BEST All You Can Eat SEAFOOD Buffet in Saigon VIETNAM!

  • Published on Jan 10, 2018
  • I have been to A LOT of all you can eat seafood buffets around the world and this was one of the BEST! Not only did it have an amazing array of FRESH seafood including LOBSTER! It was only around $50! That's an incredible value.
    This video was NOT sponsored, I know I seemed really excited about it, but that's just because it was amazing!
    Hotel Nikko Saigon Buffet
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  • Tommy Mai
    Tommy Mai 2 days ago

    Omg need to go here next week. Mike is the asian Homer Simpson...

  • Peter Lim
    Peter Lim 2 days ago

    I think i can be really happy here, I don't care if i fall asleep after eating these delicious food, LOL.

  • fall0rn
    fall0rn 3 days ago

    Whoever is interested this Buffet is 50€ according to their website / Wen es interessiert das Buffet kostet etwa 50€

  • russberry pie
    russberry pie 4 days ago

    I will visit this for sure 😍

  • Jerome Pickus
    Jerome Pickus 6 days ago

    How can you eat so much at one sitting?

  • Lori Williams
    Lori Williams 7 days ago

    Omg I was amazed at this place. I would love eat someday. The food looks so inviting. 🙂😋😋

  • Jose M Lemos
    Jose M Lemos 8 days ago

    Good food great

  • Luisa Simona
    Luisa Simona 8 days ago

    i love this dude and mark weins

  • deb santos
    deb santos 8 days ago

    Im on OMAD and IF now. And im wathing this. Best way to punish yourself or test yourself even further. Painfully funny yummy.

  • Thùy Võ
    Thùy Võ 10 days ago

    white rice noodles name banh canh

  • Michael Diaz
    Michael Diaz 11 days ago

    You can eat a lot bro. 😂😂😂

  • Troy Mattingly
    Troy Mattingly 12 days ago

    Wow Mike! This video is an amazing masterpiece.

  • nguu pham
    nguu pham 12 days ago

    Sài Gòn is nice

  • Margaret Atleo
    Margaret Atleo 13 days ago

    OMG making me jelous luck you

  • Helen Natalia
    Helen Natalia 16 days ago +1

    Bucket list for sure. Hope I make it there someday.

  • Tenshi
    Tenshi 16 days ago

    I love how the woman at 12:23 takes selfies of herself lmao

  • phuoi trinh
    phuoi trinh 16 days ago

    Oh my lord! Have mercy on me! I need this in my life!

  • Enkephalen
    Enkephalen 18 days ago +1

    I've got to stop watching his foodie videos! I am so hungry right now I could eat my computer mouse with cocktail sauce.

  • Imagine Production
    Imagine Production 18 days ago

    Im coming to Saigon in 4/11/2019 definitely check out this restaurant 😇

    • sameer khan
      sameer khan 16 days ago

      Come to my hotel I give discount u

  • Ejro M
    Ejro M 19 days ago

    Mike knows really how to enjoy food, keep it up man!

  • Pacific Valley
    Pacific Valley 19 days ago

    OMG, Mike walks into the super deluxe hotel slovenly dressed in an American T-shirt??? That dude has no respect for dress code and style. Shame on this dude.

  • Owen VanArsdale
    Owen VanArsdale 20 days ago

    When your mom tells you to get off fortnite 8:28

  • hoii
    hoii 21 day ago

    I was looking for a seafood recommendation for my first visit to HCMC this week. Think I found it!

  • Fish Bait
    Fish Bait 24 days ago +2

    Wow! This dude can eat, def got his money worth! 👍

  • Mark Kay
    Mark Kay 24 days ago

    Please take me with you next time

  • Mark Kay
    Mark Kay 24 days ago

    Wow that's awesome.

  • BeyonD IN
    BeyonD IN 24 days ago +2

    Holy Mother of God. This is heaven *_*

  • Tommy CKS
    Tommy CKS 25 days ago

    So wow with seafood on yr table ... wanna go there now... hahaha

  • Mitchie Deea
    Mitchie Deea 25 days ago

    If u hungry watching this chew a gum. It will help 😂😂😂

  • troy le
    troy le 26 days ago

    Mussels from Scotland, oysters from France, crabs from reality they got it from the local market. This is not a joke, I’m for real real.

  • par5n2
    par5n2 26 days ago

    Great video!!

  • Zygardious YT
    Zygardious YT 26 days ago

    My sister stay there and FaceTimed me the food and I was mouth watering the whole entire time!

    CHUBBYBUBBY5500 27 days ago

    i wish i could just go with mike everywhere he goes to eat everything he does and to just have fun

  • omegagamer clarence
    omegagamer clarence 27 days ago

    Hahhahahaha the kid had tantrum and his mother came mistaken

  • Michael Breckshot the Soldierhog

    Before I saw this video, I never thought the Chinese used cheese.

  • jahjah321
    jahjah321 29 days ago

    Weird question, did you tip at the end? It's a very American thing but the last time I was in Vietnam, the major cities were starting to appreciate tipping.

  • Sebastian Sanggin
    Sebastian Sanggin 29 days ago +1

    you know it delicious when Mike shaking his head.

  • Lynda Lee
    Lynda Lee Month ago

    Omg your so funny. I love the music with the video. I feel so full just watching you. Ty for the videos. When I can afford it I going to get your dim sum shirt it's so cute

  • Ricky ThaDon
    Ricky ThaDon Month ago

    Niw that's a buffet

  • Nagel
    Nagel Month ago

    Mike was the last one to use the toilet.

  • Nagel
    Nagel Month ago

    Nikko Hotel Sai Gon didn't go bankrupt yet, after he ate all of the profits.

  • Gamer Pokémon
    Gamer Pokémon Month ago

    My mouth could not stop watering

  • Bryan guches
    Bryan guches Month ago

    I’m watching this at 6 in the morning hungry asf bad combination 😂

  • Celina Hartley
    Celina Hartley Month ago

    Why don't you ever dress up?! I'm from Vancouver,and i like the t-shirt. But you look like a bum!

  • HyMiNameIsTyler
    HyMiNameIsTyler Month ago +1

    So amazing! Those noodles made me giddy.

  • Gerard Salvador
    Gerard Salvador Month ago

    You blocked the beautiful lady at the back...

  • Mohammad Redha
    Mohammad Redha Month ago

    I would like to know if the La Brasserie Seafood Buffet at Niko Hotel is opened every day or it is opened only during weekends, or Sundays only and how to make a reservation
    Thank you for the anticipated quick response

  • 007 More
    007 More Month ago

    ? How

  • Gigi
    Gigi Month ago +1

    I’m so jealous that he can eat so much!

  • Samuel Ruatdika
    Samuel Ruatdika Month ago

    Shouldn't this be a world record

  • A Slice of Life
    A Slice of Life Month ago

    You should come to orlando!!!!

  • Jesica Queen
    Jesica Queen Month ago

    Wow. I want to be Mike's best friend. This is a paradise food porn for all the food lovers out there.

  • John Sheehan
    John Sheehan Month ago

    Who is this guy??Some rich asshole like Anthony bourdain that just travels and eats??Guess so.:((

  • Văn Dũng Phạm
    Văn Dũng Phạm Month ago

    Vieetnam! Raise yours hand.!

  • Brason
    Brason Month ago

    Awesome video! You should invite some friends with you sometimes. That’s a lot of food to eat alone with a camera lol

  • Hin Lam
    Hin Lam Month ago

    You should try Mezza 9 in macau too, I think that’s insanely good for value

  • Nixielle Stenseth
    Nixielle Stenseth Month ago

    Love love strictly dumpling videos ❤️❤️

  • Ashley Klein
    Ashley Klein Month ago

    Mikey you would have this place out of business in a week. You need speed bumps on this buffet.

  • Thu Trâm
    Thu Trâm Month ago

    Lol I’m in NY and I’m drooling. How much is it per adult and kid?

  • Tung Ha
    Tung Ha Month ago

    Visiting the mother land next year. Will definately visit this place, looks soooo good!

  • Trey Warnock
    Trey Warnock Month ago

    That dude’s accent really threw me for a loop...sounds like a Vietnamese John Lennon. “I sound like me from Liver-pooooooo”

  • Mary Salinas
    Mary Salinas Month ago

    Awesome buffet and worth the money.

  • Cathy Carpio
    Cathy Carpio Month ago

    Amazing 🤗😄

  • Ayana Rhyne
    Ayana Rhyne Month ago

    Lol great buffet!! Mmmmmmm!!

  • Ayana Rhyne
    Ayana Rhyne Month ago


  • Shinjie Calica
    Shinjie Calica Month ago +1

    I wish I could go there too.
    Dude you have bottomless appetite.

  • Shinjie Calica
    Shinjie Calica Month ago +10

    I wish I could go there too.
    Dude you have bottomless appetite.

  • MashPotato
    MashPotato Month ago +1


  • gamefreak1ize
    gamefreak1ize Month ago +2

    And here I eat Cup Noodles Life sure is diffrent sometimes

  • Really
    Really Month ago +9

    I eat here once a month... it includes wine and beer. The best!

  • Phạm Chi Lan
    Phạm Chi Lan Month ago

    I live in Saigon and still haven't checked out this place. Poor me.

  • Nancy Mai
    Nancy Mai Month ago

    I dont eat seafood but i love watching these videos

  • Phoenix Chen
    Phoenix Chen Month ago

    I'm sorry... I had to stop watching... I was about to cry..

  • Ted Kong
    Ted Kong Month ago +1

    Thank you for introduction of this place. I should try anytime when I travel to Saigon. You are true food lover^^

  • noablaespano
    noablaespano Month ago

    Can’t stand watching him eat I am soo hungry and jealous

  • T T
    T T Month ago

    You are awesome, you truly are in love with food.

  • Anthony D
    Anthony D Month ago

    To be fair. I’d say this isn’t what the term “buffet” means. Buffets are not cooked to order. This is a “some items are cooked to order, rest is al a cart”. Not a “traditional” buffet. But wow am I jealous.

  • Anthony D
    Anthony D Month ago

    This buffet is killing me. Who knows, price is no issue (not because I’m rich....because I WANT it bad), where the best buffet is in or near Boston?

  • TrisonCoolDUDE
    TrisonCoolDUDE Month ago


  • BorkMyLife ;3;
    BorkMyLife ;3; Month ago

    Yo that waiter he had was cute, my gay heart couldn’t take it xDD

  • MarcusT
    MarcusT Month ago +6

    Damn it!! I never had the desire to go to 'Nam, now I have to go.

  • Rajwa Attar
    Rajwa Attar Month ago

    I just realized something

    He's eating all kinds of sea food

  • LAY_2036
    LAY_2036 Month ago

    I wish I could eat as much as you, I like to try as much food as I can but can't eat that much.

  • princess patricio
    princess patricio Month ago

    Is that 50 US Dollars?

  • Sona Sharon
    Sona Sharon Month ago

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    Cathy Featherly Month ago

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  • fredrik Liljeblad
    fredrik Liljeblad 2 months ago

    Mikey, does your gourmandaising in all these exotic locations ever lead to Bankok- , Bombay-, Paris- belly or worse? I have on a couple of occasions.

  • Î Bäbçõćk
    Î Bäbçõćk 2 months ago

    That place is off the hook

  • erica mary
    erica mary 2 months ago

    The food looked amazing and I can't believe it is only US$53 per person for all you can eat seafood buffet!

  • deby2594
    deby2594 2 months ago


  • Trevor Hay
    Trevor Hay 2 months ago


  • swarna mohanty
    swarna mohanty 2 months ago

    What about the beautiful lady behind him , who doesn't eat and only busy on her phone ?

  • Classy Gaming Collective

    You need to do a fan drawing for people to go eat with you. Setup a patreon, and then do a raffle for your viewers. Pay for their plane ticket, ect ect Your fans need to be eating this with you, lol.

  • Dan Clark
    Dan Clark 2 months ago

    Great Video. Only one question. How the hell can you eat so much?

  • 엄마
    엄마 2 months ago

    No nippers?

  • Kimkim Kim
    Kimkim Kim 2 months ago


  • Kimkim Kim
    Kimkim Kim 2 months ago

    I have to go there

  • Kimkim Kim
    Kimkim Kim 2 months ago

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  • Tanay Stuart
    Tanay Stuart 2 months ago

    New sub! I love seafood!