1970 xlch #142 bobber new build repair rigid chopper xl ironhead sportster harley kickstart

  • Published on Mar 11, 2017
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    1970 xlch #142 bobber new build repair rigid chopper xl ironhead sportster harley kickstart
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  • L2fish
    L2fish 3 months ago

    Now I want to put my drags back on

  • Davis Dean
    Davis Dean 9 months ago

    Every town needs a tatro machine ! Great videos .I'll never watch tv again .thanks Tatro, your the real deal.

  • James Butterson
    James Butterson 11 months ago

    Your the man 👍

  • sporsterini
    sporsterini Year ago

    Nice Sportster. Look at that ! A muffler shop ! Those and radiator shops are disappearing in my area of the country.

  • L2fish
    L2fish Year ago

    I learned the hard way that those little barrel ends on the throttle cables are loose on the cables. They are a bitch to find in the grass when you really want to ride.

  • loud fast
    loud fast Year ago

    Ffs move yer finger!

  • Vidar Mathisen
    Vidar Mathisen Year ago

    i got a builtwell trottle for my bike seems perfect !

  • Perry Hallock
    Perry Hallock Year ago

    Like you said , cables are tight to the tank ! To short

  • Perry Hallock
    Perry Hallock Year ago

    Best videos , guy is super

  • Englehard Dinglefester

    An Evo is not a real Sportster, it's a Sportster replica. :)

    • Ob Fuscated
      Ob Fuscated 10 months ago

      I have both and worked on many more. Evo is a Sportster they should and could have built in the first place. HD were too cheap to use aluminum cylinders with iron lines, though they go back long before anyone reading this was born. They were too cheap to use aluminum cylinder heads on their street Sporties but XR engines got them. (Contemporary Triumph and BSA had them.) HD were too cheap to use a decent electric starter design (the linkage and solenoid arrangement to get the "outboard motor" starter they used is most of the problem). Ironheads were famous for cracking transmission cases around the speedo drive. They didn't NEED to drive it off the trans but built in a weakness because they didn't care. Norton had effective rubber mounts in the 1960s (Isolastic) and Commandos handle very well. (I've a '71 and a '74). Ironheads are good fun but Harley let them linger in production many years after it proved the aluminum top end XR 750 on the race track. That cost them sales and helped nearly tank the company.

    • Tatro Machine
      Tatro Machine  Year ago

      what do you call the k-model? it was before the sportster. and the 45 was before that.

  • Jackie Eastom
    Jackie Eastom Year ago

    Love the kicker.sweet ride 👍

  • Michael Laverty
    Michael Laverty Year ago

    I really like that Bright green shirt ...

  • Wes Puckdog
    Wes Puckdog Year ago

    Incredible wealth of information.

  • dhesq03
    dhesq03 Year ago

    Hey Tatro, these are the best videos, the customer riding off into the California sun. Man if I were in southern cali, I'm sure I'd hang out at the shop!! I got a piece of crap 1997 flhtcui Shriner bike.

  • shane hall
    shane hall 2 years ago

    Where you guys from?

  • Tolo Caribbean
    Tolo Caribbean 2 years ago

    I love hearing good old fashioned shit talking at a bike shop like this. my old shop fired guys for talking shit to each other like this. I miss the good ol' days of riffing man.

    • Tatro Machine
      Tatro Machine  2 years ago

      i remember when this was the land of the free and home of the brave. it still is a tatro machine. screw the rest.

  • Allen Mullins
    Allen Mullins 2 years ago

    Do you have shirts for sale

  • Baron Stephen von Bach-Paraski

    Love that truck.

    • Tatro Machine
      Tatro Machine  2 years ago

      lots to choose from in the side yard.

  • Wolfdog Pete
    Wolfdog Pete 2 years ago

    A nother satisfied customer riding into the sunset.

  • David Brittingham
    David Brittingham 2 years ago +5

    "now there's 3 piles of crap in front of my shop" love it. nice Iron head

    • Hugh Jorgen
      Hugh Jorgen Year ago

      LOL Ultra sensitive society weve become!!!

    • L M III
      L M III 2 years ago +1

      I'm 50.....I get your sense of humor. some folks are just sensitive. Don Rickles would have a tough go @ stand up these days.

    • Tatro Machine
      Tatro Machine  2 years ago

      the other commentators think i am ruder or worse.

    • L M III
      L M III 2 years ago


  • Kevin Eaton
    Kevin Eaton 2 years ago

    Hey Tatro what do you ride around town when your not racing?

    • Tatro Machine
      Tatro Machine  2 years ago

      my truck or better truck cad. who has time to ride on the street. beside, to many cops.

  • timmylee1974
    timmylee1974 2 years ago +3

    not having anyone around to help me with my old 68 im trying to get back on the road, this stream of videos for this bike is invaluable to me.. thank you so much for taking the time to share your knowledge Tatro!! It is very much appreciated!! - Tim

  • Anuskasv0
    Anuskasv0 2 years ago +2

    Nice bike, ironheads always sound great.

  • Humberto Salazar
    Humberto Salazar 2 years ago

    tatro Machín EL MEJOR !👍👍👍

  • Jeff Diamond
    Jeff Diamond 2 years ago

    HAHAHA! Nothing like building stuff you like with friends. Getting Dodge stroker balance finished up. I am impressed with that lead , Shaft run out damn near on the money. This small block Dodge gonna eat some chevys up. I was rooting through shovel parts i got . I got a swing arm frame with round stock type swingarm. See what I can piece together. I gotta get my brother to help me set up a you tube site. I know how to do some complicated shit but unskilled via computers and internet. Can't get away with being a dinosaur these days. Beautiful bike tatro.

    • Tatro Machine
      Tatro Machine  2 years ago

      sounds like me a couple years back. any two year old can help on the computer these days. the rest is up to you.

  • mykeydrive
    mykeydrive 2 years ago +25

    Most underrated, underappreciated channel on youtube...these videos are gold

  • AH Shotdown
    AH Shotdown 2 years ago

    Did Walker always have ears or did you fit them for him down at the shop ?

  • Kevin N
    Kevin N 2 years ago +1

    Nice work. Ironheads sure sound good when they're put together right.

  • AH Shotdown
    AH Shotdown 2 years ago

    Customer has a pretty nice bike now, whatever he paid you it wasn't enough considering the potential death trap he came in with.

  • Mike Reid
    Mike Reid 2 years ago

    Sounds good another completed project

  • BigJsgarage w
    BigJsgarage w 2 years ago


    • BigJsgarage w
      BigJsgarage w 2 years ago

      Yeah me too I work second shift going to bed soon LOL

    • Tatro Machine
      Tatro Machine  2 years ago +1

      not for me. maybe an early night?