone should be paying attention to Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat.
    #FirstTake #NBA
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Comments • 1 574

  • Zach Zwicky
    Zach Zwicky 5 days ago

    It seems crazzy Stephen A is talking about a guy that was on my high school court 2 years ago crazzy

  • Barney Coleman
    Barney Coleman 13 days ago

    PaAhh railyyyy

  • Sean Whitaker
    Sean Whitaker 15 days ago

    There is a move I think the Heat can make that can put them over the top. Package Waiters and Olynk or one with a pick for Kevin Love. GAME OVER. Eastern Conference Champs

  • IsThisTheKrustyKrab?
    IsThisTheKrustyKrab? 16 days ago

    And the Dolphins still suck.

  • tim harwood
    tim harwood 18 days ago

    Finally my heat is getting some praise on here

  • Cody Warriner
    Cody Warriner 19 days ago

    Butler grew like kobe and Paul george did come in with 1 skill and tenacity and add elements every off season and become one of the best in the world by the time their in their prime

  • Phil Smith
    Phil Smith 20 days ago

    Give credit to Eric Spoelstra... Heat's scouting was really good...

  • Lonnie Montgomery
    Lonnie Montgomery 22 days ago

    Who was he comparing Herro and Duncan Robinson to? It has taken me this long to finally see that SAS doesn’t know a thing about evaluating the game. Just a gossip columnist heading up the National Enquirer I’ll of Sports coverage. What a joke!

  • ZumGee YT
    ZumGee YT 22 days ago

    Bam Adebayo AllStar 💯🔥

  • Nathan Dorow
    Nathan Dorow 23 days ago

    He did not just compare hero and Robinson to steph and klay stop it

  • Noah Kile
    Noah Kile 26 days ago

    Max Kellerman talked for 3 minutes and said nothing

  • Drake Tennyson
    Drake Tennyson 27 days ago

    In the first round, I hope the match-ups will be:
    Milwaukee VS Detroit
    Boston VS Philadelphia
    Miami VS Brooklyn
    Toronto VS Indiana

  • Gwen Marie
    Gwen Marie 27 days ago

    Something is brewing in SOUTHBEACH!!!💯💯🏀🙏🙌🙌🙌👍🏀🏀🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥YOU BETTER WATCH 👀

  • D'Tywuan Davis
    D'Tywuan Davis 28 days ago +1

    A team who doesn't tank deserves alot of recognition without a doubt.

  • Brian T
    Brian T 29 days ago +1

    1:08 Did he just say "Those 2 white dudes"?

    • Brian T
      Brian T 25 days ago

      @check out Not cool. I don't see color

    • check out
      check out 25 days ago

      Brian T yeah, problem?

  • Uncle Nature
    Uncle Nature Month ago

    I love Stephen A so much man

  • Rainier Pizarro
    Rainier Pizarro Month ago +1

    I like how no one noticed Jimmy Butler’s Jersey Number is 23 and not 22. Smh lol

  • Kyle Jefferson
    Kyle Jefferson Month ago

    Thats because Virgos got heart(cough cough Kobe)
    Ps: Jimmy’s a ♍️

  • pepsiguy52883
    pepsiguy52883 Month ago

    Jimmy is 22 not 23 Espn

  • gregg j
    gregg j Month ago

    happy to see the heat get respect they deserve!

  • Julio Tomas
    Julio Tomas Month ago


  • Joseph Suarez
    Joseph Suarez Month ago +3

    Stephen A is the kind of person who will get an F on a test and try to convince everyone why he should have gotten an A.

  • The Dons Corner
    The Dons Corner Month ago

    Stephen A Smith is just phenomenal

  • Derrick Bailey
    Derrick Bailey Month ago

    🔥🔥🔥 heat nation

  • Anthony Flores
    Anthony Flores Month ago +1

    "Something Is Brewing In South Beach" Can I get that on a T-Shirt please?

  • Blair Walker
    Blair Walker Month ago

    If they could get Holiday from New Orleans or maybe Kevin Love. Then this team is absolutely in the running out of the East.
    Nunn, Herro, Butler Love and Bam is a great starting 5

  • Matthew Rider
    Matthew Rider Month ago

    Jimmy Butler "refuses to lose"...


  • jed3wiant
    jed3wiant Month ago +2

    The Heat could’ve drafted jimmy butler but got Norris Cole 😐


    1:16 🔥
    👇 👇 👇💙

  • Ruslan Tsybulsky
    Ruslan Tsybulsky Month ago

    actually sorry for double post but look haw many times then look her way when talking, again nothing sexual but they seem to be showing more respect to this one

  • Ruslan Tsybulsky
    Ruslan Tsybulsky Month ago

    Yo anyone notice that they seem to like this girl much more then molly

  • Kevin Dam
    Kevin Dam Month ago +1

    As a Mavs fan I would love to see a Finals rematch between the two most exciting surprise underdogs in the league right now: Mavs vs Heat.

  • Talha Qazi
    Talha Qazi Month ago

    D-Wade needs to come out of retirement. Riley finally put a squad together with the young guys and especially Butler! Getting rid of Whiteside helped too lol.

  • Roberto Rodrigues
    Roberto Rodrigues Month ago

    jj reddick to the heat would be craZy .

  • CC
    CC Month ago

    Kendrick nunn or Tyler herro for roty

  • Alan KS
    Alan KS Month ago

    while dragic is still providing numbers as a 2nd unit along with herro.

  • Booglium Moo
    Booglium Moo Month ago

    Do you want me to outlaw the word HEAT?
    Because I can.
    I think the usage of this word is causing psychological trauma in the black community.

  • Troy Boy
    Troy Boy Month ago +1

    What about Kendrick Nunn???

  • Jason Pineda
    Jason Pineda Month ago

    Heat vs Bucks, or Sixers Conf finals let’s Go!

  • Dr Surtur
    Dr Surtur Month ago

    2 white dudes hmmm if i worked on espn and told those two black dudes i would got fired.

  • zeusy bear
    zeusy bear Month ago

    Them white boys dangerous and jimmy is clinical

  • Samuel Camacho Palanco

    If they bring John wall to Miami heat... that’s game.

  • Aj Coleman
    Aj Coleman Month ago

    heat is the new golden state? thats a interesting theory

  • Matthew Spanner
    Matthew Spanner Month ago +1

    Kendrick nunn deserves more credit but I agree with both of them

  • HustleOrBeBrokeGaming Tv

    Noooooo don’t start paying us attention we don’t need no bandwagon fans

  • Nicholas Caceres
    Nicholas Caceres Month ago

    What about Kendrick Nunn???

  • Marty W.
    Marty W. Month ago

    Pat Riley has found guys from the rec league to make a playoff caliber team in the NBA.

  • Marc88
    Marc88 Month ago +1

    5:18 😂

  • s4xtt
    s4xtt Month ago

    Not a Heat fan but I'm a big fan of Butler, really excited on how heat will do under his leadership

    • hen ko
      hen ko Month ago

      Well the miami hear cheated when they battled the other team so they are trash

  • Dave Israel
    Dave Israel Month ago

    You'll need to stop discounting Molly!

    • hen ko
      hen ko Month ago

      He forgot Kendrick nunn he’s been balling coming in undrafted from the horizon league outta Oakland university

  • Unknown Faith
    Unknown Faith Month ago +1

    Stephen A deep down is a Miami fan 💯

  • Imdb Truth
    Imdb Truth Month ago

    The Heat were lucky Doncic got injured... Otherwise Mavs win and still nobody would be taking about the Heat.

  • hen ko
    hen ko Month ago

    Molly at home watching ESPN like I would have interrupted right there lol

  • clarence Perrier
    clarence Perrier Month ago

    Steven A I’ve been saying this

  • Alonzo Tejeda
    Alonzo Tejeda Month ago

    I hate the NBA and it's pre Madonnas "LeBroooon" but love Jimmy and the Dragón who was done dirty by my suns..... I might have to tune in

    • hen ko
      hen ko Month ago

      steven A was right, if not the referee heat could had won lakers in miami cause all the players in heat roster is catching fire from the long ball

  • Rawr5649
    Rawr5649 Month ago

    maybe they can maybe they can't, do these guys have the most pointless jobs on the planet?

  • Patrick Steckman
    Patrick Steckman Month ago +1

    Miami is a team to watch, I would prefer they stay a secret, but that isn't going to happen. They are just fun to watch play basketball when they aren't on a back-to-back, which is their only weakness at the moment. They are going to be a tough out for folks, I'm really looking forward to the Philly-Miami game this week as well. Hopefully Dragic gets back soon because he does add an extra element to the Miami Heat basketball team.
    Also, I know at the end they were talking about Jimmy Butler being the guy at the end of the game, but it is slowly becoming Tyler Herro at the end of the game. Look at how Herro ended the game against Chicago on the 2nd of December. Herro had 14 of the final 16 points in the game for Miami and won them the game. 12 of which all came from three point land.
    Miami is a great story for the NBA right now and I think they will be a problem for some teams come the playoffs. They are a tough out when they are rested and if they go into the playoffs fully healthy, they could become the story of the 2019-20 NBA season.

    WOLF THA MAN Month ago

    Anybody notice at the bottom of screen Jimmy butler number is 23 instead of 22

  • Trev White
    Trev White Month ago

    Stephen A needs to do somethin bout that hair line

  • krow
    krow Month ago

    just imagine if d wade was on this team 😿