Breakfast Foods You Should Avoid At All Costs

  • Published on Jul 10, 2017
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    What you eat for breakfast sets the tone for the rest of your day. But we live in a world with lots of options - so how do we know we're really nailing the "so called most important meal of the day"? Here are the breakfast foods to pass on, in favor of optimal health!

    Smoothies | 0:15
    Cereal | 1:00
    Instant oatmeal | 1:42
    Granola | 2:13
    Bagels | 2:41
    Donuts | 3:08
    Muffins | 3:41
    Bacon and sausage | 4:12
    Alternative eating | 4:48
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Comments • 1 104

  • The List
    The List  2 years ago +78

    So how's your breakfast habits? Are you eating the right things?

  • Library Of Thoughts
    Library Of Thoughts 9 days ago

    I learned this, when i was seven fucking years old. And all americans here in the comment section is like "what are we supposed to eat now?"
    I dunno, like normal food? Idiots...

    American culture in a nutshell= First, break your arm.
    Then complain about your broken arm, and how you can't pick up anything with it.
    Step three: Go to the store and buy some SunnyD.
    Step Four: Then sue SunnyD company for having too big bottles for your broken arm.
    Step five: Complain about real orange juice, cuz it not taste good bcuz you just had your Bommed Toxic SunnyD with a help of your Doctor, that costs 10 000 Dollars.

  • I’m the Badets
    I’m the Badets 2 months ago

    Tf what is instant oatmeal I don’t understand these Americans crap inventions

  • Antoan's Gaming
    Antoan's Gaming 2 months ago

    what is granola? i never ate it

  • chevalierjld
    chevalierjld 2 months ago

    NO BACON OR SAUSAGE!?!? I denounce you for a witch and in league with the Evil One! Away with you!

  • Teng Qingpei
    Teng Qingpei 2 months ago

    What about pancake and waffles ?

  • Kevin Wang
    Kevin Wang 3 months ago

    Just don’t eat

  • Shameful Stevey
    Shameful Stevey 5 months ago

    Ya'll seen the recommended serving sizes in most of these packaged food??

  • Allison Berrian
    Allison Berrian 6 months ago

    Wth? Smoothies????? I’ve lost 60 lbs and got fitter just drinking smoothies for breakfast -_-

  • Lorrie
    Lorrie 6 months ago

    Cook an egg, put it on toast with avocado.
    Delicious with steel cut oats, too.
    And hot sauce, of course...
    Munch a piece of fruit for breakfast dessert...

  • Fran Garner
    Fran Garner 6 months ago

    What about grits, farina? Diabetic...and CKD so low protein. Also lactose intolerant. No suggestions?

  • Necrobite
    Necrobite 7 months ago

    I guess I'll eat myself then ...

  • Disturbed Creator
    Disturbed Creator 7 months ago +1

    2:05 only TAWOG fans get this

  • Frank Strock
    Frank Strock 7 months ago

    It's either illegal, immoral, fattening, or causes cancer! what do you want to do! live forever? past the lips over the tongue lookout stomach here it comes!

  • Michele Conley Eckert
    Michele Conley Eckert 7 months ago

    Did u know pie was a breakfast food? Yup!
    Eat 2 eggs with a healthy toast. Try Adkins if u are trying to lose weight. Truth!

  • Dror Klein
    Dror Klein 8 months ago

    Su-su-su-su-su-su-su-su-sugartown! La la la la...

  • lololol lol
    lololol lol 8 months ago

    The hell you want me to eat then??

  • alyssa.
    alyssa. 8 months ago

    But I eat cereal everyday and none of the things u said happened..

  • One O One
    One O One 9 months ago

    DIeT WAteR!

  • Rose McAteer
    Rose McAteer 10 months ago

    For all the commentators asking 'What are we supposed to eat then?', at 4:48 the speaker provides some examples of healthier alternative breakfast items, including greek yogurt, fruit, and eggs.

  • Aryan Nahar
    Aryan Nahar 11 months ago

    eating cereal (even the processed high sugar ones like lucky charms or Raisin Bran) actually does fill me up and I don't crave more carbs. It actually helps me stick to a 1,900 calorie diet and it helps that I go to the gym shortly after eating the meal, hence I use at least some of the energy I get from the carbs. there are of course healthier alternatives but Im only going to live once and id rather live in moderation and happy. All about moderation and self control.

  • Aryan Nahar
    Aryan Nahar 11 months ago

    eating cereal (even the processed high sugar ones like lucky charms or Raisin Bran) actually does fill me up and I don't crave more carbs. It actually helps me stick to a 1,900 calorie diet and it helps that I go to the gym shortly after eating the meal, hence I use at least some of the energy I get from the carbs. there are of course healthier alternatives but Im only going to live once and id rather live in moderation and happy. All about moderation and self control.

  • Julia Gulia
    Julia Gulia 11 months ago

    Sean go Door Julia

  • Манго Channel
    Манго Channel 11 months ago

    About sugar in smoothies... you will get the same amount of sugar just by eating fruit. So does it really matter what way will you get these sugars?

  • manatee
    manatee 11 months ago

    I don’t care, I’m eating all of it

  • Eryk Niewiadomski
    Eryk Niewiadomski 11 months ago

    Eggs are bad for you because the ocean and rain water which are pretty healthy but after being laid and become about 670 grams of trans fat and 1340 grams of satuarated fat and no fiber at very at all which all can lead to contraction,cold damage,blindness,deafness and walking problems

  • Bob Harrison
    Bob Harrison 11 months ago

    I'll have two whole fried chickens and some dry white toast.

  • Barr
    Barr 11 months ago

    I need my carbs, so I’ll pass on the advice

  • Jerald Collins
    Jerald Collins 11 months ago

    My mother packs away a breakfast big enough to feed Michael Phelps, and she is 91.

  • Nico Frederic
    Nico Frederic 11 months ago

    What am I supposed to eat air

  • BigHandGuy
    BigHandGuy 11 months ago

    how is a bagle ment to conatian protein or fat anyways ITS FUCKING BREAD

  • OddJaguar15
    OddJaguar15 Year ago

    Don't always listen to these videos. Granola is actually good for you if you get the right brands, shocking, isn't it?
    Also Bagels are fine too, if you include shit with it. Also, these fucking idiots. SAUSAGE IS FINE TO EAT FOR BREAKFAST IF YOU'RE NOT SHOVVELING SALT DOWN YOUR THROAT AFTERWARDS. For example, i made a meal plan once, It had a serving of sasuage, and had below 90% of your daily ammount of sodium on average.
    I'm genuinely angry at this video and their fucking lies. By their own logic eggs are also bad, because there is cholesterol and sodium in it. BUT THEY RECREMENDED IT!

  • OddJaguar15
    OddJaguar15 Year ago

    1:44 Oh fuck off.
    1 second later
    Oh. You, meant that kind. Wait what about Instant oats from a can? They specifically mentioned instant.

  • Vanessa Rodriguez

    Y’all are crazy, green tea is bomb 😭

  • lotsoftreble
    lotsoftreble Year ago

    i dont understand??? just eat less sugar in the rest of the day, buy cereal with no extra sugar added, don't fucking eat junk food for breakfast?? goddamn it's not that hard you can't just say don't eat any cereal or oatmeal or smoothies

  • Jennie
    Jennie Year ago

    I make smoothies with just the fruit and veggie by it self, nothing added

  • Jennie
    Jennie Year ago

    I eat quaker plain oatmeal, is that the good or bad oatmeal, because I don't know if its rolled or cut

  • V904T
    V904T Year ago

    Did Greek yogurt pay for this ad video because that’s what I see this as an ad

  • minhquoc nguyen
    minhquoc nguyen Year ago

    That's why I skip breakfast and eat only 2 meals (with enough calories and macronutrients) per day.

  • michael roberts
    michael roberts Year ago

    Careful about telling people to avoid bagels; Google might censor the video for anti semitism.

  • James B
    James B Year ago

    Discouraged fruit smoothies and granola but promotes dairy and eggs. What a load of shit

  • Will Meyers
    Will Meyers Year ago

    eggs and yogurt?? thats what I've been eating for breakfest everyday! all of these are pretty common sense already!

  • CC Cantu
    CC Cantu Year ago

    I'll eat like an African.

  • Melly Kidd
    Melly Kidd Year ago

    Makes me glad I grew up on healthy cereal; Cheerios and homemade oatmeal are comfort food to me! X3

  • Gloria Lee
    Gloria Lee Year ago

    So basically they're telling us that we should just starve and skip breakfast.

  • LLAMA Glitter
    LLAMA Glitter Year ago

    We get it. Avoid sugar for breakfast.

  • A Bite Of Life
    A Bite Of Life Year ago

    I’m not avoiding donuts or bagels... and certainly not bacon! Good day sir! I said good day!

  • Garebear
    Garebear Year ago +2

    Like, reach the end of the video and she tells you, impatient little piglets.

    KING ROSS Year ago +1

    Having cereal for breakfast is the best because it's so tasty and if brush your teeth and use mouth wash are your ok

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover Year ago

    NO WAY, your telling me that carbohydrates have no vitamins, wow ( im being sarcasticv )

  • Litten The Cat! [Mountain Dewholic]


  • R L
    R L Year ago

    Beginning of video: breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
    End of video: all breakfast is bad for you. Just don’t bother eating breakfast

  • Martin
    Martin Year ago

    Some of these we all already know, get some new stuff in the house.

  • Gordon Wang
    Gordon Wang Year ago

    So according to this and other videos, I am not supposed to eat or drink anything.

  • Les Grossman
    Les Grossman Year ago

    Who the hell eats doughnuts for breakfast? Bagels I can totally understand, but donuts are clearly junk food, intended to be eaten as SNACKS.

  • Snaccc
    Snaccc Year ago

    Let Me Lay down the facts. We Need sodium to run our bodies. Yes it may dehydrate you but if you drink too much water its actually, dangerous. Sugar we actually don't need. But what we do need is Fats. GOOD fats not bad fats.
    good fats are: Avocados, Meats, And Peanut butter. (Crunchy not smooth).

  • L B
    L B Year ago

    You got me fucked up if you think I'm eating eggs and oatmeal for breakfast. That shit's nasty.

  • Jack K
    Jack K Year ago

    Jerky also has hidden sugar


    What if you make your own granola from scratch?

  • TheOrangeCreeper
    TheOrangeCreeper Year ago

    Guys don't believe everything you see on the internet. About once a week, I eat ramen with like 500mg of sodium and nothing bad happens to me 😂😂😂