The Montauk Project: One Man's Story featuring Stewart Swerdlow

  • Опубликовано: 9 май 2009
  • The Montauk Project: One Man's Story featuring Stewart Swerdlow

    Originally broadcast on WVVH-TV Hamptons Television in 2007

    (c) WVVH-TV 2007 all rights reserved
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  • astrallus
    astrallus 3 года назад

    _When I go out to public everything about that person would be right there for me to perceive_
    What the hell is he talking about? Everything? Do you even know what that word means!?

    JEAN LOCKWOOD BONNIE 3 года назад


  • david sandlin
    david sandlin 3 года назад +14

    to everyone saying that 300000 people cant just disapear without people noticing it happens every year. each year over 140000 people under the age of 18 go missing in the us and are reported to missing and exploited children. there have been years where the number is up to 800000 in a single year. not saying i agree with what hes saying but the 300000 number is not that unbelievable at all.

  • Donaji Hicks
    Donaji Hicks 3 года назад +5

    The dollar bill with the pyramid always had Novus Ordo Seclorum under it. I was established in 1782. The eagle holding the banner says E Pluribus Unum. It always had since 1782. Novus Ordo Seclorum, by the way seclorum is plural, means closer to New Sequence of the Ages. I just thought there should be some clarity about that.

  • dal
    dal 3 года назад +1

    i am not judging as i research various subjects i have listened to some stuff on time travel star gates ie project and some of tom horns writtings but this seems like bs or some of it how do we not.know weather he was brain washed and now believes that stuff but that was implanted so he believes that but is not the truth its just a thought im not disrespecting any one i know the so called illuminati exists and theres innocent people that go missing and get sacrificed etc im against that and against ritual satanic child abuse etc, i personally believe these poor guys were experimented on to test ways of implantings dif ways of percieving things but believe the guys in control are always ten steps ahead etc and the fried those poor kids minds and know its hard for survivers to know whats real n whats fanny waffle

  • Joey Bag Of Donuts
    Joey Bag Of Donuts 3 года назад +8

    I am going to take part in an experiment tomorrow morning called The Pancake Project. In this project, I will eat pancakes..

  • Be Appreciation
    Be Appreciation 3 года назад

  • unleashed rider
    unleashed rider 3 года назад +3

    I believe a lot of what he said but not the reptile bs he was saying that's David icke that claims that and he's a liar

  • NeoTheOne
    NeoTheOne 3 года назад +1

    Seeing auras and akashic records isn't mind control if it's the same thing Buddhists say are a part of reaching enlightenment. I guess our government is capable of making everything horrible though.

  • Tom Sawyer
    Tom Sawyer 3 года назад +1видео.html What is this? Sweden 2014.

  • BeautifulButtNugget
    BeautifulButtNugget 3 года назад

    Lizard shit crazy.

  • Tyler Johnston
    Tyler Johnston 3 года назад

    my god this all sounds like such bullshit

  • waqqodonkey
    waqqodonkey 3 года назад

    listened to him on C2C today, what a gripping story!

  • citsa Owens
    citsa Owens 3 года назад

    6 years later

  • djnes2k7
    djnes2k7 3 года назад +3

    Lookup al bielik.....he tells literally the entire story it's about 2hrs.... The details are ridiculous

  • Klavs Mackeprang
    Klavs Mackeprang 4 года назад

    Illuminati are the heirs of Marduk Amun Ra and the reptile queen from Orion

  • Twiggy Ramirez
    Twiggy Ramirez 4 года назад

    "Honer student" who can't spell "honor" (honour), huh, Mr. Pagan?

  • Stacked High
    Stacked High 4 года назад +4

    I get so tired of hearing conspiracy nitwits misrepresenting stuff... The US Seal on the dollar when it's translated correctly does not say "A New World Order"... that's BS... It says " A New Cycle of The Ages" underscoring the United states being a new nation free from the bonds of tyranny... which was indeed at the time a very new thing... Also the Pyramid and the all seeing eye on the dollar does not mean what this brainwashed fool says... The incomplete Pyramid represents the fact that even though the US was founded on the Principles "That all men are created equal" on paper... that there was still work to be done to bring this into full fruition as a country... cause obviously there was still slaves at the time so the unfinished Pyramid represents that there is still work to be done... and the "All Seeing Eye" represents that the eyes of the lodge are upon you so you better behave and not do things dishonorable... or it'll reflect poorly on the lodge and you'll get in trouble... it was a symbol for Masons... because most of our founding fathers of the US were Masons... The US Constitution and Declaration of Independance are technically Masonic documents and the US was conceived and infused with Masonic Principles... "All men are created equal" "Separation of Church and state" are just 2 among many of the principles taken directly from the Masonic Lodge... Masonry is actually about infusing a society with a higher degree of man at a time... The Illuminati exists only in the minds of unbalanced thinkers... AKA paranoid idiots... If evil people were behind the formation of the US... than why would they infuse such an enlightened principle into the population like "All men are created equal" and "Separation of Church and state?" doesn't make any sense... I think this guy is either brainwashed into thinking this idiocy or he's just a mis-informant.. anyway... if anyone wants to learn about Free-Masonry... You can visit any Masonic Lodge and tell them you'd like some info on Masonry... and they'll give you literature freely... and btw... it's a cardinal rule that we do not recruit... if you're interested in learning or pledging for admittance in this great fraternity... You have to come of your own free will and accord... and 2 books I recommend are "10 thousand famous Masons"... Most of the most prominent people in American history were Masons... and another great book is..."Born in Blood." a scholarly book written by a non Mason at the time who became so impressed with the fraternity that he later joined,, a very famous writer and researcher of Informative and accurate Books about interesting subject matter.. don't listen to the idiot conspiracy theorists... Fear is not what you want to be guided'll stunt your personal evolution..Kirk out!
    ;)... and disregard the Darth Vader pic... that's just for laughs lol

    • Mishelle Mccormack
      Mishelle Mccormack 3 года назад

      +Stacked High “A NEW ORDER OF THE AGES.I am interested where you got A New Cycle of The Ages" from please thanks.

  • Lindsay Buckley
    Lindsay Buckley 4 года назад

    Dude.....the Midwest?!?! What a loser!

  • Rixel
    Rixel 4 года назад

    It's hilarious how many of the comments reference the Illuminati or the all-famous "they." WHO ARE "THEY?!" If you know who "they" are, telling the internet would probably uncover the crap that's been going on, and everyone would know! It wouldn't matter if "they" could track you down in an instant, people would still know! And then you wouldn't need to say "they." You could say the actual name!
    Tell the internet, "they" can't keep whatever they're hiding forever.
    ...I'm probably gonna get killed for suggesting this xD

  • Harley Ula
    Harley Ula 4 года назад +3

    300,000 people is 1% of 30 million US citizens. And who said they where all American subjects? They could use anyone given this type of technology

  • Mike Dunham
    Mike Dunham 4 года назад

    ALL of these folks are either insane or shysters...Sorry...

  • Brian England
    Brian England 4 года назад +1

    Before you "jump" into the Montauk Project and become a believer, you should know that these guys say PRESIDENT OBAMA was part of the project as a teenager LMFAO! It cracks me up when these "SPECIAL" people come forward with Amazing tales of pure Fiction. They are STORIES WITH NO EVIDENCE.
    I was at Montauk. I went to Mars. I was really in charge of the Philadelphia Experiment. I taught Einstein everything he knows. I was also at Roswell where I shot down a UFO or two. I lived with a family of Bigfeet, and taught them English. I have travelled through time and space and dimensions. I built Twelve Stargates last week. And it was ME who made the "Face" on Mars. I AM SUPER SPECIAL AND I HAVE SUPER ULTRA VIOLATE SPECIAL TOP SECRET CLEARANCE HAHAHAHAHA.

  • TheMajorRuin
    TheMajorRuin 4 года назад +7

    This guy is a fruit cake....if your just being used as an experiment, then why would they tell you so much about whats happening ? (wouldnt happen)
    Why would they use people out of normal society when many army personnel or even prisoners would make better subjects and no one would notice them if they went missing ? all sounds like a load of B.S. just to make some money.

  • Mindcontrol Yo
    Mindcontrol Yo 4 года назад +1

    They are experimenting with this technology as well as feeding propaganda to low income areas around the United States and world. RU-clip search: targeted individuals, synthetic telepathy, super soldier summit, bases raven

  • Rah Mos
    Rah Mos 5 лет назад

    Those continents sunk as a result of a pole shift, which has happened many times.

  • strongholdinsiam
    strongholdinsiam 5 лет назад


  • lampoonatic
    lampoonatic 5 лет назад

    I'm just wonderin, If they went thru the walls, why wouldn't go thru the floor and fall into the ocean?

  • Bryan French
    Bryan French 5 лет назад

    400 to 425 MHz is not radar! It is UHF and is before ch.14 in television broadcasting in frequency and are used for a variety of things including Amateur radio, fixed/mobile business two-way radio, meteorology satellites, satellite phones, and others. I guess I can get out my 420MHz amateur radio and start controlling people's mind and DNA, LMAO.

  • Forensource
    Forensource 5 лет назад +1

    1. STEWART SWERDLOW 29938-053 56-White-M 08-18-1994 RELEASED Look the federal bureau of prisons website.

  • Ynnlarcron
    Ynnlarcron 5 лет назад +1

    sounds like sience fiction, is that really true? Marines get into solid metal walls? Like through water

  • Melissa Phoenix
    Melissa Phoenix 5 лет назад +3

    Thats what Andy Pero went through, its similar to what he talks about.

  • importtuner31
    importtuner31 5 лет назад

    milf hunter?

  • L.D. Heagle
    L.D. Heagle 5 лет назад

    I never trust what anybody says... This is why.
    w w w. greatseal. c o m/mottoes/seclorum. h t m l
    this makes more sense than the Dollar Bill now says "New World Order" on the Great seal that has been around since the US was declared a nation. The front of the seal is the one on the nickel says "e pluribus unum". While the back of the seal, which is on the dollar bill is "novus ordo seclorum". This statement alone makes his whole story null and void.

  • palm330
    palm330 5 лет назад

    its called google

  • nouvellepatate
    nouvellepatate 5 лет назад

    said the guy on tap water whit both eyes closed -.-

  • StephenAndrew777
    StephenAndrew777 5 лет назад +1

    No it just needs to be correct. Educated people who don't abuse drugs can easily see holes in his claims.

  • CleansedByTheBlood
    CleansedByTheBlood 5 лет назад +3

    I am also a survivor of Montauk. I was part of the time travel experiments.On my particular mission I went back in time to Nov 22, 1963 in Dallas and observed there were, in fact, two shooters on the grassy knoll who thought they were duck hunting and the shooter on the 6th floor was not Lee Harvey Oswald. It was a CIA janitor named Buford Gilroy.Lee Oswald was an aberration that crossed time lines who Jack Ruby, an alien grey in disguise, had to eliminate to prevent changing the timeline.

  • BIG Wayne Gee
    BIG Wayne Gee 5 лет назад

    14:30 - my next book "How Montauk made me loose my sideburns" should be out soon

  • outlandish912
    outlandish912 5 лет назад

    And why is this bullshit?!... Do you need to see it on the news to believe it's true?...

  • T.W.94
    T.W.94 5 лет назад

    you should see the Expansions website.
    I somewhat agree with what he is explaining in this video. But when you go to the website, and see their prices, you kinda get the feeling it might be a little bit of scam, considering the "goal" of these "seminars" and "consultations"...

  • William Hamilton
    William Hamilton 5 лет назад +3

    Assuming this is true...what is the govt. doing now...50 years later?

    JOOODYJOOODY 5 лет назад +2

    writing bullshit is a great way to make money

  • Staminist
    Staminist 5 лет назад

    First thought I had (when I read the title) - the Montauk monster.....

  • pauly hart
    pauly hart 5 лет назад

    i love the north east accent. i still don't know what a yuman is. similar to human i figure.

  • Snoopy
    Snoopy 5 лет назад

    This is what happens when you try shrooms guys...take notes.

  • Mike White
    Mike White 5 лет назад

    I did find his court case on pacer. he was convicted for embezzlement in a Federal court. He stuck to his defense that he was framed never pled out but was convicted all the same.

  • WheepingWillow2
    WheepingWillow2 5 лет назад

    well you'd know it wouldn't be something simple. Something to increase ones wealth instead of helping humanity.

  • Oz X
    Oz X 5 лет назад

    stewarts neck looks strange

  • Al DiCicco
    Al DiCicco 5 лет назад +4

    Keep laughing and mocking and go watch TV. You will be used as food.

  • Lovey Luvv
    Lovey Luvv 5 лет назад


  • Lovey Luvv
    Lovey Luvv 5 лет назад

    please name it

  • Lovey Luvv
    Lovey Luvv 5 лет назад


  • jeepster4u2003
    jeepster4u2003 5 лет назад +1

    I totally believe this!!! Do you think this guy would sponsor my bowling teem!

  • Make U THINK & LULZ
    Make U THINK & LULZ 6 лет назад

    "Hyperspace 1943 to 1983" Nice

  • Josh O
    Josh O 6 лет назад


  • mengugreg
    mengugreg 6 лет назад

    strange ears

  • CropTriangles
    CropTriangles 6 лет назад

    The slowly cooked frog is an urban myth. It will indeed jump out of the frypan.

  • Jamie Smedstad
    Jamie Smedstad 6 лет назад +1

    you'd be surprised what people don't notice

  • valhalla homebound
    valhalla homebound 6 лет назад

    lol that is a myth

  • deafinseattle1
    deafinseattle1 6 лет назад

    I'm still naive about malice, but did they hurt or torture these guys and then project the emotions out to be downloaded to other people, like a fear bomb? What about pain, do they hurt people and send out pain vibrations? Or are they using their energy to aid in another type of projection and download, treating the overload of energy as a general energy source to send out or to aid in a transmission of some other program?

  • deafinseattle1
    deafinseattle1 6 лет назад

    I consider myself a pretty active searcher for stories like Stew's, or at least the possible truth about 'things'. I just came across him in one of my many searches on mind control, 2 days ago. Now, I've always been into the brain, thought, behavior, emotions, relationships, intelligence, and hypnosis, mind control and manipulation. I don't think he's famous. Perhaps the info was cloaked to me... I don't know, but he's been around for a while, and I just found his story.

  • PurpleHealer1
    PurpleHealer1 6 лет назад

    What did your exploring involve and how could you possibly know if the base was once used for secret metaphysical experiments or not?

  • Stevens McStevenson
    Stevens McStevenson 6 лет назад

    Send me the source of that claim. Sounds like disinformation.

  • silverbird58
    silverbird58 6 лет назад

    no thier is a difference between expert and a Damned Good observer.. years ago they called them news paper reporters . Don't any of you recall the "that girl episode "where
    marlo joined the air force, BUT was warned to stay away from montauk point
    by donald. ? he wasnt kidding keep also in mind all the insainasylems in operation at this time.. many of em . ..

  • silverbird58
    silverbird58 6 лет назад

    Some as they walk out the door on a clear day Can't SEE across the street.. thier minds will never see this far . thier dulled and controlled . for this im trully sorry .

  • MVPgoalie
    MVPgoalie 6 лет назад

    no, that would be "daniel the big burly biker looking guy"

  • dgwear69
    dgwear69 6 лет назад

    i dont know much about this whole subject. but look at all stewart has made out of his fame from this. its all bullshit, he found his target audiance now hes just selling. if he was truly as smart as he preforms to be he could do something relevant to the world.

  • lancsl4d
    lancsl4d 6 лет назад

    Its bs...pure sci-fi....and orson it history or still going on? LOLZ

  • Mark Pagan
    Mark Pagan 6 лет назад +1

    I was invited to that base in the early 80's when i lived in montauk I remember it was still operational i must be part of the 1% but i was told there was a different experiment going on. on how they were going to cloak new york city.but i did go from failing student to a honer student overnight . hmmm

  • Miztah Raye
    Miztah Raye 6 лет назад

    Actually, genetics and evolution would prove you wrong... Reptiles came from the water, and down the road evolved into monkeys, hence we evolve from monkeys. Seriously, do some reading in the subject of genetics. It's the school system that taught you we evolved from monkeys, nothing more. They fail to mention the previous cycle. Just saying.

  • benzorabidbilly
    benzorabidbilly 6 лет назад

    I was gonna extricate my left arm from this deck sector - but i got high.

  • DarkStarAZ
    DarkStarAZ 6 лет назад

    in 1970 the us pop was 203M so 300,000 about one sixth of one percent ~ one in 600. Still very high though...

  • JoL™
    JoL™ 6 лет назад

    was this the same guy who ran into David Wilcock at Denny's??

  • bill brasser
    bill brasser 6 лет назад

    I've explored Camp Hero extensively and have a knowledge of military equipment and bases.
    Conclusion: Camp Hero is an abandoned military installion from the cold war, nothing more.

  • MrStargates
    MrStargates 6 лет назад

    rod 3.32

    CIBOYPRODUCT 6 лет назад


    CIBOYPRODUCT 6 лет назад


  • johnnystormbx
    johnnystormbx 6 лет назад

    look at the triangle on the guys necklace with the blue shirt.

    TONY L TONE 6 лет назад

    humans having repitlian blood naturally is false....splicing human blood with reptiles is a whole nother thing which is actually being done in a lab in britain along with other animals

  • BRITPAC7777777
    BRITPAC7777777 6 лет назад

    Don't underestimate the American government, thats what they want,...

  • OneGirl007
    OneGirl007 6 лет назад

    Those in control, they look at all of us as a experiment, cow, pig, or whatever their need be. It helps them to control us all, or find a way to rid us all. Sad, as there is no love for anyone, anymore!

  • orgekiller
    orgekiller 6 лет назад

    3,000,000 worked on and 1% survived?how did they explain 2,997,000 bodies?i want some of what this guy(stewart swerdlow) has been smoking.just seems kind of weird to more thing if everything this guy is saying is true,why did the guys in charge have him killed?

  • orgekiller
    orgekiller 6 лет назад

    3,000,000 worked on and 1% survived?how did they explain 2,997,000 bodies?i want some of what this guy(stewart swerdlow) has been smoking.just seems kind of weird to me.

  • Aaron Burr
    Aaron Burr 6 лет назад

    never give up on yourself! the sat's or highschool admissions tests are designed for the average people of this world to do average or below average on! the rich people of this country can afford to send their children to better tutoring and are more adept to the vocabulary and writing style's of these tests, and well the other fact very well maybe that the rich have limitless connections... Good luck to my fellow man!

  • kevin Tucker
    kevin Tucker 6 лет назад

    That whole freeing your mind, becoming free and enlightened thing threw me off. Sounds like he was a success in the Montauk Project. He's doing exactly what they want him to do. If he wasn't, he would be dead as well.

  • leaveitalone
    leaveitalone 6 лет назад

    Phony. Hoax. Google Anatomy of a Hoax, the Phil. Experiment.

  • SuperCodeman23
    SuperCodeman23 6 лет назад

    I thought that their molecular structures broke down the boat and the people, kinda halfway gone and then it re-materialized. Some men were piles of mush as if their bodies couldn't re-assimilate its molecular structure, some were gone completely, some were fused molecularly. Either way, if this is would be pretty awesome. Hard to believe its made it this far...

  • Jonathan Lund
    Jonathan Lund 6 лет назад

    Yeah, that's complete horseshit. If you cook a frog slowly by increasing the temperature, it will absolutely jump out. It's just some cliche thing people say that is based on nothing.

  • jake smit
    jake smit 6 лет назад

    if they could walk though a wall that means the floor is the same and should not be abel to hold them.

  • valhalla homebound
    valhalla homebound 6 лет назад

    how do you know?

  • jaksngreen
    jaksngreen 6 лет назад

    ide like to see someone take a frog put in a cold pan and slowly cook it without it leapfroggin away lol like at some point the frog is going to realize its hot! lol probably better to nuke it! lol

  • jaksngreen
    jaksngreen 6 лет назад

    lol he looks like he survived some project haha

  • Smallzk
    Smallzk 6 лет назад

    @gxk I don't know the truth but I imagine if any of this were true the gov would do whatever it took to dismiss him including banging him in jail,most whistle blowers are hunted or made 2 look like criminals etc.

  • Shad12Dash
    Shad12Dash 6 лет назад

    Ever heard of hiding in plain sight?

  • Jeremy Lee
    Jeremy Lee 6 лет назад

    im not buying the whole wormhole in his bedroom story. im calling bs

  • chris albert
    chris albert 6 лет назад


  • Andrew Griffith
    Andrew Griffith 6 лет назад

    i think its funny that this is a public park now?

  • Andrew Griffith
    Andrew Griffith 6 лет назад

    okay guys.. been afraid to come forward but since he is.... i was a member of MIB and was sent back in time to kill adolf hitler. see, anybody can make a crack pot claim...dont make it true!

  • KatherinVII
    KatherinVII 6 лет назад

    Where others to back up his claim? Even if only 3000 survived, why does not 2 or 3 step forward?