Top 5 Scary Ghost Videos Caught By Ghost Hunters REACTION!!

  • Published on Oct 6, 2019
  • Top 5 Scary Ghost Videos Caught By Ghost Hunters REACTION!!
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  • BlastphamousHD TV2
    BlastphamousHD TV2  Month ago +653


    • Fahmid Ullah
      Fahmid Ullah 8 days ago

      Broly didn’t protect you 😂

    • solomon Stephen s
      solomon Stephen s 15 days ago

      Scaring me too

    • Jacob Schaller
      Jacob Schaller 22 days ago

      BlastphamousHD TV2 I’d probably tazer my sister for giving me lip lol

    • peter hany
      peter hany 22 days ago

      you know its not so good to be scared like that it has a tendency to attract us more easily

    • Regina Peyton
      Regina Peyton 24 days ago

      You Funny 🤣🤣🤣

  • Bernard Koo
    Bernard Koo 11 hours ago


  • Doodle the poodle
    Doodle the poodle 16 hours ago

    Call danny phantom

  • IRON
    IRON 22 hours ago

    youtuber can not be eazyyyyyy xD

  • Ian Stegman
    Ian Stegman 22 hours ago

    15:10 and 16:57 I nearly died from laughing.

  • I See Sixx
    I See Sixx Day ago

    Please do more vids with set up bro

    SEKAR. COM Day ago


  • Fae Macer
    Fae Macer 2 days ago

    boi put that down before you zap yourself!

    ANKIT JARTOLIYA 2 days ago

    It's not a horror video it's funny video 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • xTHx KingReX
    xTHx KingReX 2 days ago

    what's good with your knuckles bro😂😂😂😂😂

  • Cagatay Ocal
    Cagatay Ocal 3 days ago

    I love the Saudi guys reaction
    Audubilah 😂


    Dude the pants you have on in the video are more scary then the stuff on the video your watching!

  • OS Tech Tips
    OS Tech Tips 3 days ago

    what the hell is your face man

  • Abishek Tmg
    Abishek Tmg 3 days ago

    Damn boy why you shouting like someone just hit your balls

  • Patrcia Castulo
    Patrcia Castulo 4 days ago

    Im getting nightmares

  • Gagan Plaha
    Gagan Plaha 4 days ago

    i watched this 3 a.m and now i cant sleeep

  • wampum3000
    wampum3000 4 days ago +1

    #BlastphamousHDTV2 After death, supernatural force or whatever makes a ghost out of you... and now you can move cups around and push chairs around a couple of feet around the room.... maybe cause a light to flicker a bit. no need to be afraid

  • Mathias Madsen
    Mathias Madsen 5 days ago

    yo gg

  • Aldrin Gaming
    Aldrin Gaming 5 days ago +1


  • MEGA E UwU
    MEGA E UwU 5 days ago

    It wasnt scary till the clowns came up i dont like clowns

  • General Maliwan
    General Maliwan 5 days ago

    11 ads btw. The intro tho XD

  • blocky junes 5365366

    When somebody pinch you 8:15

  • walle Gaming
    walle Gaming 6 days ago

    such a bunch of scary shits^^

  • Aj 1
    Aj 1 6 days ago

    You need to notice the clown hand it seems like it’s human

  • Samthemando
    Samthemando 6 days ago +1

    Blastphamous: *gets scared by friend*
    Also Blastphamous: *pulls out hunting knife*

    • Samthemando
      Samthemando 6 days ago

      Ok then I realized its a taser and a hunting knife......

    DARK AGENT 7 days ago

    holy shoot!!! dude that's so SCARY omg!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sama Xim
    Sama Xim 7 days ago

    Look him face 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • WiLd 420
    WiLd 420 7 days ago +1

    Bro you are wearing brolly tshirt. no need to be scared of anything. your brolly tshirt is cool though. XD

  • WiLd 420
    WiLd 420 7 days ago +1

    i hate clowns and dolls. from childhood i hate them haha.
    nice video and scary too

  • WiLd GAMER
    WiLd GAMER 7 days ago +1

    ghosts have shadow ? this is new. nice video (and scary too --_--)

  • Dustin Delaney
    Dustin Delaney 7 days ago

    RUN Ho! That shit just made my day

  • Jimmy Jimmy
    Jimmy Jimmy 7 days ago

    You look like tech nine and Steve Harvey has a baby and I love it

  • sky Rise
    sky Rise 7 days ago

    This guy overacting made me laughed😂

  • dylan scronce
    dylan scronce 7 days ago

    i believe the arab dude is fake as hell... everytime he goes to "investigate" a room that a door slammed or a head was seen. he points the camera away for just long enough for whoever he has in there to slip out. some bull bull

  • Nosnorb Kepae
    Nosnorb Kepae 7 days ago +1

    Damn I laugh so hard

  • SwordfighterG
    SwordfighterG 8 days ago

    what it feel like

  • SwordfighterG
    SwordfighterG 8 days ago

    Hey can u drive to a haunted house and record it PLS

    PLAYER ONE 8 days ago


  • Digital Soldier XP
    Digital Soldier XP 8 days ago

    Woah new set up?

  • Hauser
    Hauser 8 days ago

    You know you're scared and there's ghosts in the ship.. its the perfect time to summon them
    damn bro hahaha this is why people don't live longer no more they make they heart feel like it 40 year old

  • Queen Wolf.
    Queen Wolf. 9 days ago

    Your *you’re* brave staying on ship if it that’s haunted

  • M.i.a_Omfg YEET BOI
    M.i.a_Omfg YEET BOI 9 days ago

    Hey just wanted to say,On the ship people were murdered and once there was a dude that went insane then he trapped many people in his room and cut their body parts up. Its fucking creepy.

  • CroatianGuyGaming
    CroatianGuyGaming 9 days ago

    16:01 eminem aint got shit on that guy

  • Aaron Stevenson
    Aaron Stevenson 9 days ago

    i subed and notfication

  • moon ghost the alpha raptorwolf

    Stab your friends if they scare you stabbed him and teaser them that will give them a piece of the medicine👍⚡🗡

  • Mckinley Arnstead
    Mckinley Arnstead 9 days ago

    Bro bro why you complaining you survived

  • Kshow Beats
    Kshow Beats 9 days ago

    Ima beat yo ass
    Hu Hu who was Dat 😂😂😂

  • _Saints_Madness_
    _Saints_Madness_ 9 days ago

    always my favorite types of videos

  • Prod. Jaz Beatz
    Prod. Jaz Beatz 9 days ago

    lmao, we are using the same headphones

  • Aims Parry
    Aims Parry 10 days ago

    BRO, anyone else here from Anglesey in North Wales!? :D

  • phat lam
    phat lam 10 days ago

    LOl........ I Like You

  • Victor Waathan
    Victor Waathan 10 days ago

    @BlastphamousHD You funny!! I couldn't stop laughing throughout the whole video!! You are AWESOME!

  • notpkox
    notpkox 10 days ago


  • Creatures In The Mist
    Creatures In The Mist 10 days ago

    13:14 I would of just kept exploring.

  • Judith Grace Meneses
    Judith Grace Meneses 10 days ago

    hi brown male

  • ur man the nascar fan
    ur man the nascar fan 10 days ago

    1:33 does he say "Ike Turner"?

  • Michael Jackson Videos

    11:09 Me and Blast did the same dance at the same time😂

  • Malakai Briggs
    Malakai Briggs 11 days ago

    Number 4
    The ghost chick looked like she had some big tiddies
    Damn near lost NNN

  • Anti Septic
    Anti Septic 11 days ago

    15:09 HAHAHAH

  • Snylop GT
    Snylop GT 11 days ago

    not scary than indonesian ghost