Pot Roast Fast And Easy

  • Published on Apr 2, 2012
  • Pot Roast in a couple hours. Fast, easy and delicious. All you need is a chuck roast, onion, 4 cloves of garlic, 2 stalks of celery, two carrots and then baby potatos and baby carrots to seam at the end. I used fresh lemon thyme and tuscan rosemary. Enjoy!
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  • Slkjess
    Slkjess 9 months ago

    You lost me at “hours”

  • Elvira Isliamova
    Elvira Isliamova Year ago +1

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  • Pillip Wright Wright

    Love the part where u cook it for hours. Thanks for being human and not a lion. Raw meat.👍👍😉

    • Riley Denning
      Riley Denning Year ago +1

      Pillip Wright Wright well it's not a steak. It's supposed to be cooked for hours. A steak on the hand should be medium rare at the most.

  • angela ortiz
    angela ortiz Year ago

    You didn’t wash your Carrots

  • Koji 888
    Koji 888 2 years ago

    Very nice. Thanks for sharing. :)

  • Lyle Yazzie
    Lyle Yazzie 2 years ago

    Fast and easy takes 3hrs? 😳

  • Mical Gandulla
    Mical Gandulla 3 years ago

    this looks so delicious.

  • Mrmusikman 82
    Mrmusikman 82 3 years ago +1

    I'm trying your recipe as we speak. I've never made pot roast before so I looked up a bunch of videos but your video caught my attention. i will let you know how mine turns out in a few hours. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, much appreciated.

  • Himself
    Himself 6 years ago

    yumm! I used your technique but cut the meat in half which reduced the cool time by an hour, and used a lid which kept the smaller pieces moist. great share

  • Fadi Sarsak
    Fadi Sarsak 7 years ago

    great roast, thanks for sharing