HOW did he not FLIP OVER?! | TX2K19 Day 4

  • Published on Mar 18, 2019
  • TX2K '19 is a wrap and it was definitely one for the books! The level of competition was insane this year paired with some wild wrecks, there was never a dull moment. We cannot wait to attend their second event later this year! Thank you to everyone who helped make this event possible and of course all of our fans for coming out and viewing our video coverage!
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Comments • 1 919

  • ForzaWiz
    ForzaWiz 27 days ago

    Some of these guys might as well get a pile of hundred dollar bills, poor a bunch of gasoline on it and torch it. No common sense

  • Valentin Papp
    Valentin Papp Month ago

    If Boba where there with VW golf🥴

  • Matthew watts
    Matthew watts Month ago

    You look like m.r bean

  • Alvin Davis
    Alvin Davis Month ago

    Grr curse R.I.P.

  • Double A
    Double A Month ago

    Why did it seem like most of GT-R’s were all over the track?

  • Trainfreak 1218
    Trainfreak 1218 Month ago

    did he blow something? He clearly didn’t have a good handle on the gtr. But Doesn’t it look like he lost all control after blowing a hose. Maybe from clipping the bumper in the middle of the track.

  • Colter Rodgers
    Colter Rodgers Month ago

    That blue gtr moves out hard asf

  • Khiro YT
    Khiro YT Month ago

    I won't do this if I have a car

  • David Sheppard
    David Sheppard Month ago +1

    when you lose the race you know you gotta crash the car and say something went wrong lmaooo

    • Survivalman467
      Survivalman467 Month ago

      David Sheppard omg, this comment had me rolling😂

  • George Isaak
    George Isaak Month ago

    The cars can be rebuild , the track can be cleaned up , but a human life is priceless . I know that first hand as i have a broken hip after an accident . You get to realize at that point the most important thing is your health and life ! I know its a passion , those drivers love racing and love speed as most of us do after all , but when it comes to the point to crash a car i just pray nobody gets hurt . To those drivers who weren't very lucky i have to say " As long as you are safe and well don't give a dime about the machines" .

  • Pookie c:
    Pookie c: Month ago

    Because he controlls the Air. Hes a Air BEnder

  • Gasda Jils
    Gasda Jils Month ago

    3:05 - how to turn your gtr into 350z
    4:05 The results

  • Eric Nar
    Eric Nar Month ago

    That right lane was tryin' to legit kill people all video. Yikes.

  • rogsoll
    rogsoll Month ago

    2:25 you can really tell from his girlfriend or what that this was serious.


    That Supra O_O

  • Joshua Sarrazola
    Joshua Sarrazola Month ago

    11:30 ?
    Black Gtr[ on left ] didnt win on time and they didnt show the mile per hour so what was the race winning based on?

  • Miles Daugherty
    Miles Daugherty Month ago

    3:01 is the car In the thumbnail

  • Harshan bains
    Harshan bains Month ago

    at 3:41 what hapend to the thing he was standing on

  • Gsfbffx Pdhhdf
    Gsfbffx Pdhhdf Month ago

    Ive never seen such shit drivers in my life

  • Gsfbffx Pdhhdf
    Gsfbffx Pdhhdf Month ago

    Are they really racing on a wet track?

  • J.P. Man
    J.P. Man 2 months ago +1

    That's hard to watch. Those beautiful machines just getting crunched!

    • George Isaak
      George Isaak Month ago

      Like you said they are "machines" , beautiful i agree , but machines and machines can be repaired or build a new one but the most important thing in those races are the drivers !

  • J.P. Man
    J.P. Man 2 months ago

    That's hard to watch. Those beautiful machines just getting crunched!

  • Carbz
    Carbz 2 months ago

    damn the titan supra still exists ?!

  • Clayton Domsch
    Clayton Domsch 2 months ago

    and thank goodness the driver is okay

  • Clayton Domsch
    Clayton Domsch 2 months ago


  • MrZeno -
    MrZeno - 2 months ago

    4:49 For a couple seconds I thought that was a S2000

  • koenigscat
    koenigscat 2 months ago

    11:33 that smile is contagious

  • Kevin Racing
    Kevin Racing 2 months ago

    Right line is bad Loki

  • kx250monster1023244
    kx250monster1023244 2 months ago

    only reason he didnt flip was cause he hit the wall

  • Boss Slayer
    Boss Slayer 2 months ago

    Is it national gtr track day

  • Сабыр Айткалиев

    Nissan 👍👍👍

  • Emir Dubies Idraki
    Emir Dubies Idraki 2 months ago +1

    Is car gtr oh my God

  • Aaron Ramirez
    Aaron Ramirez 2 months ago

    Boring ass trash

  • LiveLikeYouFly
    LiveLikeYouFly 2 months ago

    Lots of very young un experienced drivers with to much money to spend. Most have no idea what to do when auto race selection fails to go in a straight line. Uh uh what do I do now? Grandma's gonna be so disappointed I crashed my car. Oh well. They will buy me another one.

  • LiveLikeYouFly
    LiveLikeYouFly 2 months ago

    The blond chick was awesome. Great young lady. The power of youth.

  • kaleb vega
    kaleb vega 2 months ago

    Supra clean as f##

  • MackMcMillan
    MackMcMillan 2 months ago

    Was the track the issue or did these folks just have bad luck that day?

  • 후지와라타쿠미
    후지와라타쿠미 2 months ago

    잘 몰라서 그런데 일부러 하고 유발 할려고 그런건가 왜 물뿌려놨징 직발인디..

  • Jennifer Smith
    Jennifer Smith 2 months ago

    Yall should link with itsjusta6

  • Rubber Duckie
    Rubber Duckie 2 months ago

    I would have been yelling FUCK!!

  • Angelo Narcise
    Angelo Narcise 2 months ago

    What is the fastest pass?

  • pullstringgoboom0811
    pullstringgoboom0811 2 months ago

    That bronze supra is fucking disgusting!!!

  • Andy S
    Andy S 2 months ago

    Thank goodness that wall was there 😬

  • William Aureli
    William Aureli 2 months ago

    Aero dynamic lift made those cars crash. More balanced. Down force. Needed.

  • samsung galaxy
    samsung galaxy 2 months ago

    Stop click baiting and stop with the 5 minutes of BS in the intro and maybe you'd have Alot more views and subscribers!!

  • Huss Ain
    Huss Ain 2 months ago

    5:20 super clean supra launch

    HYPORYUS 73 2 months ago

    0:14 ibolee ye burdan selam :)

  • Shooter Shoaf
    Shooter Shoaf 2 months ago

    Nooo gtr😭😭😭

  • Jim Hiscott
    Jim Hiscott 2 months ago

    Why do people waste there money on Mustangs?? Out of the box there slow, have horrible brakes and there heavy as a plated tank...

  • Off-road Outlaws Addict

    This is hard to watch..

  • Off-road Outlaws Addict


  • Patrique Mansour
    Patrique Mansour 2 months ago +2

    Oh no gtr being crashed hurt my soull

  • 맥라렌 P1
    맥라렌 P1 2 months ago

    Nice video

  • frequently
    frequently 2 months ago

    You should make a crash compilation

  • Mo Eh
    Mo Eh 2 months ago

    Could buy 3-4 normal car

  • Mo Eh
    Mo Eh 2 months ago

    So much wasted money

  • Aussie Outback
    Aussie Outback 2 months ago


  • Headscientist
    Headscientist 2 months ago

    I'm also surprised that people buy GTR's but they don't get Demons

  • Headscientist
    Headscientist 2 months ago

    5:24 did that supra just did a wheelie

  • nerijus kubilius
    nerijus kubilius 2 months ago

    crashing sport car nooooo