Casually Explained: Lifting

  • Published on Feb 4, 2016
  • Just folow ur dreams and u can acheive anything.
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 2 662

  • Geraki
    Geraki 48 minutes ago

    Sink in pools of YMCA

  • Jameel Ja
    Jameel Ja 21 hour ago

    As a gym bro, there's no mis-information in this video.
    IG account - check
    225 chicken breasts - check
    String tight tank - double check

  • Lee Fisher
    Lee Fisher Day ago

    Too much bs which isn’t even funny

  • Austin Thomas
    Austin Thomas 2 days ago

    Actually, getting jacked is pretty uncomplicated as long as you follow a decent enough program. Sadly, most people at commercial gym are following arm blaster routines and their favorite bodybuilder’s bro split

  • Bree
    Bree 2 days ago

    This is amazing 😂😂🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

  • Shiroyasha
    Shiroyasha 3 days ago +1

    The fact that I workout at the YMCA 😭

  • C A
    C A 4 days ago

    Making casual gains.

  • Gerald Duetsch
    Gerald Duetsch 4 days ago +8

    Why lift?
    1. Life's easier when you're stronger.
    2. It feels good.
    3. Girls seem to like muscles.

    • FriedEgg
      FriedEgg 3 days ago +3

      I have muscles and veins. Girls comment more on my veins. I do work in a hospital though.

  • imANDDY
    imANDDY 4 days ago

    Arnold won 7 mr Olympias

  • BoxStudioExecutive
    BoxStudioExecutive 5 days ago +7

    Surprised you didn't include the #1 tip of all time: take pre workout before going to sleep so you can get maximum active rest

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  • Xylant - Gaming
    Xylant - Gaming 5 days ago

    Grapefruit Kai Greene Meta :DDD

  • Alec Flores
    Alec Flores 5 days ago

    “ and a picture of Steve Cook “ ....
    😂😂 😂

  • Mark Herz
    Mark Herz 6 days ago

    These videos are hilarious!!!!! Haven't laughed this hard in a good while!

  • AjBro
    AjBro 6 days ago

    You cant talk about lifting if you dont do it.

  • Kirill Azarov
    Kirill Azarov 6 days ago +2

    Dysmorphophobia as it is.
    Still better than plastic surgery though.

  • elliot deherrera
    elliot deherrera 7 days ago

    Ocolate over your nipple to increase your testosterone 😂😂😂😂😆😆😂😆😂🤣

  • Hugh G. Rection
    Hugh G. Rection 7 days ago +9

    2:20 "I make sure to have a grapefruit on hand just in case" Nice Kai Greene reference

  • Florian Wicher
    Florian Wicher 9 days ago

    "Now that I'm an expert" hahaha yes, EVERYONE who entered a gym twice suddenly is a PhD in Nutritional Sciences, Endocrinology and/or Philosophy

  • Islam is peace
    Islam is peace 10 days ago

    Ya pretty much but it’s all “no homo”

  • Matheus Salabert
    Matheus Salabert 18 days ago

    I wonder if anyone got the grapefruit joke

  • Chandler
    Chandler Month ago

    A true student of Broscience

  • Ade
    Ade Month ago

    Bruh why’s you this funny 😭😂

  • Cali stenico
    Cali stenico Month ago

    All bro miths in 3 min, niiiiicceeeeee

  • Bea Lorenzo
    Bea Lorenzo Month ago +2

    I love your content! It makes me laugh so hard

  • Binny Patel
    Binny Patel Month ago +1

    1:02 Arnold was a 7 time mister Olympia

  • Matteo Sivilotti
    Matteo Sivilotti Month ago

    Why RU-clip??? why I had to find out of this channel on facebook.....
    This made my day, subdued instantly!

  • Jem2
    Jem2 Month ago

    This video could’ve been 10 seconds long...
    Every day, SS and GOMAD. The end.

  • SacredGaming HD
    SacredGaming HD Month ago

    Thumbnail: *oh boy I skipped leg day didn’t I?*

  • TheIlidius
    TheIlidius Month ago

    It boosts confidence tho

  • Brad McCann
    Brad McCann Month ago

    Dude, who hurt you?

  • Maestro
    Maestro Month ago +1


  • putincopter
    putincopter Month ago +1

    Great video but I usually drink my protein 0.000000000001 nnano seconds after every rep to maximize growth and if you could add some kryptonite to your shake it would be very helpfull

  • Sean Purce
    Sean Purce Month ago

    Rename yourself kyle

  • Jay Patel
    Jay Patel Month ago


  • Fa Tee
    Fa Tee Month ago

    3 years and this is still fax. Nioce.

  • Dendrael Unkreativ
    Dendrael Unkreativ Month ago +3

    Nearly all jokes are stolen from brociencelife

    • Dendrael Unkreativ
      Dendrael Unkreativ 15 days ago

      @TΛZΞR without a powerlifting belt you are just a regular fat person (what your gym gear says about you).
      Test increase through nipple rubbing.
      There are 3 macronutrients, protein and....
      The real reason to lift

    • TΛZΞR
      TΛZΞR 15 days ago

      @Dendrael Unkreativ Me too, but I don't see how he copies him that much. Can you give me some jokes he copied?

    • Dendrael Unkreativ
      Dendrael Unkreativ 15 days ago

      @TΛZΞR yes i know every brosciencelife video nearly completely

    • TΛZΞR
      TΛZΞR 15 days ago


  • Frisk Dreemur
    Frisk Dreemur Month ago


  • collin miller
    collin miller Month ago

    Lol this is wildly true hahaha

  • AdiEdits
    AdiEdits Month ago

    I love this channel and understand the satire.. but god it’s so negative

  • Sam Kurian
    Sam Kurian Month ago

    This guy Acc gives less than zero fucks

  • Barny Miggo
    Barny Miggo Month ago

    Don't forget your vitamin S

  • ThePointlessBox_
    ThePointlessBox_ Month ago +8


  • give me my pen back
    give me my pen back Month ago +1

    Bro do u even luft?

  • Leonard V
    Leonard V Month ago

    Gooood Fu©king morning god dammit

  • Genya Baikaloff
    Genya Baikaloff Month ago

    Idk I feel like saying that women are more attracted to men because they live at the gym is just an attempt to justify all the wasted time spent trying to feel better about the way that we look

  • Tyree Crowder
    Tyree Crowder Month ago


    UMPESH Month ago

    Your sister is cute

  • alessia cara
    alessia cara Month ago +1


  • zetamale
    zetamale Month ago

    1ch/1lb :)

  • M1tch M4c
    M1tch M4c Month ago +4

    I can’t relate to the not fitting in jeans because I have never done a leg day and I’ve been training upper for 3 years now

    • MinebyNight
      MinebyNight Month ago +1

    SUH DUDE Month ago +1

    It’s true about the gains and it does make other dudes look at your physique. But for women I can definitely say there’s a difference (I’ve been very skinny before) now that I’m bigger than all dudes (in my age that I know) I’ve got to say that you get more girls looking at you. This is not to brag or anything but just my experience.

  • Günther Schwarz
    Günther Schwarz Month ago +5

    This whole "you're just going to look attractive to other bros" is a lie. I'm not a bodybuilder but I love doing sports and being athletic and in good shape is definitly attractive to girls and I do think there's a factor besides your face and character girls look at. Those are obviously the most important ones though but ur looks and body plays a role too. You also gain alot of confidence by being in better shape than you used to

    • Günther Schwarz
      Günther Schwarz Month ago

      @Grayson Adams I wasn't talking about looking huge
      I've always been lanky and still am but since I'm 15 I've been working out with both my bodyweight and heavier weights and while I'm not that lanky anymore I still weight around the same.
      I'm like 6'2 at prob 140-150 pounds so I'm definitly not huge

    • Grayson Adams
      Grayson Adams Month ago

      You bet. I'm lanky so looking huge is a lost cause, what matters most is how well I can move my bodyweight and be a good athlete in general.

  • TemuzLM
    TemuzLM Month ago +185

    The day you start lifting is the day you become forever too small, because you'll never be as big as your pump. - The Brofessor

    • Winks
      Winks Month ago +5

      @J 117 a pump is your future
      Its like tomorrow
      But you can never rech tomorrow since when it becomes tomorrow
      Its today again

    • Philip
      Philip Month ago

      @J 117 but only if you use lighter weights and like 12 reps, if u lift heavy and stick to the 8 reps it shouldnt happen

    • Ferdinand
      Ferdinand Month ago

      TemuzLM damn the truth in that

    • vrice896
      vrice896 Month ago +4

      @J 117 after you lift your muscles get bigger and more defined for like 30 min to an hour afterwards

    • J 117
      J 117 Month ago

      Whats "pump"?

  • Vladimir Garcia
    Vladimir Garcia Month ago

    Lmao this was hilarious

  • Trilandian
    Trilandian Month ago

    I haven't laughed this hard in years.

  • Ernie
    Ernie 2 months ago

    Got a body building ad thanks RU-clip very cool

  • ancient aliens are coming
    ancient aliens are coming 2 months ago +3

    Sounds like jacksfilms

  • Leonardo WR
    Leonardo WR 2 months ago

    It is actually true that some guys who workout think they are impressing girls but all they impressing are other dudes

  • my first crappy video Billy

    Actually last I lifted heavy I was doing super sets. This works out well but takes a long time to get to. But most of the body builders I know like the really dynamic exercises like muscle ups and clap push-ups. Just monsters. With me being so light there's no need for me to build out of that.

  • Eduneliz
    Eduneliz 2 months ago

    I don't get the grapefruit joke :(

  • GSMillion
    GSMillion 2 months ago

    This is the kind of guy I doze off listening to but smile while I do it

  • Muhammad Ahmed
    Muhammad Ahmed 2 months ago

    And ends with feeling of inadequacy :(

  • Val
    Val 2 months ago

    U evun weld bruh? dkjsdkfhskdlfhiufhsidufh

  • surya narayanan
    surya narayanan 3 months ago +1

    Accidentally became 5 times mr. Olympia and the governer of California 😂😂😂

  • Ronald Kovács
    Ronald Kovács 3 months ago

    U forgot to say that skipping leg day is a key step for more aesthetic looks

  • OneDerscore One
    OneDerscore One 3 months ago

    0:46 is perfect haha

  • Syn X
    Syn X 3 months ago

    Did he just skip leg day

  • James Roschupkin
    James Roschupkin 3 months ago +108

    “One time my sister miss counted her reps and became five time mr. Olympia champion and Governor of California” 😂

    • BoxStudioExecutive
      BoxStudioExecutive 5 days ago

      @gerrpk That's only clueless women

    • gerrpk
      gerrpk Month ago +9

      Underrated line there, the amount if times people think they will grow to Arnolds size because of their rep range in their beginners workout.

  • Vince Kihaa
    Vince Kihaa 3 months ago

    I actually know Steve Cook