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  • Published on Aug 19, 2018
  • Hellloooooo Miss Vanjie! Vanessa Mateo stopped by to show off her ~flawless technique~ and she did NOT disappoint.
    ***Turn up the volume to hear her new single "I'm Vanjie," some classic one liners, and stick around til the very end for a SPECIAL MESSAGE from Miss Vanjie herself!
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Comments • 363

  • D Tsiptsis
    D Tsiptsis 15 hours ago +1

    Her voice *scares* me

  • Barbara Leite
    Barbara Leite 8 days ago


  • vnsasmll.s
    vnsasmll.s 10 days ago

    Favoriteeee queeeen ❤️

  • Sara Aguilar
    Sara Aguilar 10 days ago

    Ella ya debió de salir, desde hace mucho.

  • Arialis Estrella
    Arialis Estrella 11 days ago

    Shes a role model to all brown babes to be unapolagetically bomb

  • Neptune sxc
    Neptune sxc 13 days ago

    She has the cutest smile eeeeeee

  • Suzanna
    Suzanna 14 days ago


  • Sugeilis Ostrohky
    Sugeilis Ostrohky 16 days ago


  • Pam Jones
    Pam Jones 16 days ago


  • Koko Tha Beaut
    Koko Tha Beaut 17 days ago


  • Camila Mariana
    Camila Mariana 18 days ago


  • Cathy Bonbon
    Cathy Bonbon 20 days ago


  • Paola Muñoz
    Paola Muñoz 20 days ago

    200 capas de polvo después...

  • Sam Pena
    Sam Pena 21 day ago

    Lmao! I love this bitch!

  • Ada Avila
    Ada Avila 22 days ago

    Miss V better have a show of her own after this season!!!!

  • Lauuh Stefeneti
    Lauuh Stefeneti 29 days ago

    i want her on s11 top3

  • Sachiel Ibarra
    Sachiel Ibarra 29 days ago

    I love tu XD

  • Sasha Houston
    Sasha Houston Month ago

    So pretty😍😍

  • Lips NPudge
    Lips NPudge Month ago

    Most beautiful in and out of makeup.

  • Alexa Farrell
    Alexa Farrell Month ago +2

    0:42 “Ooo” hahaha very Cookie Monster, I love her so much ❤️🍪

  • Kenneth Toro
    Kenneth Toro Month ago

    In a honesty, that makeup sucked but the hair pulled it all together for a quick save.

  • Fumi Toronto
    Fumi Toronto Month ago


  • just passing by
    just passing by Month ago


  • pamela6458
    pamela6458 Month ago

    Pretty woman marilyn

  • Trina Trillana
    Trina Trillana Month ago +4

    Im a simple person. I see Miss Vanjie, I click. I like.

  • ayl33
    ayl33 Month ago


  • Byonka Gregory
    Byonka Gregory Month ago

    I want to be your best friend.

  • NIKI M
    NIKI M Month ago

    Beautiful 💞

  • KrunkTina
    KrunkTina Month ago

    Yas god !

  • Safani Ooft
    Safani Ooft Month ago


  • Женька и Лора

    Чё то не догоняю...мне одному русскому повезло эту хрень посмотреть?(

    TAM DOLL Month ago

    VANJIE!!!! I love you the ❤️❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕 QUEEN!!!

  • Melonie Sinkovic
    Melonie Sinkovic Month ago

    Love the music, how do I get ur music?!? Bitch be poppens!!

  • DaeJa Shaw
    DaeJa Shaw Month ago

    Miss Vanjiee, Miss vanjiee I wanna kno what setting spray she used

  • tye l jackson
    tye l jackson Month ago

    Cookies bitch is delicious!! Go Miss Vanjie

  • shaelovebeyonce
    shaelovebeyonce Month ago

    She did THAT!

  • Space Bike Music
    Space Bike Music Month ago

    Pure f!ckin magic

  • Ya Girl Sarah
    Ya Girl Sarah Month ago +1

    She should’ve worn that for season 10

  • Auset RGB
    Auset RGB Month ago +1

    Lol where does that voice come from 😂😂😂😂

  • Claudia AngeliniJJ
    Claudia AngeliniJJ Month ago


  • Nancyy alvez Alvezz

    The great queen!miss vangie ⭐

  • Aiesha Ajibade
    Aiesha Ajibade Month ago +3

    MZ. VANJEE she's gorgeous my favorite one off of RuPaul's drag race

  • YONCE 8701
    YONCE 8701 Month ago +2


  • Wanna 22
    Wanna 22 Month ago

    BOOM BITCH..GAG!! Caught me all the off guard!! That's why I LOVE this Queen!!👑

  • Candi B
    Candi B Month ago

    I love that song!

  • Lillith Canidia Slade

    Miss Vanjieeeee ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Robbie Leigh
    Robbie Leigh Month ago

    Ok I dont understand the orange look on every drag queen someone plz explain!???

  • Jennifer Gunning
    Jennifer Gunning Month ago

    Luv luvs luvs this biarch she is truly a super star⛤⛤♪miz vanji

  • 1116ladybug
    1116ladybug Month ago

    Adorable 😉

  • lavada Riste
    lavada Riste Month ago

    Mz.Vanjie....Bitch u no u sexy....BUMP THEM CURLS GIRL 👏 👏 👏.....WORK IT

  • Laura Martz
    Laura Martz Month ago +1


  • Demetra Settle
    Demetra Settle Month ago

    Get dez cookies!

  • Lizy Lizy
    Lizy Lizy Month ago

    i love herrrrrr, double likeeeee yaaaaaas

  • Koji Kaze
    Koji Kaze Month ago

    Bitch is BEAT!!!

  • katia oliveira
    katia oliveira Month ago

    chateada kde a Valentina?????

  • katia oliveira
    katia oliveira Month ago

    chateada kde a Valentina?????

  • jacqueline salinas
    jacqueline salinas Month ago

    La amo !!!!! única

  • Tony Murillo
    Tony Murillo Month ago

    You look better as a Man.

  • Mariana Barroso
    Mariana Barroso Month ago

    I love her 👏🏻👏🏻 2019

  • Amber Wendt
    Amber Wendt Month ago

    That voice

  • Reno Lerma
    Reno Lerma Month ago

    I life x the extra and then I met maaaa goddess YAAAASSS!!!! MISS VANJIEEEEE MTF TEAM BBY!!!

  • Stephanie Dorea
    Stephanie Dorea Month ago

    Miss Vanjie ❤

  • Hey, Manw
    Hey, Manw Month ago


  • Lian Francisco
    Lian Francisco Month ago

    Really love that voice. Hahaha she can say anything, absolutely anything and would make me laugh 😂

  • Alejandra Albornoz
    Alejandra Albornoz Month ago

    She’s the best omg!

  • Bárbara Amado
    Bárbara Amado Month ago


  • sasha banks fan and brie mode

    Is this like for drag races and stuff

  • Quinn Mia
    Quinn Mia Month ago


  • Vip COP
    Vip COP Month ago +1

    He is so ANNOYING !!! The worse in session 11.!!

  • Débora Alves
    Débora Alves Month ago +5

    YAAAASSS best queen! Miss Vanjie for the win!

  • Gordishify
    Gordishify Month ago +24

    I could listen to this woman the whole time and never get tired

  • Delaila Ferreira
    Delaila Ferreira Month ago +1


  • Shine Calcium
    Shine Calcium Month ago

    Get those cookies
    Get those cookies 🎶

  • Viviane Âmbar
    Viviane Âmbar Month ago +1

    I love the fact she looks so cute and gorgeous and at the same time is so ghetto and these cookie monster voice makes me weak lol

    MARIØ Month ago +1

    Miss Vanjie...Miss Vanjie.......Miss Vanjie. So ICONIC.

  • B Oyunsanaa
    B Oyunsanaa Month ago

    Eyeliner is the game changere wow

  • Wemerson Garcia
    Wemerson Garcia Month ago +5

    She is the definition of 'Charisma' gurl!

  • Davi Cruz
    Davi Cruz Month ago


  • Sara Báez Castiblanco

    This feels almost subliminal hahaha

  • Augusto Rocha
    Augusto Rocha Month ago +10

    Vanessa Mateo?! No no no honey, she's Miss Vanjie! 😏 Miss Vanjie ok 😏 Miss... VaAanjiee 😗🤣

  • Nikita Levin
    Nikita Levin Month ago


  • Jed Castro
    Jed Castro Month ago +7

    my season 11 winner😍🤪

  • Ventas Por Catalago Metamorfosis

    Super Hermosa. Saludos desde Cancún, México

  • aaron garrido
    aaron garrido 2 months ago +2

    Miss vangie I love it

  • MiMari26 G
    MiMari26 G 2 months ago

    Goodness ❤

  • Harley Post
    Harley Post 2 months ago

    Her process gave me anxiety

  • Gray Anderson
    Gray Anderson 2 months ago +1

    Miss Vanjie...power!


    The face of a fairy. The voice of a dragon.

  • Tadeo
    Tadeo 2 months ago

    Siempre creí que Vanessa pasaría la Serena Chacha... pero vaya que ha mejorado

  • Rockabilly Side
    Rockabilly Side 2 months ago

    Vaaaaaanjie.... Vaaaaaanjie.... ❤💋😂

  • Olivia Olivarez
    Olivia Olivarez 2 months ago +492

    I just love how soft and tender her voice is

    • Trina Trillana
      Trina Trillana Month ago +2

      Very femme and delicate. I love it!

    • Galliano
      Galliano Month ago +2

      Olivia Olivarez very lady like... 😍

    • Arishamar Johnson
      Arishamar Johnson Month ago +4

      Isn't it everything😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Mariana B
    Mariana B 2 months ago

    I see an all star.

  • Carly Mead
    Carly Mead 2 months ago

    That cap is fucked 😂

  • Ronny Kildere
    Ronny Kildere 2 months ago


  • Xochiltl Patino
    Xochiltl Patino 3 months ago

    Best one yet

  • TOBY B
    TOBY B 3 months ago +1

    Funny af. I bet a hoot to be around. Thank you, you brought a much needed smile to my face. Like everyone I am concerned Trump is going to get our country in trouble. Could you throw some vangee on him and my be he will stroke. 😂😂

  • dayof thelords
    dayof thelords 3 months ago +3

    Hands down one of the most gorgeous queens amazing make up and that hair and her style.... she’s so likeable as well i love her character

  • Roberto Uscategui
    Roberto Uscategui 3 months ago

    Not adding Vanjie on her name is very homophobic!

  • Mónica Martínez
    Mónica Martínez 3 months ago

    I Love her voice like Chucky!!. "Yees get those cookies..." Misss Vanjie fierce

  • Cinzia Negri
    Cinzia Negri 4 months ago +1

    Too much art, too much beauty too, much technic. Wonderfull