Jon Stewart Bill O'Reilly over Nazi Rhetoric Video Mediaite

  • Published on Jan 28, 2011

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  • Travelcrip
    Travelcrip Day ago

    I remember when left media was funny, now all it is trump, nazism and fascism is everywhere.
    Concentration camps at the southern border, Jon Stewart must be so disappointed by the Democrats and late night shows now.

  • Monica Wells
    Monica Wells 2 days ago

    Come on! Greg Gutfield is hilarious on Fox . He is so ironic!

  • Till Tronje
    Till Tronje 2 days ago

    6.00 "far left nazis" ....yeahhh riiight....someone pls tell him what a Nazi is

  • William Perrigo
    William Perrigo 5 days ago

    We're missing an important point here: M.K. made over a million dollars a month doing what she did every day.
    What are we doing wrong, that we don't bet jobs like that? Maybe we're the nice guys that finish last.

  • wildNout317
    wildNout317 8 days ago

    I was late.

  • EmmaYaBasta
    EmmaYaBasta 9 days ago

    Why would anyone compare Reagan's rich Repug wife to the masses of poor, communist activists, Jews, disabled and homosexuals exterminated by the Nazis?

  • M L
    M L 12 days ago

    To think I used to believe Stewart was a genius

  • Shannon Sloan
    Shannon Sloan 14 days ago

    This is gold. That coming from a 30-year-old conservative... John Stuart knew how to articulate complex points that had a way of getting down to point. Unfortunately much of the time he was on there I was younger and was not interested in politics.
    The absolute garbage that comes out of the late show with Steve Colbert is not even in the same league. Jon Stewart did so much more with so much less than what today’s information technology has to offer.

  • Kevin McDougall
    Kevin McDougall 14 days ago

    While Bill's not a Nazi, he *is* a consummate @$$#0£€ in many, MANY ways...and counting.

  • Neil Goldring
    Neil Goldring 20 days ago

    O'reiily sucks dick for bus fare, then walks home

  • Neil Goldring
    Neil Goldring 20 days ago

    O'reiily masturbates in front of a mirror.

  • polite critique
    polite critique Month ago +1

    Bill o Reilly another fox Jews media racist who called brown people criminals when he's the convicted rapist paedophile

  • Grant Rants
    Grant Rants Month ago

    It’s funny that now Stewart’s folks are the ones comparing everyone to nazis. Strange times.

  • thricefan89
    thricefan89 Month ago

    Jon... we need you

  • DEERghostHOOF
    DEERghostHOOF Month ago

    WTF is that high pitched noise going on constantly?? Please make it stop..fucking unwatchable

  • mary hynes
    mary hynes 2 months ago

    I like Trevor Noah but we could really use some Jon ASAP.

  • Mary Palmer
    Mary Palmer 2 months ago

    I really miss Jon Stewart.

  • SinZ
    SinZ 2 months ago +1

    I come from the future, it gets worse. Fox goes from calling others Nazis to defending them.

  • Rebecca Bunch
    Rebecca Bunch 2 months ago +1

    Nobody did this like John Stewart.

  • charles stuart
    charles stuart 2 months ago

    Will ye no come back again,? Wll ye no come back again? Greater luede there canna be. Will ye no come back again?

  • David Schneider
    David Schneider 2 months ago

    I love trevor noah, really do. But this man is fucking untouchable.

  • Nel Forks
    Nel Forks 2 months ago


  • aliesneo
    aliesneo 2 months ago

    I miss how much more teeth the daily show had back with jon stewart was at the helm. The show has turned from scrutiny and critique to manufactured laughter under trevor noah.

  • tifforo1
    tifforo1 2 months ago +7

    If Obama had banned bump stocks by an executive decision reinterpreting existing law the way Trump did, how many assassination attempts by Fox News fans calling him a Nazi would there have been?

  • LEMMON 714
    LEMMON 714 2 months ago

    The world is a worse place without this man on television

  • will crow
    will crow 2 months ago

    2019 not a PEEP out of Bill the douche bag O'reilly. Sweet silence from that waste of space.

  • Jacob Jones
    Jacob Jones 2 months ago +1

    Hey!.. You took that out of context!... I was speeding..
    The pinnacle moment of cable television.. lol..

  • Murali Angirekula
    Murali Angirekula 2 months ago +1

    The Grandmaster of satire. Salute Sir.

  • Voice IT
    Voice IT 2 months ago

    say what you will bout Billy Boy O'Reilly - and you're probably right - but he was the only one that had the Balls to go 1 vs. 1 against Jon

  • Voice IT
    Voice IT 2 months ago +1

    Jon never takes more than 60 Seconds to make me laugh

  • Sues Anna
    Sues Anna 3 months ago +4

    We don’t have a Network like Fox News in Germany, because we had the nazi propaganda. We don’t need that ever again.

  • Jaffa T
    Jaffa T 3 months ago +2

    I’m watching this in 2019 and thank God Bill O’Reilly has been fired by Fox for sexual harassment! LMFAO

  • saso 10
    saso 10 3 months ago +1

    TV manipulation (and other media as well) has increased A LOT!

  • tiny dancer
    tiny dancer 3 months ago

    Trust me, wait, I'll get you a puke bin, hold it until I get there, can you, Jon????

  • tiny dancer
    tiny dancer 3 months ago

    Just a heads up. I noticed that before anybody realized the Nazis were going to wipe out the Jews, they confiscated most (or all ) of their wealth. Ironically, nobody notices that sort of thing, but me does so..........FYI I think we are having a doover, kinda like a sleepover, but Bernie is the Jew in question. (It's not always about you, you know.LOL)

  • jack clingenpeel
    jack clingenpeel 3 months ago

    We are in desperate need of you Jon we need a counterbalance to the 🍊🤡

  • Nicholas Barrett
    Nicholas Barrett 3 months ago

    urgh, there's a Jon Stewart rip-off on every channel now. But none of them are as good as the real thing

  • Hugo Lalumiere
    Hugo Lalumiere 3 months ago

    As much as you want to hate her, Megan Kelly's hot! And yes, Fox News is basically hot biased garbage.

  • Nate Hoffman
    Nate Hoffman 3 months ago

    This fucker needs to get back to work. He was too young to retire.

  • arthurneddysmith
    arthurneddysmith 3 months ago +3

    155 people, who accuse those they disagree with of being "Nazis," disliked this video. And then they sang Deutschland Uber Alles while noting how "persecuted" they are.

  • Michael Laverty
    Michael Laverty 3 months ago +1

    Aside from this whole show being disgracefully obscene when you look back over the past 45 yrs and see how many Tax cuts the wealthiest American's have enjoyed while also enjoying 250% wage increases during some of American hard time's while the poor or working poor have had to endure the housing cost increases food increase gasoline price doubling heating fuel more than tripling all while the Republican's continue telling them trickle down economic's are coming soon as the higher paying job's continue the mass exodus out of the United States , I really have a hard time wondering just where the News Media of Fox&Friend's get's it's friend's from ? They are obviously of the .010% who have in the past 50 yrs paying less in taxes today than at any other time in American history while the working poor pay a disproportionately larger percentage of there spendable income in Tax of one kind or another . But each time we talk of higher taxes the Fox News Infotainment company switch board light's up like the Rockefeller plaza Xmas tree and Ruppert set's the team off to do Damage control .. It's horrible to watch and they should all be deeply ashamed ...

  • Robert Bauer
    Robert Bauer 3 months ago +4

    Gosh, watching this just reminds me how much the world is better with Stewart speaking his mind and being hilarious at it on a daily basis. We miss you Jon.

  • Ruuod
    Ruuod 3 months ago

    no one adressing the "far left nazi" thing?
    or is it that for you guys nazi has a different meaning?
    Because for me, as a german, it is something on the far far right.
    just because it has socialism in its name doesnt mean its something on the left.
    You guys mixing up system with an ideology. like wtf.. even your highest rated tv guys seem to be ok with that (even stewart doesnt go into this).
    And yes. they had socialistic structures but only apllied to arians - which is the tricky part where the "national" thing is kicking in and makes it an far far right-wing ideology driven approach...
    Wtf you are doing?! I thought the nazis were one of your favorite topics. How can you be so uninformed about the very definition of stuff like this?

  • Kris Frederick
    Kris Frederick 3 months ago

    Gesundheit, John. Thank God we can still see you in some form.

  • theinitialscc
    theinitialscc 3 months ago +10

    that castle wolfenstein joke was pure gold, baby!

  • Adam Wintetbottom
    Adam Wintetbottom 3 months ago

    Now everybody is a nazi

  • connor
    connor 4 months ago

    Fox news using the word "nazi" too liberally. 8 years later the irony couldn't be richer

  • Larry From
    Larry From 4 months ago

    I really miss Jon Stewart....

  • Argumemnon
    Argumemnon 4 months ago

    I miss this guy.

  • Allthenews ordeath
    Allthenews ordeath 4 months ago

    Would anyone else watch a sitcom where John Stewart and Bill O’Reilly are the odd couple?

  • Darius Teixeira
    Darius Teixeira 4 months ago +1

    Those idiotic laughs🙄

  • Regan Johnson
    Regan Johnson 4 months ago


  • TJ Medellin
    TJ Medellin 4 months ago

    God I love John Stewart 😂😂

  • Cole Trickle
    Cole Trickle 4 months ago

    It's 2019 and this Meghan Kelly stuff is much funnier now.....

  • Manufan909 1
    Manufan909 1 4 months ago +9

    Bill loved the ass kickings so much he came back for seconds, thirds and fourths.

  • Sara
    Sara 4 months ago

    God I miss Stewart

  • Andrew Greenough
    Andrew Greenough 4 months ago +1

    The more I watch Jon Stewart the more I realize how bad Trevor Noah is

  • swampThaang
    swampThaang 4 months ago

    The look on Dennis Miller's face LOL

  • Timonius G
    Timonius G 4 months ago

    Bill Oriely is a douche of the century.

  • valar
    valar 4 months ago +4

    So glad Bello Reilly's career is toast. He's not missed.

  • Pat Doyle
    Pat Doyle 4 months ago +2

    I love the way Jon can be so self deprecating as he guts an opponent - "That's what happens when you try to get a pretty girl to call..." Cracked me up.

    TMWSITY 4 months ago +2

    May we all have as good a foil as Bill O was for Jon.

    • Phil Lewis
      Phil Lewis 4 months ago

      It was like Professor X and Magneto

  • Sam Beatty
    Sam Beatty 4 months ago +30

    I really miss how chill stewart was. He was genuinely intelligent and humor came naturally.

  • Stephanie Cockwell
    Stephanie Cockwell 4 months ago +3

    oh man, we really need Jon Stewart these days. COME BACK!

    • Jason Quinn
      Jason Quinn 4 months ago

      Stephanie Cockwell right No one can ever duplicate this hey who's that kid Craige Kilborn?

  • contactkeithstack
    contactkeithstack 5 months ago +2

    The fox comment he quoted was so freaking tame compared to Breitbart. Go to any Breitbart article on immigration or interracial crime and the #1 comment with 100s of likes will make obamablows sound like an ethical genius

    PARADOX 5 months ago +2

    Why am watching 8 year old news ?

  • Martin Ruf
    Martin Ruf 5 months ago

    It's "WolfenSTEIN" like "schtaihn" not "stin"

  • Jordan Little
    Jordan Little 5 months ago


  • Blue Square
    Blue Square 5 months ago

    Good times I miss when this casual level of crazy news was all we had to deal with

  • Ernest Reichardt
    Ernest Reichardt 5 months ago

    Read Isaiah and see the World Today ! In Jesus Name Repent !

  • Incal Noire
    Incal Noire 5 months ago

    Jon was so brutal.

  • David King
    David King 5 months ago

    Michelle ass was fat , but ! But her dick was bigger yeah ?

  • sam E
    sam E 5 months ago +36

    That speeding analogy was perfect. Jon stewart and the writers on his shows are geniuses

  • Sumair Bawa
    Sumair Bawa 5 months ago

    Jon Stewart's, Nazi, so amazing right?

  • Lorraine Kresch
    Lorraine Kresch 5 months ago +5

    I like Trevor, but I love Jon Stewart! Miss him, miss him, miss him!!!

  • Eland Grove
    Eland Grove 5 months ago

    I miss Jon Stewart so much. This country needs him right now

  • Downunder Rob
    Downunder Rob 5 months ago

    Still relevant. Still fucking hilarious.

  • darrel james
    darrel james 5 months ago

    We need someone in the left that can own hannity the way Stewart owned Bill's racist ass.

    • Pat Doyle
      Pat Doyle 5 months ago

      He owned Bill so thoroughly, I'm surprised Jon didn't have to pay for his sex scandals.

  • Sharon Checkel
    Sharon Checkel 5 months ago

    I love Jon Stewart


    Whatta waste of a fine piece of ass... ( sorry) Megyn okay !

  • Nolly
    Nolly 5 months ago

    I miss that man ..ore than miss my

  • barry Amato
    barry Amato 6 months ago

    Stewart is one of a kind.

  • Benny Urq
    Benny Urq 6 months ago

    John stays cooking Bills dumb ass 🤣🤣

  • Steven Banks
    Steven Banks 6 months ago +1

    How the turntables

  • Layth Adrian
    Layth Adrian 6 months ago

    People need to understand that during WWII there were fine people on both sides.

  • Mikael Nevear
    Mikael Nevear 6 months ago +1

    When the left was still the side of logic and reason

  • Oggydogg 313
    Oggydogg 313 6 months ago

    Ahhhh that’s liberals who call anyone with American values Nazis

  • Akicita A.
    Akicita A. 6 months ago

    Fox News: "Nazis are bad, like Liberals! ...oh, wait? You mean the *actual* Nazis are on OUR side today? (a-hem)...People who hate Nazis, like Antifa, are terrorists! And Black Lives Matter is the REAL enemy now, and up next is Tucker Carlson to explain why immigrants make us all dirty and sick!"

  • stoneman472
    stoneman472 6 months ago

    I miss Jon

  • Buddy Guy
    Buddy Guy 7 months ago

    2:37 in that picture Bill looks like the police captain in The Godfather after he gets shot in the head

  • Ajay Patino
    Ajay Patino 7 months ago

    The best ever!

  • Sarah Lisa
    Sarah Lisa 7 months ago +176

    I'm just going to hang out and watch old Jon Stewart clips until this Trump thing is over.

    • Maxime Prometheas
      Maxime Prometheas 5 days ago
      You're welcome! ;)

    • KrytenKoro
      KrytenKoro Month ago +1

      @Bob Saget’s Bastard Daughter ...yeah Mueller said the exact opposite of "no collusion"

    • Scnottaken
      Scnottaken 2 months ago +2

      @Bob Saget’s Bastard Daughter lol the random attack on anime. Of course by your username I can tell you're a rational, even keeled individual

    • Bob Saget’s Bastard Daughter
      Bob Saget’s Bastard Daughter 2 months ago

      Elder JediMaster And you watch anime & CNN. Get at me, I’d love to destroy you.

    • Bob Saget’s Bastard Daughter
      Bob Saget’s Bastard Daughter 2 months ago +1

      You don’t like winning Sarah? NO COLLUSION. DemoRats. 😂

  • Connor Stickels
    Connor Stickels 7 months ago +2

    You know what I miss? The moment of zen.

  • Ticotech Houston
    Ticotech Houston 7 months ago

  • bugs1yb1ins
    bugs1yb1ins 7 months ago +3

    People who people Castle Wolfenstein and root for the wrong team

  • Thomas Thompson
    Thomas Thompson 7 months ago

    Oh if this was the Cohen of today

  • buffalojoeinchico
    buffalojoeinchico 7 months ago +2

    i miss him/this show soooooo much!! i do wish he was still in the game, but in 2018 i would fear more than ever for his own sanity if he were.

  • Nameless Entity
    Nameless Entity 7 months ago

    I hate saying this but, imagining Nazi's behaving like vapid, Self-absorbed 'Valley Girls'.....That shit would be funny.

  • Santiago Ayala
    Santiago Ayala 7 months ago

    Fox News Should Be Banned Worldwide.. They Spread Hate And Sponsor White Supremacists

  • SpookyRoseV
    SpookyRoseV 8 months ago

    Oh my god Jon managed to predicted the Wolfenstein II controversy!