Elon Musk's Live Reaction to Tesla's Cybertruck Window Fail

  • Published on Nov 22, 2019
  • Elon Musk watches live as what was thought to be unbreakable windows break during the presentation. Honestly he handles himself pretty well despite the awkwardness.
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  • Steven Benson
    Steven Benson Month ago

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  • Thedeaconoftrade
    Thedeaconoftrade Month ago +1

    I honestly think it looks sorta cool, I must be alone lol. Designs like this seem wierd at first but they eventually make everything else look dated

    • Thedeaconoftrade
      Thedeaconoftrade Month ago

      @Giants of Investing It sorta reminds me of a space age Honda ridgline. I wish they would offer it with a larger bed, I see that as an issue, trucks are meant for moving things around and thats the only major shortcoming I see

    • Giants of Investing
      Giants of Investing  Month ago

      Honestly I think it is pretty cool also. At first I was taken aback, but its futuristic and in some angles it looks great!

  • Giants of Investing
    Giants of Investing  Month ago +4

    It sure does seem like it is a vulnerability 😂