Try To Watch This Without Laughing or Grinning #65 (REACT)

  • Опубликовано: 22 дек 2017
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    Content featured in this episode:
    Little girl thinks head is stuck in the stairs
    Pumpkin spit on me
    Wait for it 😂😂😂
    Jimmy Onishi trying to pronounce Massachusetts State
    gb proof vs nobie
    Escalator Spin Awesome Textbook Form
    Epic Escalator Spin Fail
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    Laugh Challenge #65 - Try To Watch This Without Laughing or Grinning #65 (REACT)
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    REACT  Год назад +155

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    • PusheenProduction
      PusheenProduction Год назад

      REACT I have an extreme try not to laugh challenge, its called if you laugh 5x you lose and it is kid friendly
      they are sure gonna laugh to death!😂😂

    • La'Nessa Grigsby
      La'Nessa Grigsby Год назад

      REACT I love you guys

    • Eric Luo
      Eric Luo Год назад

      Do the wheel of fortune fail where the guy says popsicle bike

    • Carver vlogs
      Carver vlogs Год назад

      Do try not to laugh best of tim hawkins plz🙏🙏🙏

    • Brentenjs550
      Brentenjs550 Год назад

      REACT Half of these never should be counted as what they are

  • xXOmArUlEz89Xx
    xXOmArUlEz89Xx Год назад

    Mikaela my love! ❤

  • Jamesha Hollomon
    Jamesha Hollomon Год назад

    Tom is so cute😍😭

  • PJ Maysonet
    PJ Maysonet Год назад


  • Jahooski
    Jahooski Год назад +1

    I agree with 2:05

  • NepBrad
    NepBrad Год назад

    Do my try not to laugh and smile challenges

  • Sean 8
    Sean 8 Год назад +2

    2:05 nooooooooooooo

  • Simon Santacroce
    Simon Santacroce Год назад

    Work it jim

  • Zenith
    Zenith Год назад +1

    I made it till that damn squirel.. I couldn't stop myself from cheering him on..

  • Makqui
    Makqui Год назад

    Yo, where can we suggest clips for this?

  • Vic Cruz
    Vic Cruz Год назад +20

    I loved the "Oh hallelujah" from Brooke - Monaé, it really made me laugh a bit 😂👏🏼 Congrats, girl! 🙌🏼

  • DEAD Channel
    DEAD Channel Год назад

    You guys should see One of my videos it’s called Wii bowling fail but you have to go to my channel to see it and make The people watch it

    • Nick F
      Nick F Год назад

      Tausha Pio no

  • Itzpineappleworld
    Itzpineappleworld Год назад +1

    Just do one full of SNL setches😂😂

  • julian Steuerle
    julian Steuerle Год назад

    Louisville is where I'm from

  • Booette
    Booette Год назад

    How can I submit a video?

  • Will 88
    Will 88 Год назад

    Mikaela and Jordan in one video is too much for me
    They are hot AF

  • 🃏 JOKER_XD
    🃏 JOKER_XD Год назад +2

    how Katrina lose ?

  • Kimberley Martinez
    Kimberley Martinez Год назад +1

    Luis is kinda hot

  • Osvaldo Mogollon
    Osvaldo Mogollon Год назад

    Kids react to Gorillaz

  • Matthew James
    Matthew James Год назад +1

    NO DABS!?!?!?!

  • Medd Hirose
    Medd Hirose Год назад

    how can i suggest video?

  • Brendan Bernales
    Brendan Bernales Год назад +2

    At The Fist Vid The Kid Is Like "WTF "

  • Little Sariah
    Little Sariah Год назад +3

    I felt that squirrel on a spiritual level.

    • Kj  Inc
      Kj Inc Год назад

      Little Sariah dude that’s really weird.. think you need to see someone if you feel animals

    PRGAMING Год назад

    hey wanna buy some suprme from me for some cheap prices or do you want some ravioliiiiiiii

  • Ashley Canady
    Ashley Canady Год назад

    all of them

  • Sienna
    Sienna Год назад +1

    "ive had the giggles all day"

  • TTS PRO 9
    TTS PRO 9 Год назад +1

    Do teleport behind you

  • Kasi Poovi
    Kasi Poovi Год назад +3

    Mikaela 💖

  • Dramarsonis 04
    Dramarsonis 04 Год назад +2

    mikaela looks like maite perroni

    LUCAS PETERSON Год назад

    Hey you should add the you feel so nice raptor just type in you feel so nice and he’ll pop up plz add it

  • Ian Eizlan
    Ian Eizlan Год назад +1

    mikaela is so pretty..

  • Tess BananaParc
    Tess BananaParc Год назад

    omg Ian ur good man lol

  • Angelica Biggs
    Angelica Biggs Год назад +3

    The squirrel almost got me!

  • Tahmeed Mazumder
    Tahmeed Mazumder Год назад +2

    Oh hallelujahs right on.

  • NickThaStick •
    NickThaStick • Год назад +1

    helloooooo Madison...

  • Hyena 300
    Hyena 300 Год назад +4

    they should make a try not to fail challenge

    • Hyena 300
      Hyena 300 Год назад

      you try hard things and try not to fail them
      i made it up

    • L C
      L C Год назад

      Hyena 300 what's that

  • Jovana Slavic
    Jovana Slavic Год назад +20

    Okay , is it only me that found nothing funny in these videos?

  • Exile_Tv
    Exile_Tv Год назад +1

    Wonderful video its one of the best it make me smile every time keep it up:)

  • The Brainiest Ashes Ever
    The Brainiest Ashes Ever Год назад +1

    The captions helped me predict the next thing lol 😅😅

  • Jesus is a bisquit Let him sop you up

    They should ust the burnt chicken nugget vine.

  • saratiii ii
    saratiii ii Год назад +1

    the dab one

  • Oh Yeah yeah
    Oh Yeah yeah Год назад


  • Blurry Jazmine
    Blurry Jazmine Год назад +11

    Question, why was Katrina kicked out? Dude she literally was just talking when you talk you sometimes smile I mean I smile when I talk. That was unfair but I mean I can't do nothing about it.

    • Privacy Lover
      Privacy Lover Год назад +2

      It's not unfair. You can't smile at all, those are the rules, so you have to think about what expression you're making if you're going to talk.

  • عبد الباسط الوحيشي

    The reactors make me laugh most of the time

  • I Work For Ali-A
    I Work For Ali-A Год назад +5

    It's not fair when they play it more than once

  • Jaslene O
    Jaslene O Год назад +1

    so if you see this try to make me laugh

  • Jaslene O
    Jaslene O Год назад +1

    if I di this I would win because I don't laugh that much

  • firefly kitty animations
    firefly kitty animations Год назад


  • firefly kitty animations
    firefly kitty animations Год назад +1

    can thay react to cats thay are really funny not ya know FLIPPING SQURRALS (i dunno how too spell it) UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH

  • amour
    amour Год назад

    Tom reminds me of shroud

  • Doconuts *
    Doconuts * Год назад

    I love the squirrel video

  • L Pangy
    L Pangy Год назад +2

    watch memes plz

  • Blessing Koomson
    Blessing Koomson Год назад +1

    React to 'completely giving up on life" vine

  • Taegan Riley
    Taegan Riley Год назад +2

    Do a react video to a vine compilation

  • SbT Network 2
    SbT Network 2 Год назад +2

    Goood job Luis ... buyt like you said if it would of went on a lil longer would of cracked

  • Cupimations Cup
    Cupimations Cup Год назад

    Do the "do you like spaghetti" by GEODOG

  • Julian Munoz
    Julian Munoz Год назад +2

    Can i please come on ur channel

    • AGK34RULES
      AGK34RULES Год назад

      Julian Munoz same here

  • Kal Patel
    Kal Patel Год назад

    Can you do the "2 free tacos" vine

  • Coralii
    Coralii Год назад +1

    Could you do a try not to laugh with water?

  • FireMaster C
    FireMaster C Год назад +1

    ITS ON....

  • MatrixGolden
    MatrixGolden Год назад +3

    Why don't you do a teens try not to cry!

  • Maheen M
    Maheen M Год назад +3

    none of these vids were funny. Also Bradley didn't smile or laugh, the react producers Xed him out unfairly

  • susana lamar
    susana lamar Год назад +1

    We want try not to laugh with WATER Guys

  • Santiago Muñoz
    Santiago Muñoz Год назад +12

    I only see this for Mikaela.

  • Nadim Milano
    Nadim Milano Год назад +3

    When and where can I audition?

  • GuessWho
    GuessWho Год назад

    There were some very good ones in there

  • Lordstichius 1010
    Lordstichius 1010 Год назад +1

    How do you get in the react channel videos

  • tornlust
    tornlust Год назад +1

    madison is so pretty wtf

  • Sophia Foshaug
    Sophia Foshaug Год назад +2

    the squirrel totally got me

  • Yumi Vương
    Yumi Vương Год назад +2

    Re Tokyo Ghoul PLS,The tralier is out!!!!

  • emma todd
    emma todd Год назад +4

    This was easy

  • Marissa Lee
    Marissa Lee Год назад +1

    JU JU ON THAT BEAT! (Roy Purdy mannequin head dance #1)

  • Shy Sunny
    Shy Sunny Год назад +3

    Teens react to Fairy Tail

  • sameold23
    sameold23 Год назад +58

    I lost on the first vid when she said “oh” and that expression

    THE BROZ Год назад

    Do another one with the "can i get a waffle?" Vine in it

  • TSJ Slayer55
    TSJ Slayer55 Год назад +1

    The guy in the underwear got me

  • Kiya Marshall
    Kiya Marshall Год назад

    Do the this thing has a daughter vine

  • salma m
    salma m Год назад +1

    i was fine until luis said“no no gigi” i started laughing so hard

  • Ryan Tierney
    Ryan Tierney Год назад

    ugh born and raised in Mass, the struggle is real

  • harleysjoker90
    harleysjoker90 Год назад +6

    Stop putting little kids in the laugh challenges or make adult only ones please

  • Kati Anne
    Kati Anne Год назад +2

    That kid bradley was so cute omg

  • Justine_206
    Justine_206 Год назад

    Luis is so fine I cant even.

  • sure
    sure Год назад +1

    😂😂😂 65 try not to laugh videos 🤣🤣🤣

  • amir waguih
    amir waguih Год назад

    I suggest you open this "crocodile screams for its life"

  • MsEldarium
    MsEldarium Год назад +2


  • K AHN
    K AHN Год назад +1

    Aww Katrina is so cute

  • Dian Rademan
    Dian Rademan Год назад +1

    Jordan vs Madison who is the prettiest

  • Samuel Kenobi
    Samuel Kenobi Год назад +4

    I remember watching the squirrel run the touchdown live because I was at the game. Everyone started going nuts. See what I did there?

  • Courtney Roberts
    Courtney Roberts Год назад +1

    Loved it amazing video

  • king potato
    king potato Год назад +2

    Mikeala's a cutie

  • InspireInk
    InspireInk Год назад

    That was a hard one, almost laughed on a couple of them

  • Wanda Estrella
    Wanda Estrella Год назад

    The first one

  • Christopher sherpa
    Christopher sherpa Год назад +1


  • Raiyan Rashky
    Raiyan Rashky Год назад +5

    Mikaela is so hot ❤️

  • FlyingBee
    FlyingBee Год назад

    do the pink squeaky dog toy sticking its tounge out

  • E.W. Swan
    E.W. Swan Год назад +1

    Squirrel almost broke me.

  • Pucking Rainbow
    Pucking Rainbow Год назад

    Please add this "crocodile screams for its life". It might be so funny

  • Laur Stefan
    Laur Stefan Год назад


  • Shrishail Gharat
    Shrishail Gharat Год назад

    When you eat Kawa biryani instead of Chicken Biryani !!!

  • RHH911
    RHH911 Год назад +16

    Skrattar du, förlorar du